The Surge is a souls-like RPG that involves you controlling a character who utilizes an exoskeleton to fight off enemies. This speedrun guide will list tips and tricks on how to complete each section of the game as fast as possible.

Now, let’s get on with the guide.

There isn’t much to the beginning of the game. The only strategy in the wheelchair section is to turn your wheelchair around and move in reverse, which is faster than going forward normally.

Abandoned Production

When you wake up, run past the first 2 drones, grab the pneumatic helixes inside the half buried tube, and make your way to the medbay. After you use the medbay, you can dash as soon as you gain control of your character and before you are forced to walk, which saves a second or two. Go outside, and kill the enemy that has the power core.

On your way back to the medbay, grab the vital boost in the container. After returning the power core, go back outside, and sever the first enemies right arm, obtaining the ASTir SpectreBite. Make your way through the level normally, until you reach the building adjacent to the P.A.X. boss arena. Enter the building, go through the door on your right, and use the exo lift. Run past the twin rigged enemy and down the catwalk, take a right and grab the vital injection.

Return to the arena and fight P.A.X.

Central Production B

When you enter Central Production, use the medbay. You should have enough tech scrap to level up 4 times. Level up, and equip the vital boost v3 you got from P.A.X. and the vital injection. Head into the main area and as soon as you reach the first overcharge circuit, jump over the railing to the area below. Landing on the ground will result in a superman landing with a long animation, so land on the box in the left corner to avoid this. Continue through Central Production until you reach the room with the smelter bots. To avoid dealing with the smelter, instead of going down the ramp, use the exo lift to the right. Head through the upper area, and when you come to 2 doors, open the one on your right. Hit the button that opens the door below, and then use the elevator.

Run past the two welding bots and the rhino enemy, pick up the bloodhound on the shelf, and instead of going down the stairs, jump over the railing onto the large white tank. In the same direction as the first jump, jump into the corner of the wall, land on the railing, and then jump onto the platform with the overcharge circuit.

Continue through the rest of the area, grab the endurance enhancer behind the container right before Firebug. Fight Firebug and continue to Resolve Biolabs.

Resolve Biolabs

Go through the area until you reach the first area elevator. Use the elevator, run outside, and instead of using the stairs, jump over the railing and down onto the container below. Continue through the rest of the area as normal. After releasing the lockdown, pick up the second bloodhound in the corner, outside the building that Chavez is in.

Head inside, make your way through the tunnels, fight the flamethrower enemies, talk to Chavez, and return to Central Production B. Also make sure to grab the endurance enhancer v3 next to the cleaner bot in the tunnel right before talking to Chavez.

Circulation Tower

There are no specific strategies here, just run through the area as normal and fight Big Sister. 


When you reach the main area, run behind the OPS Center into the maintenance tunnel and grab the vital boost v3. Continue through R&D until you reach the room with the scaffolding surrounding a large tube. Grab the vital boost v3 on the scaffolding, and go through the broken window and grab the vital injection v3. Go back and use the exo lift. When you get to the top, immediately drop back down and then use the lift again. The Proteus enemy will fall down and won’t be able to get back up. Go left in the tunnel and run past the cleaner bot into the side room and grab the endurance enhancer v5. Continue through R&D until you reach the restricted projects. Once you’re there, open the shortcut door leading back into the main area. Continue on to the main area of the restricted projects, and run through all the Proteus enemies, overcharging the circuit and opening the door the spawns Bloodied Proteus. When you spawn the boss, kill yourself and run back to Restricted Projects. Dying resets the enemies back to their original rooms, and the boss creates a barrier that locks them in, so you only have to fight one normal Proteus enemy, and then the boss. Kill Bloodied Proteus, return to Central Production B, and make your way to the towering eye. 

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Towering Eye

When you get to the Towering Eye, sever 4 of the Gorgon enemies’ arms to get the tungsten alloy needed to upgrade your weapon. After upgrading, fight Black Cerberus and continue to the executive forum.

When you enter Black Cerberus’ room, immediately jump into the arena and let the enemies kill you. Respawning and running back is slightly faster than listening to his speech.

Executive Forum 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to just run through the executive forum, so you’ll have to fight about a dozen enemies in total. Of all the enemies you fight wearing Cerberus armor, sever at least 4 arms to get the tungsten alloy needed to upgrade your weapon. Also make sure to grab the ancillary cores from the 2 bloodhound bots you fight.

Go to the boardroom, defeat the security guarding the nucleus elevator, and continue to the Nucleus.


Run through the Nucleus as normal, making sure to grab the endurance enhancer v5 behind the Proteus enemy on the 2nd floor. Clear the nanites blocking the way to Rogue Process, and jump back down to the first floor. Upgrade your weapon, make sure the proper implants are equipped, and continue to Rogue Process.

Fight Rogue Process and finish the game.

Boss guides


When PAX uses its standard slash attack slide under and hit a leg with a horizontal combo. Repeat this until both foot covers are broken off. Right before the first cover breaks, PAX’s threat meter will be filled and you will have to avoid one volley of rockets. While the threat meter is filled, make sure you keep close, or you will have to avoid more rockets, losing time.

Once the foot covers are broken, keep staggering and doing damage until PAX is destroyed. Ideally you want a 3 cycle PAX (staggering and damaging PAX one time is a cycle.) This requires not missing any of your hits. If a part of your combo misses, you won’t have enough stamina to deal enough damage.


When Firebug uses its standard leg attack, run left or right to avoid it and immediately respond with a slide vertical vertical combo. Wait for a good opportunity, and then dash attack the damaged leg, staggering it, and then transition straight into a horizontal combo to break the leg. Repeat this 2 more times.

In phase 2, start slide attacking the boss as soon as possible to prevent the spinning attack. Slide under the boss, attack it, and wait until right before the next attack to dodge out from underneath it. If you dodge away too early, FIrebug will use its fire-based attacks which are more dangerous and waste time.You can also use your drone for extra damage.

Big Sister

In phase 1, stay on the back wall so the arms will use their lunging attack, and respond with a slide vertical vertical combo. Repeat until both arms are destroyed, and watch out for the head’s lasers while doing this. In phase 2 slide attack one of the first 2 welding arms. After the slide attack don’t dodge away. If you dodge away the welding arm will use an attack that has a follow up.

If you just walk away, the arm will just use a stab attack. In phase 3, just fight the boss like normal. Break the pillar first, and then hit the head while dodging attacks.

Bloodied Proteus

Stay at a distance so Bloodied Proteus will use slide attacks. Respond to the slide attack with a counterattack. Do this 3 times, then do a normal dash attack, and then finish him.

When he revives, do a charged vertical horizontal combo, and once your stamina is back do a slide vertical vertical combo. Start running towards the lift leading to Barrett, and the boss should be dead before you get there.

Black Cerberus

For Black Cerberus himself, backstab him after his initial running jump attack, and counterattack his other attacks.

Rogue Process

In phase 1, make sure you are constantly strafing left or right, as this will make the boss use its standard right arm jab attack almost exclusively. After each attack, respond with a slide attack.

In phase 2, stay close so the boss won’t using its slide or spinning charge attack. When it uses its normal combos, respond with a counterattack and then a dash attack. Repeat until the boss is dead.