Apparently, Perfidia seems to be an update to Shadows 2 as it now includes the original game along with a new chapter. You will notice this as you begin the 2nd office clerk’s chapter as the levels are longer and some of the tasks are more varied.

But firsts things first: two chapters to choose from (meaning two protagonists) to wander around in an office building following a party. As usual there is nothing creepy at first but we gradually hear more and more noises, see more apparitions (jumpscare aficionados will appreciate the game) and get stalked by various types of ghosts or monsters. And, naturally, collect more notes that try to shed some light on the background story.

While the store page lists 18 levels it is a tad bit misleading: the end of a level is always to find the elevator but due to the similar layout the next level will be all too familiar. The 2nd chapter tries to include more varied occurrences or more sections open up to make gameplay a bit more interesting.

Our task is usually to find a key and open closed doors – there are some randomised encounters (but most are scripted I think) during which we’ll have no weapons at our disposal. If you are familiar with the Penumbra series or Outlast you’ll know here running and hiding will be the only way to survive. From Amnesia the creators borrowed the concept of worsening headaches as we see more horrors – while a soda is a quick remedy we can simply close our eyes for a while to solve this problematic situation. Another great idea is not punishing the player for not noticing/picking up enough batteries for our flashlight – a glowstick will later be available which lasts forever (though emits a much dimmer light).

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Shadows 2 is a low-budget game utilising the Unity engine and (some might say) relatively cheap jumpscares. I found it interesting and wanted to escape the office and did so in one sitting. As an added bonus we can unlock some trivia on the development and also a new gameplay mode that pays homage to the Slender Man phenomenon as we have to collect 8 pages before reaching the elevator.

Although it is a case of nothing new under the sun Shadows 2 manages to remain an entertaining game Рnavigating through some of the mazes towards the end can be frustrating, albeit challenging enough to keep you going. Currently, the game has a 75% discount and for this 3-4-hour long entertainment, half a euro is well worth it.