With Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) finally coming to the west officially, we felt like it was time to release a guide that will improve your quality of life significantly while playing the game.

PSO has a special place in my heart, as I played the original PSO back on Dreamcast (and later GameCube). The game was pretty basic and unfortunately didn’t gain mainstream success. However, the people that did become fans of the game, became fans for life.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get on with the guide.

Help! I’ve hit the Level Cap (30) and I still can’t talk to Koffie!

If this applies to you, don’t worry, you’re not the only person who has had this problem. If this doesn’t apply to you, skip this and go to the first section.  

But for those of you who are stuck, you probably have not talked to this NPC.

After you complete the very first Arks Quest, you will be directed to Afin, but sometimes you won’t see it and it’s no biggie. Just go ahead and talk to him, do his first mission, and Koffie should be unlocked.


Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 1
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 2
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 3

After you complete the Mag License Application, you will be given a Mag. A Mag is an essential stat stick, except, it’s like a pet. The items you feed it will become points on your mag which also goes to your stats. What you feed your mag is very important. Mags will boost your damage a lot if properly fed. Also, the mag cannot die, so leaving it hungry will not kill it.

Make sure you equip the mag as well.

Make a Striking Mag if you play one of the following: Hunter/ Fighter/ Katana Braver/ Bouncer/ Gunslash

Make a Ranged Mag if you play one of the following: Ranger/Gunner/Bow Braver

Make a Technique Mag if you play one of the following: Force/Techer

*Bravers, Bouncers, and Classes that run Phantom, either as main or subclass, are recommended to take DEX mags as they benefit from it due to skill tree, however, it will be detrimental for other classes like Hunter and Fighter, thus, we don’t recommend it*

A good way to manage the dexterity of the mag is to feed your mag two 9* Weapons of the attack you want (S-ATK/R-ATK/T-ATK) and 1 7* Weapon of the same attack.

S-ATK weapons are, Swords, Partisans, Wired Lances, Double Sabers, Twin Daggers, Knuckles, Katanas, Dual Blades, and Gunslashes.

R-ATK weapons are, Assault Rifles, Launchers, Twin Machineguns, and Bows.

T-ATK weapons are Rods, Wands, Talis, and Jet Boots.

After feeding your mag these weapons, you will then feed your mag room goods (yes, room goods) 4*/5*/6* depending on what attack you’re basing your mag on.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 4

 S-ATK = 4* room goods
R-ATK = 5* room goods

T-ATK =  6* room goods

*footnote* Add Mag devices, what they do and how to obtain them

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 5

Because each character can only have 1 Mag, and you need,essentially, 1 Mag for each attack, Striking, Ranged, and Technique, you should use the 3 free character slots given to everyone to make a character for each specific attack.

You are able to purchase up to 20 Mags but they cost 300 AC each. This tip is simply for those who have no plans on spending on the game. 

Skill Trees


This part of the game is what really helps you progress through the game and impacts your class more than the weapons you use. Unlike other games, where weapons dictate just how much damage you do, if you do not have a proper skill tree, you will NOT do as much damage as you think. That being said, let’s get into it.

Skill trees are extremely important and some classes may have a versatile setup, however, dumping your points into these skill trees aimlessly will cut your damage by a significant amount. So do be careful when adding these points and make sure you have a reference. If you don’t have a reference, use this.

Listed below me is an example of one of the many instructors in PSO2. These people will grant you 14 additional skill points in total and should be completed whenever it is available.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 6

Listed right here is the instructor for Hunter and Fighter. Located behind the middle teleporter of the Gate Area. Most of the class instructors will be in this area. Look around!

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 7

This here is his setup of Quests. Each, “Aim To Be a …” Client Order gives 5 skill points to your class when completed and every “The Perfect …” will give 1 skill point.

Note that other classes’ instructors will have different names for these types of quests.

While still on the topic of Skill trees, Skill Tree Reset Passes are a thing. They are given out to players when a patch involves a new Photon Art or a modification to the skill trees. They do NOT come out frequently so don’t bank on getting a lot of them. 

Additionally, Skill Tree Reset Passes are handed out PER Character and you can make up to 3 characters. That is a whole 2 additional passes! Be sure to make them while you can. You do not have to level them and they will still be eligible for the hand out.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 8

Visiphone: Player Shop

This little purple/pinkish station is where you will fight many battles, even wars… on the market that is. THIS is where you will be able to purchase things posted up by other players. The Visiphone market allows you to post nearly everything. From Fashion to Experience Boosts, you can buy almost everything. A big exception would be 12 star units as these are locked to drop only or badges. (Minus Austere Set). 

This little station can be extremely confusing at first so let me explain a little on how to use it.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 9
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 10

When you first open up the Visiphone, you’ll be introduced to a headache of a menu, but fear not, it’s not as bad as it seems. We’re only here for the Player Shop. The Player Shop is where you’ll be able to purchase and sell things on the market at your own discretion.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 11

This is the menu after you’ve selected Player Shops and it is pretty explanatory. What you will be using for a majority of the time is Item Search. Manage Shop is for people who want to sell things. Do note that you will be unable to sell things without Premium or a Shop Pass. For now, let’s cover Item Search.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 12
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 13

And welcome to the Item Search. This is probably the ugliest thing you’ve seen, but it’s very simple. On top is the Search Directory and you’ll be able to search for a specific item. Often adding a portion of the name of what you want will come up once you press “P. Search”.

Underneath the Search Bar, you can categorize what you’re looking for and search that way. It will give a much broader selection of items versus specifically searching for one item. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 14

On the Right of the menu, is Special Ability Search Settings with 4 options.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 15

This little menu usually doesn’t appear when you first open Item Search, and if it doesn’t appear, try and click the button right underneath the search bar.

Special Ability Search is what you use to search for Affixes on Weapons. Affixes on weapons/units are essentially little add-ons that modify the stats the weapons/units give, usually beneficial.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 16

Most of these “affixes” can be transferred in such a way that makes it so that you can stack stats onto a unit. And usually, they can go for a bit of money. So that Search Bar is used to search for these. I will address what type of affixes are worth money, how to recognize which of them are valuable, and so on.

1Cb) Visiphone: Teams

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 17

If you want to find people to play with, or join a team/guild, you will do so at the Visiphone. On the very first menu of the Visiphone, there is an option, “Teams Currently Looking for Members”. From there, you will be introduced to this menu. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 18

If you want to find a team that is relatively active, sorting teams through the first option, “Display by Number of Members”, will do the job. Pick wisely!

So… does being a part of a team do anything for you?

Being a part of a team benefits you in a few ways. When you are part of a team, you will gain access to your own team’s room, a special NPC, and most notably, a Team Tree. This Team Tree, when interacted with, will grant you 1 of the 5 buffs you decide to take. Depending on the level of your tree, the value and duration will vary. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 19

The special NPC also gives an arrangement of things. Not only does she give you goodies, he or she will also be in charge of changing all the aesthetics and audio details in the team room. Needless to say, you must be a person of power to be able to access these changes.

Free Field, Arks Quests, and ARKS Missions

Free Field and Arks Quests used to be all locked prior to recent updates and has now changed drastically. From what used to be very tedious, has now turned into quests that are, quite frankly, simply there. To summarize them, they are quests that have no value to them. The only reason you would run these is because of cilent orders that request you to go through the quest. Besides that, this is pretty much outdated content.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 20
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 21

An exception to the Free Fields are these quests below.

These Free Fields can yield great loot when there is a rare-drop boost event. These are not your usual cakewalk free fields, however. They are quite difficult for most people and require you to be geared to some extent. You will most definitely want to find a party of 12 to tackle these Free Fields.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 22

Continuing on, ARKS Missions will be your biggest source of income as a new player. Every week, you will be given a set of quests that, should you complete them, gives you upwards to 2.2 million meseta a week (assuming you are level 50+). If you are below level 50, your ‘Weekly Missions’ will not give as much meseta as being Level 50 would.

This is an example of what your ARKS Weekly Missions will look like. They aren’t too difficult for newer players and should be cleared weekly if you want to have a steady income. These are also independent and can be done on other characters as well. So you can have up to 3 free characters as a free-to-play player and get up to 6.6 million meseta a week!

Quest Etiquette

This one is not a large section but just a few things you should know, assuming you’re playing with people in your party. Because some repeatable Emergency Quests are gated by a period of time, people will want to rush as many times as they can fit. So, quickly looting and heading up to Campship after an EQ is done is considered polite. Doing this outside of Emergency Quests is also higher recommended. It makes things easier for everyone, and everybody is happy.

If you’re having trouble looting things, there are options to pick up specific rarities of items as well as materials. Look into the Options menu to see!

Featured Quest

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 23

Featured Quests will be your main source of EXP throughout the week. These quests change every day and all have a First-Clear Bonus. This means, clearing the featured quest with a box symbol right next to it, will reward you with an item. This item can be a crafting item, Mag Device, Conqueror’s Crest, etc. However, within this pool of items, you have a chance to obtain one of the bonus keys. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 24

Bonus Quests yield a lot of EXP and some side rewards such as Star Gems but requires you to have a Key. The Bonus Keys do have an expiration date, so lining up these keys with PSO2 day, which increases the amount of EXP gained on the 2nd of each month, (an additional PSO2 day occurs for people with Premium Set on the 22nd) will help boost the EXP gained.

Each Featured Free Field also have daily orders attached to them (the ones appearing first in Faina’s daily order list, with an arrow pointing upwards).

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 25

Each one completed increases your daily boost by 5% and goes up to 50%. Daily boost gives bonus EXP, Rare Drop Rate and Meseta Drop rate. Also, you will lose 5% daily boost every 24 hours, so keep an eye on this. Having this boost maxed for quests that yield good experience is a nice plus!

Mini-levelling Compendium

Levelling in PSO2 can be a daunting task. Outside of keys, there are so many quests available; it can be quite hard to know what to run to gain levels fast. Here is a rough draw on how to tackle this.


Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 26
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 27

These right here will help you level quicker and make leveling much, MUCH quicker. And the main reason why I am covering this is because, these boosts stack!

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 28

There is another Boost that stacks on top of this which are classified as EX boosts. You will often see these as ‘EX Tri-Boost 50/100/150/200%’. Donuts are often part of an event such as anniversaries, special collaborations, or seasonal item drops/quest items so don’t worry if you don’t have access to them.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 29

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 30

The Good Quests (For EXP)

Featured Quest: A World Engulfed in Shadows

Only appears once every 5 days, but it is arguably the easiest and fastest way to level up on a weekly basis. It is also very easy to find parties for this in Very Hard/Super Hard (Requires level 40/50, respectively), so it is highly recommended to spam the hell out of this whenever it appears! This LQ is also the best source of Annual Badges~ (6 Badges/ 1:30 ~ 2:20 Minutes)

Featured Quest: The Menacing Castle

This one also appears once in every 5 days, however, it is also a great way to earn EXP. This one really depends on whether you have a fast party/people in your group. The monsters are pretty widely spread so bring a friend!

Limited Quests

These quests that are only available for a set period of time. These are similar to events held in other games where they will last up to 2 weeks. This Limited Quest will usually yield good gear and drop either a badge or the annual medals for the year the Limited Quest was released. We highly recommend running this quest to exchange for a few of the items with the badges that the Limited Quest drops.

Buster Quest: Main/Free Match

Buster Quest is a good 8-man quest to help you through lower levels. It can be hard finding parties for this one. But if you do, be sure to stick with them for some juicy EXP. Free Match is great for leveling from 8 – 35/40 ish. Then EQ/Main Match BEQ is much better. Do note that you must complete the first Buster Quest in EP5 Story Mode to unlock this quest.

Emergency Quests

Emergency quests are quests that are scheduled around the clock. While it is gated behind a time wall, it is often a good idea to run it since the amount of EXP gained varies depending on the quest, they are always a good source of EXP. Be sure to run them as they come. It is recommended to run them in Extra Hard as soon as you can do it as they can also give you some good gear to help both your current class/character and help your future classes/characters to level up with ease. 

Bonus Quests 

You need keys from Featured Quests to run these. Each key has an expiration date set one week after you obtained the key (sole exception is keys obtained through special campaigns, that can last up to a month). Gold keys/Rappy/Kazuchi Keys give enormous amounts of EXP as well as some goodies. Make sure to keep track of your expiration dates! Using Another History + EXP Boost III affixes will further increase the amount of EXP you can squeeze out of these, so abuse it! (Don’t forget to pick up Tree Team Buff as well!)

Another tip we highly recommend is, try to keep off on using your keys as soon as possible. The keys scale with level so the higher the level you are, the more experience you’ll earn overall. These will be the most efficient way to level when you’re hitting the extremely EXP caps.

The Leveling Guide

Level 1-30 

Depending on what your objective is in this game, you may or may not like the suggestions given by us. We will be catering to the people who want to access high level quests as soon as possible, while being as efficient.

What to run:

If it’s your first character/class, it’s a good idea to stack up your Daily Order boosts. These will act as a universal Tri-boost and will help speed up leveling by a mile. Since most new accounts do not have every free field unlocked, you will have to do them one by one. Simply running to the end of the map and defeating the boss at the end will be considered as a clear. 

Things to keep in mind: 

Be sure to join a team, or heck, even ask me for a Skill Tree build. The earlier parts are quite crucial as you’ll be levelling quickly and accumulating a bunch of skill points and you’ll be tempted to put these into your tree. However, try to ask someone for advice on the skill tree before putting them in. Skill Tree Reset Passes are only handed out whenever a class’s skill tree is changed and you will not be able to fix it until these passes are passed out. Mags are just as important. Be sure to follow the guide above as each character has only 1 chance at getting a pure-bred mag!

After some time, you can hoard EXP tickets and use those to power level a class up to this threshold. Buster Quests are unlocked at level 10 and after you complete the first Buster Quest in EP5’s Story Mode. This quest is a great source of EXP at all levels. Although it requires several people to clear it, if you can find a group, be sure to run it! 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 31

Additionally, since the new arks missions grant a lot of EXP, we recommend following the Arks Missions.

Recommended Gear

Anything you find should suffice. Normal and Hard Difficulties are designed with low rarity weapons/units in mind, and most of the higher rarity gear is not equippable anyway. 

Once you’ve hit Level 30, you will be capped off and won’t be able to level any further. At this point, go talk to Koffie and complete the Level Cap. If you’re unable to talk to Koffie at ALL, talk to Afin. Koffie should then be unlocked. 

Level 30-40

What To Run: The first leveling bottleneck: Client orders start becoming less efficient, so you’ll need to start doing some quests in Hard and Very Hard Mode to compliment them. Any ‘Limited Quests’ that are available should be your go-to quest for this if you can find someone strong that is running it. Buster Quests will also do the job very quickly. 

Recommended Gear: Anything you find should still be relatively okay at this point in the game. If you’re really having trouble defeating enemies, I suggest picking up a weapon of rarity 8 or higher. Units should be anything you can equip, prioritizing higher rarity units.

Level 40-55

This is when the Featured Quests, A World Engulfed in Shadows and The Menacing Castle comes in handy! First run it on VH to level 55 and then head on over to SH and grind that out. If this Featured Quest is not available, Buster Quest and Limited Quests will still be your best sources of EXP.

Emergency Quests will be a decent source of EXP but more importantly, a breath of fresh air. Don’t forget to mix it up once in a while! If you’re simply focused on leveling to end-game, stay with A World Engulfed in Shadows and The Menacing Castle any spammable Limited Quests out.

Note: ‘A World Engulfed in Shadows’ and ‘The Menacing Castle’ are Featured Quests that only appears once every 5 days. However, these quest yields absurd amounts of EXP. Do run it while you can.

Recommended Gear: At this stage, if you’re using a weak weapon, I’d highly recommend switching to the highest rarity of weapons you can equip. With a correct skill tree and mag, you should be able to take out the enemies with no problem. 

For units, you’ll want to have some placeholders for now. Equipping the highest rarity of units will help you out quite a bit.

Level 55-75

The second leveling bottleneck. But don’t worry! A slew of other quests are here to help you with that! From SH and onwards, Emergency Quests and good levelling Quests are more populated so levelling will feel faster! The quests you want to run will be relatively the same until you begin unlocking quests at the level 75 cap. So continue to smash those Buster Quests, Featured Quests, and Limited Quests!

Recommended Gear: Start looking towards 13*, 14*, or even 15* weapons. Most 15* weapons will have a ridiculous ATK requirement and you’ll most likely be unable to equip these weapons, even with a Pure-bred Mag of your preferred attack. Any ‘Nox’ Weapons will be a great substitute for the time being.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 32
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 33
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 34

For units, you will be able to equip some 12* units as you start bordering the lvl 70 zone. The first entry level units as you approach this level would be the Ray Units. These are found in the Annual Badge Shop, located right below the entrance to Franka’s Cafe from the Shop Area.

These Units are outdated at the moment but will be the largest upgrade for units you can get at the moment. 

Lv 75 – 90 

Congratulations! You can now run EP4 EQs on XH!!!

…if you have both Main+Subclass at 75.

What to run : The final boss of leveling. You will need huge amounts of EXP to get to level 85 and to get the 10 class cubes. However, you will have access to every possible quest to do it (besides a few of the EP6 quests). Remember, the experience given by Bonus Keys scale with your current level, and their efficiency at the higher levels is huge. Be sure to check their expiration date and try to hoard as much as possible for this part! 

Recommended Gear at Level 75+

This is where mobs will hit much harder AND be much tankier. You will want to start investing your resources into weapons that are available to you.


Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 35

When you first hit level 75, begin looking into purchasable 14* from the Players Shop. I highly recommend any of the Dim Series because they have a very high base stat, are relatively cheap, and a great weapon overall. Once you have made this weapon +35 Grind and smacked on a few affixes, I recommend using this weapon until you are dead set on playing a certain class. 


Elemental damage of Weapons are more important than the power of your weapon!!!

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 36

 Make sure your weapon has the maximum element value (60) because the only way to max the element when it is an Atlas or Lightstream is to purchase Attribute Enhance 5% and that is not a fun trip. Be sure to plan in advance to avoid future trouble! (You can do it a different way, which is to make it from scratch, but it is much more costly)

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 37

End Game Weapons

Once you have finalized your 13*/14* weapon for the majority of your leveling odyssey, you will want to consider and think about what weapon you’ll want to make your first 15*. There are two 15* series that allow you to choose whatever weapons you want. 

Atlas Weapons and Lightstream Weapons.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 38
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 39

These will serve as your first 15* and will give a huge damage boost from your 13*/14* weapons. They do take a lot of resources out of your pocket so don’t be surprised to be scrapping by when you’re making this.

Val Weapons, when upgraded, are extremely versatile and have insane flexibility. This weapon compliments EVERY class when upgraded to Atlas EX. Atlas EX is the final upgrade for Val.

Val Series -> Atlas -> Atlas EX

Lightstream Weapons on the other hand, is one of the strongest weapons in the game. On top of its already high base attack, it supports S-Class Abilities as well as has a 10% + 3% activation potential.

Both of these weapons are gated by stones that can only be used

How do I get my hands on these Stones?

Time Reversal Stone Chronos 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 40

-Complete Chapter 5 Story Quests

-Obtain 1100 Titles

-Extremely rare from various EP5 Boss Triggers.

-Obtained from various Campaigns

Circular Amphitrite Stone

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 41

Complete 50 runs of ‘Specter of Destruction’/’Tragic Trigger’. (Both account towards this title)

Gather a total of 7200000 points in the Emergency Quest, “Armada of Demise”

Get a drop from ‘Tragic Trigger’

Campaign being held from 11/6/2019 – TBA 

Complete 8 runs of Armada of Demise’s Sector 3


When you hit level 75, you’ll be given a unit set called “Stellar ___”. This set should replace what you have if you don’t have 12* units. Ray units are pretty similar so if you have those already, stick with those.

Most of the best units in this game are gated by drop at the moment, A good step up that is guaranteed is the Orgei Unit from the Armada of Demise Emergency Quest. You can rack up medals from the Armada EQ and exchange them for one. Or even Omega Masquerade’s unit from the Solo Ultimate Quest. Do note that Omega Masquerade will drop its unit from any depth.

Unfortunately, with the release of 13* units, new players should minimize the investment into 12* and try seeking 13* units. At the moment, your ticket to 13* units will be titles related to the EP6 Ultimate Quest. This is not to say that 12* units are completely unviable. They are, for the most part, still strong. However, upgrades for these 12* units are unpredictable and they don’t support S-Class Special Abilities.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 42

As you can see, there is a strange affix called, “S6:Heroic Howl” on the unit. These affixes are called S-Class Special Abilities or SSA for short. They usually provide special effects that units would normally never have and has just recently been implemented in the game. So far, there are quite a few of good SSAs available to 13* units and this is primarily the reason we suggest minimalizing investments into 12* units.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 43

Grinding to 35 for New Type Weapons (NT-Weapons)

Grinding weapons can be quite intimidating. But, we know how daunting it can be so here is a mini guide on how to grind ^^. So first things first, go on over to Dudu or Monica in the Shop Area and you should see this menu right here:

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 44

Item Grinding will be used to increase your weapon’s grind value, raising the base Atk as well as unlocking the potential of NT-weapons at grind values 10, 20, and 30. Potential of weapons require Photon Spheres to unlock, and you will be unable to grind the weapon further if you do not unlock the potential. Photon Spheres can be purchased through the photon shop on the 2nd floor of the shop area. They are also available on the players shop if you cannot exchange for them. Furthermore, EQs and Extreme Quests also drop them.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 45

Once you have clicked Item Grinding, you will have to choose the base weapon you want to grind (power up/upgrade, essentially). Below, I am going to select the ‘Ray Launcher’ with a max grind value of 32 and 23 Lightning Element. The max grind value can be unlocked til 35 and it will unlock something called Special Ability Factor, or SAF for short. SAF will be covered later on. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 46

Note how I am referring to the MAX grind, not the current grind the Launcher is at. The ‘current’ grind for the launcher is 0.  Think of the max grind as how far you can upgrade your weapon. Your weapon will be unable to go past that number unless it is unlocked. All New Type-weapons can have a max grind of 35. Now, in the picture below, I have highlighted the Grind Cap (Upgrade Limit) and the Attribute Rate after the grind. 

The upgrade limit will increase by 1 because I am combining the ‘Upgrade Limit’ 32 weapon with a copy of the weapon that only has an upgrade limit of 30, usually weapons that come from Collection File. ALL New Type weapons will have a base upgrade limit UNLESS  they were dropped. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 47
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 48
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 49
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 50

The element of the weapons are different as well, thus the amount of element converted will not be a 1:1 ratio. Had both of the Ray Launchers been Light Attribute, the conversion rate would have been a 1 to 1 ratio, meaning, the entirety of the weapon attribute will be converted to the weapon. However, in this scenario, one is a Lightning Element and the other is Light Element.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 51

In this example, I will combine two of the same weapons with the SAME element.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 52

As a result, the elemental conversion is 100% instead of only transfering 10.

Notice how the Grind Cap (Upgrade Limit)  is strangely skipping from 30 to 35? Refer to the pictures below.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 53

So this is the Base weapon; the one I WANT to use as my weapon. Only at a Grind cap of 30.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 54

<- And this is the weapon I am going to use to combine into the base weapon. For future confusion, this is just an example. Notice how it has reached the max Upgrade Limit.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 55

Now combining the two causes the base weapon with an Grind cap of only 30, to instantly jump to the Max Grind cap of 35. That being said…

Weapon with 31 Grind Cap + 33 Grind Cap Weapon = 35 Grind Cap

Weapon with 32 Grind Cap + 32 Grind Cap Weapon = 35 Grind Cap

Weapon with 30 Grind Cap + 30 Grind cap Weapon = 31 Grind Cap.

How can I grind the actual value then?

The actual value can be grinded using the most popular method, using collection file weapons as fodder. Seasonal Collection files all come at +30 grind and will instantly grind your weapons to 10, 20, 30, and 35 with just 4 of these weapons. 

Leontina’s Certificates (Easy 13*/14*~!)

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 56

Finding a new weapon can be hard at times. Let alone knowing what weapons are good. Leontina is here to help with that. The thing about Leontina is, you must have a Leontina Certificate.

These are rewards given to you via Arks Mission and you’ll be able to exchange these for a 13* or 14* weapon depending on which one you have.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 57

Once you’ve found her, talking to her will bring up this menu. Click on “*13 Certificate Exchange” and once again, press the same thing and it should bring up these unusually attractive Ray Weapons.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 58
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 59

These weapons are Vanilla copies of the Ray series but come with an automatic grind of 30+ and level 3 potential all unlocked. These are great starting weapons and will be quite useful on the grind up. You will be able to get vastly stronger weapons as you naturally progress through the game since money will also slowly begin to pile up.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 60
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 61

 A great thing about these Ray Weapons is that they come with an Element Attribute of 60. Element is by far the most important value on a weapon and Light is generally the best element in the game since it is effective against 50% or more of the content out so far. 


Possibly one of the biggest holes in spending Meseta but personally one of my favorite things to do! You can access your fashion stuff one of two ways: 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 62

Or in Shop Area 2F

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 63

Clothing your character can be quite confusing at times. However, it is actually very simple!

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 64

Head: Hair or Head Parts

Body Paint: Stockings, Tattoos, Body Suits

Outer: Jackets, Overalls

Base: T-Shirt, Dress

Inner: Undies, Panties, Boxer Brief, Bikinis

Accessories: Glasses, Hats, Scarfs, Wings, Mecha Parts, Earrings, Ribbons, Hair Accessories, etc.

Unfortunately, since the game is overloaded with females, some Outer/Base/Inner wears are extremely expensive for that specific gender. Males are a bit luckier as there are not that many male characters so things are a lot cheaper!

Searching for Fashion is also not as complicated as it seems~! You will usually have to look up on your browser to find out what you want and then copy and paste the Japanese text of the thing you want into the Visiphone.

Excubes and Photon Spheres

So Excubes and Photon Spheres. Let’s talk about Excubes first. Excubes are quite a crucial thing in PSO2. They will help you with purchasing level 17 Photon Arts, 250% Rare Drop Rate Boost, and more commonly known, Ability Success Rate 30%/40% for affixing. They are an essential part of the game as they will allow you to increase the odds of dropping good weapons/units for free and help you make some of your units if you are willing to affix your own weapons/units.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 65
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 65
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 65
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 65
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 65

“So… how do I get these Excubes?”

You obtain them by trading up a 10* or 11* weapon for one excube. These weapons become very common in the XH difficulty raid bosses, usually fetching around 25 – 45 excubes every raid. Make sure to use 250% Rare Drop rate boosts while running the raids, it will help yield a larger batch.  250% Rare Drop Rate boosts can be obtained by exchanging 6 Excubes and the boost will last for 30 minutes after usage.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 70

Photon Spheres are also obtainable, trade-up items that allow you to get some nice things. Such as, Experience Boost 75%, the Compound Techs for Force or Techer, and even some Mag related things. 

Below are the Compound Techs!


Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 71


Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 72

(There is also Fomelgion but somehow lost it in the editing. Sorry!)


This stuff I will be addressing is for a little more committed folks. However, you can still pick these up as you level up and progress through the game.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 73

This NPC will help you with some requirements such as, unlocking the level 75 cap to 80, level cap from 80 to 85, Damage boosts, and she will also give out a lot of SG!

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 74

These titles give 2.5% Main Class damage bonuses, stacking up to a total of 10%

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 75

This chart on the right is also related to titles. The stats on the right are stats given to all of your characters when your character reaches level 75 with a specific class. Grab the titles and you will have the stats added permanently. These are OPTIONAL and totally not required to play this game. These will help you equip certain things at an earlier level. Notably, Lightstream Units and 13* units.

Collection Files

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 76

Collection Files are a nice way to obtain some 13* weapons for various things. You can find the Collection File Attendant Pudding right next to Koffie, the Administrator. The Collection File Attendant is also known a

These collection files require you to eliminate the specified monsters at their respective levels.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 77

Once you have satisfied the quota, you are guaranteed a 13* drop that you chose.

Note that you can only carry 3 Collection files as you start out. For free-to-play players, you will be able to unlock 2 more via Star Gems. Star gems are an ingame currency that you can earn weekly and acts like Arks Cash in a sense.

When seasonal events occur, collection files will have a seasonal collection file for the seasonal Emergency Quest. They are always +30 grind and it is a great idea to stock up on these as you do the emergency quest. They will serve as fodder for your NT weapons.

Late Game Gear and Trade Ups

Late game gear has become very easy to access now a days. Even if its accessibility has become easier, the amount of resources needed to obtain these have not. You will still have to have a decent pool of money.  If you have frequently visited the Shop Area, you may have seen Zieg around. He is the CAST that resides right next to Monica/Dudu. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 78
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 79

This is where you can get 14* and 15* weapons by trading in specific weapons/items for a stronger weapon. These trade-ups can be very annoying since grinding weapons is not easy as a new player and the resources are hard to obtain. 

The quickest way to obtain a strong weapon quickly is still the Atlas weapon route. This weapon will serve as your first main weapon and is still one of the strongest weapons in the game once upgraded to Atlas EX. It also plays a lot of roles due to the weapon series supporting a series of affixes called S-Class Special Abilities or SSA for short. These abilities come in all shapes and forms and you can customize the weapon however you want. Of course, the accessibility of these SSA are limited and some are very expensive.

Once you’ve obtained Atlas, you should start to look towards Lightstream weapons. Lightstream weapons are extremely similar to Atlas in terms of materials needed, but are two totally different weapons. It should take quite a while to accumulate the resources needed to create it.


Charms and Omens are not widely known but they are quite effective in what they do. There are 2 Charms/Omens. Monkey King Bar and Vraolet. These are old type weapons that have a specific purpose regarding items. Monkey King Bar has a potential that will increase your chances of a high slot unit/weapon and Vraolet’s will make EVERY rare weapon untekked. HOWEVER, you have to complete Zieg’s Client Order in order for these weapons’ potentials to activate just by having them in your inventory.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 80
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 81

Due to EXP being much easier to obtain, we’ve have decided to move this part about Advanced Quest towards the bottom. This is not as efficient as the other methods of gaining EXP but is still good as a LAST RESORT. (Still insane on Boost weeks + Exit bursting + 4 players)

Advance Quest

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 82
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 83

Advanced Quests are a decent way to gain experience. Each advance quest requires a certain number of capsules to run. Depending on the map, it may require 1 A/B/C for each Very Hard run or 10 D/E/F for each Super Hard run. While this sounds very resource intensive, each quest drops the “next letter” capsules.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 84
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 85

Additionally, you can increase Advance Quest risk by paying an extra amount of capsules. A higher risk will increase mob spawns, level of the mobs, drop rate, and infection rate (more EXP essentially).

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 86
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 87

You need +8 risk in Very Hard and +28 risk in Super Hard for max level enemies

Unlike Free Fields, Advance Quests have a limited number of spawns. In other words, once you have fully explored the map, monsters won’t appear anymore. However, PSE gain in the quest is increased.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 88

See those big colored rays coming out of enemies when they die? Those give one PSE effect based on their color: Rare enemy appearance, Photon Blast gauge building, Experience boost, and close range damage. You can have multiple ones at a time and they each stack up to 8.

However, these effects will wear off after some time if the same one doesn’t appear. If you’re lucky enough, one or several PSE effects will reach 8. This causes a PSE burst chance to happen.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 89

 Enemies will start to endlessly spawn near the players (It’s recommended to stay grouped to kill them efficiently and keep the spawns close to each other). If a multi-colored ray appears, you will trigger a “PSE Burst”. This will cause more enemies to continuously spawn until the timer ends. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 90

Using Photon Blasts at this point will increase your chances of getting extra PSE effect. Each time another PSE effect reaches level 8, a “Cross Burst” happens. This refreshes the duration of the PSE Burst, which means even more EXP and even more capsules! 

Sounds complicated, but you don’t have to fully understand how it works. Stay grouped, kill stuff fast, and use your Photon Blast when a PSE burst occurs and you’re good!

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 91

Abbreviations and Acronyms for PSO2 

This is a list of abbreviations and acronyms that you may not know in the game. To find what you are looking for, please use your Search Function (usually Control + F for most browsers)

Some things to note before jumping right in.

(PA) = (Photon Art)


EQ = Emergency Quest

LQ = Limited Quest

FQ = Featured Quest

TA = Time Attack

XQ = Extreme Quest

AQ = Advanced Quest

BQ = Buster or Bonus Quest

UQ / ult = Ultimate Quest

CM / CQ = Challenge Quest (Also known as Challenge Mode)

BA = Battle Arena (PvP Mode)

Battle Mechanics

JA = Just Attack

Timing your attacks according to the red circle results in a Just Attack.

 Gives a +30% damage bonus.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 92

JG = Just Guard

 Guarding an attack at the right moment.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - Beginner's Guide 93

DB = Dark Blast

Some refer to this as DaB as DB is an acronym for Dual Blades

PB = Photon Blast

Your Mag’s “final attack”.

WA = Weapon Action 

The innate ability that comes with weapons.

Class Specific Battling Mechanics

Hunter – HU

IP = Ignition Parry (PA)

OE = Over End (PA)

SB = Sacrifice Bite Type-0 (crafted PA)

GB = Guilty Break (PA)

TF0 = Twister Fall Type-0 (crafted PA)

SA = Sonic Arrow (PA) (Can also mean Symbol Art)

SE = Slide End (PA) (Can also mean Status Effect)

AB = Assault Buster (PA)

Volg – Vol Graptor (PA)

AH = Automate Halfline (Skill)

IW = Iron Will (Skill)

NGU = Never Give Up (Skill)

GSA = Guard Stance Advance (Skill)

MH = Massive Hunter (Active, also a Ring)

WL = Wired Lance (Weapon)

GS = Gunslash (Weapon

Fighter – FI

LB = Limit Break (Active Skill)

TAJA = Tech Arts JA Bonus (Skill)

TAJAPPS = Tech Arts JA PP Save (Skill, also a ring)

DS = Double Saber (Weapon)

IR = Illusion Rave (PA)

CR = Chaos Riser (PA)

TD = Twin Daggers (Can also mean Tower Defense a.k.a Mining Base Emergency Quest)

SD = Symphonic Drive (Twin Daggers PA)

WR0 = Wild Rhapsody 0 (Twin Daggers PA Crafted)

RW0 = Raging Waltz 0 (Twin Daggers PA Crafted)

Knux = Knuckles

BHS = Backhand Smash ( Knuckles PA)

SC0 = Straight Charge 0 (Knuckles PA Crafted)

Ranger – RA

WB = Weak Bullet (active)

EA = End Attract (PA)

HE = Homing Emission-0 (PA)

WHA = Weak Hit Advance (Skill)

SS = Standing Snipe (Skill)

Gunner – GU

TMG = Twin Machine Gun

CT / chain = Chain Trigger (active)

ZRA = Zero Range Advance (Skill)

IF-0 = Infinite Fire Type-0 (crafted PA)

*This is a PA that has been crafted. Essentially modified.

DA = Dead Approach (PA)

SA = Satellite Aim (PA)

ER = Elder Rebellion (PA)

PK = Perfect Keeper (Skill or Ring)

Force – FO

EC = Elemental Conversion (Skill)

PF / Flare = Photon Flare (active)

Techer – TE

PPC = PP Convert (active)

EWH = Element Weak Hit (skill)

Braver – BR

KC = Katana Combat(Skill)

KCF = Katana Combat Finish (Skill)

RS / Rapid = Rapid Shoot (skill)

SB-0 = Sharp Bomber (crafted PA)

Bouncer – BO

EPPR = Elemental PP Restorate (Skill or Ring)

JB = Jet Boots(Weapon)

DB = Dual Blades(Weapon)

PB = Photon Blades (Weapon action, can also mean Photon Blast)

PBF = Photon Blade Fever (skill)

RB = Rapid Boost

KR0 = Kestrel Rampage 0(Crafted PA)

Summoner – SU

AE = Alter Ego(Skill)

DM = Dear Master(Skill)

Hero – Hr

HT = Hero Time

HTF = Hero Time Finish

Phantom- Ph

Shift ___ = The altered Photon Art when using the Weapon Action prior to the Photon Art.