As of patch, there are many things that have gone to the live server including our latest hero, Sigma. Sigma is Overwatch’s Hero 31 that is designated as a Main Tank hero by Blizzard.

This guide will be about breaking down Sigma’s abilities and his place in the current meta.


Sigma is a hero with one of the lowest health pools for a tank, consisting of 300 natural health and 100 natural shields. This puts his effective health equal to Zarya. On his own, he does not have the health pool to stay alive for a long time but that is where his abilities come in.


Overwatch Sigma Guide, Abilities, & How To Play 1

Hyperspheres (Primary Fire/LMB)


  • Splash projectile
  • 2 charges per shot:
  • 60 direct damage
  • 10.5 – 35 splash damage (Inclusive)
  • 2.625 – 8.75 self damage
  • Has a projectile speed of 50 meters per second
  • Travels up to 20 meters before it explodes
  • 2 charges per 1.5 seconds with 0.15 seconds between each charge
  • Approximately 80 damage per second/DPS
  • Bounce off surfaces at an unlimited number before exploding upon travelling maximum range
  • Projectile is slightly affected by gravity
  • Enemies affected by the explosion will be pulled slightly towards the center
  • Infinite ammo


Hyperspheres are Sigma’s main source of damage. While it is not as high as some other tanks, it possesses the unique trait of bouncing off surfaces which can be taken advantage of. The splash damage makes it more forgiving upon missing a direct hit. Since it has infinite ammo, there is no need to worry about reloading.


  • Take advantage of the maximum range to land your shots with its splash damage.
  • Try to practice bouncing them off map geometry as this allows you to shoot enemies around a corner when you do not have LoS (line-of-sight) of them.
  • Since 2 direct hits would do 120 damage, you could add a melee to make it a total of 150 damage on close range.
  • Since the shots are projectile, try to practice and aim based on the enemy’s movement rather than flicking your shots.

Since Sigma’s primary has infinite ammo, do not be afraid to spam choke points and shields to pressure the enemies.

Experimental Barrier (Secondary Fire/RMB)


  • Has 1500 shields
  • Regenerates 175 shields per second after being down for 2 seconds
  • Infinite max range
  • Moves at 16.5 meters per second
  • Has the smallest area of effect out of all shield tanks
  • Has a casting time or delay of 0.2 seconds
  • It stays up until it is destroyed or retracted by Sigma
  • Has a 5 second cooldown if destroyed


Sigma’s Barrier has the second-highest health pool and it is the smallest shield out of all shield tanks. His shield acts similar to Reinhardt where it regenerates health when it is not in use. Plus, his barrier goes on cooldown if it is destroyed. Unlike Reinhardt, the barrier has a small casting delay. This means that you would have to hold the Secondary Fire for a short while before the barrier comes out. His Barrier is undoubtedly the best in the game right now due to its flexibility and versatility. He can deploy and retract his shield any time he desires. Not to mention, he can place his shield anywhere depending on where he throws it at.


  • Try to keep your shield health above zero at all times so you can be able to activate it at any time.
  • Always remember to retract your shield when it is not needed.
  • Do not let your shield break at all cost unless it is a dire situation. You do not want it to go on a 5-second cooldown as this will make you and your team more vulnerable towards damage.
  • Your shield’s position can be interchanged at any time without needing a cooldown, so always remember to change your shield’s position to be able to maximise the amount of shielding you can do and the space you have.
  • When in close quarters or in 1v1 situations, you can put your shield in front of you. Keep changing your shield’s position to keep yourself at an advantage.
  • Play around covers (walls, objects etc.). It will protect you from damage when your shield is down.
  • The center of the shield is about the same size as a small crosshair. You can try to send it through tiny gaps.
  • Against enemy shields, place your shield past their shield and make sure its in front of them. This denies damage and makes their shield useless as it will not protect them. Also, use this time to push them while their shield is on cooldown etc.
  • The shield can be used to block the enemy sniper’s LoS or clearing Wrecking Ball’s mines.

Kinetic Grasp (SHIFT)


  • Converts 40% of frontal damage absorbed to temporary shields or over shields (max. 400)
  • Last for 2 seconds
  • Has a 13-second cooldown
  • Overshield starts decaying at 7 shields per second after 3 seconds
  • Has the ability to negate ultimates such as Graviton Surge, Dragonstrike and Blizzard completely
  • Also negates Roadhog’s Chain Hook and Brigitte’s Whip Shot


Kinetic Grasp is basically a weaker Defense Matrix due to its ability to eat ultimates. While it locks Sigma into the animation, it can be cancelled with Accretion. Thus, try not to accidentally cancel it. Do note that beam-type weapons pass through Kinetic Grasp. Mei, Zarya, Symmetra and Zarya’s beam will not be absorbed. The radius of Kinetic Grasp is around the size of Sigma himself.


  • If your shield breaks or you retract it, you can use your Kinetic Grasp to absorb damage for your team and protect them. This allows you to continue shielding damage while waiting for your shield to regenerate or come off cooldown. Try to stand in front of your teammates to absorb the maximum amount of damage.
  • Kinetic Grasp’s can be used as a way to protect yourself. Thus, try to use it when you are in danger or you want to give yourself an advantage in 1v1 situations.
  • While it can eat ultimates, it usually is not worth the usage since it has a long cooldown.
  • Try to save it for when you truly need it since it has a long cooldown. 
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Accretion (E)


A projectile that does:

  • 80 direct damage
  • 15 – 50 splash damage
  • 7.5 – 25 self-damage
  • has a movement speed penalty of 75% on Sigma upon cast
  • Travels at 37.5 meters per second
  • Does 4 meters of knockback upon direct hit and 1 to 2 meters of knockback upon splash. Also does 2 meters of knockback upon hitting yourself
  •  Has a 2.5-meter explosion radius
  • Has a casting time of 0.8 seconds
  • Depending on the range it travels, it knocks down enemies from 0.5 seconds to 3 seconds.

The further it travels, the longer the knockdown duration

  • Ignores Genji’s Deflect,’s Defense Matrix and Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp
  • Projectile is affected by gravity
  • Has a 10-second cooldown


Accretion is similar to McCree’s Flashbang in a sense that it stuns an enemy. Otherwise, it is a better form of crowd control or stuns as the rock cannot be deflected or eaten. Accretion can also stun an enemy Sigma out of his Kinetic Grasp.


  • Accretion & 2 direct hits from Hyperspheres can instantly kill a 200 HP target. This takes advantage of the animation cancel done by Accretion.
  • Accretion can be used to stun an enemy Sigma out of his Kinetic Grasp. This will essentially prevent him from obtaining overshields and force his Kinetic Grasp into cooldown. Thus, the enemy Sigma will not gain any value from his Grasp.
  • You can throw it in the air before a fight occurs to farm some ultimate charge.
  • Try to save it for flankers or enemy ultimates to stop them.
Overwatch Sigma Guide, Abilities, & How To Play 2

Gravitic Flux (Q/Ultimate)


  • Does 50 damage upon lift and 50% of maximum HP on slam
  • Has an area of effect of 35 meters
  • 7 meter radius
  • Approximately 1.3 seconds of casting time
  • 5 seconds for area selection
  • 2 second lift


Gravitic Flux is a unique ultimate since it does a good amount of crowd control and damage altogether. The area of effect is wide enough to cover the entire point for a control map. Not to mention that when enemies are lifted, there is no way to stop the slam from happening. As of now, Gravitic Flux seems to be a fight-winning ultimate as it could guarantee a couple kills and weaken enemies after the slam.


  • When the enemies are lifted up, damage then until they are around half HP or lower. Once done, you can leave it to the slam damage as it will finish them off. Plus, this gives you more time to do damage before the slam occurs.
  • Use it quickly as soon as the enemies are grouped up. This allows you to lift multiple enemies and stop them from escaping the lift from the ultimate.
  • Be careful that you do not get stunned during area selection since it will cancel your ultimate.
  • Otherwise, the slam cannot be cancelled once it is done.
  • Do note that some heroes like Reaper, Mei, Orisa and Moira escape the ultimate with their abilities.
  • Without a constant source of healing, Gravitic Flux is strong enough to require defensive support ultimates such as Transcendence or Sound Barrier to counter it.
  • While it is minor, Sigma and Doomfist can escape the slam if their ultimates are used right below they hit the ground.

Play Style (Solo)

  • Sigma plays like a main tank and off tank hybrid.
  • His play style is similar to Orisa as he can anchor on a point well
  • Try not to go on flanks since you are better off shielding for your team
  • Engage in fights by playing the “poke” war. Sigma is bad at brawling in close-ranged fights. [Poke = Constant exchange of ranged damage without getting too close to the enemies]
  • His ultimate is a fight-winning ultimate. Try to use it before a fight occurs in order to secure the win. Otherwise, you can pair it with another ultimate for higher effectiveness.
  • Aim to farm Gravitic Flux in 2 fights.


  • Ana’s Nano-Boost only affects the lift damage. It does not boost the slam damage.
  • Sigma’s play style gravitates more towards Off Tank than Main Tank due to his Dva-centric play style.
  • He is somewhat prominent in the current meta but he is somewhat niche on certain maps and compositions.
  • So far, the good tank partners for him seems to be Zarya, Orisa and Wrecking Ball.
  • Sigma is bad against brawling compositions such as Rein + Zarya, Symmetra or other compositions that can move through shields quickly
  • Sigma does not work all the time. Know when to swap when it is not working.


  1. Brawl-heavy compositions such as Rein-Zarya or Bunker with Mei-Reaper
  2. Depending on the maps and heroes played, Dive can be good.
  3. Symmetra + Reaper for shield-break and flank.

Playing against the likes of Orisa-Sigma is somewhat hard to deal with due to their ability to anchor really well and shields that are flexible and could cover multiple sides. From what I have seen in scrims and ranked, the best way to deal with the Double Shield composition is to push past the shield and rush them down before they have time to set up again. Moira-Lucio has seen quite a rise of usage due to brawl-heavy compositions on the rise.


Sigma is a very good Main Tank and Off Tank Hybrid who has his uses. Though he is good at some situations, he is somewhat of a niche hero. If you are ever to play Sigma in ranked, I would recommend you to watch some Sigma guides on YouTube and practice a little bit before you queue.