Welcome to the game, new players!  By following this MSL guide for beginners, you can hopefully enjoy the game to its full potential.  

So what should we be focusing on as a starting out F2P player?

I suggest you check out the Mid Game Rush Guide below to reach mid game much quicker.  If followed step by step you can make it to mid game in a week or two.

Table of Contents

Mid Game Rush Guide

So you want to get to mid game (Golems B7+) as fast as possible?:

Step 1:

Build a water team to level 40+ as fast as possible.  The following astromons are prioritized from top to bottom in terms of efficiency for farming Pagos Coast Extreme without a rep:

  • Water Perse (Best healer in the game)
  • Water Garuda (DPS) – hp flat, att% x2
  • Water Nightmare (Tank) – hp flat, att% x2
  • Water Valk (DPS) – hp flat, att% x2 (obtainable in heroes contract)
  • Water Mona (DPS) – hp flat, att% x2 (Best farmable in pagos coast)
  • Water Victoria (DPS) – hp flat, att% x2
  • Water Anu (DPS) – hp flat, att% x2 (farmable super rare)
  • Water Odin (DPS/Tank/Utility) – hp flat, att% x2
  • Water Phibian (Tank) – hp%, att% x 2
  • Water Seiren (Healer) – hp flat/% x3 (farmable in Aria Lake)
  • Water Latt (As Main Tank) – hp%, att% x2

All Gems should be 4* at least and +6 or higher, conviction prefered if you’re using reps to farm.

You should order your early farming team: Water Seiren Lead (doesn’t even matter if she’s variant or not, she’s there to act like a punching bag), the other two after and the astromon you are leveling as last.

Note: Some of these gem builds are limited to Pagos Coast farming ONLY and definitely needs to be rebuilt for anything else

You will only need 3 of these astromons (Preferable NAT5’s or DPS) to help power level other astromons on Pagos Coast Extreme.  

Step 2:

Fill up your friends list with 50 Level 50-60 astromons (Refer to “Using Friend’s Representatives”).  You would want all types of elements in order to push through easy, hard, and onto extreme up until Pagos Coast where you want to use water reps if you do not have a water team. If you’re leveling up astromons, make sure to use one astromon at a time so that all the exp gained from the scenario will go onto that one astromon.  Later on, you can replace the friend’s representative astromon with your own maxed level astromons.

ORDER OF UNLOCKING PAGOS COAST: Phantom Forest Normal -> Lunar Valley Normal -> Aria Lake Normal -> Mirage Ruins Normal -> Pagos Coast Normal -> Seabed Caves Normal -> Magma Crag Normal -> Star Sanctuary Normal -> Pagos Coast Hard -> Seabed Caves Hard -> Star Sanctuary Hard -> Pagos Coast Extreme -> go to exp stage.

ALSO make sure to upgrade your capture rate as high as possible (4 upgrades early on then increase to 6 or 7 once you have a stable b8 team) on Pagos Coast.

If you run out of representatives, start farming for water seirens and water monas on easier stages of their respective locations.  

To autofarm Pagos Coast Extreme on your own, the minimum level requirement is 40 and 4* gems at +6 at least.

You can probably start farming Pago’s Coast EXP stage without rep with:

  • Evo 2 Water Seiren Level 40: HP flat x3
  • Evo 2 Water Mona Level 40: HP flat x2/3, Att% x1
  • Evo 3 Water Latt Level 40: HP% x1, Att% x2

This team will not work on the first half of pagos coast because of water pinchee 3* skill counters same element, which is your water team.

Alternative B7 Rush

Note: the Alternative B8 Rush is much faster to get to mid game. Scroll down more.

Step 3:

Once your water team is maxed leveled (40 or 50 preferably to speed run faster), you may work on a leveling and gearing a wood team for B7 Golems.  Gem your water team with pure 4* att % or hp flat gems at least +6 in order to increase the run speed (can be any gem sets). Water Seiren can be built normally since she will be used for B7 Golems and will be your main tank for Pagos Coast farming.  She should be built HP HP HP|DEF on conviction. If she is not evo 3 yet, you can slap HP flat gems but the REC stays %.

You can probably start farming Pago’s Coast EXP stage without rep with:

  • Evo 2 Water Seiren Level 40: HP flat x3
  • Evo 2 Water Mona Level 40: HP flat x2/3, Att% x1
  • Evo 3 Water Latt Level 40: HP% x1, Att% x2

This team will not work on the first half of pagos coast because of water pinchee 3* skill counters same element, which is your water team.

Step 4:

For the wood team to bring to B7, you will need an evo 3 Wood Miho/Seedler variant to get extra resist % and this astromon will be your team leader and tank.  Wood Miho will be built HP% DEF% ATT% with conviction set. Wood Seedler will be built HP% HP%/DEF% DEF% with conviction set. Then you will have 2 DPS with defense break or extra DPS.  You will also have one primary or secondary healer which will be on the second or third position. Your entire team will have a conviction set on in order to boost resist with at least +9 upgrade for consistent and fast runs.  If you want to see a free to play team check B7 Golems in Golem’s Guide section.

Basic starting Golem B7 team:

  • Variant Wood Miho Evo 3 Level 50 : HP DEF ATT | Conviction/Yellow set
  • Water Seiren Evo 3 level 50: HP HP HP/DEF | ^
  • Wood Squirrus Evo 3 level 50: HP DEF ATT | ^
  • Water Latt Evo 3 level 50: HP DEF ATT | ^

On my alt I used 2 Wood Squirrus, which bumped up the speed then the team used above

Can also position this team as: Wood Miho | Water Latt | Water Seiren | Wood Squirrus

Remember this team here is just a template and can be easily changed but KEEP IN MIND that an evo 3 astromon is much better than an evo 1 and maybe even an evo 2 astromon.  Example: Wood Squirrus Evo 3 > Wood Anu Evo 1. Stat has a great importance towards new players.

Step 5:

Congrats you entered the beginning of mid game!  

Alternative B8 Rush

Step 3:

Instead of having 3 water astromons for farming pagos coast, build a 4th water astromon to be ready for B8 golems.  Gem your astromons with 4 star gems at +12 enhancements. A template can be found under B8 Golem Guide.  Once your team is all level 50 and gemmed out, you may skip B7 golems with a wood valk rep and head on towards b8 golems.

B8 golem is much easier and also faster to grind than B7, meaning you will get faster income.

Do’s and Don’ts

MSL guide

Now everyone makes mistakes… Hopefully the “detailed” explanation below helps:


  • Once arena is unlocked, participate in PvP immediately and spend all of your tickets (win or lose you still get medals) as they will reset every time you level.
  • Start using all your candlings to evo 3 a fire candling (square diamond x2)
  • Start building and leveling a Water seiren immediately
  • If you can try to go for astromons with triple square slots for easier gem gearing as a new player.
  • Only add level 50+ astromon representative friends and cap your friends
  • Only upgrade 1*, 2*, 3* gems for story quest.  Otherwise sell them. Once you get to pagos coast you would want to save 4*: hp flat, hp%, att%, def%, rec% gems.


  • Only do 1-2 summons at the beginning to start off with some astromons, after that save all your astrogems to either progress or summon for clan festival and hero festival for better Nat 5’s rate.
  • Don’t build Fire Miho, you would definitely want a Wood Miho or Water Miho towards evo 3 first!
  • Don’t collect stamina from the mailbox immediately; leveling does not accumulate the stamina, the stamina just resets.
  • Do not throw away your Water Latt!!!
  • Ignore Birdies, throw the 2* away and rebirth the 3* ones (If the rebirths are not the birdie themselves)
  • Don’t kill rares in scenarios unless you failed to catch
  • Don’t build a Wood Mona, build a Water Mona instead for gb8 and faster overall progression
  • Don’t buy the gold packs with your astrogems (1000 astrogem gives you 1 mil gold from the pack.  1000 astrogems net you 3.3+ mil gold via mid game level farming golems)
  • Don’t buy 4* soulstones in the shady shop until you’re able to farm b8 golems
  • Don’t use Nat 5’s to evo 2 another Nat 5, You want to use evo 2 Nat 5’s to evo 3 a Nat 5.
  • Fusion will not guarantee a variant just because you used a variant!
  • AS A NEW PLAYER, do not partake in hero’s REBIRTH.  There are better Nat 4’s for progression outside the new Nat 4’s from Hero’s Rebirth

Heroes Contract

The contract system allows you to pick one of three NAT 5’s, which only requires you to log in 15 consecutive days to obtain.  So the three NAT 5’s includes:

Fire Arthur (Most Picked)

  • 3* 100% stun, 5* 60% defense break for 3 turns
  • Extremely viable in every situation except against water enemies
  • Primarily used as a utility DPS
  • I use this bad boy in High Tier PvP, ToC, Wood Dragons, Titans

Wood Odin (Second most)

  • 3* Self Heal proportional to damage dealt, 5* 80% defense break for 2 turns
  • New Player Exclusives as she is able to help farm b7, b9, b10 golems
  • Second highest attack in terms of elemental (Highest is fire Siegfried)

Water Valk (Least Picked)

  • 3* 30% extra damage, 5* 100% defense break for 2 turns
  • One of the hardest hitting water units.  Usually picked because of lack of water attackers in general
  • Good for farming Pagos Coast as a new player, and mainly more of a pick for late game players because a strong water valk is usually late game build and up
  • Good for b8 golems, still can farm b8 without water valk though.

Hopefully this helps you decide which NAT 5 is the best option for your progression!


Missions are rather easy at the beginning but can get rather difficult and tricky once you reach the later stages of the Missions, this guide will feature late-game Missions only.

You can clear most Missions just with using gems to revive, etc. I will feature Chapter 29 & 30. Before even attempting these Missions, you need to be aware of the need of good gems and rather decent Astromons. The team setup should be able to survive but at the same time deal damage. You will need evo3 nat4’s or good evo3 nat3’s like Shellie. The Problem with these Missions is that there are no deaths allowed at specific parts of the Missions. Another problem is that you need to capture an s-rare Mon at extreme. Do not try it at normal or hard, it won’t work. I would advise to search a stage fitting for your team and auto it with a counter team. There are stages with only one element on Monsters so you can build a complete counter team to clear faster and make the runs save.

Sky Falls Boss at stage 6 could get you into problems as you are trying to beat a boss that is not only regenerating hp but also is able to stun you, you should bring something to sustain against him. Shields are highly recommend for these Missions. The Skyfalls stage 12 Boss is possible to be beat with no deaths if you have a good team-setup. I would recommend Two attackers, one shield unit, one debuff unit (defbreak, attack down, etc.). Even shock works as the minions can be a pain to deal with as well. Defbreak is highly recommend though. The Boss defbreaks for 3 turns so you should pay attention to your shield and try to keep it up, a defbreak for 3 turns can lose you the Mission. After being able to clear Stage 12 at extreme, you should start farming Gems again.

Astromon Gem Equipment

Pay attention to your astromons gem shape.  There are three gem shapes: Diamond, Square, and Triangle.  

Gem shape unique main stat capabilities:

  • Diamond = Resist %
  • Square = Crit Rate %
  • Triangle = Crit Damage %

For a beginning player, there are 3 important things to know regarding gems:

  1. Diamond gems are the easiest after square to find when you reach mid-game (due to farming Golem b7). What this means is that if you have multiple copies of an astromon, you should use & level the one with the most Diamond slots.
  2. Square gems are now the easiest for farm because of b8 golems has been nerfed.  Square gems are required for monsters that are effective on crit. This is primarily important for monsters that have an effect-on-crit on their basic and/or active skills, as well as Dark type astromon (who have a bonus 50% to crit damage inherently). If you have one of these astromons, make sure it has at least one Square slot (Diamond are still ideal for the other slots).
  3. Flat stat gems will give you the most help early in the game. Further down, you can find a chart for when to switch an astromon from flat runes to percent runes.

Gem Sets

There are a total of 14 different sets:

Set NameSet ColorSet BonusWhere to get it
TenacityPink2500 HPPhantom Forest
FortitudeBrown150 DEFLunar Valley
FerocityLight Blue150 ATTAria Lake
HealingLight Green150 RECMirage Ruins
ConvictionYellow20% RESISTPagos Coast
ProtectionOrange20% DEFSeabed Caves
LifeRed20% HPMagma Crags
ValorBlue20% ATTStar Sanctuary
Vitality Green20% RECSky Falls
IntuitionPurple20% CRIT RATEGolems+
RuinGrey40% CRIT DMGSlumbering City
LeechBlack w/ Red20% HP SiphonDragons+
SiphonBlack w/ Blue40% SP SiphonDragons+
PugilistBlack w/ Purple20% StunDragons+

Flat vs %

When is it acceptable to use a flat gem? When is it important to use a % gem?

Flat gems are primarily used towards beginner game level.  Normally low leveled or low evo astromons will require flat gems.  Otherwise, mid game level will require % gems based on the stats that an astromon provide.

When to use a flat gem?:

  • Who uses Nat 1’s?
  • Nat 2’s under Evo 3
  • Nat 3’s under Evo 3
  • Nat 4’s under Evo 2 occasionally
  • Nat 5’s under Evo 2 occasionally

When to use a % gem? This is when you would want to look at the astromon stats:

  • ATT: 1100+
  • DEF: 1100+
  • REC: 1100+
  • HP: 18500+

Gem Substat Builds

As a new player, you don’t really look at the sub-stats of a gem until you’re able to farm b7 golems and up (Using the Mid Game Rush Method).  However, it still helps when you’re using the conviction (or yellow) gems to have extra resist% substats to boost overall efficiency.

Perfect Gem Template for Astromon Classes

This is just a small template for new players to KIND OF follow.  Most astromons are different and require different builds.  For example, dark kraken, light nike, water perse, dark miho will require different gem builds compared to Wood Leo, Fire Odin, Water Nightmare, etc.

Reminder: This is just for when a gem is considered Perfect for specific type of classes.  You can not have the same type of sub-stat as the main stat.  For example, you have a def % main stat you cannot have a def % sub-stat.

Tank and Defenders

Main StatHP%DEF%




Main StatHP%DEF%REC%

Balance types are built with either attacker or tank/defender route.

Resist Soft caps

Let’s say that one of your astromon has 100% resist and golems or a pvp astromon stunned it.  What is your reaction?

So developers have confirmed that there is a hard cap on the resist where you cannot go over 85% (so if you have 90% total then it goes down to 85% automatically).  Through this announcement, ideally you would want to stop building resist on an astromon between 75% to 85% if you want maximum rng consistent resist.

Warning: If your astromon got debuffed/cc’d at high resist… I am not responsible for any broken devices.

Defence Diminishing Returns

Monster Super League Beginner Guide - Gems, Astromons, & Titans 1

As you can see the graph above, the more defense an astromon have, the less damage reduction an astromon will receive!  

Typically, once you get astromons to level 60, you would want to check each class and their ideal amount of defense:

  • Defense Aggressors:
    • These don’t care about diminishing returns, just keep stacking defense
  • Defenders and Tanks
    • Only really need one def % gems typically to get around 3.5k to 5.5k for 70% damage negation +
  • Attackers
    • Already have extremely low def, but can be built bruiser where the astromon can use def% gem, typically 2.5k defense is ideal for a DPS build for an attacker.  Otherwise you would want at least 3.5k+ defense for a bruiser.

So overall, typically for all type of astromons, you only want one def % gem, while any other survivability gems should be hp flat or %.

Rating Your Gems

So you want to know how your gems are graded?  Just a mini guide on how I grade gems.

But first, let us start off with gem tier:

End Game TierLate Game TierMid Game Tier
S+ onlyA-  -> SC+  -> B+

Reference Sheet: So every points that you miss will degrade the letter by 1 but the starting grade will be S+

S+,  S, S-,  A+, A, A-,  B+, B, B-, etc.


Monster Super League Beginner Guide - Gems, Astromons, & Titans 2

You can see that there was one proc into: Attack flat and Recovery flat.  So you can see that this gem started off with Att flat and Crit Dmg at +0, at +3 proc’d Recovery flat, and +6 proc’d CR.  In terms of losing points:

2 pt lost for being a five star gems

2 pt lost for missing 2 substats

4 pt lost for having two proc’s in attack flat

4 pt lost for having two proc’s in recovery flat

1 pt lost for not having resist (This may vary because other gem’s resist substat may add enough to have over 70% resist)

So in total: This gem is missing 13 pts degrading the gem quality towards:

S+ -> S -> S- -> A+ -> A -> A- -> B+ -> B -> B- -> C+ -> C -> C- -> D+ -> D

A D flat grade gem, which is god awful.

Selling Gems Guidelines

So this guideline will be from my own perspective:

Farming Pagos Coast:

  • Sell all ATT flat, DEF flat, REC flat, RES%, CR%, CD%
  • Once you have 2 REC %(Preferable a RES% substat start) of each shape, sell REC%
  • Sell anything not 4 stars

Able to farm B7 golems:

  • I would highly recommend new players that are now able to farm B7 to keep all 6* HP%, DEF%, REC%, ATT%, CR% gems regardless of what substats are to used as temporary stats enhancements until better gem quality to replace.

Good Gem Quality

  • 4 stars
    • Sell all diamonds but conviction if you are using them for high golems stages
    • Keep all triangle and squares
  • 5 stars
    • Sell all ATT flat, DEF flat, REC flat, RES%, CR%, CD%
    • Sell all flat set gems
    • Do not sell gems that have RES% and CR% substats and at least 1 more % substat
  • 6 stars
    • Only use a ATT, DEF, REC flat gem if they are to replace a 4* gem
    • Sell any gems that have less than 2 substats

Able to farm up to B8 golems:

  • I would highly recommend new players that are now able to farm B8 to keep all 6* HP%, DEF%, REC%, ATT%, CR% gems regardless of what substats are to used as temporary stats enhancements until better gem quality to replace.

Good Gem Quality

  • 4 stars
    • Sell all diamonds and squares but conviction if you are using them for high golem stages
    • Keep all triangle gems
  • 5 stars
    • Sell all ATT flat, DEF flat, REC flat, RES% CR%, CD%
    • Sell all flat set gems
    • Do not sell gems that have RES% and CR% substats and at least 1 more % substat
  • 6 stars
    • Sell all ATT flat, DEF flat, REC flat, RES%, CR%, CD%
    • Sell any gems that have less than 2 substats

Able to farm up to B9 golems:

  • I would highly recommend new players that are now able to farm B9 to keep all 6* HP%, DEF%, REC%, ATT%, CR% gems regardless of what substats are to used as temporary stats enhancements until better gem quality to replace.

Good Gem Quality

  • 4 stars
    • Sell everything
  • 5 stars
    • Sell all ATT flat, DEF flat, REC flat, RES%, CR%, CD%
    • Sell all flat set gems
    • Do not sell gems that have RES% and CR% substats and at least 1 more % substat
  • 6 stars (Read conditions from top to bottom!!!)
    • Sell all ATT flat, DEF flat, REC flat, RES%
    • Sell all gems under 2 substats start
    • Sell all REC% gems that doesn’t have RES substats
    • Sell all HP% gems that doesn’t have RES OR CR substats
    • Sell all DEF% gems that doesn’t have RES OR CR substats
    • Sell all CD% gems that doesn’t have CR
    • Sell all Red, Orange, Yellow set gems that doesn’t have RES substats
    • Sell all Blue set gems that doesn’t have either RES or CR substats
    • Sell all Purple and Gray set gems that doesn’t have CR substats
    • Sell all flat set gems that doesn’t follow the REC%, HP%, DEF% requirements.
    • Do not sell ATT% gems because you can use the bad ones (no RES or CR) to boost some astromons for extra DPS for titans!

Able to farm up to B10 golems:

If still lacking gems on large amount of astromons:

  • 5 stars
  • Sell all ATT flat, DEF flat, REC flat, RES%, CR%, CD%
  • Sell all flat set gems
  • Sell any gems that doesn’t start with 4 substats.  The gem needs RES AND CR as well as at least 1 % substat
  • 6 stars
    • Follow the up to B9 golems gems guidelines

If you want to follow the elitist harsh late game guidelines:

  • 5 stars
    • Sell everything
  • 6 stars
    • Sell all ATT flat, DEF flat, REC flat, RES%
    • Sell all flat set gems
    • Sell all gems that doesn’t have 3 starting substats
    • Sell all gems that have more than 1 flat substat
    • Sell all REC% gems that doesn’t have RES
    • Sell all % color set gems that doesn’t have RES% AND CR%

Useful Farmable Astromons

All astromons listed below are easy to farm towards 3rd evolution in various scenarios and are viable for new players to be used in golems.  These astromons may be replaced later on once new astromons are obtained through summoning. Do note the current builds given are respectively for new players and can be changed in term of player’s progression.

Fire Astromons: Usable in Golems 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10

AstromonFound/FarmableGem BuildLeader skillNotes
Bron 2* AttackerMagma CragsConviction/ValorHP/DEF/ATTWhole team HP increaseExtremely strong DPS vs Wood with added sapping
Candling 3* AttackerLunar ValleyConviction/ValorHP/DEF/ATTorConvictionDEF/ATT/ATTWhole team Crit rate increase (dungeons only)Strong DPS with defense breakCan be replaced by Fire Yuki
Cotteen2* RecoveryBuy in Shady ShopFarm evo in Aria Lake/ Seabed Caves/ Magma CragsConviction/LifeHP/DEF/RECWhole team Blue soul recovery boostOne of the strongest early game to even late game healers primarily for the 5* skill that provides an attack boost to the teamCan be replaced by Fire Cupid
Squirris2* BalancedLunar Valley/ Magma Crags.Farm evo in Phantom ForestConviction/ Protection/ Life/ ValorHP/DEF/ATTorConviction/ ProtectionHP/HP/DEFWhole team ATT increaseDPS or Tank with attack break
Starrov2* AttackerPagos CoastConviction/ValorHP/DEF/ATTWhole team Crit rate increaseDPS that can purge and defense break

Water Astromons: Usable in Golems 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10

AstromonFound/FarmableGem BuildLeader skillNotes
Cotteen2* RecoveryMagma Crags/ Seabed CavesFarm evo in Aria LakesConviction/ Protection/ LifeHP/DEF/RECWhole team Blue soul recovery boostCan increase defense on team during heal
Latt3* TankEarly tutorial reward/ SummonableFarm evo in Mirage RuinsConviction/ Protection/ LifeHP/HP/DEF
Whole team ATT increase (astro league only)Tank that can defense break as well as attack break, a budget Wood Leo
Lumo2* DefenderSeabed CavesConviction/ Protection/ LifeHP/DEF/RECWhole team REC increase (useless)Tanky healer that can attack buff the team
Miho3* BalancedAll hard story stages in first 2 continents.Farm evo in any difficulty, all story stages in first 2 continents.Conviction/ Protection/ LifeHP/HP/DEFWhole team resist increaseTanky Sapper
Mona3* AttackerRare spawn mon in Pagos CoastConviction/ Protection/ Life /ValorHP/DEF/ATTATT increase for Water monsDPS with SP sustain and Def Break
Monkiki3* DefenderSummonable. Farm evo in Slumbering CityConviction/ Protection/ Life /ValorHP/HP/DEFWhole team ATT increaseTank with Defense Break and Thirst
Pinchee2* AttackerPagos CoastConviction/ Protection/ Life /ValorHP/DEF/ATTWhole team DEF increaseDPS with increase crit rate vs water and single target defense break.Only effective against Golem B7
Seiren3* RecoveryGiven as early quest reward.Rare spawn mon in Aria LakeConviction/Life HP/HP/RECDEF increase for Water monsStrongest beginner’s healer in the game for overall healing and 5* Healing Per Turn SkillCapable of soloing against water and fire type scenarios or dungeon
Shellie3* AttackerSky FallsConviction/Valor HP/DEF/ATTWhole team red soul recovery increase100% defense down 3* skill,  100%+ attack power on 5* skill

Wood Astromons: Usable in Golems 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10

AstromonFound/FarmableGem BuildLeader skillNotes
Cotteen2* RecoveryAria LakeCan farm evo in Magma Crags & Seabed CavesConvictionHP/DEF/RECWhole team Blue soul recovery boostRemoves all debuffs from your team on heal
Miho3* AttackerAll extreme story stages in first 2 continents.Farm evo in any difficulty, all story stages in first 2 continents.Conviction/ValorHP/DEF/ATT
Whole team Resist increaseUtility DPS capable of applying defense break
Mona3* DefenderSummon only. Farm evo in Pagos CoastConviction/ Protection/ LifeHP/HP/DEFATT increase for Wood monsSelf Sustain Tank capable of soloing B7 Golems
Mushi2* AttackerSeabed Caves. Can farm evo in Aria LakeMid Game Build:Ruin/Valor/ IntuitionATT/CR/DEF or HPWhole team HP increaseSP sustain Nuker
Phibian3* AttackerAll extreme story stages 3rd continent.Farm evo in any difficulty, all story stages in 3rd continent.Conviction/ Protection/ LifeHP/DEF/ATTWhole team ATT increase (clan battles only)Defense Break on both skills, may replace Wood Squirrels.
Seedler3* TankMirage RuinsConviction/ Protection/ LifeHP/HP/DEFWhole team Resist increaseTank that can apply sap damage
Squirris2* AttackerPhantom ForestCan farm evo in Magma Crags & Lunar ValleyConviction/ Protection/Life/ ValorHP/DEF/ATTWhole team ATT increaseDPS with DEF break

Light Astromons: Usable in all Golems depending on team build

AstromonFound/FarmableGem BuildLeader skillNotes
Ghos2* TankStar SanctuaryConviction/ Protection/ LifeHP/HP/DEFWhole team ATT increase
Kilobat2* DefenderSummon or Guardian DungeonFarm evo in Mirage Ruins & Star SanctuaryConviction/ Protection/Life/ ValorHP/HP/DEF
Whole team Crit Rate increaseProvides 100% attack break and AOE 60% def break, basically a budget reverse Water Latt, Wood Leo, Fire Odin

Farmable Monster Priorities

This is my own priority list of farmable astromons to tackle towards future content.


  1. Water Seiren
  2. Wood Seedler (If no Wood Miho Variant Lead)
  3. Water Latt
  4. Water Mona
  5. Fire Candling
  6. Wood Phibian


  1. Wood Squirrus (Rush this immediately, if no other strong wood units)
  2. Fire Cotteen (If not using Fire Cupid Evo 2)
  3. Fire Bron (Back up Fire astromon for B9)
  4. Water Lumo (If not rushing Water Seiren)
  5. Light Gigabat
  6. Water Cotteen

Gold Farming

Gold may be a large problem for new players.  Whenever you are farming a scenario for exp for your astromons, focus on gold stages. Do not forget the daily gold dungeons.  Make sure to sell the gems that you do not plan on using for added income. Working on story quests and regular quests can provide large amounts of gold as well.  

While grinding a scenario, you may capture up to three astromons per run.  These captured astromon may be used to either create one of the farmable astromons or released.  The released astromons may grant gold, fruits, gems, or even a high egg!

Once you have set up a decently leveled and geared wood team, you will be able to farm golems b7.  There are two benefits in farming high level golems: increase in income from selling the non useable gems and further improving your current astromons with higher tier gems.

Astrogem Premium Currency Farming

Astrogem is MSL’s “Premium currency.”  Astrogems can be obtained through:

  • In-app purchases
  • Quests
  • Capturing variants, super rares, and legendaries
  • Astro League Division Ranking
  • Releasing Astromons
  • Push Events
  • Facebook Events
  • Freebies from 4:33

In terms of Astrogem Farming, the general method is to convert gold to gems via astromon evolution and quest pick ups.  The current and cheapest method involves the need of at least 330k gold which will grant you at least 100 gems.

Once you have obtain 330k gold, you will need sixteen of the same astromons, which can be different elements.  The 330k gold will only apply to 1* and 2* astromons, any higher will increase the cost in gold.

Start off and sacrifice three of the same astromons into one base and evolve the base.  Close the astromon inventory, select quest and collect the 10 gems. You will have to repeat the evo 2 method four times which will result with a total of 40 gems.  Next, place three evo 2 astromons into a base evo 2 astromon and evolve. The quest will grant 60 gems this time and you can do whatever you want with the astromon that you have just finished evolving.  If this is the first time you evo 3 that specific astromon, you can check the astroguide and collect even more gems.

Keep in mind that if you want a continuous gem farming expedition, a successful steady farming of golems b7+ (definitely B8 golems now) is required to make up in terms of gold/stamina.  Only then would you be able to make up the gems lost in refilling for stamina.

Exotic and Rare Farming

So a large amount of players have been asking… What is the best way to farm exotic astromons?  Well first of all, there are no Spawn Rate boosts between the difficulties of the scenarios.  For examples, an extreme stage will still have the same spawn rate of exotic as normal and hard.  The main strategy that most people use to farm exotics is to clear the stages as fast as possible.  So this starts with:


  • Advantages:
    • Beginning players will be able to clear fast runs
    • Best way to level the player/account in terms of exp/stamina
    • Also good for farming farmable Nat 3’s in terms of runs/stamina
  • Disadvantages:
    • Inefficient astromon leveling in terms of exp/stamina
    • No dragon sigils drop (for dragon dungeons)
    • Low gold income

Hard: Basically between normal and extreme

  • Advantages:
    • Mid level players will be able to clear fast runs (level 60 astromons with decent gems)
    • Much better leveling than normal
  • Disadvantages:
    • No dragon sigils drop


  • Advantages:
    • Fast farming for late level players (Siphon Gems on 3* Morale boost AOE astromons built high DPS)
    • Dragon sigils
    • Highest Gold Income
    • Best astromon leveling in terms of exp/stamina
  • Disadvantages
    • Worst way to level player/account in terms of exp/stamina
    • Worst way to grind for Nat 3’s in terms of runs/stamina
    • More Astrogem consumption

So basically the strategy I showed for exotic and rare farming is that all stages are good, but it will also depend on your progression level.  Happy farming!~

Astromon League (PVP)

Arena is not required but should not be ignored.  You will earn tokens through both winning and losing a match.  These tokens should be used in the arena shop for weekly eggs and gleems.  The gleems are the main priority from the arena shop as they are used to evolve astromons.  Gleems will be further explained later.

When in arenas, set a level one astromon as your defense to stabilize your points for easy farming.  Focus on players that have level one astromons or teams that seem weaker than your own. Beware however, most players tend to hide level 60 astromons.  

As a new player who just got into arena, if you are about to level up, make sure to spend all of your arena tickets to grab as much medals as possible.  It is absolutely fine to lose if you do not want to wait for arena refresh. You do not want to waste any tickets whatsoever, especially because even if you lose, you will still get 1 medal.

Getting in different divisions within the Astro League will grant Astrogems.  The higher the division you achieve, more gems will be given to you. Usually during the last two or three days, you would want to provide an actual defense team and climb the ladder as high as possible.


Gleems are extremely valuable evolution materials for high tier astromons.  There are two types of gleems currently: Holy and Elemental. Holy gleem can be used for any elemental astromons, while elemental gleems are limited to its respective element.

You may earn up to 10 gleems per month:

  • 4 elemental gleems from Astromon League: 1 gleem of your choosing per week
  • 3 random elemental gleems purchased from the crystal shop (600 crystals)
  • 1 Holy Gleem from monthly log-in: can be claimed on the third week every month
  • 1 Holy Gleem from monthly quest
  • 1 Holy Gleem from finishing Floor 50 of Chaos Tower
  • Maybe we get lucky and 4:33 sends gleem to us.

There are standards for when using the gleems.

This is my own personal priority:

  • Holy Gleems -> Light and Dark Nat5 -> Light and Dark Nat4 -> Elemental Nat5
  • Elemental Gleems -> Elemental Nat5 -> Elemental Nat4

There is no variant gleem to make an astromon variant.

There is no evo 2 type gleem to make an astromon evo 3.

Using Friend’s Representatives

Make sure to add friends that have powerful reps.  You may want at least level 50 astromon reps or above, at best level 60 reps.  

These reps are used for:

  • Leveling single astromons at a time in higher difficulty scenarios, this can be done until you have at least three max level astromons to speed level any other astromons
  • Clearing through scenarios to reach higher difficulties
  • Clearing through Golems floors to reach to B7
  • Extra reliability to help clear through higher end dungeons like B8+

Reps usage will reset per day, so if you use all of your rep, then all of those reps will become available to you again after daily reset.

What to do when you use all of your friend reps

You have the option to remove 5 friends per day.  When you are done using all of your friends rep, you would want to delete any friends with under level 50 astromon reps.  Then you would want to delete your friends with level 50 astromon rep and try to fill up your friends list with only level 60 astromon reps.

Other ways to keep yourself occupied, you should usually do this when you do not have a farming team for Pago’s Coast Extreme or higher Scenarios:

  • Arenas
  • Story quests
  • Milestone Events (Airship -> Special Event)
  • White Starstone Dungeon to obtain evo mats
  • Daily Starstone Dungeon to obtain evo mats
  • Level up your astromons by auto grinding the level on Aria Lakes or Pagos Coast in which you can farm without using a rep
  • Gold Dungeon
  • Build farmable astromons
  • Daily quests
  • Mestarbait Fiercely

What packages to buy first for newbies

Thank you for choosing to support our developers!  There are all of these fancy looking packages and you don’t know what to buy first?  If you are planning to spend on the game, start so immediately because the extra gems provided will help with progression by a large amount.  So from top to bottom are the packages you should start off on and why!:

  1. 30 Day Package – 200 gems starter + 30 gems per day for 30 days (900) = a total of 1100 gems. The costs of the gems itself would total up to 10 times the amount you pay for this pack.
  2. Adventure Package I – This package is more of a progressive milestone to collect after clearing through the scenario which is extremely easy if you use reps to blast through the scenarios (Refer to “Using Friend’s Representatives”).  You also get a total of 3 different elemental gleems.
  3. 15 Day Package – 300 gems starter + 100 gems per day for 15 days (1500) + 100 energy per day for 15 days = 1800 gems and 1500 stamina. The cost of gems and stamina would total up to 4 times the amount you pay for this pack.  Oh, you get a holy gleem if you buy 3 of these.
  4. Level-Up Package – Another progressive milestone that just involves leveling your character.  At level 50 you will obtain a total of 3000 gems which is 4 times the amount you paid for this pack. Oh yea, leveling from 40 – 50 takes a pretty damn long time. Good luck!
  5. Event time limited packages – These packages contains exclusive items which is only limited at a time, these packages usually have a purchase limit as well.
  6. Strongbox Package – 2000 + 400 gems = 2400 gems.  You also get a 4*-5* elemental egg, a 3*-5* light or dark egg, 200k gold, and 100 energy.
  7. Chest Package – 1000 + 150 = 1150.  You also get a 3*-5* light or dark egg, 200k gold, and 100 energy.
  8. Coffer Package – 600 + 60 = 660.  You also get 200k gold and 100 energy.
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Package Calculations

For those that are not looking to read: TL;DR:

  • Best VALUE is 30 day package.
  • Best utility VALUE is adventurer package. If you are balling but you want to be efficient, $3.60 USD is generally the number to go to per “astropackage”

I’ve looked into a lot of this before and I’ve bought a couple of these packages myself. For people that are looking to get into supporting the developers while getting something nice for yourself, the 30-day Package and Adventure Package I is always going to get the best value out of it.

  • 30 day Package consist of an upfront of 200 gems + 900 gems (30 gem/day for 30 days) for $5.50/$4.49, depending on if you’re on iOS or Android. if you were to do the math on how much you’ll be spending on the gem, ~.41-.50 USD per 100 gems. Which isn’t bad because sometimes there are going to be promotions on this and you can easily get this for $1 USD.
  • Adventure Package I gives you a total of 600 gems, RGB gleems, L/D egg and a high egg for $8.99. So about $1.49 per 100 gems but you get 3 additional gleems. These gleems will save you 3 weeks worth of time in evoing your nat 4s or nat 5s. Not to mention, you can get yourself a 10+1 pull and a L/D egg. Literally giving you so much utility for a small price.
  • Level up Package is about 3000 gems if you can get to level 50, for $33 dollars @ $1.10 per 100 gems.
  • Astrogem Sack Packages
    • $8.99 for 210 gems + 100 energy
    • $26.99 for 660 gems + 200k gold + 100 energy
    • $44.99 for 1150 gems + 200k gold + 100 energy + 3-5* L/D egg
    • $89.99 for 2400 gems + 200k gold + 100 energy + 3-5* L/D egg + W/T/F 4-5* Egg
  • $89.99 Holy Gleem Package for 600 gems + 100k gold + 100 energy + 2 L/D eggs

Lets say that with that 100 energy, you can get about ~180k** in gold from golems and if we were to convert the 380k** gold into gems, we would get about another 100 gems (disregarding if you have completed the astroguide or not). *Assuming you’re able to do Golem B7, Astrogem Sack Packages after conversion from energy + gold to astrogems $8.99 for 210 gems + 100 energy(180k = ~30 gems) = 240 gems $26.99 for 660 gems + 200k gold + 100 energy ( 380k =~ 100gems ) = 760 gems $44.99 for 1150 gems + 200k gold + 100 energy ( 380k =~ 100gems ) + 3-5 L/D egg= 1250 gems + 3-5* L/D egg $89.99 for 2400 gems + 200k gold + 100 energy ( 380k =~ 100gems ) + 3-5* L/D egg + 4-5* W/T/F Egg = 2500 gems + 3-5* L/D egg + 4-5* W/T/F Egg $89.99 Holy Gleem Package for 600 gems + 100k gold + 100 energy (280k ~30 – 40 gems) + 2 L/D eggs + holy gleem = 640 gems + 2 3-5* L/D Egg + Holy Gleem If we were to count how much gems we get per package, ~ $8.99 astrogem package = $3.75 per 100 gems $26.99 astrogem package = $3.55 per 100 gems $44.99 astro gem package = $3.60 per 100 gems + 3-5* L/D egg $89.99 astro gem package = $3.60 per 100 gems + 3-5* L/D egg + 4-5* W/T/F Egg $89.99 Holy Gleem Package = Can’t really calculate this one since you have 2 L/D eggs + holy gleem and holy gleems are the highlight of this package. Feel free to correct me on my calculations and add to it if you like. Formula (Price per 100 = price/gems * 100)

What to buy with crystals

So you have been spending gems for large amount of summons! Hopefully you got some good pulls.  So we know that the only way to get crystals is only from gem summons. You will get 33 crystals from a 10+1 and 3 crystal from a normal gem summon.  To determine the priority of how you should spend your crystals shall be separated into two parties: Low-Median Spender, High Spender.

L-M Spender:

As a lower spending player, you would rather have either gleems or a guaranteed NAT 5 eggs.  

Why gleems?:

  • You have too many NAT 5’s to work on
  • You have too many NAT 4’s that needs to be worked on before entering mid game
  • You want to store more incase you get more NAT 5’s or 4’s from golem eggs
  • You just want to use these guys for your Arena Defense.

Why the Nat 5 eggs?:

  • You have too many gleems
  • You don’t have any Nat 5’s
  • You want more Nat 5’s
  • Fok Birdiee for stealing our Nat 5’s

After those 2 packets above then you can buy the legendary egg then the L/D 3*-5* egg or you can start saving for the next reset.  You may also save up for the 4*+ L/D egg of disappointments but I can’t really stop you.

DO NOT buy stamina packets, gold strongboxes, L/D Banshee eggs.

High Spender:

Buy everything in this order:

  • Gleems
  • Nat 5 Eggs
  • Nat 4 l/d Eggs
  • Legendary Egg
  • High L/D Egg
  • L/D Banshee
  • Gold
  • Stamina

Get out of here you glorious bastard.

How does the clan system work

How are you guys doing in clan battles?  I wish you the best of luck in clan progression not as one but as a whole!


So an excessive amount of players have been asking on how the clan system works especially the rewards:

Monster Super League Beginner Guide - Gems, Astromons, & Titans 3

Well first of all there are several stages.

We United

Your entire guild must work as one to climb as high as possible up the titan levels.  It is up to how your guild coordinate to tackle each level strategically. As you can see there are separate rewards on each boss milestones and if you place first in the region your guild will get the Top Clan rewards.

We Divided

Now everyone within that guild will gain the same amount of tokens, however, it is different for gems.  Note on the right lists the contribution distribution rewards. To find your current contribution, it is on the clan screen with the titan on the right.  Everyone’s contribution will be different so you will all compete one another for the highest contribution to gain the most gems.

For example,

Let’s say your guild reached the Top clan reward with 10,000 gems and your contribution level is around 3rd place.  This means you will gain 5% of the gems that your guild accumulated resulting in a total of 500 gems! (See math is easy!)

What to spend your clan tokens on

Definitely buy:

  • Save for the Garuda Siegfried egg, It’s a free 5 star egg.

May buy:

  • Astrogem Lucky Box (But don’t go too ham)

Definitely don’t buy:

  • Energy Package
  • Gold Lucky Box (It’s a scam… like Tina)
  • Any Gem Chests
  • Dragon Sigils.

General guidelines on how to setup a team

Titan Guide

Light party – Attack Down aoe – Seal   (Also always crit)

Water party – Seal aoe – Attack Down

Wood party – Taunt aoe – Buff Break

Dark party – Silence aoe – Defense Break

Fire party – Thirst aoe – Stun

Aoe status ailment will only happen on the 1st wave.

Aoe on the 2nd wave will hit much harder but does not inflict status ailment

The only status ailment that won’t be much of a problem would be the wood titan, because sap can be easily out sustained with healers (may be an understatement).  So for wood titan, you can have your best astromons in the 1st wave instead of the back

The rest, however, your best team may as well start in the back so they don’t have to deal with status ailment.  If you would like to see how I usually build team for other players please check these out:

Here is a nice little template I would like to use

Blind after buff, will definitely be viable in titans.  You may replace a defense break astromon with blinder.

1st Wave:


Leader Skill – RES > HP > DEF > ATT | CR > CD (Varies on team types: Tanks,

Attackers, etc)

2 of your tankiest defense breaks, if no tanks then attackers are fine

1 of your tankiest attack down or a dps (varies if you have a high dps attack

Down, which should be on the right if no other DPS)

1 healer with priority: Shield > DEF UP, ATT UP, others (again varies)


Leader Skill – RES > CR | ATT > CD > HP > DEF

3 Highest DPS and 1 Healer with priority: Shield > ATT UP > DEF UP > others

2 Highest DPS and 2 Healers combo includes: Shield and ATT UP > Shield and

DEF UP > ATT UP and DEF UP (again may vary on your style)

2nd Wave:


Leader Skill – HP > DEF > ATT | CR > CD > RES

2 of your tankiest defense breaks, if no tanks then attackers are fine

1 of your tankiest attack down or a dps (varies if you have a high dps attack

Down, which should be on the right if no other DPS)

1 healer with priority: DEF UP > Shield > ATT UP > others


Leader Skill – CR | ATT > CD > HP > DEF

3 Highest DPS and 1 Healer with priority: ATT UP | DEF UP > Shield

2 Highest DPS and 2 Healers combo includes: ATT UP and DEF UP > ATT UP

and Shield > Shield and DEF UP > others

Clarifications (Must Read)

  • There should always be at least 2 defense break on the left side in order to TRY to have a backup defense break in case the first defense break missed or get defense break.  No defense break = less dps in general
  • You may have defense breaks on the right as long as you have the left covered.
  • Ideal Defense breakers on the left includes: Double defense break skills, 100% defense breaks, defense breaks stacked with attack down or blind or any other debuffs.
  • 1 blind can replace a defense break
  • Attack down does not need to be on the left side, if your attack down astromon has high dps compared to some on the right.
  • Double healers are usually used to make up for the rng in blue orbs to grant higher survivability.
  • ATT UP and DEF UP usually overrules in 2nd wave in healing primarily because of the DPS is typically going to be the same as the the Shield and DEF UP, if you do the math.  This may be wrong in terms of courageous strike astromons as DPS.
  • To distinguish from which DPS to put on the 1st wave and 2nd wave. Glass cannon DPS (ATTx3, ATTx2 CRx1, ATT CD CR, etc) should be on the 1st wave, and your tankier DPS (with around 1 HP or DEF gem) should be in the back.  Defense Aggressors can take a beating so they can definitely be used in the back.

Farmable Astromons absolutely amazing for titans

  • Fire Candling Double Defense Break DPS
  • Fire Cotteen Attack Up healer (first get from shady shop)
  • Fire Bron Temporary single target DPS and HP lead
  • Fire Squirris Double Attack down
  • Fire Miho Resist lead Attack down
  • Water Cotteen Defense Up healer
  • Water Lumo Attack Up healer
  • Water Bellpup Attack Down healer
  • Water Shellies 100% defense down
  • Water Seiren Usuable as a defense up lead, but a replaceable healer
  • Water Miho Only used as a temp sap dps
  • Water Mona Water DPS
  • Wood Squirris Double Defense Break
  • Wood Miho Resist lead and defense break on 3*
  • Wood Cotteen Replaceable healer, primarily useful against status ailment,

But replaceable

  • Wood Beth Anti water single target tanky DPS
  • Light Gigabat 100% attack break 1t, 60% defense break (Replaceable)

Fodder Units for Astromon Rebirth

This is more of which astromons are extremely useless and should be just thrown into the rebirth.  Well first of all only limit to NAT 3’s.  Your NAT 4’s are better off released for better gold, astrogem, or egg rewards.

NAT 3’s fodder unit includes:

  • Monkiki (after you make a water one (optional)
  • Seastar (If you don’t have or already evo 3’d Dark and Light Seastar)
  • Monas (After Evo 3 Water, Wood(Not needed), Dark, Light Monas)
  • Crowhooks
  • Jellai (After Evo 3 Light, Dark Jellai)
  • Beths (Ignore beths, unless you want to build for counter elemental titans)
  • Seirens (After Evo 3 Water, Light, Dark, Fire Seirens(only for titans))
  • Mandragoras (After Evo 3 Dark Mandragoras)
  • Latts (After Evo 3 Water Latt)
  • Candlings (After Evo 3 Fire Candling)
  • Birdies (Fok Birdiee)
  • Hunters (After Evo 3 Dark and Light Hunter)
  • Phibian (You can choose to build Wood or Water Phibian but after these)
  • Cosmos (If not planning on doing Fusion)
  • Wolfs (If not planning on doing Fusion)

Golem’s Guides

Welcome to mid game!  This is where the money rolls in once you are able to farm B7 at least consistently.  This is the order of the golems that you are recommended to go through: B7 -> B8 -> B9 -> B10.

Golems B6 – Light Boss

This is a theory craft and not tested atm.  You should be able to clear B6 golem with the B7 team or your pagos coast team or B8 team.  The untested theory is if the teams are able to clear B6 golems at level 40 and ofc with at least some decent 4 star gems.

Golems B7 – Water Boss

Through self research on multiple account I have concluded to have an ideal farmable team for farming B7 consistently and around 3:30 to 4:30 time:

MonsterLevel/EvoGem Set/+lvlGem Subs
Wood Miho50/Evo 3Conviction +12HP DEF ATT
Water Seiren50/Evo 3Conviction +9HP HP HP
Wood Squirrus50/Evo 3Conviction +12HP DEF ATT
Water Latt50/Evo 3Conviction +9HP DEF ATT

The gems should be at least 4* grade and are farmable in Pago’s Coast Extreme Mode, which should be easy to get to if you reference the Mid Game Rush Guide at the top.

For improving the speed of this run, replace the water Seiren with a Secondary Healer DPS (like a wood boltwing) required to be at least evo 2 or higher, and to replace the water latt with another Wood DPS that is evo 2 or higher.  I replaced the water latt with another wood squirrus and it boosted the speed significantly

Golems B8 – Fire Boss

B8 is now much easier than the old light golem.  Your Pago’s coast team should be able to clear B8 Golems at ez but with 4* gem and at least +12.  I simply used:

Water Mona Lead – HP% ATT% x2 | Conviction

Water Seiren – HP% x3 | Conviction

Water Valkyrie – HP flat ATT% x2 | Conviction

Water Latt – HP DEF ATT | Conviction

The Water Valk is a Hero’s Contract astromon but can be replaced with any other Water Astromon, you may build another water mona or a water beth!

Another result: I can three man b8 golems with Water Seiren lead, Water Mona, Water Latt as well.  This show how easy the fire golem is! Happy farming~

Golems B9 – Wood Boss

This team does require at least all level 50’s and +12 4* gems or even better.  Counter-element teams will have an easier time compared to neutral teams. The waves are much easier where the boss is the main threat, with an extremely tanky right minion.  The primary DPS from the boss to your team, that you will have to watch out for, is the sap debuff. On top of that the boss and ads are capable of providing stun to your team as well.  To counter the wood golem you will need either:

  • High resist
    • Conviction set, substat resists, resist leaders (Wood or Fire Miho, Fire Vampire, Wood Seedler) Goal Resist: 60%
  • Shield healer
    • Wood Cupid, Dark Cupid, Light Hana, Fire Cura (Best with high CR)
  • Cleanse healer
    • Fire minicat, Wood Cotteen
  • Att buff healer
    • Fire Cotteen, Wood Minicat
  • Self-sustain astromons
    • Fire Vampire, Fire Succubus
    • Fire Wildfang can solo B9 if built properly, at least level 60, and evo 2.
  • Defense Break Astromons
    • Fire Candling, Fire Odin, Fire Nightmare, Fire Yuki, Fire Arthur Other DPS type astromons
  • Other DPS types
    • Fire Bron, Fire Leo,
  • Sap types
    • Fire Perse, Fire Loki, Wood Seedler, Wood Perse, Wood Shellie
  • Any other elements except water can be brought to fill out any of these missing astromons (Like a wood valk is an amazing self heal and secondary healer).

How to Early Mid Game build…

  • Attackers or Balanced
    • HP %/flat ATT ATT | Conviction set
  • Self Sustain DPS
    • HP %/flat ATT ATT | Conviction Set
    • Crit based astromons: HP/DEF ATT CR(need to farm b8 or b5) | Crit Damage/Conviction set
  • Tanks, Defenders, Balanced
    • HP HP DEF | Conviction set
  • Healers
    • HP HP REC or HP REC REC | Conviction set

If possible, you may use broken set gems to fill in 6* gems into diamond slots from B7 golem farming.  However, do keep check on your astromon’s resist. Using 5* gem is fine if you can place them within a set.

If you use a wood miho as a variant lead, make sure that she is built HP HP DEF | Conviction to keep her survivability rate high.  Getting her to level 60 may be must if she does die. If possible, definitely get 6* gems on her and at least +9 or better.

Double Healer Team

If you would like to start off with a slow but safe team build, definitely go with two healers.  One of the two healers must provide att buff, while the other can either be a shield or cleanse type healer.  The att buff will make up for the lacking dps that a dps unit may replace. The shield can prevent sap from even landing at all, and cleanse will remove any debuff placed on your astromon.  You don’t need a leader skill for this build, but will help. You will need at least one defense break astromon to increase DPS to the boss especially since the boss is extremely tanky.

Leader skill priority: RES > HP > DEF > ATT

Sapper Team

If you would like to build another slow but extremely tanky team, you will be having 2-3 sappers with 1 Healer.  You’re entire team will probably be built HP, HP/ATT, HP/ATT | Conviction besides healer which one of the HP will be REC.  An extremely good leader that is farmable in Mirage Ruins, will be the Wood Seedler. Funny thing is, you might as well have 3 of the Wood Seedler/Shellies if you don’t have a Fire Perse, Loki, etc.  For a healer, you would want either shield or cleanse. If you want to use an attack buff, use the fire cotteen since it can 3* skill sap as well. This run is pretty slow due to the fact that the wood golem has high resist as well, so any sap that didn’t land will lessen the dps.

Leader skill priority: RES > HP > DEF

Self-Sustain Team

A self-sustain team requires at least half of the astromon that you bring to be capable of healing itself.  Some example include the Fire Wildfang, Fire Succubus, and the Fire Vampire. If you have all three of these, then you are 100% set.  A fire wildfang can clear the dungeon alone if you build her HP ATT ATT any set as long as the resist remains around 70% total to counter the CC and sap.  Incase you only bring two self sustain, then you should bring a defense break as well as att buff healer.

Leader skill priority: RES > ATT | HP > DEF

Normal Team

A normal team consist of a regular setup that is used throughout all golems.  This includes a tank, defender, or tanky attacker to be the leader with two dps and one healer.  Your tanky attacker should be built HP HP ATT on conviction. You must have at least one defense break astromon to increase dps output, so if possible, try to grab a leader that has def break so that leaves one dps room to be pure dps.  Your healer can either be att buff or cleanse.

Leader sill priority: RES > HP > ATT > DEF

Example Farmable Team

MonsterLevel/EvoGem Set/+lvlGem Subs
Fire Bron (var lead)50/Evo 3Conviction +12HP HP ATT or HP ATT ATT
Fire Cotteen50/Evo 3Conviction +12HP HP REC or HP REC REC
Fire Candling50/Evo 3Conviction +12HP ATT ATT
Fire Attacker (can be another candling)50/Evo 3Conviction +12HP ATT ATT
  • Gems has to be +12
  • 50% resist or higher
  • Fire bron lead provides extra HP to team
  • No defense gems at all since sap chews through defense
  • Higher the crit rate the better for more DPS
  • Level 50 at least!!!

Proven Farmable Team

Fire Miho 50 evo 3 HP% ATT% ATT% | Conviction 4* +12

Fire Cotteen 50 evo 3 HP% HP% REC% | Conviction 4* +12

Fire Candling 50 evo 3 HP% ATT% ATT% | Conviction 4* +12

Fire Bron 50 evo 3 HP% ATT% ATT% | Conviction 4* +12

Golems B10 – Dark Boss

Alright boys and girls!  This is the last floor on golems, congrats on making it this far!  You are basically halfway through mid-game.

Assuming you are able to farm B7, B8, and B9 …  B10 is basically a gem quality, astromon quality, and team combo quality check.  Having a strong variant lead will also make a difference for this floor. The main threat of this floor is both the waves and the boss itself.  The main threats of the waves would be the dark mandragora (which everyone wants) that has 50% crit damage on both skill that if they focus on one astromon; that astromon may or may not get decimated depending on build.  The boss itself silences at full gauge so having your healers (except passive healers) on high resist will keep your team alive. Below half health, his aoe slam will implement defense break on your team which is also threatening if you bring light astromons.  The boss itself will have extremely high resist so have fun trying to get defense break on this guy.

Variant Skill Priority: HP, ATT, DEF, RES

Willo has brought up that due to the new patch with lower resist on golems, you may follow a template of: 1 healer, 1 wave clearer, 1 sap, and 1 dps

Dragon’s Guides


So if you are able to farm b7 golems to b9 golems, you should be able to b1 dragons to b4 dragons with the golems teams that you are using at level 50 and using 5-6 star gems at +12

Overall Tips:

  • Do not auto dragons, manual until you consider yourself late game(able to farm db7+).
  • Dragons cannot be sapped, cc’d, or thirsted
  • Dragon’s hitbox is annoying so you may untarget it accidentally so make sure you hit the bottom of your astromon bars.

Dragons B1 – Water

So I have used my B7 farmable team and that team is able to clear this dragon.

Wood Miho lead HP% DEF% ATT% | 6* broken set

Water Seiren HP% HP% REC% | 6* broken set

Wood Squirris x2 HP flat ATT% ATT%| 6* broken set

1st Wave:

  1. Focus at least one minion down first
    1. Focus the Water Latt so it doesn’t defense break your astromons
  2. Focus Water Perse next
  3. In all honesty I don’t even think the order matters


  1. Dragon will begin non-skill aoe that petrifies after your first turn
    1. Right minion provides defense up
  2. My team was able to survive the dragon’s aoe on crit.
  3. Focus Dragon only especially with defense break, aoe should take out minions eventually

Dragons B2 – Dark

1st Wave:

  1. Focus Dark Ghos > Dark Colt > Dark Bee > Dark Valkyrie


  1. Dragon will being non-skill aoe that thirst after your first turn
    1. Right minion provides shield
  2. If dragon crits, it crits hard…
  3. Focus Dragon only, and defense break will definitely help.  Aoe will take out minions eventually and the shield for the dragon can be broken through easily if you have enough dps.

Dragons B3 – Wood

Dragons B4 – Fire

Dragons B5 – Light

Dragons B6 – Water

Dragons B7 – Dark

Dragons B8 – Wood


  • All astromons level 60
  • All astromons evo 2.1+
  • 6 star gems at +12 for healers and tanks, +15 for attackers
  • At least one extremely high resist healer (Fire Cupid, Fire Cura, Fire Cotteen)
  • At least one NUKE type or DPS (Fire Leo, Fire Vampire, Fire Succubus, etc)
  • Stun, defense break, attack break are optional, if you do not use defense break you will need more high dps or nukes.
  • The more cr on your attackers the better
  • HP, DPS, or RES lead

1st Wave:

  1. Attack the minions up before the Wood Valk
    1. Prioritize minions: Wood Squirrus > Wood birdiee > Wood Jellion


  1. Pop Attack Up at first turn and keep the attack up consistent or heal if needed, Shield before you know if an aoe is about to happen.
  2. Aoe everything and hope it kills the minions before you get the dragon to half health, all regular attacks or single target 5* are targeted on Dragon.
  3. Dragon skill bar aoe will thirst, non skill bar aoe starts below 50% and will sap x3.
  4. If your healer is thirsted and your team is low on HP, you’re in trouble and will need to gem (optional).

Dragons B9 – Fire


  • All astromons level 60
  • All astromons evo 2.2+
  • No healers unless water perse
  • Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers, Attackers,
  • 100% defense break recommended (Water Shellie)
  • 100% stun recommended (Water Sura)
  • Everything else is attacker type DPS or Nuke (Water Valk, Water Victoria, etc)
  • 6* gems, +15 everything. If you have CD sets or high CR in general use them.
  • DPS leader

1st Wave:

  1. Focus: Fire Candling > Fire Latt | Fire Arthur > Fire Cocomaru
  2. Stun Fire Arthur if you can


  1. If your first turn is able to 35-45% the fire dragon’s health you are in a good position. DO NOT DEAL MORE THAN 45% DAMAGE or face a risky aoe wipe.
  2. Only focus dragon, if expected DPS is over 45%, focus left minion.
  3. Hopefully you land a defense break.
  4. On 2nd turn, all out fire dragon, if no defense break try again. God Speed if no defense break(maybe).

Astromon Values

As a new player, you will want to understand which high tier astromons to work on specifically 4* – 5* astromons.  I will provide you a basic understanding of which element is viable for which specific purposes.

First, some easy terms to take note of:


  • Early Game: Farming Scenarios Extreme and ends once able to clear Golems B7
  • Mid Game: Farming Golem dungeons and ends at start of Dragons B4
  • Late Game: Farming Dragons B7+
  • End Game: Farming Dragons B10 with no gems refresh to clear


  • Early Game: Focusing low level teams or solo monster teams
  • Mid Game: Fighting level 50+ astromon teams with semi-weak/strong gems (5* or less)
  • Late Game: Fighting level 60+ astromon teams (debuff is extremely easy til now) with 6* gems
  • End Game: Rank 200+ usually.  Debuffing and CC are hard to land.  This is when you need strong bruiser DPS type teams over Debuff and CC.

NAT 5’s


Leader: Increases allies’ HP by 40~45% in dungeons.

FireExtremely strong built bruiser for late game PvP and DPS for late game PvE
WoodStrongest early game but falls off towards end game PvE, built bruiser for late game PvP
WaterStrongest throughout as a DPS SP battery for PvE and tanky PvP
LightStrongest attacker in Evo 3 form
DarkBruiser Sapper but limited to ToC 55 only


Fire – General Occasion bring against elements except water and wood

Water – Anti Titan Specific

Wood – Mid Game PvP Specific only (Seal only hard counters aggressors)

Light – Decent Kit for PvP and Dragon Crowd Control and 5* defense break

Dark – Passive healer used in every general occasion


Leader: Increases allies’ critical hit rate by 20~25% in clan battles.

FirePvP Restricted
WoodTitan Restricted
WaterPretty damn good attacker with def break and elemental adv.
LightPvE and PvP Utility DPS
DarkBuilt Bruiser for PvP Offense


Leader: Increases allies’ attack power by 40~45% in clan battles.

FireExtremely strong counter every element DPS throughout
WoodLimited only to Mid Game + PvP
WaterLimited only to clan battles
LightExtremely strong counter every element DPS throughout
DarkLimited only to clan battles


Leader: Increases allies’ resistance by 20~25% in the Astromon League.

FireOne of the best 3* defense break astromon
WaterVariant-wise strongest in pvp throughout against defense aggressor teams
DarkLimited to mid game PvP


Leader: Increases allies’ HP by 40~45% in the Astromon League

FireGood throughout the entire game (I use for B8 dragons, high tier PvP, and titans)
WoodLimited to Mid Game PvE, strong bruiser for late game PvP offense
WaterLimited to Mid Game PvE, strong bruiser for throughout PvP
LightHas the ass and is extremely strong for late game PvP if variant. Also has a place in some PvE content like GB10.
DarkLimited to mid game PvE and late game PvP offense


Fire PvP specific, may be used for pvp defense and offense

Water We finally got our water nuker! Definitely worth building

Wood Pure PvP astromon limited to mid game

Light late game PvP!

Dark Water Onmyoji but on steroids with healing


Leader: Increases allies’ critical hit rate by 20~25% in dungeons.

FireLimited to Golems and ToC Floor 55 only
WoodLimited to Golems and ToC Floor 55 only
WaterBest secondary healer in game. Extremely strong throughout
LightLimited to Mid Game PvP and PvE
DarkSecond strongest attacker at Evo 3


Leader: Increases allies’ HP by 40~45% in dungeons

FireMid-game limited PvP, can be used for dragons as stun utility
WoodHigh DPS wood astromon, strong throughout all gameplay
WaterOnly use for this is GB10 5* sap and 3* thirst :>
LightExtremely tanky self sustain bruiser


Fire Anti-Titan Astromon

Water Counters every element except Wood, not worth to bring

Against Fire

Wood not as great as the other shinobi but used for PvP

Light Extra DPS 3* and DPS converted to HP 5*

Dark late game DPS for PvP and PvE


Leader: Increases allies’ defenses 40-45% in clan battles.

FireSP sustain DPS, counters all elements
WoodLimited PvE and Decent PvP
WaterFodder (or can be built for ToC 55, gb 8 and 10)
LightTitan Restricted
DarkA NAT 5 TANK DPS FINALLY?!?!? (DEF Aggressors) Best one


Leader: Increases allies’ attack power by 40~45% in the Astromon League.

FireLimited to Mid Game PvP and PvE
WoodExtremely valuable early game and strong throughout
WaterExtremely valuable late game to end game
LightIs a pop star singer apparently. (LORE) Also great for PvP Offense, and most Pve Content
DarkLimited to mid game PvP only


Fire Anti-Titan Astromon

Wood Attacker utility double defense break!

Water its maybe eh, balanced with heal proportional to damage

Light Tanky utility for both PvP and PvE!

Dark Good for golems and ToC but useless everywhere else


Fire Fire version of a water perse!! (Not big of difference either!)

Wood Tanky utility double attack down, good for titans


Light PvP specified but not great in general

Dark Think of an aoe Dark cat but as a trap

NAT 4’s


Leader: Increases allies’ critical hit rate by 15~20%.

WoodWood Nuke.  Strong throughout for both PvE and PvP
WaterWater “Nuke.” Strong late game for dragons and PvP
LightOne of the best 3* defense break(100%) for all gameplay


Leader: Increases allies’ defense by 30~35%.

WoodStrong throughout for both PvE and PvP


Leader: Increases allies’ critical hit damage by 40~45%.

FireLate Game and used as EVO3 mat fusion for Light Shiva
WoodLimited to Mid Game PvE and PvP


Leader: Increases allies’ HP by 30~35%

WaterBest Mera but still bad


Leader: Increases allies’ HP by 30~35%.

FireStrong throughout especially late game for PvE only
WoodLimited to Mid Game PvE only
LightTrophy use only (useless as hell)
DarkStronger than Wood Cupid in Shield strength and DPS, can be used throughout


Leader: Increases allies’ red soul recovery by 20~25%.

FireLimited to Mid Game PvE only
WoodResilience Buff team build for titan
WaterStrongest Cura for PvE content
LightStrongest Cura for PvP content
DarkFalls under Water and Light Cura


Leader: Increases allies’ recovery by 30~35%.

WoodUsed throughout in PvE
WaterResilience Buff team build for titan
LightUsed throughout in PvP and limited to mid game PvE
DarkFalls under Light, Wood, and Water


Leader: Increases allies’ critical hit rate by 15~20%.

FireHigh DPS useful for mid game PvE and late game PvP
WaterGood for titans only


Leader: Increases allies’ attack power by 30~35%.

WoodLast choice wood dps, If lacking wood attackers
WaterLimited to Mid Game PvP and lower, can be used for dragons as stun utility
LightBruiser good throughout all gameplay
DarkJust a really tanky PvP Defense Unit that can aoe silence, did you know you can silence golems? Dark Jeanne does


Leader: Increases allies’ Hp by 30~35%.

FireNuke type – strong for all gameplay
Wood3* def break, 5* att break – strong for throughout gameplay
WaterLimited only to Mid game pvp and lower
LightUseful as a variant only, otherwise trophy
DarkGood for titans


Leader: Increases allies’ defense by 30~35%.

FireSap type useful in golems and ToC
WoodStrong throughout all gameplay
WaterNuke type – strong throughout all gameplay
LightBest Loki useful for both late game PvP and PvE
DarkStrong for late game PvP


Leader: **check**

FireTank Debuff type, reverse wood leo/water latt/fire odin
WoodTitan’s and medium tier PvP
WaterPvP restricted
LightMay be good against titans??
DarkEffective when built Bruiser


Leader: Increases allies’ HP by 30~35%.

FireNuke type sustain and def break – strong throughout all gameplay
WaterSP Battery, genderbent water arthur
LightPassive healer useful for midgame PvE


Leader: Increases allies’ critical hit rate by 15~20%

WaterBest out of all elemental, is crit based strong in mid game PvP and late game PvE
LightPassive healer useful for mid game PvE
DarkSingle Target Nuke type good for late game PvP and PvE


Fire – General Occasion double defense break, fall off for late game players

because of 5* 50% defense break

Water – If you have lack of water attackers, build this

Wood – Anti Titan with blind (you would rather have the dark one)

Light – PvP Specific, however 60% is pretty bad for a l/d NAT4

Dark – Best Anti Titan because of 100% CD base.


Leader: Increases allies’ attack power by 30~35%.

FireExtremely useful for B9 Golems and Titans
WoodStrong DPS due to lack of wood attackers
WaterWhat the heck is this
LightGreat for Late game PvP and Dragons CC


Leader: Increases allies’ resistance by 15~20%.

FireBest elemental Vampire, Nuke type self healer, useful in late game PvE and PvP
WaterGood only cause of lack of water attackers
LightBest overall Vampire and useful in late game PvE and PvP

Venus (limited addition)

  • Light
    • Basically a self-healing version of Dark Cupid/Light Hana.  Can be used in any situation (offensive PvP as well)
    • Probably the best choice for new players for golem progression!!
  • Dark
    • Same setup as a Fire Cupid except possible higher stats. Can be used in any situation except PvP
    • She also uses her 5* skill the moment she gets full guage, meaning more DPS for the entire team?


Fire Blind is useless, but Anti-Titan cause of courageous Strike

Water Pure PvP but limited to mid game, can be used as a CC for


Wood Tank version of a Wood Leo

Light late game PvP usage

Dark Sapper…


Leader: Increases allies’ attack power by 30-35%.

WoodGood for mid game PvP but usually fodder
WaterBest elemental Victoria (I have 2 water nikes), used for late game PvE and mid game PvP
LightMost valuable through all game content
DarkCan be a high DPS Utility if built towards DPS, Useful for mid game PvP and late game PvE


Leader: Increases allies’ blue soul recovery by 20~25%.

FireBest Elemental Wildfang, can solo B9 Golems, offers high DPS, limited to PvE and Titans
WaterLimited to mid game PvP but fodder
LightExtremely strong for mid game PvP and late game PvE
DarkLate Game type Astromon, Nuke Type if built correctly, can be used up to late game content


Leader: Increases allies’ critical hit damage by 40~45%

FireBest out of all elemental for titans
WoodPretty amazing for Late Game PvP and dragon CC
WaterOverall decent DPS mid game level
LightBest overall Yaksha for high DPS
DarkMid-Late Game PvP and PvE


Leader: Increases allies’ critical hit damage by 40~45%.

FireExtremely valuable throughout all game content except PvP
WaterSapper limited to golems, toc 55, and hopefully titans

NAT 3’s:


Fire Fodder used for fusion or evolving

Wood 100% Defense Break, an always must get

Water 100% Attack Break, Titan astromon imo

Light 100% Sapping, good for TOC 55, golems, and Titan

Hits like Zeus throwing a spear through you

Lamia (March ‘17 Rebirth)

  • Fire PvP Restricted
  • Water PvP Restricted
  • Wood Sap for 3 turns???
  • Light Crit Based DPS and Utility (Highest priority to get!!)
  • Dark Blind + ATT down


4:33 has confirmed that emulators are fine to use to play MSL as long as you do not use 3rd party programs.

Emulators included: