This Maplestory 2 trophy guide will contain a list of trophies that are often out of the way from normal gameplay. Majority of these trophies are easy to obtain and some require a bit of mindless farming. I’ll try to put everything in easy to read bullet points or tables. 

This guide will not include trophies that you obtain from normal PvE gameplay including, but not restricted to:

  • Enchanting gear/Rerolling gear attributes
  • All the movement related trophies (jumping, swimming, etc)
  • Leveling up and experience trophies
  • Gemstones and sockets
  • Epic questline
  • Life skills

You’ll get these trophies from playing the game normally and you can’t exactly ‘hunt’ them. You can grind those movement trophies though.

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide & List For 1000+ Trophies 1

I won’t be adding any new trophies as I no longer play the game. If you wish to continue this guide for future maple updates or want to contribute, send me a message. 

maplestory 2 trophy filter


You can search which trophies these are ingame! Open up the trophy menu and filter by rewards, or search for “skill point” or “ability point”. The in game description of the trophies are straightforward and should be able to guide you easily. 

You can also favourite trophies you want to keep track of by pressing the star next to the trophy name!


Turn on the ability to see NPCs on the minimap by clicking the cogwheel at the very top right! This should help with many exploration goals and trophies that require you to find NPCs. 

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide & List For 1000+ Trophies 2

How to obtain trophies

Trophy House

On the bottom right of your screen, hover over the blue person icon > go to rankings > go to Star Architecture > Click on the house icon of a house that’s named something along the lines of “TROPHY HOUSE”. When you’re in their house, interact with every single piece of furniture that you can. While you’re at it, you can nominate/recommend their house for one easy trophy. 

Crawl 100m

The button to crawl is [ . ] (the full stop or > button). Just crawl 100m for an ez trophy. There a no higher tiers.  

Blank music score

Go to Tria and buy a Blank Music Score (10 Performances). That’s one trophy if you haven’t gotten it already.

Change your character portrait

Change it 100 times for a trophy. You can switch between two portraits.

Shaking Trees

Hit a lot of trees. You’ll eventually cut down lots of trees over the course of your Maple career but for those who want to farm trees, you can go to Stranger’s House (Access this map via the red tree at the very north of Henesys). The trees here do not break and can be farmed. (Thanks Joumana for telling us about this on the Trophy hunting discord!)

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide & List For 1000+ Trophies 3

Balmy Farm

Not a proper dungeon but a mini dungeon accessed in Evansville via the Balmy Farm portal. This has two trophies:

  • Return 50 sheep hidden in the bushes
  • Eliminate Alpha Wolf 1/10/100. 

Defeating the Alpha Wolf 100 times allows you to purchase Fluffy Wool Hat from the NPC near the portal. 

Cheap meret trophies

All of these are 1 trophy for the cost of merets (**Or level up prestige).

  • Buy amphibious riding for land mount**
  • Buy safe riding for land mount**
  • Reserve a time slot for one of those image boards you see around the place.

**NOTE: You’ll unlock amphibious riding and safe riding at rank 70 and 100 respectively. Unlocking these via prestige will still award you with trophies.

Defeat 1,000 enemies in a row

For serious trophy hunters or farmers of potion solvents. The trophy requires you to kill 10/50/100/500/1,000 enemies in a row (up to 1,000 combo chain kills essentially). A hard trophy to obtain that could take between 20 to 40 minutes depending on your character’s strength. 

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide & List For 1000+ Trophies 4


  • You can only get chain kills on mobs near your level.
  • I completed my trophy at Lavender Island using this rotation. Lulu Village is also good when you farm for potion solvents.
  • I recommend being able to 1 hit KO the mobs as if you don’t kill anything within ~4 seconds, the chain will reset.
  • I used a maxed Ground Breaker build as a berserker. Wizards can also used this route but I don’t know what build they use.
  • Don’t kill too fast or else the spawn may not be able to keep up. 
  • Use your flying mount to cover distances quickly. 
  • Also jump attack if you can. 
  • If you know of any other tips (for other classes or other maps, please send me message and I’ll add it here!)

Examine/ask/speak to people and things 

Open up your trophy menu and in the search bar type “examine”. Click on the map link and go to where it tells you to go and examine whatever it tells you to examine. Similarly, look up “speak” and “ask” and do those trophies. 

TIP: In your minimap settings on the top right, display NPCs so you can find them more easily!

NOTE: Chee the Caterpillar is in trinket woods, towards the left. 

Consumables and Foods 

Unique foods and consumables that do some sort of special effect often have trophies tied to them. These consumables can be made by house assistants but there are some that you can obtain them without assistants. The trophies require you to use the consumable 1/50/100/etc times. What you want to do is use everything once, and if it’s an easy to obtain item, use it 50 times or more. 

TIP: You can set your pet to auto consume items when you hit below 90%. This works for non-healing items such as fireworks. Be careful for items that share the same cooldown as potions!

Where to obtain food/consumables:

  • Juice Vendor in MC Kay’s Dance Dance Stop or in Lith Harbor
    • It’s relatively cheap to buy 50 of each item here. The problem is consuming them since they’re HP pots and can’t be spammed.
  • Vendor in Trap Master or Sole Survivor
    • I recommend buying 1,000 fireworks since it’s cheap and use them whenever there’s downtime (when you’re fishing or gathering stuff for lifeskills, etc)
  • Craft shop in every major towns (Tria, Ellinia, Henesys, Perion, etc)
    • Eating all 3 berries will give you an extra trophy.
    • These are super cheap, I recommend buying 100 each and spam eating them (there is no cooldown). 
  • There are also consumables that you can buy from the Black Market, fish, receive from events, or craft through your house assistant. I recommend buying 1 off the black market for ez trophies.
Attention grabberGuard whistleVolatile mixtureTerry’s sailing chartBarbecue spitBig sweep broomSpring vineTea leaf jarEka’s flute whistleMystery cucumber cocktailBig Book of Dad JokesSolvay hacking kitKitty smoke bombErryday rest-o-maticFlowing water scrollGrowth enhancerSpotlightFairy dustCampfire kitMika fanartMomo’s Failure Stories


  • Nominate someone’s house for 1/10/30/100/300 times. (Come to my house and nominate it in OCE :D)
  • Place down a charcoal oven, herbal planter, and jeweler’s desk. These items can be found in the very last category “Misc”. 
  • Use the go home function 1/10/100 times
  • Use your personal house bank 1/10/50 times (You don’t need to deposit/withdraw anything)
  • Use your personal house doctor 1/10/50 times (You need to get treated i.e. remove tombstone effect)
    • Bank and doc access is from this UI. You don’t need to place anything down


Collect the pets and fill out your album by equipping the pets for easy trophies. Each of these sets are a trophy.

1. Add birk and cerbe to your pet album

2. Add twingo and twingoo to your pet album

3. Add stump, woodi, and homegrown mushroom to your pet album

4. Add red snail to your pet album

5. Add 1/5/10 pets to your pet album (The next tier of trophy requires 50pets which is currently not possible)

6. Add Balrog to your pet album (Either get lucky in the dungeon or buy one)

NOTE: Potion solvents drop from humanoid, devil, divine, and machine mobs. Good places to farm them are MSL electronic institute, Red wall, and Ludari Mall. An alternative is Prism Falls which have Ponglets that drop Ceremonial Bull mask. This mask is used to summon Orreos which you have to kill for an attribute point. 


Buy every mount from the every vendor. 

  • Easy to obtain mounts are in in Henesys, Perion, and Kerning City. Some mounts are cheap (100k) some are expensive (1mil). The mounts in Perion are locked behind simple hunting achievements.
  • Tria sells mounts locked behind difficult/grindy trophies.
  • Queenstown has all the special currency (red/blue stars, havi fruit, treva) merchants that sell mounts.

Golden Chests

Every map has hidden golden chests that respawn every 10 minutes. Open all the chests on the map for an achievement. 

  • Here is an interactive map which shows the location of the golden chest.Click on the golden chest and then select image to see an in game screenshot of where the chest is. 
  • The twisted pocket realms in the shadow world also have golden chests. Here a guide for that. 

Wooden Chest

Just open one wooden chest for one easy achievement. Go to Crooked Canyon for guaranteed wooden chest behind the elite mob. This chest respawns every 10 minutes on all channels.

Beauty Salon 

These trophies DO NOT COST MERETS, only mesos.

  • Change only your hair colour 1/5/10 times (will cost 200k mesos in total)
  • Change your hairstyle 1/3/5 times (Hairstyles unlocked via trophies cost 50k, 500k mesos in total)
  • Change only your eye colour 1 time 
  • Change your eyes 1/3/5 times (Eyes unlocked via trophies costs 20k, 200k mesos in total)
  • Change only your cosmetic colour 1 time
  • Change your cosmetic 10 times for 3 trophies (Cosmetics unlocked via trophies cost 5k. Costs 50k mesos in total)
  • Change your gear colour 10 times (Costs 100k mesos in total)

If you’re willing to spend a bit of merets:

  • Change to a saved hairstyle (10 merets)
  • Change to a special hairstyle (One of the random roll hairstyles)

Exploration Goals

Some trophies are rewarded for completing all the exploration goals (stars) for a specific map. You can find them by searching “exploration” in the trophies menu. Alternatively, here is a list of all the maps that reward trophies for finishing all the goals:

Henesys SpectrumwoodLudari MallLudari City Redsand Hills Lavender Island*Sandstar RuinsMinarAll of the Nazkar maps

* You need to finish Sandstar Ruins before you obtain the trophy for Lavender Island

Generic exploration stuff you should complete that reward trophies are:

  • Look through the binoculars in Perion
  • Look through the binoculars in Ellinia
  • Travel by taxi 1/50/100/etc times
  • Spend 1/3/5/10/30/50/etc thousand mesos on taxis
  • Explore 100/200/400 Victoria island maps
  • Explore 10/20/30 Karkar island maps
  • Explore 10/50/100 Land of Darkness (PvP shadow area) and Twisted Pocket Realms.


There are quests that have trophies tied to them. To easily see where you have to go, in your trophies menu search up “quest” and complete all the quests that have a clickable link. These links will open up the quest log with the appropriate quest selected. Use this to guide you to where you need to go. 

Arcade games

Access arcade games through the bottom right, globe icon > Arcade. Currently there are only two games:

Teraspring Farm (At least 6 easy trophies)

Bomberman-like mini game where you plant a seed that will explode in a 1 tile radius around itself. Goal of the game is to defeat all the enemies on the map within the time limit using your exploding seed and whatever other tool you find. You will get a trophies for:

  • Participating the 1st/10th/50th/etc time
  • Completing each stage. There are 10 stages.
  • Killing yourself with your own seed 1/10/50/etc times.
    • You can farm this in the tutorial level as you can infinitely respawn there.

Simian Sea (at least 2 easy trophies)

Dodging game, don’t get hit. Pick up boxes for a random effect that may be good or bad. Picking up boxes will also heal you. You will get trophies for for:

  • Participating the 1st/10th/50th/etc time
  • Staying alive for 1/3/5/10 minutes
  • Getting hit by a wave
  • Getting hit by a cannon


Every instrument has its own trophy tied to it where you have to gain 300/6,000/30,000/etc performance experience. There are 5 instruments you can obtain with mesos or through events: 

  • Piano
  • Timpani
  • Harp
  • Clarinet
  • Acoustic guitar

Gain performance mastery experience for these instruments for some ez (AFK) trophies.

There are also two trophies for playing a specific premade song:

  • Play MapleStory OST (Maplestory 1, not Maplestory 2)
  • Play Mabinogi OST

NOTES/TIPS for gaining performance mastery experience:

  • You will gain 1 mastery experience per second played (so 1 minute of performance is 60 exp)
  • Premade songs that you buy from the vendor in Tria will give you exactly 1 exp per second performed.
  • Custom songs have a cap that varies depending on what tier of music score you used. It does not matter if you make a 5 minute song, the performance exp will cap. 
  • I recommend auto-playing the premade songs rather than custom songs to be time efficient (Unless you make a song that is less than 100 seconds long). 
  • The song I recommend is Debussy – Clair de Lune as it’s the longest song (brought in Tria from the music man) 
  • Play it three times on each instrument and you’ll get the first tier of the trophy. 
  • But you can play whatever you want man, Mabinogi OST #1 is the bomb. 


Too many trophies, too much time. AFK fish away and use this guide to be as efficient as you can. You can search ‘fish’ in the trophy menu to see what trophies are available.

Ideally, you’d want to get to max fishing rank and then complete your fishing album. If you want more tedious trophies, catch all the golden fish, catch specific prize fish (search “prize” in your trophy menu) and catch large version of all the fish

AFK trophies 

Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide & List For 1000+ Trophies 5

Trophies you can complete while you afk or when your menu navigating (e.g. crafting). 

  • Stay in Tria for 10 hours
  • Stay in Nerman’s Forge for 10 hours
  • Stay in the Black Market for 10 hours
  • Hang on a ladder for 10 minutes/1hr 40mins/16hr 40mins
  • Hang on a rope for 10 minutes/1hr 40mins/16hr 40mins (You can do this on the vines in Ellinia)
  • Sit for 1hr 40mins
  • Grab onto enemies for a total of 1min/10mins/50mins/1h40m/8h20m. 
    • You do not need to grab onto boss enemies. It can be any NPC including:
      • Wild Vultures in Frostheart
      • Rockets in Ludi station (South West of the map on the road)

NOTE: These are total times so you don’t have to finish it in one sitting

World Bosses

World bosses will always spawn every hour at the same time. Kill every world boss 1/10/etc times. These trophies are account bound. You will get notified when a world boss spawns on the left of your screen. Somewhere in the settings you can turn that off. 

You will also get a trophy if you land the last hit on the boss 1/2/5 Times. Good luck with this one. 


Most trophies related to the Sky Fortress factions just require you to complete the questline, dailies and earn reputation. There are some unique ones:

  • Get to know Veliche/Condor/Schatten/Nairin/Mason (5 trophies). 
    • This requires you to talk to each faction NPC by clicking on their image when you open up the mission. Just keep spamming them until the right dialogue interaction occurs and you get the trophy.
  • Donate 1/10/25/50/100 items to the Green Hood. 
    • Even if a daily mission requires you to donate one item, you can just fill up the donation box to finish this trophy faster.
  • Use the Sky Fortress Sortie System 50 times.
    • This is the interactable thing in the middle of the room. It’s used to teleport you to the field missions so use this instead of your air taxis to go to field missions. You can also just spam use it 10 times a day if you don’t finish the field mission.

Shadow World 

The shadow world is the PvP zone that’s situated in the bottom left of the map. To get there, go to Shadow Gate and enter the portal in the middle of the map that goes to Karbrium Basin.

  • Kill 1/10/50/100 players
    • There are sometimes bots that can be easily farmed for kills.  
  • Get killed 1/100/1,000 times.
  • Obtain 1/100/500/1,000/etc Treva (From Twisted Pocket Realms)
  • Spend 1/5,000/10,000/etc Treva
    • If you’re going to spend Treva, I suggest buying the mounts as they give trophies. Alternatively, the cosmetic outfit looks pretty neat but sadly there is no trophy for that. 
  • Explore 10/50/100 of the shadow world maps.


Maplestory 2 Trophy Guide & List For 1000+ Trophies 6

PvP trophies are fairly straight forward: just play a lot and git gud and win. There are a few types of PvP game modes (some of which aren’t in the game yet).

  • Open world PvP in the shadow realm 
  • Maple Arena accessed any time in game
  • Guild vs guild (not in game)

These three pvp modes are not in game at the moment. These modes have a chance to occur every 30 minutes along with a MC Kay’s mini game.

  • Treasure island – a team vs team capture and hold the point game mode
  • Red Arena – 10 people get pitted against each other 1v1 until the top dog wins 
  • Crimson Tear Mine – A free for all game mode

Majority of the trophies are literally just: 

  • Kill someone
  • Get killed
  • Win a game mode
  • Participate in a game mode

Maple Area has the most trophies due to the amount of arenas there are. It also has a few unique ones such as winning a match with 100% health. 

Treasure island has a unique one which requires you to travel by seagull for 1/5/10 minutes

Book collecting 

Collecting certain books will give you trophies. You can manually hunt for it or buy it off the black market. 

1. Collect these books in Tria library. Keep interacting with book shelves until you find all of these.

  • Interior Vol 1 ^
  • Interior Vol 2 ^
  • Interior Vol 3 ^
  • MS DECOR: Bed Collection ^
  • ADOREDECOR: Cake House ^
  • BEAUTY / Drs Zenko & Dixon PHD
  • A Griffin’s Adventure
  • Heart of Earth * 
  • Secrets of the land *

2. Collect these books in Besherel Magic library in Ellua Forest Path. Keep interacting with book shelves until you find all of these.

  • Hephaestus Travel Guide Vol. 69 
  • Ellinia’s Monster
  • Punky Pig’s Big Day
  • Heart Of Earth *
  • Geological Phenomena *
  • Secrets of the land *
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3. Go to Alikar and talk to any prison guard. They will give you Alikar Prison Brochure.

4. Go to the Beauty Salon and talk to the lady behind the desk. Select the first option and she will give you a Hairstyle Vol. 1. ^ 

5. Go to Crooked Canyon and kill Urza or open up her chest behind her. She will drop Urza’s Diary. (Not a 100% drop chance but it’s common enough that it’s super easy to get).

^ These 6 books are needed for one achievement

* Are not needed for any achievement but you’ll probably find them anyway.

—- These books require some farming or you can buy it off the market —-

6. Farm Madonette in Flora Avenue for The Vanishing Girl. ALTERNATIVELY, buy it off the Black Market. (I killed her 10 times and gave up and just bought it from the market)

7. Farm Masked Swordsman in Kerning Interchange for Observer’s Account. ALTERNATIVELY, buy it off the Black Market.

Tedious Interactions

These are boring tedious trophies that don’t require any killing, just pressing a button and waiting for your character to punch the ground. These trophies can be viewed under the Quest category in the trophy menu. 

There is also a trophy called Meticulous Detective where you have to investigate 50/100/500/…/100,000 objects. It can be any object that requires channeling (waiting) except life skill gathering nodes. If you wish to farm this trophy, there are spots where you can spam interact:

  • Frostbunny Park, the snowman in the middle of the lake.

The table is sorted from what I think is the fastest/easiest to the more tedious/annoying ones.

Ludibrium CraterClean up 100/1,000 meteor fragments in Ludibrium Crater
One of the easier and faster tedious trophies. Run around and interact with out of place ludi blocks. Sometimes there’s a wolf underneath one (RIP).
Molten HourglassRescue 100/1,000 baby Kiyos in Molten Hourglass
They’re baby birds stuck in things. Send help. Found in the southern part of the map.
FrozenheartThaw the frozen victims in Frozenheart 10/50/100 times.
You’ll need a single red maple branch from a tree near Jack’s house on the right of the map. Once you have that, go to the icy bit in the middle of the map and start ground punching those frozen guys.This trophy will take a while but you barely have to do anything. Plus the stirges that spawn around the froze guys can drop potion solvent, what a bonus!
WoodwardTurn on streetlights in Woodward 10/50/100 times.
There are 3 streetlights to easily rotate between for the last tier of trophy. This light is the one in the middle of the town. There is one up the stairs on the top right, and another next to some bins near the edge of the map to the left.
Logger’s HillObtain 100/1,000 Golden Apples in Logger’s Hill
There are golden apple trees in the north west of the map. Just interact with them for an apple.
Suffering WastelandRepair 100/1,000 pipes in Suffering Wasteland
The same pipes you interact with in the Epic Quest.  
Torhara SpringRestore 100/1,000 bundles of Torhara’s flowers in Tohara Spring
It’s the flowers you had to interact with in the Epic Quest so you’ll have to deal with peeps who are doing the questline.
Kerning JunkyardAcquire scrap iron in Kerning Junkyard and light furnaces 100/1000 times. 
Interact with pipes on the floor to get scrap then go a furnace and interact with that to progress towards the trophy. You can collect 100 scrap first and then just sit in front of a furnace and spam shove it in. The furnace resets relatively fast. 
WoodwardFind 100/1000 suspicious suitcase of gold bars in Woodward.
Super tedious. Do not recommendInteract with these suitcases and sometimes it drops a gold bar and sometimes it doesn’t. Not only is it a chance to get a gold bar, it takes a while to open a suitcase.
Ellua RiversideRelease 100/1,000 frogs in Ellua Riverside
You have to kill the blue lizard people (wetland mobs) on the map and find frogs (not a 100% drop rate sadly). Then you release them by interacting with the lily pads in the south eastern part of the river.
Beachway 111Obtain 100/1,000 captured stone crabbles in Beachway 111
Long and super tedious. Do not recommend.Interact with those crab trap grates along the shore to arm the trap. Agro a stone crab by walking close to it (do not attack it). Lure it to the trap and it’ll get captured. Reset the trap and keep capturing. 

Hunting mobs

Some easy trophies that require you to kill a handful of specific mobs in specific maps.

LocationMobs to killNotes
1Trinket Woods 50 Friller Hatchlings
2Corona Lake 50 Frillum Hatchlings
3Spectrumwood 100 of ANY mob
4Fairy Tree Lake50 Cerebes
5Ludi arcade1/10/50 Giftwrapped Terror
6Lavender IslandParadise Circuit Aquatopia10/50/100/500/10000 snakesHappy snakes (green snakes) do not count towards the trophy oddly. 
7Ludai Mall10/50/100/500/1000 of ANY mobThese guys drop potion solvents quite frequently
8Nazkar Central Chamber10/50/100/500/1000 of ANY mob


Run every dungeon once for easy trophies. Most dungeons require you to just kill the boss, some require you to do something specific inside of it. Here are some dungeons that have trophies tied to it that isn’t just “kill a boss” or complete the dungeon.

Dungeons with specific trophies beyond killing the boss/completing the dungeon

Trophy name      | Description + Notes

Abandoned Mines B1/B4
Abandoned Mine B1/B4 MotherlodeDestroy every block and loot everything to get a high score.Here’s a guide on how to complete Abandoned Mines B1 (Thanks EternalRainbow from the official forums!)
Poison Cave
Valuables and VitriolComplete the dungeon like normal, just loot everything that drops
Nelph’s Story
Mysterious Medicine Interact with the tree stump healing things 10/100 times
Cusp of Life
In the DarkDefeat Pathos, the dude that spawns in the last wave
You Shall Not PassRepair 1/10/100 gates
Brothers In ArmsHeal 1/10/100 wounded soldiers
Beacon of HopeRepair 10 gates and heal 10 soldiers
Sanctum of the Sage
Simply ShockingDie by Confounding Spirit’s attack once.These are the mobs at the start. 
Katramus Depths
Freedom RegainedRescue 1/30/100 slaves. These are the hunched over, scared people at the very start of the dungeon (the part where you run through and try not to get detected)
Undermining the CaptationDefeat Captain Kabon 10 times. Trigger the last set of alarms in the first part of the dungeon to make him spawn. Once you kill him, you can leave and reset the dungeon to kill him again and save more slaves. 
Katramus Garden
Greenhouse RummagerOpen a greenhouse glass door 1/30/100 times.
To be orb not to beDone in the 2nd stage of the dungeon
Palace Undercroft

The Dance of Death
Die from Devilina’s whirlwind attack 1/10/100 times.You have infinite respawns in this dungeon. Lure Devilina to the start of the room where you respawn. Strip naked and stand on top of the ledge to the left/right. The only attack that will hit you is the spin attack. So just stand there, wait for her to spin, die, respawn, jump back and rinse and repeat. (Thanks @Vicky ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒ for sharing this tip!)

Pillar-Top Boogie
Defeat Lil Magma Boogie 1/10/100 times. These are the Boogies that spawn on top the pillars just before the bit where you fight waves of mobs. If you solo the dungeon, only 1 will spawn, if there are 2 people then there will be 2 boogies, etc. 
Belle of the BallIn the boss stage, pull the lever that Belle (hooded lady) is standing above.
Palace Undercroft CustodianOpen a door or clear debris 1/10/100 times.There’s only 1 door and 2 debris per run.
Coldwind Cave
Building BridgesPull the levers to build a build a bridge 1/10/100 times.There are six levers in a dungeon.  
Came out on TopDefeat Vulcantop 1/10/100 times.This is the miniboss
Ludibell Time Hall
A Friend of TristanDefeat Ancient Pekanos 1/10/100 times.Go to Past Perion to kill Pekanos
Future TechFix Andy’s time machine 1/30/100 times.Go to Past Henesys to fix his machine. There are 4 parts every dungeon.
Toxic Garden
Caring for Your GardenKill 10/100/1,000 mobs in the dungeon
Testing Grounds
Exorcist ExtraordinaireKill the spirit of rage 1/10/50/100/500 timesThe spirit of rage is the bosses. 
Watchtower Rampart
Bombs AwayThrow bombs 1/100/1,000/etc times
Missiles AwayLaunch missiles 1/100/1,000/etc times

Elite Mobs

Kill every Elite Mob. You get a trophy for killing them once. You’ll get another one if you kill them 10 times if you’re bothered to channel hop. These are account bound trophies.

Elite MobLocationNotes
1Dark GirantTorhara Spring
2Epi & NyxieFairy Tree Lake Kill the one on the left first, it’ll make the fight easier
3Frankenette Neuron DNA Basement
4Giant Lava EyeLava Eye Nest
5Guard Boss ChawKerning InterchangeFor some reason there’s two identical trophies tied to him. Yay
6King Slime Godspring Has two unique trophies:Get shrunkGet imprisoned in water
7LertaFrostember Void
8MadonetteFlora AvenueDrops The Vanishing Girl book which has its own trophy.
9ManoGreenia Falls
There’s a trophy to get spat on by him, he’ll spit seeds. He also drops an amazing cosmetic face mask that has a pretty high drop rate.
10Molten Knight Berrysweet Castle
11Monty de Carro Ludition Carnival
12MushmomStranger’s House This is located at the very top of Henesys. Stand on top of the red tree
13OrreosMisty TempleTechnically not an elite mob so its trophy is NOT account bound. Requires ceremonial bull mask to summon which can be farmed from Ponglets in Prism Falls. Or you can buy it or share a mask with a friend. 
14Ninecap CopperChronoff Train Station
15Phantom DestroyerPhantoma Cyborg Center
16Revenant Zombie  Abandoned Charnel House
17SejukeCasa de Luna
18StumpySweet Tooth Valley
19Summoner LatunRose Castle 
20TurtcoliTurtcoli caveCave is accessed from Royal Road Plaza. Only need to kill once, no trophy for killing multiple times
21TraurosKolopua Crag
22UrpandaRaindbow Mountain
23UrskaKernel Energy Research
24UrzaCrooked CanyonKill 1 time only. No trophy to kill her multiple times
25VarahaAndrea Barony
26Wind Mystic LapinCaustic GardenWhy does this bunny talk so much
27Zombie MushmomAnt tunnel Entrance

Throwable items

Pick up every interactable object and use it. Keep it up and you’ll eventually get the trophies to throw 100 of x item.

To see easily see which items you haven’t throw: Open up the trophy menu > Go to hunting > Search “attack”. 

Rainbow TreeNorth Royal Road and most green fields/forest map.
Waste Storage DrumKerning Techno Valley has SO MANY (like two barrels next to each other)
NOTE: Careful not to confuse this barrel with the yellow decorative ones.
SignKerning Techno Valley has quite a lot
Telephone poleKerning Techno Valley has quite a lot
Gas tankKerning Junkyard
Fire drumKerning Junkyard
MinecartPhantoma Cyborg Center – They spawn in pairs on this map
Oak barrelCheliska Bay, Ant Tunnel Passage
TireLavaworksGolden Tower Elevator dungeon for easy farming (thanks CLC from the official forums for this location!)
Don’t mix these up with the decorative tires. Ones you can throw have a red inner ring. 
Trash canWoodward
Not so much a can but a bin.
Totem (with fire)Hottottottot River Windsong Ravine on the right side
Totem (with heads)Karnif’s Fang – Circular map with totems for days
Poison bagFracture Canyon
Dynamite cartStone Quarry
BombAnt Tunnel Plaza
Chicken coopCaustic Garden and any map with that stupid looking chicken mob in it
EggOvertop beanstalk has a lot despite there being no chicken mob on the map (who’s laying these eggs?)
Bottle crateCellimental Test Bunker
TorchJust about any cave will have these bad bois
Frostember Void has a lot on the left of the map
Ruined rainbow treeUsually in Ellinia forest or dark green forests.
Logger’s Hill has some
StoplightKerning Interchange
PipeGolden Tower 8F
Perion abode (house)Windsong Ravine on the left side
Kerning bus
West Auto Bridge – This map has kerning truck, kerning bus, kerning phone booth, and signs to smash along the bridge.
Kerning phone booth
Kerning Truck
iglooFrostpeak mountain
Shower stallVerdant Heights
ToiletWest WatchTower
EMP bombMSL Factory
Wind up bombLudi Arcade
—–These are in Karak Island—–
Fire JarNazkar Pyramid
StreetlightThe Deck Skatepark
Bundle of thornsSandstar Ruins
Comes in two colours!
Snakes Nazkar Altar

Not actually snakes
TentsSandstar Ruins

MC Kay’s Mini Game

There are  mini games with their own trophies. All of the trophies related to MC Kay’s Mini games can be viewed in the “Special” category. 

Mini GameTrophiesNotes
Trap Master• Participate 1/10/100 times• Win 1/10/100 times• Use greet or bow 100 times

Spam the hello emote like crazy
Sole Survivor• Participate 1/10/100 times• Win 1/10/100 times
Dance Dance Stop• Participate 1/10/100 times• Win 1/10/100 times• Complete each round 1/50/100 times• Stand on a red square 1/10/50 times *• Dance on stage 1/50/100 times• Dance on the cheering area 1/50/100 times ^* The red squares appear in round 4(?) and require more than 5 people. If there are too little people remaning it won’t spawn. 
^ The cheering area is where you go to when you fall down and lose. There are interactable lights that make you dance.
Spring Beach• Participate 1/10/100 times• Win 1/10/100 times
Ludibrium Espace• Win 1/10/100 times
Maple OX Quiz• Participate 1/10/100 times• Win 1/10/100 times• Get the right answer 1/100/500 times
Crazy Runners• Finish 1/10/100 etc times

List of interactable furniture that gives unique trophies:

These are pieces of interactable furniture that you can get trophies from. Some items share the same trophy (e.g. all the blinds give the same trophy) so that means you only need one of those.

Furniture you can obtain any time through the building mode
Fireplace Retro TV Red Two-speed Fan Purring Cat Tower Deluxe Shower Stall Simple Ceramic Bathtub Relaxing Massage Chair ANY SPOTLIGHTS Blue SpotlightPink SpotlightBattle Arcade Machine Arcane Machine ANY BLINDS Fine OakOld Wood BlindsStylish White blindsHardwood Vertical BlindsGreen Vertical BlindsBlue Vertical BlindsSlim White TV Luxurious Sink (ANY BATHROOM SINK) Bidet Toilet Constellation Lamp Table ANY GAS RANGE Standard Gas StoveANY KITCHEN SINK Standard SinkANY REFRIGERATOR White Compact RefrigeratorWhite Mini FridgeRed Mini FridgeDouble Door Steel RefrigeratorShowcase RefrigeratorVampire Coffin Burning Claw Smart Planter Luxurious Candlestick ANY CURTAINSSun Beach Curtain ANY FRONT DOOR:Wooden Front DoorBlue Brick Front Door Double Glass Door Sparkling Disco Ball Wood Tub Fishing Chair High-tech Treadmill Weight Branch Exercise Bike Singing Sparrow Blue TrampolinePrincess SwingPatterned Paper Lamp Wooden Seesaw Mortar Cypress Foot Bath Espresso Machine Modern Sofa Modern Floor Lamp Coffee Roaster Garden Party Twinkling Acorn Lights Skating Penguin Spinning Polar Bear Star Streetlight 
Furniture locked behind trophies, events, loot boxes, etc
Blissful Sparrow (Defeat 1000 Baby Kiyos) Spooky Bat Lamp (Round 15 Dark Descent 100 times) Lollipop Lamp (Random loot from Sturdy Cube Box) Iron Gate (Random loot from Sturdy Cube Box) Surgical Light (Random loot from Sturdy Cube Box
Antique Porch Light (Random loot from Sturdy Cube Box) Miter Saw (Random loot from Sturdy Cube Box) Workroom Drill (Random loot from Sturdy Cube Box) Magic Pumpkin Pot (Halloween House Building Contest 2018)
Currently unobtainable pieces of furniture
Slime Mood Lamp   Golden Tree Floor Lamp   Cowboy Horse   Mechanical Bull   Dancing Cactus   Bird Fence   Flower Petal Rocking Chair   Blossoming Magic Book   Bird Bath   Star Candy Fireworks   Star Candy Chocolate Bathtub   Chocolate Castle GateLollipop RoofLollipop Cream House Star Candy Cream Wall Snowball Treadmill   Rich Meret-Man   Tooting Meret-Man   Sparkling Meret-Man   Well of Remorse   Creepy Spook Grave   Creepy Banshee Grave   Blue Moon Lamp   Thatched Door   Royal Golden Throne   Camping Fire Pit   BFF School Lunch   School Lunch   Snowflake Lamp   Snow Crystal Tree   

There are some interactable pieces of furniture that does not give any trophies and these include:

  • Witch’s Transforming Hat Table
  • Glaring Kitty Eyes Lamp
  • Rustic Snow globe
  • Holiday Tree
  • White Tree

A semi useless Quest table

I made this table before I realised you can just click links in the trophy menu. This table has all (or most) of the Victoria island quests that isn’t a tutorial or part of the epic questline.

Trophy NameName of Quest chainStarting NPC & LocationNotes
Jealousy of the FairfolkJealousy’s TollEither Librarian Anne, Joseph or Rina in Tria5 part quest chain, starts with Borrower’s Remorse
Star-crossed LoveOrigami MessageMaya in Tria2 part quest chain, starts with Utterly Charmed
Hands-on herdingWolves awayOne of the NPCs in Evansville at the top right, next to the portal to Balmy farmsJust do all the quests related to Balmy farms
A Brave PigDon’t let your dreams be dreamsA dead pig in Trinian CrossingRead the book, it’s cute
The truth is out thereA message for the starsTimmy in Andrea Barony 
Forest of friendshipTrees need friends tooHurum in Fairy Tree Lake 
Zero-sum loveHigh school sweetheartsMorris in Mounthill2 part quest chain, starts with Love Hurts
Pizza Delivery!Delivering a dreamGoldus’s Secretary in Goldus Tower Lobby in Kerning City2 part quest chain, starts with A timely interview
Care for a Corn dog?Crab Meat TreatFisherman Stan in Beachway 1112 part quest chain, starts with Crabby Capture
Cats in LoveThe MewlywedsSome kid under the crane in Barrota Port2 part quest chainGives ‘Kitty Whisperer’ title
Blake, my lovePaparazzi May in Majore Lake Park
Larger than lifeStanding TallVito in Fellowstone Construction2 part quest chain, starting with Making it Big
Gainful employmentKerning City KingsMayor Marco in his office in Kerning City3 part quest chain, starting with Below his station
The accursed axeThe scent of DeathMilitia Captaian Oska in Henesys
Grim visionA sad premonitionKaveki in Perion
The terrible tohsPerion’s LostWolf Girl Tina in Perion3 part quest chain, starting with The returned villager
Desert GroveDance of the cactiTanz in Pigming Clan Altar2 part quest chain, starting with Secret of the Dance
Wakey-Wakey- Boroboro!Isolation EndedShapian in Great Ellin TreeI think it requires you to finish another quest she gives.
Don’t lose it again!If the shoe fitsArwen in Ellin Grove
FrognappedFreedom of the frogsFrogs in Ellua Riverside
Butterfly ConservationistFlying FreeYord in Trinket Wood
Your tears are deliciousOffensive NomenclatureIpigio in Torhara Spring2 part quest chain, starting with Ipigio the Indelicate
Counter clock-wiseThe clock tower’s secretResearch Marlowe in Clock tower square3 part quest chain, starting with Tick Tock Clock Tower

Hope this Maplestory 2 trophy guide was useful! We don’t play anymore, but if you do, please let us know in the comments below!