This is a general Berserker guide Master Awakening post-patch for anyone and everyone who is looking for some guidance. This guide is here to help you out, not to say this or that is the best thing to do. Much of the info can be taken and modified to fit your own playstyle.

This guide covers the Right tree, also called Spin tree. 

However this guide won’t help you if you are a Left tree or a Hybrid user as it doesn’t cover any of them. If you especially seek help for any of those two, please ask in the official discord on #Berserker for more guidance.
I will try to update this guide as much as i can, for before and after raids and how much i know what to do.



Maple Story 2: Berserker Master Awakening Guide 1
Maple Story 2: Berserker Master Awakening Guide 2

Available while the Whirlwind effect of Squall is active, grant Bloodbath
Deals 571%, 1144%, 1719% damage. Hits are always criticals.
Cooldown: 14 seconds.
Skill duration: 5 seconds after activation.

Dusk fall:

Grants Dark Insanity.
Grants Knockback Immunity.

Share cooldown with Intimidation.
Deals 124% damage and inflicts Blighted Soul.

Blighted Soul decrease the physical attack and magic attack of afflicted enemies by 21%
While active, Dark Insanity increase your physical attack by 10%, and periodically deals 90% damage to inflicted enemies.
Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Skill duration: 30 seconds after activation.
Debuff duration: 10 seconds.

Rank 1 Skill Build

When you hit level 80, and have done all trophies for skill points, you should have exactly 88 points. As a berserker, you want to focus as much as possible on maxing out your piercing (30%) or as close as you can. You also obviously take max level in bloodprice, as it boost you for 14% damage with a 50% uptime (it’s an instant proc, so you can macro it with your spin if you want). You also want Earthquake maxed out since you can reset it with Raging soul (rank2 skill). Some people prefer to take max Deep wound and max bloodlust, so you can play with that. If you have too much piercing with warrior instinct being maxed, just take out points and put it in either bloodlust, deep wound or earthquake.

Maple Story 2: Berserker Master Awakening Guide 3

Awakening Skill Points & Build

As a Spin user, you want ALL points into the right tree. I will not go over the hybrid case, but as I heard the best for now is to go 3/3/5/5/3 – 5/5/1.

For attribute points you want to go 40 in STR and 60 in Crit rate. Why crit rate you may ask ? Crit rate is good because of both passive Rend wound & Deep wound, that also synergize between them, Rend wound doubling Deep wound damage (+108% damage (31%x2=62%)) Deep wound proc with 1 crit, but Rend wound procc every 2 crits and stacks 5 times.

Having crit rate makes it easier to build up really fast. Cripple can also stack them really fast as the skill being a triple guaranteed crit, giving you 2 free stack of Rend wound and Deep wound dot.

Tip: when you have max stacks and you add another, the dot actually reset and hit again, meaning that if you do more ticks with crits than the actual dot tick, you will hit more in less time. DoT’s hit around every second, so if you deal 4 crits in less than a second, you will hit twice the dot damage in the same amount of time, meaning twice the dot damage as usual.

Additional explanation: Rend Wound applies 1 stack (or reset) of dot every 2 crit every 4 seconds meaning the example you used (where if you crit 4 times in 1 second) doesn’t do double damage but 3 times the damage (as it considered the second crit from the first dot line as the first crit for the second dot line).

Useful Tips

  • When using your 10 stacks (i.e.: bloodslash) you have a 20% (or 1/5) chance to gain back your 10 stacks. Gaining the possibility to spam bloodslash if you’re lucky enough (best “reset” i’ve got was 8 times in a row)
  • Raging soul reset your earthquake ! Use it as a combo to use twice earthquake in a small span of time.
  • There’s a lot of cancelling interaction with the skills and lapenshards:
      – Dusk fall cancel with raging soul (lose the dash ability but instant buff)
      – Lumarigon’s pride cancel with raging soul.
      – (Hybrid) Raging soul cancel with parry the moon
  • Bloodprice is a non-animated skill, meaning you can cast it whenever you want, even in the middle of another skill animation.
  • You can jump-cast dark might, bloodprice, bloodlust and bloodslash.

Note: Be aware that cancelling too soon might result in you not having the buff provided by the skill, and having the full cooldown, meaning losing the skill (happen a lot with dark might)


The cycle might be hard and annoying to learn, and it’s really important to know when to use what in raid in dungeon, this parse/cycle is the most optimal possible i’ve found, starting with 0 stacks:

  1. Earthquake
  2. Lumarigon cancel Raging soul
  3. Earthquake / Dusk Fall
    Dusk Fall / Earthquake
  4. Bloodprice
  5. Dark might (if you use PB’s lap, spin once to proc it)
  6. Cripple (first 3 hits)
  7. Gigantica (as a “filler” for between animation)
  8. Cripple or Spin
  9. Bloodslash (finisher)

Thing to considers and tips:

  • You do not use bloodslash if you don’t have Bjorn’s lapenshard, you might lose too much dps in the medium-long term due to Rend wound being really strong at 5 stacks, and bloodslash using all of them.
  • Using Gigantica’s lapenshard in the middle of your burst adds up more damage, Giga’s having a dot-proc passive (See boss/elites debuff bar)
  • If you get a Surging Darkness proc after casting Blood Slash, you should cast another Blood Slash immediately, as the Dark Aura stacks are not used for anything else until Dark Might’s cooldown is up.
  • Using Lumarigon with Raging Soul synergize very well, as the defense debuff do not matter while you being unkillable. Note that lumarigon duration is 2 seconds more than Raging Soul, be aware !
  • You can jump-cast Cripple if you use spin while being on Dark might, and mid-air to instantly use Cripple first 3 hist really fast.
  • Do not feel any pressure using your skills directly after the cooldown is off. Sometimes it’s better to wait and use a strong burst.
    Cripple being a Dark damage skill, it synergize well with Raging Soul, adding an extra 25% more damage !
  • Raging Soul’s cooldown is faster than Earthquake, so you skip the 20s wait to use Earthquake again.
  • Cripple can outburst the normal spin (after the 3hits) if you have enough attack speed ! Cripple actually have breakpoints, as follows:
  1. 100% = 7 hits
  2. 103/104% = 8 hits (depending on the situation, need further testing)
  3. 118% = 9 hits
  4. 135% = 10 hits
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11 hits is impossible to reach, due to AS hard cap being 150%

Gearing as an old player


As an old player, you should have those lapenshards:

Red Lapenshards: Lumarigon’s pride and Sword of time OR Pride bold
Blue Lapenshards: Pink bean and Bjorn’s Artistry OR Space Rift

Green Lapenshards: Guardian’s rage and Eupheria’s protection

How, when, and what to change ?

Note: When using a Lv70 weapon, all Level 60 lapenshards will lose 2 tiers.

At first, you want to get rid of SoT or Pride as soon as possible, changing for Gigantica Beam (Any level). Then you will change Lumarigon with Moonlight Slash (aka Veliche) at some point, when Veliche is around Tier 6/7+. At the end, you will use Giga and Veliche lapenshards.

At first, you want to get rid of Bjorn or Space, changing for either Rage amplification, also called rog lap. Thing is, depending on its level, it might be better to still use Bjorn you have it at Tier 8 or superior. 2nd blue lapenshard will be Wing of Ruin from the Chaos Infernog. After a while, you will change PB with Rog. (Point of change is when Rog lap is Tier 7 and higher). At the end, you will use Rog and Nog lapenshards.

At first, you want to get change Eupheria with Nairin’s Air Support if you are sick of the damage eupheria inflict you, otherwise wait for Nairing to be at least Tier 6/7. You can also change eupheria asap with the Wandering Blade from Paika HD. At the end, you will use Nairin and Paika lapenshards.

Maple Story 2: Berserker Master Awakening Guide 4

Weapon and gear

Ascendant is better than having a +15 epic, due to the lapenshards tiers being reduced by 2 when using a level70 weapon.
Be aware that using ascendant gear/weapon is only better if you have a good set, and at least a +13 ascendant weapon. Even if the epic weapon have a huge weapon attack, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% better. 

If you don’t have a good ascendant set, you can use one epic lv70 to try and get a better line out of it, while keeping the set bonus of ascendant (+1k hp +40p.atk). If you don’t have any good gear but a great weapon, you can switch all gear (except the weapon) to level 70 gear, gaining more p.atk (+40p.atk in total).
Note: having a +14/+15 epic weapon guarantee the entrance of the Hard Chaos Zakum (Ancien Aetherine mine)

If you do have a +13 or higher ascendant weapon, it’s actually better to use it instead of the lv70 epic +15 one.

You will then switch to legendary weapon once it reaches +11.

Gearing as a new player


As a new player, you want to focus on the new lapenshards:

Red Lapenshards:  Gigantica Beam and Moonlight Slash

Blue Lapenshards: Rage Amplification and Wing of Ruin

Green Lapenshards: Wandering Blade and Nairin’s Air Support

Where to find them ?

Gigantica beam is from the faction special’s missions, go to Safehold and speak to Mason, Veliche and Nairin to get the missions. You can get up to 6 a week.
Moonlight Slash is from Veliche’s shop, you can buy up to 6 a week.
Rage Amplification is from the Hard Dungeon “Aetherine Citadel Strike”.

Wing of Ruin is from the Chaos Raid “Showdown with Infernog”.

Wandering Blade is from the Hard Dungeon “Arcana Delphion”.

Nairin’s Air Support is from Nairin’s shop, you can buy up to 6 a week.

Weapon and gear

As a new player, after hitting level 70 the game should have given you the “Exceptional Adventuring Gear box”, with a full Lv70 epic set, that will make you up to ~27’850 gear score, you need 28’000 to enter Arcana Delphion, and 31’300 to enter Citadel Strike.

You get the remaining needed gs from the faction, where you can buy epic scrolls and craft Helmet, Gloves and Boots. You want to focus as much as possible on your weapon first, getting enough gear score to enter the Normal Chaos Zakum at 40’800 gear score.

For accessories, you should focus on any epic you can drop. Line matter a lot ! You need piercing and boss damage the most, but you can take some crit damage as well. For gear you always want boss damage on it, only exception as gloves being physical piercing. For weapon you want piercing and physical piercing.

You also want to make gemstones, 2 of Accuracy and 7 of Strength. After all of this, you will ready to do faction, hard dungeons, and soon chaos raid to gear up to legendary lv70 !

Bonus tips:

As a spin Berserker, there are a few different things you want to think about when gearing for level 70 dungeons and raids.

  1. Rend Wound and Deep Wounds are NOT affected by Melee Damage %.
  2. Rend Wound and Deep Wounds can NOT crit.
  3. The two Level 70 Dungeon have a large amount of non-boss enemies, exception for Rog, having the possibility to directly hit the boss.
  4. Chaos Zakum have a level 5 (25%) Critical damage resistance.
  5. Chaos Infernog have a level 5 (25%) Piercing resistance.
  6. Level70 Hard dungeons have a lot of monster that deal a LOT of damage, be sure to position yourself well to not die.

You can play with crit damage, since Paika’s lapenshard will give a total of +42% critd. So you can either stay with this only, or use some lines to make up a good crit damage %.

The suggested accuracy for all lv70 content for STR classes is between 118 and 120. Don’t forget that Paika’s remove 3 accuracy when equipped, so if you don’t have/use eupheria’s pet nor madrakan’s set, you might want more than only 2 accuracy gemstone.

Level 70 Named items

There are 4 named items, for 2 different set.

Maple Story 2: Berserker Master Awakening Guide 5
Maple Story 2: Berserker Master Awakening Guide 6

First set is called “Paika set”

Set bonus when both items are equipped:

+3% piercing
Special effect: Intense Blue Glow
The power of the blue lapenta gradually stacks, inflicting an attack with 20400 bonus attack every 10 seconds.

Synergy: Cripple, Gigantica, Bloodlust
Anti-Synergy: Squall, Dusk fall, Bloodslash, every multi-hit
Note: After 10 seconds, you have 4 seconds to use the powered hit.

Second set is called “Continuum set”

Maple Story 2: Berserker Master Awakening Guide 7
Maple Story 2: Berserker Master Awakening Guide 8

Set bonus when both items are equipped:

+6 accuracy
Special effect: Burning Bubble
When health falls below 40%, create a shield that absorb 3’000 damage for 15 seconds and grant knockback immunity. The barrier increase bonus attack by 7’700. Subject to cooldown, not active in battlegrounds.

Synergy: Mostly every attack you have
Anti-Synergy: Bloodprice, kills the shield very fast.
Note: If the barrier falls, you lose the bonus attack it provides.