This is a short guide for all the groups trying to achieve the Migraine achievement in Heart of Thorns: “Hearts and Minds”. Groups doing this achievement are usually referred to as “the migraine run”, H&M CM, or other similar titles. I will be covering some of the basic and more advanced things in this guide, as well as listing some exploits that might work. I have done the achievement around 20 times now and decided to make a guide to help out people who still need it (i.e. returning people or new people). I recommend running this group with guildies or friends, as pugging it can take a long while and doesn’t usually result in good compositions or people who know what they are doing.

Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Migrane Achievement Guide 1

How to access “Hearts and Minds”

To access the Hearts and Minds, you need to enter Dragon’s Stand (Heart of Thorns) map, which you can enter by going to Pact Base Camp Waypoint and talking to Agent Zrii. Select the option which says: “Any chance you could smuggle me behind enemy lines?”. You have to have completed the act before Hearts and Minds to have access to this dialogue. Another way to get inside the instance where you can start the story instance is to have a friend go there and use a “Teleport to Friend” on them. Otherwise, you can’t start the instance.

Team Compositions

Usually, the easiest way to do this achievement is to run a composition that would work in the fractals as well. I recommend running a healer at the very least. Then you can run full DPS as long as you have decent CC for the bosses. A good healer for this CM is a heal tempest since it can cleanse conditions really quickly, keep everyone healthy and is easy enough to play in the arenas. Naturally, firebrand or alagade healers are good as well, since they have extra utility. Great groups don’t need a healer at all since they can just run an alagade and live with Soulcleave’s Summit. Having a chronomancer for alacrity and quickness can make things faster for a more experienced group. Stuff like alacrity renegade or quickness firebrand is also great here with the utility that they bring.

Both types of DPS (cDPS and pDPS) are good here, and condition scourge can bring extra utility for newer groups as well as condition cleanse. Otherwise, the DPS characters could really be anything.

Good team composition has these elements:

  • condition cleanse
  • healing
  • (reflects)
  • good CC

Example composition 1: Heal tempest, support chronomancer, DPS chronomancer, DPS soulbeast and DPS weaver

Example composition 2: Heal renegade, quickness firebrand, DPS soulbeast, DPS tempest, DPS daredevil

Basically, anything works here as long as you know how to play your role.


There are some masteries that will make this achievement a bit easier to do. I recommend having these:

  1. Advanced Gliding
  2. Adrenal Mushrooms
Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Migrane Achievement Guide 2

There are both types of mushrooms that you can find in the Heart of Maguuma and picking them up makes things smoother (especially Adrenal Mushrooms since the bosses have phases). Advanced Gliding makes dodging the stones a bit easier in the fight against the Avatar of Mordremoth.

Before talking to Trahearne

Before you talk to Trahearne, you should decide which two people you are bringing with you to the dreams. I recommend Canach and Braham as they are by far the easiest and the only two fights that I will cover in the guide. If you pick Caithe you need to have a high group DPS and know the mechanics, which means that this guide won’t help you at all. You will fight Eir and Garm first and then continue to fight Blighted Canach.

Blighted Eir and Blighted Garm

A very simple and straightforward fight. The only difference with the normal fight is that the arrows track you better, have higher DoT damage and apply more conditions. The bosses have higher health and bigger CC bars, so high CC (and the usage of Adrenal Mushrooms) is recommended as well as condition cleanses.

The fight starts with a bit of dialogue, then you will start fighting the two bosses. The general idea is to kite away from the burning arrows and kill Garm immediately. Eir will come to revive Garm, which is when you want to use hard CC and break the breakbar and DPS. Repeat this forever. The only hard part of this fight is the fire barrage that Blighted Eir uses arbitrarily. If your group has high DPS and good CC, she won’t fire the fire barrage even once if you are very lucky.

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Blighted Canach

In CM, this boss has higher health and bigger breakbar. He can also easily kill you if you get caught in the grenades (even one fire grenade is enough for the weaker members of the group usually). Here you want to use the reflects to reflect the grenades and avoid all the damage. He will apply tons of bleeding and burning so take condition cleanses as well. When he gets the breakbar, DISREGARD ALLY CANACH. He does absolutely nothing and going into his shield is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY USELESS. Just CC him as soon as possible (wait for them to finish dialogue) and then DPS. He will phase every 25 %. Grab the adrenal mushrooms when you can to get CDs off of your skills.


This fight can be simple and easy, as long as the updraft phases go properly. The Mordremoth fight is different in the way that it deals more damage and applies more conditions to you. This should really be a non-issue as long as you don’t stand in the condition fields and you have someone to heal your group. Try to use melee as much as possible here since Mordremoth can reflect projectiles.

Using boonstrip is recommended as Mordremoth gets various boons and those can make surviving harder. The allies apply different types of buffs to you, making the fight increasingly easier as it goes on. The shield Braham spawns is something you should avoid in the updraft phases as it usually doesn’t block anything. It sometimes does, however, I think that it’s a bug.

Each 10 % Mordremoth will phase. First two times he will spawn an ally that you will have to get down to 25 % and then use the rift to turn them to your allies. When the allies spawn, HOLD DPS. They will have a dialogue and take reduced damage, which means that all damage done then will be only 10 % of the potential damage you could’ve dealt.

There are different ways to approach the updraft phase:

Approach 1

Do it the normal way and dodge the rocks and torment balls that he throws. This is by far, the hardest way to deal with this boss as the rocks will make you fall and you are as good as dead then. You can dodge the rocks by stopping gliding when he throws a rock or by changing the direction often enough.

Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Migrane Achievement Guide 3

Approach 2

Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Migrane Achievement Guide 4

Use a vine in the northeast to dodge all stones. This is the best way to consistently get away with dodging the stones, but it requires some skill to get up to the vine. You can use the northernmost updraft or the one east to it to get up. Experience is the key here really. When you are on the vine you can just stand as far as possible from Mordremoth and you should be fine with the rocks.

Approach 3 (exploit)

Kill yourself. Literally. If the instance owner kills themselves after the first fly phase, they will be teleported to the jail up in the skies. Usually what happens is that Mordremoth will focus them with the rocks instead of the rest of the group. This way the remaining four can just glide around and dodge a few balls of torment every now and then. This usually happens by an accident and it doesn’t work 100 %, but you can at least try. If it doesn’t work, just die and you can restart the fight at Mordremoth.

The last 25 % HP Mordremoth has are really simple and straightforward. He will spawn his minions that run towards you. Try to cleave them as much as possible. You will also have an orange circle periodically appearing below you; DODGE IT! When it fills up, you want to dodge it to avoid the damage. It can down you easily otherwise. Once the rift opens, one person (lowest DPS so support or healer) goes to open it; the rest run to Mordremoth to start DPSing immediately. With good DPS it’s possible to do this in one go. The instance owner needs to press F to finish of Mordremoth.

Final words

Congratulations, you are ready to fight off Mordremoth! This guide is just a quick guide for people who want to get the achievement done and need a bit of help with it.