Blue mage is one of the most unique classes to ever grace an MMORPG. Essentially, you learn all of your spells by copying the abilities of monsters while on your adventures. This can create some incredibly diverse and interesting gameplay, with the added extra fun of running around and collecting them all.

Playing Blue Mage in Final Fantasy XI was one of my favorite pastimes, and I’m glad they added it to XIV.

This FFXIV Blue Mage spell guide is to be used as a quick reference on how to obtain said spells. The in-game UI will show which spells you have unlocked, but gives no indication on how to get them.

Spell list

Spell NameSpell LocationAquire InfoRankTypeDamage
Water CannonStarterStarter Spell1MagicWater
FlamethrowerBrayflox(Hard), Keeper Of the LakeBrayflox Final Boss, Keeper of the lakes bosses 1 and 24MagicFire
Aqua BreathThe Dragons Neck Masked Carnival 20(Miss Typhoon) The Whorleater(Hard)Ultros, frontal cone used throughout the fight, Masked Carnival 20 acts 2 and 3 also feature this move. Whorleater(Hard), Leviathan uses this move during the fight, might do it on Extreme as well, haven’t tested yet.4MagicWater
Flying FrenzyPharos SirusBoss 2, kill eggs to give it enrage stacks, it’s the belly flop3PhysicalBlunt
Drill CannonNorthern Thanalan(Ceruleum Processing Plant) Brayflox(Hard)Open world mob uses ability at 60%, Brayflox(Hard) 2nd boss2PhysicalPiercing
High VoltageBinding Coil Turn 1 Binding Coil Turn 2Turn 1, First mob, first ability used. Turn 2 ADS also use this and they are vunerable to tail screw for potential solo farming.4MagicLightning
LoomNorthern Thanalan(Ceruleum Processing Plant) Tam-Tara(Hard)Flame Sergeant Dalvag in Northern Thanalan its hisTeleport move Mobs between bosses 1 and 2 in Tam-Tara(Hard) 1MagicN/A
Final StingMiddle La Noscea (Summerford Farms) The Sunken Temple of Qarn Killer Wespes in Middle La Noscea, Final sting is the suicide move they use at low hp, so get them to low hp then wait for cast. Adds in Sunken Temple cast this throught the dungeon, naimly 1st boss spawns them2PhysicalPiercing
Song Of TormentPharos SirusLast boss, casts throught the fight2MagicN/A
GlowerAurum Vale2nd Boss, frontal eye beam 4MagicLightning
PlaincrackerCopperbell Mines(Hard) Outer La Noscea(Camp Overlook) North Shroud(Fallgourd Float) Southern Thanalan(Little Ala Mhigo) Copperbell Mines(Hard) 2nd Boss Outer La Noscea, Floating City of Nym, the Golems in the canyon North Shroud, there are golems to be found at Finders Bluff, Southern Thanalan, Golems can be found around the entrance to The Sunken Temple of Qarn, above The Ring of Ash.2MagicEarth
BristleEast Shroud( Hawthorne Hut)Boars in the bramble patch, its the boost they cast on themselfs before attacking, watch their buffs.2MagicN/A
White WindUl’dahTotem for 10 spells learned3MagicN/A
Lvl 5 PetrifyHaukke ManorManor Sentry that is spawned during lass boss, get the boss to 20% she spawns adds, kill both handmaidens, get the sentry to 20% and he’ll start casting it, kill him, if you dont learn it self destruct and repeat boss.2MagicN/A
Sharpened KnifeWanderer’s PalaceLast boss, buff he cast on himself then uses and ability, wait for after the ability has cast and the buff goes away.4PhysicalPiercing
Ice SpikesCentral Shroud(Bentbranch Meadows)The imps in spirithold to the east, its a buff they cast.1MagicIce
Blood DrainLower La NosceaThe bats at Blind Iron Mines Most world bats will use this skill incase you enounter any out and about.1MagicN/A
Acorn BombNorth Shroud(Fallgourd Float)Mob only casts the ability once, multiple spawns around Blessed Bud and near Yellow Serpent Gate 1MagicN/A
Bomb TossMiddle La Noscea(Summerford Farms) Goblin Gamblers in the Goblin camp near the river at Rogues River2MagicFire
Off-GuardUl’dahTotem for 5 spells learned2MagicN/A
Self DestructWestern Thanalan(Horizon) Haukke Manor Halatali(Hard) Hatali(Normal)Western Thanalan outside Copperbell Mines, suicide ability same rules as Final Sting Haukke Manor, the Lady’s Candles adds during the last boss fight, Halatali(Hard) used by bombs near the start of dungeon. Hatali(Normal) also has bomb mobs. In general most bomb mobs you find will use this ability.1MagicFire
TransfusionUl’dahTotem for 20 spells learned2MagicN/A
FazeEastern La Noscea(Costa del Sol) Lower La Noscea(Moraby Dry Docks)Quillen camp along the western wall, or do the fate that spawns just south of Costa, near Gullperch Tower, Lower La Noscea, there are level 13 Quillens around The Salt Strand that you can also get this from.3MagicN/A
Flying SardineEastern La Noscea(Costa del Sol)Apkallu’s, near the road just south of Gullperch Tower, they throw Tactical Salmons at you.1PhysicalPiercing
SnortThe Dragons Neck Masked Carnival 20(Miss Typhoon)Typoon frontal cone, used at the end of the fight after the spin phase in Dragons Neck. Used all the time during Masked Carnival 20, Acts 1 and 3,4MagicWind
4-Tonze WeightThe Dragons NeckUltros, drops big weights, used during P2, below 80% hp.4PhysicalBlunt
The LookAmdapor Keep Mor Dhona(Revenants Toll) Amdapor Keep, last boss, Mor Dhona leve at Saint Coinach’s Find, the leve Necrologos spawns a Denizen of the Dark as the last boss who uses this ability often.2MagicN/A
Bad BreathCentral Shroud(Bentbranch Meadows) Aurum Vale Mor Dhona(Revenets Toll)Central Shroud, used by the Morbols around Hopeseed Pond, Aurum Vale, Morbols again throught the dungeon. Mor Dhona, Morbols around The Tangle use this ability, as will most other morbols that you find anywhere else. 3MagicN/A
DiamondbackStone Vigil(Hard) Steps of FaithStone Vigil(Hard), 2nd boss, make sure not to stun the cast with the canons. Steps of Faith, big turtle ads spawn after the first gate goes down, If you don’t learn it, everyone needs to leave the instance while dead since you can’t leave an instance while you’re in combat and you can rez for free so a wipe doesn’t mean you fail.4MagicN/A
Mighty GuardUl’dahTotem for 10 spells learned4MagicN/A
Sticky TongueWestern Thanalan(Horizon) Central Thanalan(Black Brush Station) Giant Toads use this when you agro them outside of melee range. Central Thanalan found at The Unholy Heir, Western Thanalan found at Parata’s Peace.4PhysicalBlunt
Toad OilWestern Thanalan(Horizon)Buff the toad applies to self when you are in melee range, Giggling Gigantoad found at Parata’s Peace3MagicN/A
The Rams VoiceCutters Cry Masked Carnival 21(Chimera on a Hot Tin Roof) Masked Carnival 25(Dirty Rotten Azulmagia) A Relic Reborn: The Chimera One of two main abilities all Chimeras Use, STAND OUT, Cutters Cry Last Boss Carnival 21, Act 2 Carnival 25, Acts 1,2,3 Chimera Trial, used throughout. 2MagicIce
The Dragon’s VoiceCutters Cry Masked Carnival 21(Chimera on a Hot Tin Roof) Masked Carnival 25(Dirty Rotten Azulmagia) A Relic Reborn: The Chimera One of two main abilities all Chimeras Use, STAND IN, Cutters Cry Last Boss Carnival 21, Act 2 Carnival 25, Acts 1,2,3 Chimera Trial, used throughout. 2MagicLightning
MissileBattle In the Big KeepEnkindu uses this during the first fight, get her to ~60% and she should use it, usually after people are turned to chickens, crosshair marker.4MagicN/A
1000 NeedlesSouthern Thanalan(Little Ala Mhigo)Used by Sabontender Bailaors just South of Little Ala Mhigo, there is also a Leve you can take here called Flower Power.4PhysicalPiercing
Ink JetSastasha(Hard)Final Boss Kraken uses this throughout the fight.3MagicN/A
Fire AngonWanderer’s Palace(Hard)First Boss uses this after he has thrown out the spears.3MagicFire
Moon FluteUl’dahTotem for clearning 10 different fights in Masked Carnival.1MagicN/A
Tail ScrewSastasha(Hard) The Peaks(Ala Ghanna)Sastasha(Hard) first boss, Crag Claws mobs found in The Slow Wash, get a lvl70 friends to tank the mobs for you as they are lvl61 and will one-shot you.1MagicN/A
Mind BlastTam-TaraFinal boss, he uses this throughout the fight.1MagicN/A
DoomUl’dahTotem for clearning 20 different fights in Masked Carnival.4MagicN/A
Perculiar LightMor Dhona(Revenants Toll)Used by Lentic Mudpuppies at The Tangle2MagicN/A
Feather RainThe Howling Eye(Extreme)This is the feathers that fall from the sky and leave a dot when Garuda teleports, Available only in Extreme.5MagicWind
EruptionThe Bowl of Embers(Hard) The Bowl of Embers(Extreme)This is an aoe Ifrit casts on the floor that explodes, you can get this on both Hard and Extreme, maybe normal as well, not confirmed yet though.5MagicFire
Mountain BusterThe Navel(Hard) The Navel(Extreme)Titan uses this throughout the fight, can be gotten on both Hard and Extreme.5MagicEarth
Shock StrikeThe Striking Tree(Hard) The Striking Tree(Extreme) This is the aoe Ramuh uses on tanks throughout the fight. Can be gotten on both Hard and Extreme5MagicLightning
Glass DanceAkh Afah Amphitheatre(Extreme)Only used in bow form, available from phase p3(70%-0%), large aoe infront of Shiva, available only in Extreme.5MagicIce
Veil of the WhorlThe Whorleater(Hard) The Whorleater(Extreme)This is the shield that he spawns on himself when the tail comes up, can be obtained in both Hard and Extreme.5MagicWater