Faded & Blurred https://www.fadedandblurred.com Tech | Photography | Software Wed, 20 Mar 2019 20:57:39 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.1.1 8 Videos For Cats That They Will LOVE! https://www.fadedandblurred.com/videos-for-cats/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/videos-for-cats/#disqus_thread Mon, 18 Mar 2019 21:31:08 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=1042 Watching our beloved feline companions being entertained and happy is one of the most rewarding experiences for any cat owner. Sometimes, due to work or home obligations, we aren’t able to give as much attention to our cats as we’d like. Luckily for us though, is that we live in the digital age where many content creators on YouTube create and upload videos with a very niche audience in mind; cats.

Can cats watch TV?

Just like with humans, the interest level that cats will show towards the TV will vary from cat to cat. The type of screen will also make a difference too. Although, unless you’re rocking a TV set that’s over 10 years old, you shouldn’t need to worry. Cats will not be able to process lower Hz screens, but higher Hz will not be a problem.

Why do cats love watching videos?

Cats are very inquisitive animals. They love to watch and they love to interact. This is why videos with other cats, squirrels, insects, birds, and any other “prey” animal are the most popular for cats.

It’s thought that the domestication of our feline friends is the result for their interest in the digital world. Cats are often bought due to their low maintenance nature, in comparison to a dog, and are popular with people who live in urban environments. This has resulted in a lot of indoor-only cats, which will never receive the same amount of stimulation as their outdoor counterparts.

The windows in these built-up areas may not have a great view, so for the people/animal-watching moggys out there, they won’t be fulfilled. These cats can, unfortunately, become depressed, stressed and bored.

Cat videos are beneficial

Allowing your cat, especially if it’s an indoor cat, to watch videos featuring prey animals or fast twitch-style games, will definitely give them some excitement. Obviously this stimulation can never replace the real thing, but for those who don’t have the luxury of letting their cat out or giving them attention 24/7, then these videos are a fantastic substitute.

There are many videos for cats on YouTube, and below we have listed our favorite. All have been tested with our own cat.

Bird videos for cats

Fish videos for cats

Mouse videos for cats

Squirrel videos for cats

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Soundproof Curtains – Do They Work? https://www.fadedandblurred.com/soundproof-curtains/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/soundproof-curtains/#disqus_thread Sat, 16 Mar 2019 15:06:09 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=1036 Soundproofing a room can be a fairly expensive task, but there are always cheaper alternatives to going all-out and creating a studio-quality room. A popular and simple solution is to use soundproof curtains. They are fairly inexpensive and as difficult to hang up as regular curtains. While the marketing efforts for these sound dampening curtains promises complete soundproofing, do they even work? Let’s find out.

From my own experience and the curated thoughts and opinions of others, soundproof curtains are fantastic at deadening sound, but are next to useless at actually blocking sound. What this means in the real world is that they can stop room echo, but will not reduce the level of any sound going in, or out.

Nevertheless, just because they are incapable of lowering the decibel level of any incoming or outgoing sound, doesn’t mean that it can’t help your room feel more tranquil. How is this possible though? Let me explain.

When viewing an empty house you’ll most likely notice how much echoing there is when you’re talking and walking around. In fact, it can put some people off – especially if there isn’t carpeted floor. However, when you move all of your stuff in, the echoing diminishes. This is because your house is filled with stuff and carpet, which deadens the echo.

Soundproof curtains act as just another item in your house, except that they are specifically designed to deaden sound more efficiently; thus making the room quieter.

Do soundproof curtains work?


Hopefully, you didn’t just skip straight to this section and actually read the above paragraph which explains why they work, in layman’s terms.

If the reason you want to use soundproof curtains in your home is due to external sounds like a busy road, then, unfortunately, the curtains won’t be as effective as a purposely designed soundproof window. However, they will still be better than non-soundproof curtains. Curtains are one of the cheapest ways to reduce echoing.

sound deadening drapes
Sound deadening drapes are a great option

Choosing the best high quality soundproof curtains

When deciding which curtain to buy, it’s important that you look at the specifications as “soundproof curtains” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are, as a lot of companies will use that term as part of their marketing strategy to describe any thick fabrics that they have.

To be truly classed as a soundproof curtain, they must be tightly woven, heavy fabric, and will touch the ceiling and floor. One of the most important factors is that they cover as much area as possible, to create a seal (as far as reasonably practicable).

On Amazon, (which is one of my absolute favorite ways to purchase anything), my recommended buys would be either the Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains from Best Home Fashion, or the Soundproof Curtains from Nicetown. Each one has positive reviews in the 4-digits and have the perfect specs to be used as a real soundproof option.

Top tips for the best sound reduction in your home:

  • Density of the curtains is what matters most; buy four curtain panels rather than the standard two.
  • Buy the longest curtains possible. If they touch the floor they will reduce the echo far more than if they only just go past the window.
  • Ceiling mounted curtains will allow the curtains to sit tighter to the ceiling and floor, which will block more sound.

Final thoughts

While soundproof curtains will not give you the same amount of soundproofing as expensive 4-figure soundproofing solutions will give you, they can be a fantastic way to reduce the sound in your home for a very low cost. They look great and stylish, and nobody would ever know that they are there for a specific purpose.

I have lived in many apartments and houses throughout the years, and if i had known about these curtains in some of my earlier apartments I’m sure i’d have been a lot happier. Whatever you decide to do, we hope that you’re happy and that you get all the peace and quiet you deserve.

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Nvidia Shield TV: Still The Best Android TV Box https://www.fadedandblurred.com/nvidia-shield-tv/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/nvidia-shield-tv/#disqus_thread Wed, 13 Mar 2019 17:05:04 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=1029 Nvidia has just renewed its Shield Android TV, one of the best multimedia boxes on the market. The new version is now called Shield TV. The new Shield Tv is a much smaller version. However, this new version is as impressive as the previous one, coming with remote control and a gamepad.


  • Interfaces (HDMI / composite / optical / coaxial) – 1
  • Hard disk slot (2.5”/3.5”’) – no / no
  • Wi-Fi – internal / 802.11ac
  • Ethernet – 1 Gbit/s
  • HD DTT Tuner


Nvidia hasn’t taken any risks with the design of its new housing; It has kept the original identical features of the first edition. The important detail is actually in size, reduced by 40% (16 x 2.6 x 10 cm for 250 grams). We are surprised by the weight of this case, which we thought was lighter. It was when we dismantled it that we found two metal weights to keep it upright without it falling too easily. It is possible to purchase a specific base separately, the Shield Stand (25 €), to ensure even more stability. Warning, the base of the old version of the box is not compatible.

The footprint of the new housing has been reduced by 40%. Unfortunately, the reduction in the size of the housing has an impact on the connection technology. The essentials are still present, such as the HDMI 2.0b output (HDCP 2.2, 4K HDR at 60 fps and 10 bits BT-2020) or the two USB 3.0 Type-A ports but we still regret the lack of optical audio output (an ARC output well managed by the TV nevertheless allows to avoid the problem). On the other hand, the microSD card reader and the micro USB connector that was intended to connect the camera to a computer are lost. When asked about this, Nvidia told us that we now have to rely on USB 3.0 Type-A ports, which are also used to connect the device to a computer or to host a USB stick, for example. Since version 6.0 of Android TV, USB sticks and microSD can be designed as internal storage media and thus extend the storage capacity of the device. This does not change one iota and remains at 16 GB, of which 11 GB is accessible to the user. A 500GB version exists and is called Shield Pro – this model remains unchanged from the 2015 version but gains the complete packaging of the Shield TV “2017”.

The network part is identical, with a Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi ac pair at 867 Mb/s (MiMo 2×2). And if Bluetooth 4.1 is still in the game, we lose the infrared (IR) receiver. This, therefore, prohibits the use of universal remote controls equipped only with IR transmitters, such as the Logitech Harmony 950 – more advanced models (Harmony Companion or Harmony Elite) remain compatible via their Bluetooth hub. We have expressed our regret to Nvidia in this regard. According to its representatives, this is only a half-problem since it is still possible to order the box via the HDMI CEC. And for the disappointed, it is always possible to use a USB IR receiver.
The remote control is now provided, in addition to the gamepad.

The accessories provided are also evolving and undergoing a slimming treatment, starting with the gamepad. The Shield Controller, that’s its name, now incorporates the aesthetic codes and highlights of the GeForce range. Less massive than its predecessor, it is much more comfortable with small hands, and the editorial opinion is somewhat divided. Some writers with large hands prefer the old model, while those with medium hands appreciate the grip of the new model much more — a matter of taste and palate.

Communication is now established via Bluetooth and no longer via Wi-Fi Direct – for which Nvidia praised the low latency compared to Bluetooth on the previous model. The last change concerns the Nvidia button, which is no longer sensitive but mechanical. On the other hand, there is the microphone, the headphone output and the rechargeable battery. Recharging is done through the micro-USB connector and a cable that is connected to the case on one of the USB Type-A ports. Recharging the controller with any USB charger is possible. Nvidia has also added two vibration motors to provide haptic feedback in the games that support it.

During the test of the Shield Android TV, we regretted the absence of a remote control; this one being offered as an option (55 €). Nvidia obviously learns from its mistakes and now includes the accessory with the box. The new model nevertheless evolves a little, since it loses its headphone output and its rechargeable battery. Two CR2032 batteries are used to power the remote, enough to provide several months of autonomy when the old one had to be recharged after a few days. There is the microphone, but also the touch zone that allows you to control the volume. The finish of the remote is however inferior to the previous one, the metal edges having been exchanged for a common plastic one and the button intended for vocal research having lost its indicator light; what is not very serious, we grant you that.

We also note the appearance of an infrared transmitter on both the controller and the remote control. This allows you to control devices like a universal remote control but with limited possibilities due to the few assignable buttons. As for the microphone, it will enable you to activate the voice search; the one on the controller is also “always open”. No need to press a button, an “Ok Google” is enough to activate recognition on the gamepad; a function that can be deactivated if necessary.

Inside, the motherboard has been reduced to its simplest form, and the chip remains a Tegra X1. From a technical point of view, we do not notice any changes under the hood. The Tegra X1 house chip remains present, but under revision A2 (A1 previously). There is no significant change in either power consumption or performance. There is also always 3 GB of RAM, and all is cooled by an active system. However, ventilation does not always start up and, when it does, it remains incredibly discreet, imperceptible at two metres.


Shield TV always remains at the top of multimedia decoding. Overall, it is not afraid of anything, as long as the reading application used supports the format. Whether you use Kodi/SPMC or VLC, videos are perfectly played back, whether in Full HD or Ultra HD, encoded in H.264 or HEVC, with or without HDR and at very high bit rates.

In terms of audio, the box can output DTS, DTS-X, DTS HD MA tracks but also Dolby, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Atmos. High-resolution music is not forgotten, with support for 24-bit tracks at 192 kHz for FLAC or OGG, for example.

All games are located in a unified application, Nvidia Games. Nvidia continues to push its communication quite hard around the game console aspect of Shield TV. Three methods are always proposed to relax in front of a game of video games: Android, GeForce Now and GameStream. While it was previously necessary to juggle these three worlds to find games, they are now all grouped in a single application called Nvidia Games. We thus navigate indifferently between the different services, a banner on the game cover simply reminding us which service it comes from.

The first possibility is to go and pick from the Android games catalogue. Nvidia also offers a handful of exclusive paid titles such as Half-Life 2 or Doom 3.

GameStream is a service dedicated to displaying games installed on the family PC on a large screen, provided that the family PC is equipped with a Nvidia graphics card and GeForce Experience is installed on the machine. GameStream scans the computer’s content and offers to play the different titles from the sofa.

This system picks from all the user’s game catalogs, whether Origin, uPlay, Galaxy or Windows Store. Of course, Steam is not forgotten and works directly in Big Picture mode! Games can be played in both Full HD and 4K, at up to 60 frames per second. It is also not necessary to have a 4K monitor to play on a 4K TV, a good point. We also appreciate the support of the HDR.

A long press on the Play button of the gamepad allows you to display a highlighted menu to take screenshots, stream your games to Twitch or record your best moments in any game. An Instant Replay mode also allows you to record a sequence after the event with a maximum of 20 minutes of flashback.

Finally comes the most original and undoubtedly the most interesting solution for those who do not have a combat computer: GeForce Now. It is simply a catalogue of PC games running remotely on Nvidia servers and accessible from Shield TV for a subscription fee of €9.99. It is a kind of Netflix of video games: the subscription allows you to play unlimitedly most of the games in the catalogue. However, some titles require a few tens of euros to acquire and benefit from them on GFN – or on a PC for that matter.

The system is still well designed and allows you to enjoy games up to Full HD at 60 frames per second if the user’s connection follows. With a 50 Mbps connection, no title will resist on quality – which modulates in real time according to the accessible rate – but 30 Mbps (ADSL/VDSL) is sufficient most of the time. From 20 Mb/s, it is possible to enjoy 720p, while the strict minimum is 12 Mb/s, in return for a poor definition.

When this service was released, we regretted the technical weaknesses of the Nvidia platform, which did not allow us to play games with all the graphics options at their maximum. The servers have since changed to a Pascal-generation graphics card, without any further details. Nvidia also gives no indication as to whether the computing capacities of each server should be shared. Some games offer integrated benchmarks, we have performed some tests. This allows you to compare the performance of a GeForce GTX 1070 with that of a GeForce GTX 1080. In other words, at this price, the performance is there, and practically no title is resistant – since they are executed in Full HD at the maximum on the server side. And if it is now possible to force a WQHD rendering in the game settings, the display on the TV will only be in FHD at best.

Once again, we appreciated the service, which is relatively responsive. Of course, hardcore gamers will find fault with ultra-nervous games, such as the Street Fighter series, but this is still more than acceptable.

Note that uPlay will soon be integrated into the service and will allow you to find uPlay games already purchased by the player or buy new ones, so you can play them in streaming – with synchronisation of backups between PC and Shield if necessary. Good news that will make it possible to extend the GFN catalogue with games, which will undoubtedly be charged for, and also to give the possibility of playing at an optimal level of quality. This last point may be interesting for those who have an ageing machine and do not necessarily wish to renew it. That’s what GeForce Now is all about: moving away from buying an expensive gaming PC to a subscription that gives you access to a multitude of titles executed in excellent quality. And if the catalogue sins a little bit by its not always very recent titles, the kind of agreement that Nvidia has made with Ubisoft shows that this can change over time.

During the presentation of the box, Nvidia highlighted the support of Google Assistant, the AI developed by Google and found in Google Home. This integration will allow you to speak in “everyday language” to your box and ask it to launch a particular video, music, photo or even to carry out research. It will then be possible to interact with connected objects, Nvidia talking about compatibility with Philips Hue bulbs, the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem or Nest products.

It will not be necessary to walk around with your telecom and leave the TV on. Nvidia will offer a small optional object, the Spot, which combines a microphone and a loudspeaker. One can be placed in each room so that it can interact with the assistant at any time. And useless to say to turn on the lights precisely in the parents’ room when you are there, the Spot in the room will realize that you are close to it and on request “turn on the light”, Google Assistant will understand that it is in this room that you must do it.

Google Assistant will be active during an update scheduled in the coming months. Be careful though, for the moment, Google’s AI is only available in English. It will, therefore, be necessary to wait until French is supported before issuing orders in the language of Molière.

Strong points

  • Very fluid Android TV system.
  • SoC performing at all levels.
  • 4K/HDR and HDMI 2.0b video output.
  • Multimedia playback: smooth HD and 4K videos, even at high bit rates.
  • Audio management of the DTS and Dolby.
  • Varied video game offer: Android, GameStream and GeForce Now.
  • Convincing speech recognition.
  • Remote control and gamepad provided.

Low points

  • No optical or coaxial audio output.
  • No USB port on the front panel.
  • No micro-SD card reader.
  • No infrared receiver.


Nvidia offers here a redesigned version of its multimedia box/gaming console. Smaller, it loses a microSD card reader and its popular IR receiver but keeps the excellent Tegra X1 chip. So the box is always at the forefront of playing any multimedia content, whether it’s stored locally, on a NAS or streamed to one of the many supported platforms – and there are some! The video game part also evolves with a PC or GeForce Now streaming that gains in quality. The Shield Android TV was the best Android TV box on the market, and now over to the Shield TV .

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Quick Look At Moviesjoy.net – Ad Free Streaming For TV Shows & Movies https://www.fadedandblurred.com/moviesjoy/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/moviesjoy/#disqus_thread Thu, 21 Feb 2019 10:56:41 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=1012 Streaming media online has become such a popular thing that you’d find it a challenge to find a household where someone doesn’t do it. Gone are the days of renting movies at Blockbuster (RIP) and playing them on your VHS or DVD player. In today’s age, we have every film ever produced available at the end of our fingertips.

Obviously, services like this should be behind a paywall; however, just like with everything in the world, there are people who have set-up websites which allow access to to some not-so-legal uploads of your favorite movies. These websites get away with it for the most part, as they don’t actually upload or host the media themselves, but allow a convenient way for you to find it.

If you aren’t too worried about a legal stream of a movie, then websites like Moviesjoy.net are a great alternative. There are two main pros for websites like Moviesjoy: one is that it’s completely free, the second is that you aren’t restricted to what you can watch (like Netflix and Prime).

One of the biggest drawbacks to illegitimate streaming websites is that they are usually riddled with intrusive and harassing advertisements. This is because they want to make as much money from you as possible, and have no thought about your user experience while navigating the site. There are a few gems on the net where websites will either have a very small amount of ads, or no ads at all; Moviesjoy.net is the latter.


Moviesjoy.net features

Moviesjoy.net is a movie and TV show streaming website which allows uninterrupted streaming, without any annoying intrusive advertisements. The website itself doesn’t host any ads, but you may sometimes have to watch pre-play advertisements via the streaming platform (similar to YouTube). You are able to access all of the movies and shows without having to create an account, or purchase a subscription. There are over 10,000 different shows and movies available, and some of the streaming servers allow the ability for you to download the media onto your PC or mobile.

Filter by genre

Moviesjoy is a breeze to navigate through due to their excellent amount of filtering options. Of course, the most important and basic one is to filter by genre. This is one of the most useful categories as if you have no idea what to watch, but you’re feeling like you want a cheap scare, then you can just click on the horror category and select something that you like the look of. There are many categories available, from Action, all the way to War.

Filter by country

Another useful category is to filter by country. This allows you to filter TV shows and movies by their country of origin. There are 12 countries listed, as well as an “international” category, where media from countries that don’t have their own sub-category are placed. Feeling like you want to divulge in an evening of French films? Moviesjoy has you covered.

Filter by IMBD rating

A really unique filter option is to view movies and TV shows by IMBD rating. IMBD is one of the biggest and most used media rating websites, and is considered to “go-to” site for finding the ratings of a movie. Therefore if you have no idea what to watch, but want to watch something that’s almost unanimously considered very good, then clicking this option and selecting anything from the top of the list will likely not disappoint you.

Filter by latest, most liked, most popular

These three categories are similar so we felt like they didn’t need to be separated. Most liked will show the top movies that users of the website have liked, and most popular will show what movies are watched the most on the website. Obviously most popular doesn’t actually mean it will be the most liked, as a movie that has just been released might get most watched for a week or two, even if it’s terrible.

Closing thoughts

As stated above, Moviesjoy is a free (albeit non-legal) way of watching the latest TV shows and movies online, in the comfort of your own home. Their library is very impressive, and the user interface is nice to use and easy on the eyes. The site doesn’t host any of the media files at all, but simply act like a directory. Moviesjoy places no adverts on the website at all, which improves the user experience massively. However, some rolling ads will be loaded at the start of the movie stream, similar to YouTube (which isn’t annoying at all).

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SoccerStreams Is Gone! – Best Alternative For /r/SoccerStreams https://www.fadedandblurred.com/soccerstreams-is-gone-best-alternative-for-r-soccerstreams/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/soccerstreams-is-gone-best-alternative-for-r-soccerstreams/#disqus_thread Wed, 20 Feb 2019 15:04:47 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=1007 The deletion of SoccerStreams is terrible news for football/soccer (depending on where you’re from) enthusiasts who visited the subreddit weekly to watch their favorite teams play live for free. The subreddit, which had approximately half a million subsribers, was deleted due to copyright warnings from the Premier League.

The reason why SoccerStreams was so popular was that it didn’t matter what league you were after, you’d always be able to find at least one stream for any game that was being broadcasted somewhere. For top tier leagues like the Premier League and La Liga, there would always be hundreds of links to choose from, ranging in quality.

SoccerStreams shot up in popularity during the 2018 FIFA World Cup – where over a million people were online every day during the event. Most streams linked out to AceStream, which works via P2P technology.

Click here for the best streaming stick

alternative for reddit soccerstreams

Top Reddit Alternatives for SoccerStreams 

Here are some of the best alternatives for /r/SoccerStream which are actually available on the reddit playform. It must be noted though, that there’s no guarantee how long these subreddits will last, as reddit is cracking down on illegal streaming subreddits.


This subreddit was created for people who still wish to use reddit as their go-to football platform. However, like we’ve said previously, this will likely not be a permanent way to get reliable streaming links due to potential copyright violations. Due to the subreddits small size, not all games are covered. Asian leagues and other less popular leagues will likely receive no streams.


This subreddit provides links just before each game starts. While small, at only 10k subscribers, there is usually over 1k people online at any given time. The majority of links posted are of AceStream, which means you won’t need to worry about buffering. A lot of different people post links so it’s likely that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.


Redsoccer was created post-removal of SoccerStreams, thus it’s in its infancy. While there aren’t many subscribers, the links that are posted are incredibly good. There are numerous rules that people have to follow to be allowed to post streaming links, which helps to maintain high-quality. Only direct stream links are permitted for starters. Quality is listed as either SD or HD, as well as specifying what the estimated minimum internet speed required is.

Best discord channel for getting live football links

Discord has taken the internet by storm, essentially eliminating the need to have Skype, TeamSpeak, Mumble, or Ventrilo servers; the best part about discord is that it’s free! You are able to speak via text channels or voice and share images, audio and videos. Even though Discord was created to serve the gaming community, it has become a stable application for any group of people that wish to converse online. As soon as reddit banned SoccerStreams, many people started flocking to Discord servers.

These Discord servers will serve the streams in the same way as SoccerStreams did. You will be able to send stream links in to mods for them to approve, and they will be become available to watch 30 minutes prior to the match starting. Therefore, if you visit the channel when no games are live you won’t see any links.

Soccer69 Discord Invite

Final thoughts

The SoccerStreams subreddit was one of the best and most convenient options for people who wanted to watch their favorite teams play, without spending money on subscriptions. You’d be able to see the streaming links 30 minutes prior to kickoff, and there would be a large amount of streams to choose from, varying in quality.

However, while they’re still standing, you should give these alternatives a try. The other subreddits most likely won’t last forever, especially if they get big enough. We’re unsure how Discord will tolerate the sharing of illegal streams via their platform though, so even the Discord channels might not last for the foreseeable future.

If you have your own methods for watching football or soccer streams online, please let us know in the comments section below.

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[Solved] This Title Isn’t Available In Your Location – Amazon Prime Video https://www.fadedandblurred.com/this-title-isnt-available-in-your-location/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/this-title-isnt-available-in-your-location/#disqus_thread Tue, 19 Feb 2019 15:23:47 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=1002 Amazon loves to get in on everything they can – with Amazon Prime being no exception after the boom of Netflix. For those who aren’t aware, Amazon Prime is a subscription service which allows you to watch movies and TV shows on demand. The main difference between Prime and say, Netflix, is that not only are you able to watch their catalogue, but you are able to purchase or rent movies and series that aren’t on the “free” list. The United States is where Prime is most popular, with UK, Australia, and Germany close behind.

Due to copyright laws varying from country to country, certain media may not be available in every country. As an example, your favorite show might have just been released in the US on Prime, but you visit the United Kingdom on holiday, and your series won’t show up.

One of the most common issues Amazon Prime subscribers encounter, with it being more common in the USA, is “This title isn’t available in your location”, even if you’re still in America.

This article will detail several possible reasons for why “This title isn’t available in your location” is showing up, and how you can rectify the situation as fast as possible.

“This title isn’t available in your location”

Possible reasons for “This title isn’t available in your location” issue on Amazon Prime

You have left your subscribed country

If you are outside of your home country, or the country where you originally subscribed to Prime from, then it’s likely you won’t be able to access a lot of the content. This is more of an issue for residents of the US who are trying to use Prime abroad, as the US version has more series and films than any other.

Unfortunately this has been written and explained in their policy for Prime, so there is no possibility of getting any refund from a complaint.

Payment method changed

Another, more common reason behind “This title isn’t available in your location“ showing up is due to the payment method associated with the account. Although Amazon allows you to change your payment method whenever you wish, providing an invalid or expired credit card, or using a card that is outside of your residential country, will likely trigger this error.

For Prime’s US policy, they stipulate that you should be using a US-issued credit card, as well as a US address. Those who have tried to use virtual credit cards have also experienced this problem.

VPN usage

VPN usage has become very popular in today’s technological age, where information is never truly private. Because of this, you will likely be streaming your media through a VPN, even if they are legal streams (like Amazon Prime). The problem here is when you think you are using a residential IP to your home country, when in fact it may not be. Therefore while you may be comfortable sitting at home in New York, eagerly awaiting your next favorite episode to buffer, Amazon actually thinks you’re sitting in France.

If you’re getting this error while using a VPN, double check the IP address to ensure that it’s from the same country as yourself.

Anti-virus or browser extension blocking location information

We all know how pesky and over protective some anti-virus softwares can be, as their main job is to keep us safe and to eliminate our online presence. Unfortunately, they block too much information, which will end up breaking location services. Location services are crucial for certain programs, like Prime. A lot of security and ad-based browser extensions also do a similar job; therefore, if you have installed any of these recently, considered removing them and testing to see if that fixes the issue.

None of the above is fixing the issue for “This title isn’t available in your location”?

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and none of them have worked, it’s most likely due to an internal error at Amazon, which would require you to contact the support center at Amazon. They accept support queries via email or telephone. Once you’ve liaised with them, they will be able to look over your account and find out and fix the reason behind you getting the error message, or tell you what to do to remove the content ban.

In summary

To summarize, you should check off all of the above headings for a quick fix. Then, check that your network settings are working for other devices, and that your IP is correct for your country. Finally, if everything else seems ok, then try and contact Prime support to see if they can solve the issue.

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NANI?! 10 Best Anime Streaming Sites – 2019 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/best-anime-streaming-sites/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/best-anime-streaming-sites/#disqus_thread Tue, 19 Feb 2019 10:11:14 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=997 Before we delve into our best anime streaming sites list, let’s first look at where it all began; Japan.

Anime, as the word may suggest, is a Japanese word for animation – ranging from cartoons, all the way to standard animated media. However, outside the water borders of Japan, anime refers to a specific style of animated graphics, styles, and themes.

The first documented commercial animation dates to 1917. The art style refined in the 1960s started to spread to other producers towards the end of the twentieth century, which created a large and passionate audience. Anime is distributed in every media channel possible: theatrically, TV broadcasts, DVD/Blu Ray, and streaming via the internet.

The anime industry is booming, with over 430 studios specialising in the genre, including household names like Toei Animation and Studio Ghibli. Even though anime only comprises of a small portion of the domestic market in Japan, anime DVDs are the largest percentage of DVDs sold. The international success to anime stems from English-dubbed versions of the productions. Japanese anime makes up over 60% of the worlds animated shows.

However, if you’re here it’s probably because you want to watch anime online via streaming rather than talking about DVD sales – so let’s continue on to our list, which is in no particular order.

Crunchyroll.com – Watch popular anime legally

What list could ever be complete without Crunchyroll? Unlike some of the others on this list, Crunchyroll is completely legal. With a free account, you are able to watch some series with ad breaks but to watch the majority of the collection you will have to fork over a monthly subscription fee of just under $7. With over 950 different animes in its library, it boasts one of the most complete collections on the internet, with the added bonus of it never being shut down out of the blue due to legalities.

You can also browse manga, stay up to date with the latest anime news via their blog section, and talk to like-minded anime enthusiasts via their forums. With a comprehensive rating system, you’ll be sure to lose hundreds of hours just reading and browsing, let alone watching anime.

KissAnime.ru – Watch anime online in high quality

At the time of writing this, KissAnime was/is one of the most popular English-dubbed anime sites on the internet. We say is/was because technically the .ru version doesn’t exist anymore, but clones pop up every time one of them disappears.

The site uses aesthetically pleasing colors and uses an attractive and easily navigatable design. You are able to view their list of animes, view a mobile-optimized version, report bad links, enter a chat room with like-minded individuals, read mangas/books, and even purchase stuff from their shop.

When scrolling down the page, it’s easy to view the latest uploads, as well as the most popular series. You can start watching almost instantly, as soon as you complete a standard captcha. The original site loaded very quickly and the video quality was high quality. Results may vary on any of the clone websites.

9Anime.bz – English subbed anime online

9Anime is another anime website that utilizes a fantastic looking user interface. This site has a huge collection of material, like others on this list. The majority of the shows uploaded are in high quality, but occasionally there are some that are not HD. If shows are missing, there is a request feature, which allows the team to upload requests – which means that if your favorite show is missing but you want to stay loyal to the site, then you shouldn’t have to leave. The tabs available are Newst, Genre, and Most Watched, which means it super easy to find your preferred anime, or to just pick something that everyone else is watching. There’s even an option to download the anime too, which means you don’t need to mess around with third-party websites or applications.

best anime streaming sites

Animexd.me – Watch anime episodes online

Animexd is another site which allows you to watch your favorite anime shows at any time without restriction, so you can divulge in the best anime online 24/7. The episode database is massive and the never-ending lists of anime will mean you will never be able to watch them all in a lifetime. This site is one of the best in terms of content and video quality. The sidebar shows what is currently trending, or you can use the search bar to find something specific.

Animeheaven.eu – English dubbed videos

Animeheaven, one of the best-looking anime websites out there! This site has everything from dubbed anime, subbed, and full movies. Tapping a category allows you to find full descriptions of the genre, number of episodes, and release date. Filtering the lists is also super easy. Animeheaven also has a fantastic community forum for you to discuss everything anime related with other enthusiasts.

Gogoanime.com – Largest free anime site

Watching dubbed anime online couldn’t be easiesr with Gogoanime – which will ensure you have a fantastic streaming experience. This site will allow you to access every Japanese anime available, with English subtitles; this means that, although they don’t necessarily have English-dubbed versions, you’ll still be able to read along, assuming you can read English fast enough. The anime collection is very impressive and the video quality is of high-quality. The site has a decent user interface and is easy enough to navigate. There is also a Gogoanime app for smartphones too – which is a lovely bonus.


Just like the other websites, at no cost at all, AnimeFreak offers most subbed and dubbed anime available on the internet. Navigation is very easy to use, and there are menu tabs where you can sort the animes by genre, latest, and popular. The search tabs are a little cluttered but the vast catalog of episodes makes up for it. Also, a newly added feature is their manga uploads, which will allow you to read a vast amount of manga online. The ads are a little intrusive though.


Masterani has quite a unique user interface and is by far one of the best websites to stream online anime. The layout makes it incredibly easy to find your anime of choice. The large thumbnails are a great touch, as well as the general synopsis of each show before you click. Every piece of content comes with a user-rating system, which makes finding the most popular shows a breeze. The ad interruption is almost non-existent – we highly recommend Masterani.


Animeseason is a pleasure to navigate due to its fantastic interface. With sophisticated, the design is very aesthetically clean. When browsing, the tabs allow quick access to full series, highest rated, most recent, genres, and on-going series (those that haven’t released every episode yet). If you click on a title, you will be greeted with a full-length description of the title, including: release date, ratings, summary and more. The majority of the animes were English-subbed. The biggest plus is the lack of adverts on the site.


Like others before it, Chia-anime is another site that allows you to stream the best anime, in the comfort of your own home. This site allows you access to all of your favorite anime titles for the die-hard fans out there. Chia-anime is one of the longest running anime websites of its type, and it seems to evade website bans that others end up receiving every few months. The frequency of their anime updates is pretty impressive, matching even that of Crunchyroll. Another great feature is that there is an in-built option to download as many episodes as you’d like, without using third-party applications or websites.

Final thoughts

This list could go on forever, but we feel it’s best to keep it at a concise ten. Anime streaming websites come and go so often it can sometimes be difficult to keep up to date. What your favorite website was last year, may not exist today. However, it must be noted that we don’t endorse the use of potentially illegal streaming websites, therefore we would recommend that you sign-up to Crunchyroll, as that site is the only legal one from this list.

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Ecovacs Deebot Slim2: Crumb Picker Or Vacuum? https://www.fadedandblurred.com/ecovacs-deebot-slim2-review/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/ecovacs-deebot-slim2-review/#disqus_thread Sat, 26 Jan 2019 19:37:11 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=975 Ecovacs ensures that its Deebot Slim2 robot vacuum cleaner can move under furniture and clean particularly difficult to access areas. The initiative is commendable, but at what cost?


  • Filling capacity – 0.3 L
  • Covered area – 150 m2
  • Battery type – Li-ion
  • Noise level – 56 dB
  • Programmable – yes
  • Suction on carpets and long pile carpets – no


The Ecovacs Deebot Slim2 is one of the entry-level models for hard floors. Sold for less than 200, this robot vacuum cleaner stands out from the competition by its incredible thickness of 5.7 cm. This thickness is supposed to allow it to easily pass under all the furniture to clean hard-to-reach areas. With no camera and no laser rangefinder, the Deebot Slim2 is a blind vacuum cleaner that prefers to go over the same areas several times – and make sure that the most persistent dust has been removed – rather than ensuring orderly navigation.

Ease of use

While most Ecovacs robot vacuums have a classic round shape, the Deebot Slim2 prefers to emancipate itself from this traditional design and chooses a square shape with rounded corners. But where this device makes all the difference is in its thickness, reduced to 5.7 cm, which allows it to easily fit under all furniture, even the lowest. So indeed, the promise of this device “which moves under almost all furniture” is being fulfilled. On the other hand, the second part of the commitment, which concerns the “cleaning of particularly difficult to access areas”, is flouted, but we will come back to this later.

On the top of the robot is the Auto button, this starts the robot or pauses it. There are not too many leads either. Ecovacs provides a remote control that allows a few actions. There are three directional buttons, the Play/Pause button, the Home button and those allowing different cleaning modes (automatic or targeted).

Designed for hard floors, the Slim2 can accommodate an absorbent wipe, which is designed to remove persistent dust. Unlike the Xiaomi Roborock S50, there is no dedicated water tank here. The user must necessarily moisten the wipe and clean it when necessary.

Connectivity and application

This robot vacuum cleaner connects to the home’s Wi-Fi network and is controlled from the Ecovacs application. The configuration steps are well explained in the application and the operation, if properly followed, should not take more than 10 minutes. However, note that the Deebot Slim2 is incompatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Once the robot is connected – and when it does not disconnect, which is fortunately very rare – the user can control it remotely. On the app’s home page, you will find the different suction modes, the directional keys to orient your device, the Home key (for a return to the base).

By going to the parameters, at the top right, it is possible to program cleaning scenarios for the week, but also to access the cleaning history. In this respect, understand that it is only possible to see the duration of the cleaning and not the areas covered; blind robot obliges!

Interesting feature, you can access the life cycle monitoring of accessories, filters and side brushes to anticipate replacement.


The collector – installed under the hood – can be emptied without any problems. It can be removed using the small handle. The collector’s mouth is preceded by a filter that is easily dislodged. Behind this filter is another grid filter to retain lint and thick dust. By pulling this part, the user will finally be able to empty the collector. And moreover, since we are talking about him, his very limited capacity of 0.3 forces him to empty it very regularly.

There is no roller or central brush here, just two side brushes to bring the dust back into the suction mouth. These can be easily removed for cleaning.

Navigation system

As a good blind robot, the Deebot Slim2 is happy to cover the same areas several times, even if it means running out of battery. It goes through the room as it sees fit and until its exhausted. In a completely random way, it took it 50 minutes to clean one room. The robot has proven to be completely unable to return to recharging itself autonomously. To our greatest surprise, this robot vacuum cleaner never managed to reach its charging base.

Obstacle management is also affected by the absence of a range finder or camera. Thus, it comes up against almost everything it encounters, but even more so against the legs of rather thin chairs or tables. Small but strong, it is even able to push certain obstacles – our coffee table still remembers it – without damaging them.

But the most striking thing is that this Deebot has the defects of his qualities. Indeed, because of its extreme finesse, it can be used under certain furniture. It has ventured into some parts of the lab where other robots have never been before him. On the other hand, it has happened several times that it gets stuck under some very low furniture and then waits for assistance from us. And it is often in the same places that he tends to get stuck and ask for help over and over again.


Suction performance is mixed. On thick carpet, this Deebot Slim2 wallows completely. In 9 minutes, after which we stopped cleaning, it collected only 20% of the waste from our test protocol. This is a very poor result and reflects the inefficiency and inability of the robot to cover this surface.

It’s better on thin carpet, with a result of 96% of the materials recovered after 9 min (again, the deadline imposed). On hard ground, this Deebot Slim2 does not demerit since it has collected 87% of the dust left on the ground.

These raw results are therefore not so catastrophic, provided however that the Deebot has time to do his job. And anyway, since he has been unable to return to his base, he will continue to aspirate until you stop his task and put him back manually


The Slim2 is incredibly quiet and only emits 56 dB (A) when it sucks in. It now equals the Samsung Navibot Corner Clean. The noise level is therefore moderate, which is a very good thing since we would prefer to launch our Deebot Slim2 under supervision as it requires assistance.


The Deebot Slim2 holds up pretty well since it ran out of battery after 1h40; a great performance. However, it takes about 4 hours to recharge fully.


  • Very thin robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Practical functions in the application.
  • Silent.
  • Autonomous.


  • Blind robot.
  • Random trajectory.
  • Regular disconnection of the robot from the network.
  • Requires regular assistance (blockages, refusal to return to base).
  • No central brush.


The finesse and autonomy of the Deebot Slim2 are two arguments that are so crucial for many users. Unfortunately, it gets lost in rooms, runs out of battery on surfaces already sucked in and had a hard time returning to its charging base independently. Because its management of obstacles is sometimes painful, it requires some assistance from its user and in this sense, it is more likely to be a crumb collector than a robot vacuum cleaner.

https://www.fadedandblurred.com/ecovacs-deebot-slim2-review/feed/ 0
BDO Sorceress Guide https://www.fadedandblurred.com/bdo-sorceress-guide/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/bdo-sorceress-guide/#disqus_thread Sat, 26 Jan 2019 14:36:29 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=973 The aim of this article is to provide some information on questions we receive frequently in the Discord, as well as some videos and guides on how to perform certain mechanics. Combo videos in themselves are not here because there isn’t exactly a set way to play Sorc, it requires knowledge of the potential cancels and ways to move that will let you adapt to your situation. The best way to learn how to play is simply through trial and error to work on building muscle memory, learning timings and the other classes. Without a grab we do not have the ability to force openings and so we have to know when and how to engage and disengage safely.

Some of the information may seem vague or not direct enough but that’s to encourage you to do your own research and testing. What works for some may not feel the same for others and without the ability to make your own conclusions you will not be able to play Sorceress as effectively as some.

Risky to play and difficult to master, Sorceress provides an engaging play experience that is rewarding and makes it boring to play other classes. If you can’t find anything here or think anything should be added, feel free to ask in the Discord.

1. FAQ

What skills do I use for Pre-Awaken grinding?

It really doesn’t take that long to get to 56, you’re basically going to be mashing Claws of Darkness (S + LMB), Dark Flame (S + LMB + RMB), Black Wave (S + RMB > S + LMB + RMB), Dream Of Doom (Shift + E) and Shadow Eruption (Shift + F). Go for back and down attacks, figure out which abilities CC then play around and have fun. You can also use Bloody Calamity (Shift + A/D > Space) for some extra healing.

How do I regen Mana while grinding?

Good shard management is a necessary skill to develop. The Q buff not only gives an AP Bonus but can also be used to regenerate Mana, by combining it with Dark Trade you are able to absorb twice in a row for a more sizeable Mana boost although the AP Buff will just reset itself. If you’re still having troubles keeping your mana up, the best recommendation is to take the Mana on Hit addon for Dream Of Doom. Hitting a pack of mobs with it will usually give you 70% of your Mana back and is useful for mindless grinding when you don’t feel like paying attention to using your shards to do it.

What skills do I need to lock?

Locking a skill prevents it from being used unless activated through the hot-bar, this can prevent mishaps when you have sloppy input and stamina management. Locking a skill is done by mousing over it in the skill menu and clicking on the little lock at the top so it is closed. Locking Evasion in the top right of Main is a must as it will prevent you from combat rolling when you are out of stamina. The rest here are personal preference : Bloody Contract (Personally I use it when I need to heal in a safe spot or to gain just a bit of HP to get into BA/RBF, not actually that effective of a skill, but I’ve seen it suggested.), Abyssal Flame (Makes it easy to mess up Dark Flame, although so does having Absolute Darkness, but at least then you only have one way to do it incorrectly. Abyssal Flame when used from the hot bar cannot be charged.), Mark of the Shadow, and Soul Harvest (If you’re holding Spacebar down before you go to cast GRJ, you’ll Soul Harvest instead of charging GRJ and probably die). Depending on your play style, you can lock and then hot bar Scattering Shadow. It’s beneficial for people who use Shadow Kick as a Down Smash because you are able to go from Stinger into Shadow Kick (Shift+LMB > F) which would normally do Scattering Shadow if it was unlocked.

     PvE : Use Jubre until you get Kutum, then you use Kutum until you are 261 with Nouver
    PvP : If you have a Helrick, I personally would use that until you are 240+ with Nouver. See below for the reasoning. If you don’t feel like using Helrick, then go ahead and use Jubre until you get a Nouver. With the removal of Renown/return of Evasion, I would definitely keep a Helrick or some way to boost Accuracy on hand. Rhik talisman also returns as it is our Evasion off-hand.

Urugon’s or Muskans? (DR vs. Evasion)
Urugon’s and all forms of DR will perform better in PvE, but for PvP it comes down to your other equipment. If you are running Griffon or Giath you’ll want to stick with Urugon. If you plan on going Heve or Leebur then go Muskan, basically stack which ever one you want to use as hard as you can. In order to use Leebur you’ll probably have to put on double RCE to make up for the Accuracy lose and so that is more of an end-game build, but Muskan/Heve will still do fine. For it to even out you need a PEN Heve helm vs. Urugon and Griffon/Giath.

Griffon or Giath?

Griffon has +6 Hidden DR and 5% Resistance, Giath has +100 HP and makes you look like a Predator, the difference between the two is minimal and not something I would worry about until late in the game when you know enough to make your own decision based on your build, just take whatever is easier to get (probably Giath to start).

Offin or Kzarka?

Offin’s main advantage is the higher AP (2@TET, 3@PEN) where as Kzarka will have the higher accuracy (18@TET and PEN) when comparing them at equal Enhancement levels. There is also the additional crystal diversity provided by acquiring 2 Crit from your weapon, not something I think overly matters for PvP since you should be running foods and elixirs that max your Battle Stats anyways, but in PvE might let you use an alternative setup that allows for easier buff management without elixir/food rotations. This, and the higher Main Hand AP seem to make Offin superior for PvE.

The argument for Kzarka is that once you past 269 AP, the bonus damage scaling starts to provide less of a bonus as the previous brackets. High-end builds seem to be gearing towards maintaining 269 AP and then diversifying into other areas like Evasion through the use of Caphra leveled armor and Kutum. Keeping that in mind, Kzarka *seems* to be a more balanced choice for high end PvP builds.

Does Sorc need Accuracy? / TET Red Coral Earring (RCE) or TRI Tungrad?

Highly contentious subject and everyone will have a different answer. Sorc at lower Renown brackets WILL need Accuracy. Almost all of our skills have no additional Accuracy Modifiers making our damage very inconsistent. This is the reason I suggest using a Helrick; when you don’t have as much AP you need as many hits to land in order for you to deal damage to someone. I would say base line ratings you want to hit are:

200ish AP / 400ish Accuracy

240ish AP / 350ish Accuracy

The whole point being as you gain more AP you can afford to drop Accuracy. Keep in mind the Accuracy on your Sheet when you mouse over AP does NOT include your Crystals, you need to add those in manually.

As for the Red Coral Earring, most people will have differing opinions but as someone who recently went through these gear changes, I personally dropped my TET RCE for TRI Tungrad to boost my AP Brackets and saw significant returns .Some testing on the damage between RCE and Tungrad is included in the Defensive Testing document under the Misc Info>Theorycrafting section. I probably won’t use my RCE until I can be at LEAST 261 with it on, and even then at every bracket I would re-evaluate. As with anything in this game I recommend you do your own tests in order to better understand the pro’s and con’s of any setup so you can make more informed decisions.

2. Mechanics

Basic Sorceress Overview Video – YouTube
The video above is Pre-Rabam/CC Change but of all the videos we had it is the shortest and covers the most in detail. Things to keep in mind with any video listed as Pre-CC Change:

  • Rushing Crow and the Flow no longer have Super Armor
  • Violation no longer has Forward Guard
  • Storming Crow is now a Super Armor


As far as what are actual Sorc combos, it’s not something we are going to cover other than the two videos below, I would suggest you look at our #PvP-Videos section in Discord/that link and see how other people fight and what you think would better fit your play style. Additional useful clips can be found in the pinned messages of #general and #class-related on the discord.

Macilus’ Guides
Transitions and Cancels (Pre-CC Change) – YouTube

Neutral Game + Q&A : Covers playing defensively as well as some questions about other Sorc related abilities – Twitch

Down Smash Combos – YouTube

Sinister Omen/Dark Trade I-Frame Cancel – Gyazo GIF

Flow : Requiem Cancel – Gyazo GIF

GRJ Initating Cancels – Gyazo GIF / Gyazo GIF

3. Skill Info


If you find yourself lacking in Skill Points, here is a list of quests available to get some easy ones; Scarecrows are also now a viable way of training skill points AFK.

Skill Point Quests : Google Doc Link

Below are some sample builds to take you from awakening onward, below 56 you’re allowed to freely reset skills and so you can play around with the different ones at no cost. Refer to the FAQ at the top to find the basic pre-awakening grinding skills. These builds are basic guidelines to follow. You might decide you don’t like some of the skills and you might want some that aren’t listed and if you make those choices that’s alright as these aren’t set in stone. Knowledge of the pros and cons of the abilities will help to make more informed decisions. Abilities in question might be:

Eva+DR Passives/Shield of Darkness : Down in the Misc.Info>Theorycrafting section there is a document that has tests on how much damage these reduce. They probably aren’t worth taking until the later stages when you’re 1700+ or when you feel you have most of the abilities you use consistently maxed.
Darkness Released : Mostly used in down smash combos and to provide unprotected/non-stamina draining (although not regenerating) movement. Leveling the skill min/maxes damage but doesn’t provide much benefit to the movement/down smash utility.
Midnight Stinger : Absolute version is for min/maxing damage, the Ultimate version opens up additional cancels. Ultimate can cause some issues with cancelling stuff earlier than intended (especially Dream of Doom), so my recommendation is to not use it until you become comfortable with regular Stinger. Once you feel like you’re at a point in your combos that you want to cancel things a bit faster, then you can think about putting points into it (you should be able to tell when you can get away with a faster cancel).

Absolute Darkness : Main use of the skill is for the add-on which gives 30% Crit that stacks with Midnight Stinger. This has it’s uses in both PvP and PvE but the add-on will only apply if you land a hit with the skill. Additional hits and accuracy scaling from leveling it up make it more likely to land a good hit and get the addon buff. You also get a bit more range on it which is useful in certain matchups in pvp. As with most utility spells, leveling it becomes more of a min/max damage thing, for PvE Rank 1 is sufficient.

Black Wave : Unless you can pump this to Absolute then it’s basically useless after Awakening, can be used for filler damage and doesn’t use stamina so in places like trees you can throw it while you regenerate stamina. Even then the damage is pretty underwhelming. Not worth investing unless you’re well over 1800sp in my opinion.
Sinister Shadow/Flow of Darkness : Leveling Sinister Shadow provides further distance on use and higher crit rate, but the crit doesn’t stack with Stinger, which has a higher crit buff.

The main benefit of using this skill is being able to move while not consuming/regenerating stamina (S+F combined with camera turn). Personally would rather use Flow of Darkness which provides an Evasion buff that increases at the next level instead if you’re looking for a little weave.
Signs of Agony : Useful for random jebaits in large scale when people have effects turned off. It’s also useful in 1v1 for fishing random CCs at range (especially against less careful opponents). Leveling the skill makes the casting animation faster, which leaves you unprotected for a shorter amount of time.

Shadow Kick : Mainly useful in down smash combos and Shadow Eruption cancel. At Absolute the damage gets decent and it can be used for some additional filler damage (2x Shadow kick into Shadow Eruption for example). If you decide to use it in down smash combos I recommend locking Scattering Shadow.

Scattering Shadow : Mainly used for the Accuracy buff and Shadow Eruption cancel. It has its use in the basic air combo, but at a cost of making the air smash unreliable. At absolute it deals slightly more damage than Shadow Kick.

Crow Flare : Needed to access Engulfing Shadow rabam. Can be used in as filler damage in pre awakening combos if combined with Beak Kick. The main benefit of Crow Flare is being able to cancel any skill once Ultimate: Crow Flare is learned. While it’s very useful in combos, it also requires more precise inputs in certain situations (casting Dream of Doom becomes more challenging in particular).

Beak Kick : Can only be used after Crow Flare and Shadow Ignition. It provides a very good evasion debuff which is useful in high level grinding locations such as hystria. It also has air smash but it’s not utilized very often in combos.

Mark of the Shadow : Before absolute it’s mainly used for pulling mobs in PvE. Once skilled up to absolute it becomes useful in PvP with the 30% movement speed slow that hits up to 10 targets. It costs a LOT of skill points to get it to absolute though.

Ultimate: Shadow Eruption : The “flow” to Shadow Eruption. Not really useful in any combos, but it has a knockdown with a very good range (better than most people would expect). It’s pretty much only use is catching people off guard and getting the KD on them from range

Sinister Omen : The only use of this skill is bypassing the awakened iframe cooldown. For more information look into the mechanics section.

Claws of Darkness : Not really useful for anything, the damage doesn’t get good enough to justify using it even at absolute.

Dark backstep : Animation locked and unprotected, it’s a big no-no.

Shadow riot : Currently the accuracy on this skill is bugged which makes it virtually useless. It’s a waste of 14 skill points.

Abyssal Flame : Most people have this skill locked because it overlaps with the Dark Flame input. It has a decent heal and mediocre damage, wouldn’t recommend using it as it makes Dark Flame have a tiny gap at the beginning. Requires Rank 3 to be able to use Abyssal Blow.

Vile Plan : This skill is not even worth learning after they took away the CC from it. It was still pretty niche before that.

Cartian’s Nightmare : “Crows”, mostly used for protected AoE damage in large scale, lazy dps in pve or a bait/stamina recovery tool in 1v1. Leveling it up increases the damage by a little bit and reduces the cooldown down to 45s at max level. The main benefit is the cooldown reduction as the damage increase is negligible. It also costs a lot of skill points to level up and some players skip it until they have other abilities maxed.

Absolute/JIN Priority

Skill Enhancement / Rabams

56 Rabam

Shadow Ignition is regarded as superior because of high damage/low cool down combined with a CC/Air Smash component that chains well after floats like Shadow Eruption or Scattering Shadow. It can also be used after i-frames to catch people off guard.

Crow Nightmare’s damage and heal doesn’t make up for the extremely high cooldown and DPS loss both in PvP and PvE you lose by not taking Shadow Ignition.

57 Rabam

This one comes more to personal preference and I would recommend trying out both.

Engulfing Shadow is preferred by most as it provides us with a SA gap closer with high damage. It can also be used defensively to reposition while trying to conserve stamina.

Abyssal Blow is a mid-range FG attack with a decent heal. It can be combined with Dream of Doom for ranged damage from safety, or with Abyssal Flame which is required to unlock it for a substantial amount of healing on a low cooldown.

Some players recommend rebinding Shift + Z/Shift + X to different keys that may be easier for you to use.


The builds from 56 – 60 include Rank III Crow Flare with the assumption you’ll be going Engulfing Shadow for your 57 Rabam. If you decide you want to use Abyssal Blow instead, than swap the points from Crow Flare into Abyssal Flame.

56 (470sp): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/81395
57 (607sp): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/81396
58 (708sp): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/81397
59 (794sp): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/81401
60 (981sp): https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/81400
61 (1600sp) : https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/81353/

Skill Addons

These are the commonly used ones, I would go through the skill instructor and check out all the skills to find which ones would be most useful to you.

Dream of Doom: 30MP/hit, Cast Speed, PvP Attack, Burn Damage
Blood Calamity: 30HP/hit, Cast Speed, Bleed Damage
Storming Crow: PvP Attack, Evasion
Midnight Stinger: Monster/PvP Attack, Cast Speed
Absolute Darkness : Critical Chance, Cast Speed, Accuracy

Shadow Eruption : Monster/PvP Attack, Cast Speed
Violation: Cast Speed, Accuracy, Pain Damage
Turnback Slash: Cast Speed, Accuracy, Bleed Damage
Grim Reaper’s Judgement: PvP Attack Increase, Cast Speed
Cartian’s Nightmare: Cast Speed, Burn Damage, 10HP/hit


Slimshadii : https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/4aa44725a3fad2ffed47800df8d97d2e-png.jpg

Keiryan (Acc/Cast Speed): https://gyazo.com/1ca8ce721266743c594b955353341bd6

Keiryan (DoT) : https://gyazo.com/f15978a8fde1f499267ae64e379c8656

4. Gear

This section will mostly cover what newer players should be aiming for gear wise. Following the 0-200AP Guide below will provide a good starting point, keeping in mind that the chart was made for a caster and we should substitute the appropriate off-hand versions for Sorceress (Jubre = AP, Helrick = Accuracy, Rhik = Evasion). This guide was also created before Urugon and Griffon and so either of those can be used in the appropriate slot as well. For any other questions a more geared player might have, they are probably answered in the FAQ at the top of the document.


Roaring Magical Armor : https://bddatabase.net/us/quest/684/1/

Concerning Main Hand, use Black Abyssal Weapon until you can obtain a Kzarka.

Black Abyssal Weapon : https://bddatabase.net/us/quest/4523/1/

Katan Scythe can also be used for starters : https://bddatabase.net/us/quest/699/18/

Crystals and Consumables

It’s frequently asked what a sorc needs in terms of our base stats so we’ll cover this here first and then that’ll make you more informed to decide what setup you will use for the follow buffs.

Cast Speed : Always maxed at 5.

Critical Hit : Importance is on maxing cast speed first, and then Critical where possible, this can be most effectively done by using certain foods and elixirs and the p2w costume crystal.


(Pre-Drieghan Update 11/14/18, see Drieghan Section below)

New Player
Helm : Infinity – Memory (2 Cast Speed) x2
Gloves : Infinity – Valor (2 Critical) x2
Boots : Infinity – Swiftness (2 Movement Speed) x2
Chest : Infinity – Vigor (35 HP) x2
Main Hand : Magic Crystal Enhancement (1 Cast Speed) x1

         Infinity / Ancient Magic Power – (+2/+5 AP) x1

Off-Hand : Infinity  – Down/Back Attack/Critical (10% Down/Back/Critical) Mix and Match

The Boots and Chest crystals really aren’t that important, you can throw in whatever you want. The idea is you want to be maxing out your Critical and Cast Speed, anything beyond that is a luxury.

Advanced Setup
Helm : JIN Harpia, BMC Agility, BMC Intimidation
Chest : BMC Vigor, BMC Armor, BON Cobelinus, Ancient Magic Evasion
Gloves : WON/BON/JIN Viper
Boots : Ancient Magic/BMC/RBF Adamantine, BMC/Jin Hystria
Main Hand : BMC Precision
Off-Hand : Crit/Down/Back Attack – Higher Damage (Crit preferred)

     Valtarra/Black Spirit Crystal/Awakened Crystal – Survivability

I won’t break down each of the choices here because by the time you get to the point of using these, you should have a fair idea of what each crystal does and why you would want to use them.

Drieghan Crystals

With the release of Drieghan we now have more Crystal options available and as they are brand new until further testing has come out I can’t offer any definitive answers on what would be best, although I’m sure people will already say there is confirmed BiS setups. As with anything I encourage you to research and decide for yourself based on your setup and current gear progression what will be better suited for you. The thing you’ll want to remember when deciding where and what to use is that Drieghan crystals may be slotted into ANY slot, including Main and Off-Hand. The only absolute set-in-stone ones I would not remove would be your JIN/WON/BON Viper’s and BMC Precisions. I only list those because the other slots will depend on your build but those are applicable no matter what build you are running.

Potential Drieghan Crystal Setups : https://gyazo.com/f22a09cd303484eb603e53a0be045bd0


In order to run a 4 food rotation, look at the duration of the foods you are using, they require them to last for 120 minutes in order to run 4 foods which means you will need the Yellow versions of those foods. Foods that last 110 minutes like Special Serendia Meal will leave a small gap but the bonuses are still good enough to make it viable in 4 food rotations.


3 Main Foods
Serendia Meal : (+5AP/+10 Accuracy/+1 Critical Hit)
Kamasylvia Meal (150 HP/200 Stamina/5% Back Attack)
King of Jungle Hamburg (Ignore Resist 3%/Crit Damage 5%)

4th Optional Foods
Valencia Meal (Ignore Resist 4%/Debuff Resist 4%/Evasion +10/Monster Damage -6%)
Knight Combat Rations (+5 AP/+5 Human Damage/+5 DR)

Lazy Food

Exquisite Cron Meal (A bit of everything, use if you’re too lazy/don’t have the time to run a full food rotation)

Recommend / Lazy

Simple Cron Meal : Really is the easiest and gives the widest array of stats, works even in Gyfin and is beneficial because of the XP gain.

High End / Hystria / Don’t care about XP

Use the PvP 3 Main Foods as well as Valencia Meal. If you don’t want to run 4 foods I would choose Kama, Hamburg, Valencia.


There isn’t a whole lot to put here, Giant’s Draughts are the most preferably in PvP and in Hystria, any lower level grinding usually won’t require you to run elixirs. If you wanted to keep some cheap ones I would suggest Fury (5-8 AP), Shock (2-3 Critical) and maybe some Swiftness (2-3 Movement Speed) to help grind that little bit faster.

If you are fighting something that hits a little bit harder such as Pila Ku, you might consider Remarkable Will (7.5-10% Less PvE Damage), Steel Defense (5-10 Damage Reduction), and Helix (8-12 Evasion).

Higher end elixirs that might be used in Parties include Assassination (10-15% Back Atk Damage), Perforation (5-10 Flat Back Atk Damage), Draining (3-5 HP on Crit), Grim Reaper (1-3 HP on Hit) Detection (10-15% Critical Atk Damage), Griffon (12-17 Kamasylvia Damage), Death (5-10 Flat Critical Atk Damage) and Sky (10-15% Air Atk Damage).

5. Misc. Info

Stat Brackets/Bonus Damage Scaling

Bonus AP Damage Increase :


Sorc Defensive Damage Tests – Contains tests between the use of Special Attack Evasion vs. BMC Cobes as well as the effectiveness of our defensive passives and Shield of Darkness, and damage differences between RCE/Tungrad for the 253 and 257 Brackets. – Google Doc

Conclusions on Stat Modifiers (Crit/Down/Back Atk) – Google Doc


General Hystria Info (Old Information) : BDO Forum Post

Black Spirit Claw Quest for automatic Hystria portal entrance : BDDatabase

Keiryan’s Hystria Pulls (Post Violation Nerf – 1600/hr at Soft Cap) : YouTube

Heedun’s Hystria Guide (Post Violation Nerf – More detail than my video :l ) : YouTube


How do I failstack/enchant XYZ?
Morrolan’s Enchanting Guide : YouTube

Only thing to add to this is now you can use Trina Axes to enchant which enchant at the same difficulty as boss gear but are significantly cheaper. – Dulfy

Enhancement Tables : Google Doc

New Enhancement Probability Table : Google Doc

Caphra Enhancement Tables : Google Doc

Life Skills

Zen’s Life Skilling Guides :
Beginner Guide : YouTube
Workers, Workload, Distance : YouTube
Cooking, Alchemy, Farming : YouTube
Processing, Trading : YouTube
Zen’s Node Empire : YouTube
Crates to M2 Trading : Google Doc Link
Zen’s Imperial/Processing Spreadsheet : Google Doc Link
CP XP Chart : Google Doc Link

Comprehensive Gathering/Node Map with Trading and Horse Calculator : www.somethinglovely.net

6. Legacy Info (Pre April 2018 CC Patch)

Some of the combos or information may not apply anymore due to patch changes.


Rowlan Pre-JIN Combo Guide : YouTube
Rowlan JIN/Rabam Combo Guide : YouTube
Dellyrium Combo Guide : YouTube
Solo Gyfin Grinding : YouTube

https://www.fadedandblurred.com/bdo-sorceress-guide/feed/ 0
BDO AP Gearing Guide https://www.fadedandblurred.com/bdo-ap-gearing-guide/ https://www.fadedandblurred.com/bdo-ap-gearing-guide/#disqus_thread Sat, 26 Jan 2019 14:31:09 +0000 https://www.fadedandblurred.com/?p=971

If you’re looking to enhance, start with the left image, if you like to buy stuff, buy the weapons/armor in the right image. Honestly I’d recommend buying due to new gear introduced on page 2.

This should get you to level 50/52. Go grind Mediah and do the main quest.

  • With 2 crystal slots, you can spare your helm slots for better stats (5 AS/CS + 5 Crit) [depends on class]

Weapon – More green stuff, pick one with this priority:

  • Rosar – Higher AP, but for some classes it is much harder to find on the market due to unpopular drop zones
  • Krea – A hidden gem, no one ever thinks about Krea but you want the 2 slots. It’s a small amount of AP less than Rosar

Weapons to Avoid:

  • Yuria – it is single slot and the human damage is worse than the AP from the previous weapons
  • Liverto – Use your green weapon until you switch to Kzarka. Otherwise you’ll be spending a couple hundred million to upgrade to something marginally better than Rosar. The benefits from Liverto can also be killed by narrower crystal choices (class dependent). A common sign of an unprepared newbie is +12 Liverto and no money.

Offhand – Shown is a steel dagger for witch. For most classes, you will want an AP offhand. Some other classes may use other offhands and you could start out with those, but the accuracy/DP you get from those don’t help you level as much as AP offhands.

Armor – Green sets, but if you can find an Ultimate one, get it so you don’t have to reform it later. We leave the chest at 0 for quest chest later.

The choice you make here isn’t terribly important, but what matters is having 2 crystal slot armor.

  • Heve – Shown here. It’s probably the best option because the 2 piece +HP effect will stay until you’re most of the way done swapping into boss armor later on.
  • Weight Set – Helps out when you’re grinding so you don’t have to unload as often.
    • This is a Zereth chestpiece, Hercules helm, boots, and gloves.
  • Grunil – +5 ap, but the effect basically vanishes on your first boss piece swap (Bheg’s)

Accessories – Whatever you can find off the ground or from random boxes. Don’t use the ones in the picture, they’re just placeholders for now.

To get here, you should complete the level 1-50 main quest line which starts the chain to get Roaring Magical Armor that will replace your chest piece.

After that, you should grind in Mediah to get the Asula accessory set.

Ring: Helms

Earring: Helms

Belt: Elrics

Necklace: Abandoned Iron Mine

It is also worth upgrading staff, offhand, and armor to pri/duo at this point. You should reform the mainhand weapon to ultimate to complete crystal bonuses because you will get +1 Attack/Cast speed.

Once you hit 56 and complete your awakening quest, I recommend getting the +10 green awakening weapon.

Upgrading a blue awakened weapon is like a Liverto, you will spend a lot to upgrade it, when it is only an incremental upgrade from green and to a Dandelion, when Dande is best in slot anyway. Arguably a Dande takes a long time to acquire, but you could spend the money saved from skipping blue towards the Dande. There is more leeway now with Asula accessories to get a blue awakened, but casually you only need a green, and it will be more price efficient later on. You can grind and do PvE things fine with a TRI green.

You can upgrade a green awakening weapon very cheaply, and repair weapons are sold at the arms dealer in Altinova for 150k. Try to get it to DUO/TRI. You could also just buy one for very cheap.

First you want to TRI your awakening and offhand, and then reform the offhand to Ultimate. While you upgrade your weapons, you can use your armor to make failstacks for TRI.

At this point, you should be about set to grind at most places and try out T1 node wars.

If you’re truly desperate to start node warring, I’d recommend getting armor to TRI. With TRI armor, you would be tipping over 400 GS.

If you’re going pretty casual and aren’t terribly interested in PvP, you can stick with DUO armor.

The next step is to start looking for boss gear from places like bosses, daily/weekly scroll bosses, night vendor, or market.  

You want to prioritize in this order, but you won’t necessarily get them in this order:

  • Dandelion awakening – Probably the hardest to get, but this will be best in slot and the last awakening weapon you get
  • Kzarka Mainhand – Not very hard to get, but you want to get rid of that mainhand pretty quickly so Kzarka is pretty important for accuracy/AP/ CS/AS.
  • Bheg’s gloves – Necessary for the accuracy bonus. It isn’t that hard to get compared to other pieces.
  • Muskan’s shoes – Pretty hard to get because it only drops from weekly boss (or bought).
  • Tree Spirit Armor – Also hard to get, but you have a field boss and weekly boss that drops it.
  • Giath’s Helmet – Easy to get and least important bonuses so it’s on the bottom of the list.

This is good enough, I can just stop here now.” You should always be progressing! That’s the main point of gearing.

The first bought upgrades you should get are:

  1. DUO Shultz belt – This is better than the Asula belt and is super cheap. About 10m for a 1 ap upgrade… but it’s also 1 ap so kind of optional.
  2. TRI RCE – If your class needs RCE, getting a TRI before other stuff would be the best move, because you’d break the Asula accuracy bonus and adding in the RCE accuracy instead
  3. TRI BCE – This could be another RCE, but a TRI BCE will fill in the upgrade from Asula and not cost you your first child. This will last you longer than getting DUO Marks of Shadow.

But I’m poor!

It doesn’t matter how much money you don’t have, you need to earn it. The Asula set makes it a lot easier to get PvP ready, but also sets back incremental upgrades so your first upgrades start expensive.

Here’s to hoping you managed to get at least Kzarka, Bheg’s, and Dande. When you get them, upgrading them to at least DUO if not TRI should be the priority. A smart thing to do to build failstacks for these upgrades is to use the TRI attempts on the Heve gear to build higher stacks for boss gear enhancements.

The next accessory upgrades will be pricier than the last. If you don’t have Kzarka, Bheg’s, and Dande, you should focus on getting them as well as other boss gear, and you can take a peek at the next page for the next accessories.

I’ll never get boss gear so I’ll settle for blues” isn’t the mentality of a winner! Once you get boss, it’s not like you have to get it again.
Unless you reroll.

The next upgrades are:

  1. DUO Seraps or PRI Ogre or TRI Shultz
  2. DUO Basilisk Belt
  3. 2x DUO Rings of Crescent Guardian

You could pick these up in any order, but above they are ordered by cost.. Breaking the 300hp Asula bonus is kind of bad, but each of these upgrades are 300-500m if bought on bid. Basi belt won’t break the bonus, but is a 4 ap upgrade for a similar price like the others.

One thing to note: If you’re about to buy a 500m non-TRI accessory, you should probably think about putting that money towards a Dande/Kzarka/Bheg’s if you don’t have one. They will be a more permanent upgrade because you might blow up the accessory later, but you’ll at least have the boss gear even if it’s PRI.

Some more reasoning behind these selections:

  • Skipping Marks of Shadow because TRI MoS is the same as DUO Crescent, but without upgrade potential, and DUO MoS is expensive for a tiny  2 ap increase over Asula
  • A DUO Shultz necklace would be ~150m for a 2 ap increase as well. A TRI would work hereas well. DUO Seraps and PRI Ogre offer upgrade potential.

As always, keep aiming for boss gear.

Boss Gear with DUO yellow accessories and TRI blues.

You can probably figure out where to go from here!

https://www.fadedandblurred.com/bdo-ap-gearing-guide/feed/ 0