Want to get your hands on Divinity? Of course you do! For those that don’t know, Divinity is an Exotic trace rifle in Destiny 2, obtained in the Garden of Salvation raid.

What makes this weapon so great is that it debuffs your target, increasing its damage taken for you and your whole Fireteam. Due to its unique debuff properties, it can be stacked with other similar debuffs, allowing you to tear apart enemies with ease.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Divinity Exotic Quest Steps Guide 1

Follow the guide below to obtain this fantastic weapon.

Step 1: Get the quest step by going to lunar battlegrounds on the moon where the garden of salvation portal would be. Kill waves of ads til a giant Minotaur spawns. Kill him and you get it.

Step 2: Go to three lost sectors on Nessus and inspect vex cores: The Orrery, Ancient Walk, The conflux.

The Orrery: Just before you reach the boss jump up on a ledge to the left and there is a secret room.

Ancient Haunt: A cave in the back left of the lost sector near the boss.

The Conflux: Once you get in the room with all the cabal go to the top middle right of the room. There is a ledge with a secret room.

Step 3: Kill 120 Black Garden vex. It doesn’t have to be in the raid. Vex offensive, Vex incursion, etc count. What I did was I went back to the raid portal in the first step where I got the quest and kept killing those waves of ads. Then I reloaded the area and did it again. Doing this 2-3 times even with people gets it done in less than 10 minutes.

Step 4: Go to the lectern of enchantment and buy an exotic part for 30 fragments. You should have enough by now I’ve you’ve been grinding shadowkeep. If not trade in 25 helium coils for 1 fragment or just kill nightmares.

Step 5: (This is the complicated step that will take you a long time to do. It also needs to be fully completed in one raid run. I’m like 80% sure checkpoints save progress so use that to your advantage.)

In this raid there are 6 tether rooms that you need to unlock the gun at the end of the raid. How do you get to them? This is how.

Tether room 1: Once you go through the portal into the first encounter and get up the stairs, look to the left and right. There should be 2 hatches hidden in the walls. One on the left and one on the right. Once entered, two holes are exposed coming up the stairs that are more important later.

At first glance these rooms are useless. They aren’t. Go back to where you spawned in the black garden and drop down below the platform. There is a secret room that has an intractable vex thing in the wall. Interact with it and platforms will appear at the exit of the room leading you back up. This shows you that you did it. Go back to the rooms you found and in one room should be a red tether box and the other should have a conflux that you need to connect it to similar to the 1st encounter.

You need 5-6 people to connect the tether from one room to the other using the holes that opened up on the stairs. Once you do this you can move onto the next room.

Tether room 2: (After the 1st encounter. Do this the same exact way you did the first room. Can also be glitched to from the 1st encounter with worldline zero and other stuff but you will have to have the 1st encounter completed to get to the other rooms. Here’s a video kinda showing how to do it except you take a right before dawnblading under the barrier and go around the giant wall and go along the wall til you reach it.)

The tether room can be accessed through three known entrances.

1. Top of the flower field. Find the only tree towards the start of the field and next to it is a shady area. Go into that shady area and there is a drop down into the room.

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2. Hug along the wall after taking a right at the barrier like previously stated and go to the opposite side of the wall. Hug it till you reach a giant hole.

3. Go past the giant hole and there is a smaller entrance.

This room is split into sections with holes connecting them so you need about 1 person per section. Have 5 people go into the hole above on the field like I stated before and have the 6th person go through the giant hole on the side where the tether box is located. The other 5 people will split between the rooms and connect. If a person accidentally goes into a room where they can’t get back to where they were, just keep going til you are outside and climb back up to enter. Once the tether is connected the vex barrier in the middle will disappear and you are onto the next room.

Tether room 3: Third Tether Room is on a branch if you stick hard right during the jumping puzzle just after the 1st encounter. There’s a box hidden under a leaf there once you shoot it about 6-7 red light diamond things pop up, you have to connect the beams through them all to complete that one.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Divinity Exotic Quest Steps Guide 2

Tether room 4: After defeating the Harpy Boss (3rd Encounter) A box will spawn in one of the alleyways down below a ledge, activate it and highlight all of the nodes after creating a loop. To create a loop all 6 guardians need to form a line and tether all 6, after everyone in the line gets tethered, the 6th person needs to walk over to towards the first person in the sequence to activate the loop. Travel as a group and fit the pattern seen.

Tether room 5: This box is actually in the same room as the previous one, it is the same box but all 6 guardians need to create another loop and travel as a group down one of the corridors towards the exit of that encounter. Line up accordingly.

WARNING: Suicide Olympic athlete harpies with the speed of a guy who just ate 3 meals at Krystal and needs to shit will spawn as you approach the diamond things you need to step on. Juke them and make them blow up one by one before attempting to step on the plates.

Tether room 6: The last and final tether is hidden near the ceiling in the waterfall room that was found in right before the final raid encounter. Jump up on all of the ledges until the receiver is found, link all 6 guardians with the tether box to the receiver to activate all 6 orb plates in the secret room.

Final Room Puzzle: All 6 players need to link into a line but DO NOT create a loop. 5 players need to line up on the plates in any sequence as long as the 6th player tethers the receiver across from the tether box. This will activate the blue nodes beneath the tether box and receiver. The blue nodes will project a sequence in which all 6 players will need to change around accordingly. (ex: The first position in the tether line needs to stand on the 1st position in the blue projection’s line. This goes for all 6 players. This process needs to be repeated flawlessly 7 times in order to progress.

So basically if you still don’t understand, assign a person per plate and give each one a number 1-6. Each person will move to the next plate after their number after the blue connection fully runs through the tether. When you do this 7 times you will see “COMPLETED Security Bypassed” on the left hand side of your screen. This indicates that you have now completed every tether room and you are ready to beat the final boss.

How to obtain Divinity: Finally after completing the final puzzle, you need to defeat the final boss. After defeating the final boss and dropping down to the loot room you will receive 2 chests, one containing Divinity and one with regular raid loot. Enjoy your Divinity exotic!

World’s first Divinity has been acquired. Complete the final room and get the gun. https://twitter.com/AspectXI/status/1180986057740996608