Breakout Beasts Review

breakout beasts review

If you thought the slime fad was long gone, you would be mistaken! Breakout Beasts are a brand new line of toys that have been released by Mega Construx. These mysterious monsters are encased in a slime filled egg. When you crack the egg open you will uncover one of the five mystery beasts, and you’ll never know which one you’re going to get.

The names of the monsters are:

  • Torchwing
  • Blackheart
  • Boulder
  • Tempyst
  • Ironclaw

The amazing thing about Breakout Beasts is that, because of their configurable bodies, you’re able to make your own beasts by combining other monster body parts together!

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Mega Construx Breakout Beasts, Styles May Vary Mega Construx Breakout Beasts, Styles May Vary 19 Reviews from $9.99



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