Ghost Shells in Destiny 2 are mainly equipped for aesthetic reasons, but some of the best ones will reward the user with some pretty nifty quality of life improving perks. What makes Ghost Shells great is that, because there are so many available, it’s really easy to equip one that fits your gear’s color scheme well, if you are that way inclined.

Destiny 2 is filled with lots of unlockable rewards, so even without trying it’s likely that you will come across lots of Ghost Shells via caches, chests, and various completion rewards. However, if you’re looking to get your hands on some of the best ghost shells in Destiny 2, you’ve come to the right place.

10Knight’s Peace Shell

The Knight’s Peace Shell is an Exotic Ghost Shell that is obtained via the Emissary of The Nine by completing Trials and receiving rank-up packages.

What makes this Shell so great is that it has two Exotic Intrinsic Perks; Guiding Light and Omni-Telemetry. The first will increase your EXP gain by 10%, and the second generates Gunsmith telemetry data on all elemental weapon kills.

9Eyeball Shell

This Legendary Ghost Shell is simply obtained from Bright Engrams or Prismatic Matrix, so you might have it already. It has slots that you can equip mods into, but it does not have any perks.

8Alchemical Dawn Shell

The Alchemical Dawn Shell is another easily obtainable Shell. Simply complete matches in the Crucible (PvP) and you may receive it as a reward from your rank-up packages.

It’s perks are Banshee’s Favorite and Vanguard/Crucible Scanner. Banshee’s Favorite will make it so any elemental weapon kill will generate Gunsmith telemetry data at an increased. The scanner perks will grant additional consumables via Strikes and PvP matches.

6Rust Punk Shell

The Rust Punk Shell, like many others, has the Omni-Telemetry perk. However, this Shell also has the Treasure Hunter perk, which allows you to automatically detect caches within 50-meters of you, as well as increasing Glimmer gains.

A must-have for farming, this Shell is obtained via Bright Engrams.

5Predator Sun Shell

One of the most unique looking Shells on this list, the Predator Sun Shell looks like something an ancient civilization might worship.

This fancy looking Shell is obtained via Bright Engrams, and has the Omni-Telemetry perk, as well as Public Defender. The latter increases loot from all public events, regardless of what planet you’re on.

Even if you don’t equip this full time, this Shell is an absolute must have for when you plan on doing public events.

4Cosmos Shell

This space-themed Shell is obtained via Bright Engrams and is equipped with the perks Omni-Telemetry and Guiding Light, which we have described in more detail previously.

3Starlight Shell

This Legendary Ghost Shell has no perks, but you can equip mods to it. It’s obtained by completing activities in the Dreaming City.

2Sagira’s Shell

This Mercury specific Ghost Shell is obtained from finished Osiris’s Lost Prophecies. It has three useful perks: Omni-Telemetry, You’re Welcome, and Scion of Mercury.

Omni-Telemetry has been covered previously. You’re Welcome will detect caches and resources up to 75 meters away while on Mercury. Scion of Mercury will grant additional Glimmer and consumables while on Mercury too.

This is a fantastic Ghost Shell which should be your ‘go-to’ when on this particular planet.

1Sanctified Vigilance

Finishing off our list we have Sanctified Vigilance. This fancy looking Exotic Ghost Shell is obtained from Bright Engrams and has two useful perks: Omni-Telemetry and Public Defender.

Wrapping up

Hopefully this list has been useful for some, even if Ghost Shell choices are often personal preference. If you can think of any Shells that absolutely must be on this list, feel free to pop them down in the comments box below.

We wish you all the very best on your adventures, Guardians.