Whether you like to hear it or not, teenagehood is the time your kid does not want to talk to, and would rather talk to friends. While there is a lot to worry about when this age comes by, it helps if your kids have some activities that keep them occupied with the right thing.

Most teenagers enjoy playing video games, mainly because they are still kids that are looking to have some fun. However, you cannot expect them to enjoy the very content you would enjoy. If you are looking to buy your teenage daughter or son a board game, here are the ten best board games that would suit teenagers:


Now that you already have the X rocker 5125401 gaming chair in your house, how about you let your teenager indulge in this fast moving board game? The new version of the game has updates of new culture-sensitive language, which makes it a great board game for groups and friend or a family game night.

9Apples to Apples

Young adults and teenagers love this game. There is a subjective judge usually involved in this game, who will award points for every seven nouns of places, faces or pop culture icons, matched to an adjective card.

8Forbidden Island

This board game about mystery demands a lot of teamwork to rescue the four sacred treasures, that is, Crystal of Fire, Ocean’s Chalice, the Earth Stone, and the Statue of the Wind. The mystery in it makes it super fun for teenagers.


The Pandemic game can become an addictive game for teenagers and young adults, in a chase to quell plague breakouts before pandemics erupt on a global scale. Technically the entire human race is placed in the hands of the player.

5Invasion from Outer Space

Teenagers have a wild imagination, which makes this sci-fi horror flick worth their time. The battle against plastic aliens happens in amusement park rides, a fun house and other carnival attractions, which are perfect for teenagers.

4Settlers of Catan

This is one of the board games that can become very addictive, with players working to conquer territory on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads across a variable playing field. The game is designed for up to 5 players.

3Game of Things

The Game of Things is a great game that tests 4 or more players on how well they know their friends. The gamers involved have pieces of paper and a pen or pencil to write down answers. It has terrific topics that are fun to contribute in, including, “things you wouldn’t do for all the money in the world.” For every answer provided, the reader of the answers has to try to match the answers to the person who wrote them.


This is the written version of the telephone game that can be played by 4-12 players. The idea revolves around drawing and passing on a booklet. The booklet reveals, are the funniest of times for teenagers.


This fast-paced game can work for people of all ages. There is no technicality to playing it because all one has to do, is to pick a character and follow through with the wild ride that comes with that character.

Over and above, the best kinds of games for teenagers are those that allow multiplayer, to create a fun environment for the teens to be in and enjoy the company of friends and family.