Welcome to the complete BDO Wizard guide! This article is aimed at helping the Wizarding community from beginners all the way to the more experienced players.

We will be going through all the important topics such as skill/gear progression, crystals/add-ons, recommended grind spots and go through in depth the Wizard mechanics and 1v1 matchups.

Pros and Cons of Wizard


  • Wizard is one of the best large scale classes in BDO, this is due to the class having a wide range of support skills from heals to buffs/debuffs and various protected AoE skills suited to large scale engagements. Additionally, Wizard/Witch have access to one of the strongest skills in the game which is Protected Area or PA, we will go through this skill at a later stage.
  • Undeniably the best class at defending a Castle in siege.
  • Awakening skills do decent damage below softcap AP.
  • Relatively easy class to learn and pick up, especially for grinding and large scale PvP, however the class is also relatively hard to master with a lot of in depth class mechanics which will be covered later on. 
  • Have access to a decent amount of ranged KD abilities, which is the strongest CC in the game due to it having the longest CC timer and a CC you cannot V out of.


  • One of the weakest classes in 1v1s, due to its limited mobility after expanding teleport and subsequent lack of protected movement/ iframes. The class does have a grab, however the grab is essentially one of the worst grabs in the game with no protection, long animation times and a relatively short range.
  • Wizard has relatively poor damage scaling past soft cap due to the locked pet AP scaling on the flow skills. Therefore you will notice less of a damage increase past soft cap AP compared to various other classes with similar gear.
  • Easy to build resistances to counter the Wizard class, especially in 1v1s, since the majority of its CCs are KDs, placing one or two RBF adamantines will bring you up to or close to around 90-100% KD resistance. Take note that the maximum is 60% resistance in PvP, we will talk more about crystal setups later in the guide.
  • Average to below average grinder at majority of the grind spots in BDO, either due to lack of mobility, long animation cast times for skills or lack of sustained dps in endgame spots such as Hystria, Stars End or Sycaria Ruins lower zone.

BDO Wizard Or Witch?

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 1
Stronger class in 1v1s and small scale class due to better ranged combo and having the worst grab in the game, but it’s still a grab!Weaker 1v1 Class due to lack of proper ranged combo and not have a grab.
Weaker S block which provides no buffs and cannot be casting in a stationary stance unlike the Q block unless your back is against a solid object.Better stationary Q block which provides 20% bonus all resistance and mana regen on good hits.
Has a better and longer SA rotation compared to witch but a next to non-existent good FG rotation (Chilling Wave )Has a decent FG rotation with Gorr Roll and EQ break. Witch also has a short but very high burst SA rotation with Voltaic into 50% BSR Thunderstorm.
Has 20 base evasion over Witch.  After the buffs to Voltaic and Gorr Roll, arguably stronger class than Wizard in large scale PvP.
Arguably stronger 100% awakening than witch. Bolide of Destruction compared to Fissure Wave.


BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 2

Recommended skills for beginners (grinding)

The following skills below should be attempted to be maxed out first (Absolute is not required) to maximise grinding efficiency. The skills are ranked from most to least important and will be separated between Active and Passive skills.

Active Skills
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 3
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 4

Teleport + Ultimate Teleport – Good skill to use going between pack to pack, your only PvE/PvP iframe and safe engage/escape tool.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 5

Healing Aura – Your burst AOE heal, relatively low CD. Helps your sustain while grinding without using too many pots!

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 6

Fireball Explosion – The proceeding skill after fireball, this skill does decent damage early on and especially after you rank it up. Has decent AOE and can clear out packs of Calpheon/Serendia mobs relatively easily.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 7

Chain lightning – Relatively strong skill for beginner grind spots, you can choose to just stay on your horse and go around chain lightning mobs for maximum grind efficiency! Does drain a decent amount of Stamina however.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 8

Healing Lighthouse – Your channeled AOE heal, the heal has three ticks so it will heal you three times.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 9

Speed Spell – Provides you with 20% increased Cast, attack and movement speed. The cast speed is especially important as it allows you to grind faster.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 10

Meteor – A really strong skill which does alot of damage, has long range and AOE, however is on a relatively long CD which is why the skills is further down the list of priorities. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 11

Earthquake – One of your strongest unawakened SA skills with attached CC and relatively large AOE. It is a good grinding skill earlier on as well due to these factors.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 12

Residual lightning – Residual lightning is similar to fireball explosion in terms of the proceeding skill after wards, the animation time for residual lightning is a bit long however does do decent damage. 

Passive Skills
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 13

Infinite Mastery – Additional 100 Hp per rank, last rank provides 2 accuracy

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 14

Mind Training – Increased cast speed per rank.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 15

Skilled Hunter – Provides a small bonus to monster AP

Rabam Skills

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 16

Sages Light / Sage Heal Combination of Sages Memory and Healing Aura, essentially the same as casting Sages then Healing Aura but you get an additional +15 magic DP for 10 seconds. Extremely strong large scale heal which can potentially turn the tide of a fight. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 17

Sages Rage / Rabam Fireball – Combination of Sages Memory and Fireball, a very strong and important skill to have as a Wizard which does additional damage, increased AoE, faster cast and travel speed, CC is a KD rather than a stiffen compared to normal fireball. This will dramatically improve your PvE/PvP efficiency as this skill allows you to animation cancel, improve your ranged combo and do significantly more DPS. Personally I feel like I cannot play Wizard without this skill. People less educated may also refer to this skill as Rabam Selfish. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 18

Swift Earthquake – Combination of speed spell and earthquake, good DPS skill, has no CC in PvP however does have a weak succ in PvE. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 19

Trembling Thunder – Combination of chain lightning and earthquake, have not used this skill previously on Wizard, however the slow is relatively strong in certain scenarios, especially in large scale PvP and certain 1v1 matchups. 

BSR Skills

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 20

10% BSR Cataclysm – Arguably one of our strongest BSR skills due to the low cost, increased AOE and damage. Activated by pressing RMB while using the skill.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 21

25% BSR Water Sphere – Increased range, damage, AOE, projectile travel time and provides you with a 10% crit buff for 20 seconds, however this locks you in place when casting the skill which is an issue since the skill is unprotected. In my opinion, relatively useless skill.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 22

50% BSR Hellfire – Increased AoE. 2 additional hits, forward guard and can be activated by clicking RMB while using ability. In my opinion not a good BSR skill, it’s too expensive, apparently does equal or less damage than normal Hellfire (you can test this out yourself) and frontal guard is nice but not worth the cost in my opinion.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 23

100% BSR BoD – Used to be a really powerful ultimate before it got nerfed in terms of damage. Still does decent damage, but don’t expect to get lots of kills using this ability. At most you will get then to 20-30% hp if they are not KDed. Is more powerful if you chain 10% Cata into 100% BoD.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 24

200% BSR Aqua Jail – Relatively useless BSR, no reason to use this over Z buff, 10% Cata or 100% BoD.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 25

100% BSR Lightning – 33 Hits, SA while using animation, stun on good hit. Relatively decent skill while being used on a choke, does decent damage however relatively difficult to pull off due to its long cast time. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 26

200% BSR Meteor Shower – Really cool and powerful skill, a lot better than your awakened 200% BSR Aqua Jail. Launches multiple meteors from the sky which stiffen on contact and KD on land, can net you a lot of kills however you can be caught off relatively easy while using this skill.

Recommended skills for small / large scale PvP

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 27

PA – Protected Area, your strongest large scale skill. Provides yourself and about 10 other allies around you with +999 DP buff for 8 seconds. This makes you basically invulnerable against all forms of damage, however you can still be CCed.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 28

Teleport – Your primary engage skill, can close a large amount of distance in a short period of time. It is also an iframe so you will be invulnerable to all forms of damage and CC while using this skill, however you may sometimes be CCed at the start of the teleport animation.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 29
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 16

Healing Lighthouse /Sage Heal– Important large scale heal, especially for your allies around you as this is a percentage HP heal. One of the best heals in the game, you are unprotected however while using this animation so be careful when and where you cast this skill. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 31

Healing Aura – Your targeted burst heal, can cast this both in awakened and unawakened state and will you not swap stances as a result of this.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 32

Speed Spell – Important buff for yourself and your allies before an engagement as this provides them with attack speed, cast speed and movement speed buffs as mentioned before.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 33

Mana Shield – Defensive buff which applies only to yourself and provides you with bonus resistances and drains a portion of your mana to receive less damage. Makes you considerably tankier, however may end up with you running out of mana and not being able to cast any proceeding skills.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 34

Meteor – Arguably your strongest unawakened damaging skill, has no split damage, incredible range, FG initially and SA on Meteor landing animation. Provide stiffen on contact and KD on landing in PvP, should be using this skill off CD.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 35

Fireball Explosion – Ranged KD which also does decent damage, good poking skill to use in large scale to pick off targets.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 36

Residual Lightning – Longer range than fireball explosion, is a bound on CC and good skill to use especially In castle defence.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 37

Earthquake – A really strong unawakened SA skill with three stiffness procs, however leaves you relatively squishy especially without PA, as your unawakened SA skills have no in built damage reduction.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 38

Frigid Fog – Similar large scale mechanics as earthquake, however the skill has a freeze rather than a stiffen and the animation of the skill is a lot faster. A frozen enemy is basically a dead enemy in large scale!

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 39

Chain Lightning – Good skill to use against stealth classes and iframe classes such as Ninja and Kuno, you can use this ability to catch them out of stealth and  protect your allies and rebuilds. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 40

Blizzard – Mainly used for the slow, using this skill on more than 1-2 targets will result in the skill doing next to no damage due to the split damage effect. However you can DPS a single target down relatively quickly from range especially if you are using absolute version of this skill which can be activated after the initial cast.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 41
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 42

Cataclysm + Flow – Your go to engage skill after teleporting into a group of enemies, bound on good hits, does decent damage and a SA skill.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 43

E Buff – Wizard and Witch has a group E buff which applies to allies around them, Wizard E buff is undeniably game changing as it provides with a bunch of offensive and defensive stats as can be seen in the image below.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 44

Ritardano – Incredibly underused skill in the Wizard tool kit, especially in Node Wars and Sieges, provides a significant slow to targeted enemies and makes them next to useless for the next 10 seconds. This ability can also hit multiple enemies and is especially import to use when enemies are grouping up for a push or pushing through a choke. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 45
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 46

Water Sphere + Flow – Powerful ranged ability which has a KD on the main skill and a chance for down smash on the flow. Recommend using this skill as primary method of ranged poke and getting initial catches for your allies to follow up on to secure the kill.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 24
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 48

Aqua Jail + Flow – Mainly used for its evasion debuff in group PvP, long animation SA skill which locks you in place. Has no inherent CC but does do decent sustained damage.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 49

Boillide of Destruction – I usually use this skill after Cataclysm to follow up with proceeding damage, you can linger the SA on BoD for an additional 4-5 seconds if you want

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 50

Lava Field – Underrated skill in NW and Sieges especially, placing this skill next to a choke will do A LOT of DPS and help you get some free effortless kills! Placing down a lava field next to structures will do a decent chunk of damage due to the high number of hits this ability has.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 51
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 52

Chilling Wave + Flow – A relatively dangerous skill to use in large scale PvP, the FG on this skill is unreliable and I would only recommend using this skill if you are inside a fort or a solid object with your back against the wall. This skill does do decent DPS however and pushes enemies back.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 53
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 54

Hellfire + Flow– I would only recommend using this skill to pre buff for additional AP before an engagement or a movement ability when there aren’t many enemies around. This is because this skill has no protection and it’s a very bad idea to use this skill when you have multiple enemies around you whom are not CCed!

Recommended skills for 1v1s

In order to unlock Wizards complete tool kit, especially in 1v1s, it would require upwards of 2300 to 2500 skill points. Wizards is one of the most skill point intensive classes because of the various unawakened skills they have with a high amount of skill ranks such as MMA and absolute versions of the skill.

In addition to the various other skills mentioned above, the following skills are relatively important to have at Absolute rank for 1v1s.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 17

Rabam Fireball – An important skill, especially for combing your opponents after the initial CC. You can see how to utilise Rabam Fireball effectively in my Wizard 1v1 Combo guide.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 56
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 57

Fireball – Fireball Explosion – A good range poke skill combination to go from fireball into explosion, provides a potential stiffen into KD. You can get strong offensive addons for fireball which pre-buffs your combos, we will go through this more in depth later on in the addons section of the guide.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 58

MMA – High single target damaging ability, you can cancel out of this skill using Dagger stab or Rabam Fireball. Has a negative accuracy modifier so you may have trouble hitting higher evasion targets.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 59

Dagger Stab – Similar to MMA in terms of its use, however this is a melee skill ranger than a ranged skill, does high damage and stiffens on CD. Your highest DPS skill combination involved a MMA into Dagger Stab cancel and into Rabam fireball cancel.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 60

Freeze – Your fastest ranged CC, has relatively decent range. Good skill to use in conjunction with Water Sphere to get a ranged catch.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 61

Frigid Fog – A really strong 1v1 skill, has SA really fast and a lot of opponents won’t expect you to use this skill. Additionally you can cancel out of it immediately after the CC with teleport, again this will be gone through more in depth later on.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 62

Earthquake – Similar to Frigid Fog, earthquake has three stiffness procs as mentioned before. These skills are especially good against classes such as Sorc, Ninja and Kuno.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 63

Earth’s Response – Can be a difficult skill to pull off successfully, however this skill allows you to cancel out of abilities such as Meteor, Earthquake and Frigid Fog etc. This skill also allows you to catch people being their FG by double teleporting behind them and floating them with Earths Response.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 64

Ritardano – Very strong skill in 1v1s, debuff will apply through SA but not FG, understanding what skills your opponents uses which are SA skills will allow you to punish them heavily even when they think that they are safe.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 65

Lava Pool – Provides additional DPS when target is KDed, lava pool is especially important against higher DP/ tankier targets.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 66

Hellfire – Good finisher skill to use when target is CCed, provides additional CC chance if your KD is resisted. Does a lot of damage especially if the target is on the ground. Can also be used as an unprotected movement ability without expanding your teleport.

Gear Progression

Offin vs Zarka

At TET and PEN level enhancements, there is a difference of 3 AP and 18 accuracy between Offin and Zarka. Offin will provide you with 3 additional unawakened sheet AP, while Zarka will provide you with 18 additional accuracy. So essentially you are deciding if 1 AP or 6 accuracy is more important.

Accuracy is an important stat for Wizard, even though a lot of our awakened skills have percentage accuracy modifiers, our unawakened skills are relatively lacking in accuracy bonuses. Skills like MMA (Multiple Magic Arrows) even have a -5% accuracy modifier!

An advantage of Offin is that it can help you hit the big AP breakpoints such as 261,265 and 269 easier due to the additional 3 sheet AP and also you have the option of applying Caphras to your TET Offin where it will provide you with one additional sheet AP per Caphras level up to level 4.

Apart from the differences in accuracy and AP, Offin provides 2 crit and 2 cast speed while Zarka provides 3 cast speed. This means that using a Zarka instead of an Offin without Draughts or Elixirs will leave you at 2-3 crit, this can be a noticeable loss in DPS in PvE and PvP. 

Another important point to take note of is that before the Exquisite Cron meal received additional buffs such as the +2 Cast Speed, using an Offin would leave you at 4 cast speed out of 5. As a Wizard it is very important to always have 5 cast speed, therefore some people had to either run a cast speed crystal in their costume or place a Jin crystal in their main hand. Cron Meal Buffs

Essentially, the difference between Offin and Zarka especially at TET isn’t that noticeable, however at PEN I would personally prefer a Zarka over an Offin mainly due to the accuracy.  

DR vs Evasion

EvasionDamage Reduction
Evasion is % based, where you will have a chance to evade multiple hits from a skill/ability.DR will cause your character to take reduced flat base damage from a skill/ability.
Exponential increase in survivability, however in the current meta evasion only starts becoming viable at 600-700 plus evasion.Linear increase in survivability and a useful stat in all stages of the game.
Less efficient stat in end game PvE.Works well in end game PvE and PvP
Generally stronger end game build than DR in terms of tackiness, but you will have to sacrifice a portion of your offensive power.Can retain your full offensive power without the need to sacrifice by switching from Nouver to Kutum offhand.
Can be easily countered by classes such as Maewha’s sticky snowflake, Zerkers Head butt spam and Witch/Wiz evasion debuff on Aqua Jail/Voltaic. Additionally majority of classes have skills with in build accuracy bonuses.Recommended that new players go the DR route than the evasion route in terms of gear progression.

1st Stage

During the beginning stages, the ideal setup for a new Wizard player would be to obtain 2 x Heve and 2 x Grunil, this is because the two set bonuses for these two sets of gear are relatively powerful and efficient, the Heve set will provide you with 250 additional HP and the Grunil set will provide you with 5 additional hidden AP, as seen in the attached images below.   

For the weapons, you can either choose to go for a Rosar or Yuria staff, the staff choice is not as important right now but essentially you will want a green AP staff with two gem slots and decent accuracy. For offhand, I would recommend a steel dagger, which is the AP dagger before you obtain your Kutum or Nouver dagger later on. I would also recommend that you safely enhance your armours to +5 and weapons to +7, since beyond these points you will have less than 100% success rate.

Accessories are not that vital as a new starting player, however you will most likely have access to a Jarette’s accessory box, which you can use as initial starting AP accessories.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 67

2nd Stage

During the second stage, you should be aiming to replace your Jarrettes accessories with Asula accessories from grinding Mediah, the guide to Asula accessories can be found in the link below. Grumpygreen’s Asula guide

By this point, you should also be aiming to get the majority of your armours and weapons to at least PRI, you can also choose to obtain a Black Abyssal staff from one of the Mediah questlines, instead of choosing to enchant your main hand weapon to PRI. The quest line for obtaining the Black Abyssal Staff will provided in the link below. Black Abyssal Weapon Quest

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 68

3rd Stage

The third stage in this process is to attempt to get your hands on the first pieces of boss gear, you should prioritise obtaining a Zarka staff and a Dande and try to either enchant the pieces of gear to PRI, or straight up buy the item from the Central Marketplace at the enchantment level. Personally, I would recommend buying the item, as on average getting the gear to +15 will often cost more than just straight up buying the item, and also save you a lot of time and headache!

In addition to this, you should also look at completing the Grana main questline to obtain the Grana Oath earrings and the Valencia questline to obtain the Ring of Power. For the Grana Oath earrings, you are able to complete them on a separate character and two earrings. The questline links for obtaining these items will be linked below as well. 

Garana Oath Earring  

Ring of Power Quest

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 69

4th Stage

During stage 4 of the gear progression, you should aim to obtain full boss gear. From This stage, I would recommend you think about the specialisation between going EVASION or going a DAMAGE REDUCTION build. This will save you a decent amount of silver and time later on, you can choose to specialise after you hit soft cap, however I believe going through this process earlier on will place you ahead and set you on a clear path to the end game build for Wizard in BDO.

At this stage, replace your armors with Griffons Helmet, Urugons Shoes, Bhegs Gloves and Dim Tree Spirit or you can keep your Heve helmet for later on. At this early game stage, you should buy a Kutum dagger over a Nouver due to the increased PvE damage for both the evasion and DR build.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 70

5th Stage

This stage is relatively simple, you should be trying to get a majority of your boss gear to TRI enhancement level and subsequently using the stacks you obtain during this process to prepare TRI accessories, as you will need a decent amount of 40-50 stacks for the TRI accessories and starting to go for TET boss gear.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 71

6th Stage

Going from the 5th stage to the 6th stage can be a relatively long process, this process involves getting full TET boss gear, replacing the rest of your Asula accessories and quest accessories with Capotia Earrings and Rings, replacing your necklace and belt with either a TRI Ogre/Laytenn and TRI Basi/Valtarra.

You will obtain a Capotia ring for hitting level 61 and a Capotia earring for hitting level 62. It used to be relatively difficult to obtain these levels in BDO, however since the recent changes and the addition of items such as 530% xp scrolls, obtaining these levels is a priority as it will save you billions of silver. In addition to this, you may also craft another set of Capotia rings/earrings.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 72

7th Stage

This stage is to essentially obtain your Vells heart and Garmoths heart if you haven’t already. You should be going to every Vell and Garmoths available as a Vell is anywhere between 6-8 Billion silver and Garmoths is between 4-6 Billion Silver currently. However these items do have an incredibly low drop rate chance so investing silver into these items is a good choice as it will provide you with a significant boost in power.

The difference in this stage is that if you are focusing on, or planning to switch over to  an evasion build you will place the Garmoths Heart inside your Kutum and if you are going for a DR build you will place it in your Nouver.

Garmoths heart, with 2x special attack evasion crystals in your chest will provide you with 30% special attack evasion.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 73

You should also aim at obtaining TET Ogre and TET Basi/Valtarra during this stage too.

8th Stage

During the 8th stage you will be primarily focusing on replacing your Capotia earrings with one TET Narc and one TET Tungrad earring and either two TET Crescents or TET Ruins rings.

Also you should be focusing on placing Caphras into your gear, for your main hand / awakening weapons, you will obtain one sheet ap per Caphras level up to level 4 and for armors you will also gain one sheet DP for each level of Caphras up to level 4. It is relatively efficient to Caphras your weapons apart from your dagger, especially if it will help you hit a big AP bracket such as 261, 265 and 269. You may also choose to Caphras TET armors, however the difference will feel relatively insignificant.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 74

8th Stage with PEN Heve gloves

If you are running evasion and want a cheap and relatively efficient item, you may also choose to go PEN Heve gloves, these gloves are relatively cheap to Caphras and will provide you with a lot of bonus evasion and hit that 346 DP bracket for the 20% damage reduction. The disadvantage in Heve gloves are that they have no in built accuracy unlike the Bhegs or Leeburs. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 75

Final Stage

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 76

The final stage in your BDO gear progression is relatively simple and straightforward however will require a lot of time and silver. The goal in this stage is to initially obtain full pen weapons, then obtain full pen armors and then get your weapons to C5 and C9 in your armors.

Then you can go for PEN accessories.

Grind Spots and Level progression

Please take note that these AP ranges are with Kutum rather than Nouver, especially after 200 AP breakpoint. Below I will attach an image of where each of the grind spots are located on the world map.

Less than 150 AP 

At less than 150 AP, if this is your first character you should aim to follow through the main storyline quest at least up to Calpheon as this will provide you with a good insight into the game and you will be able to explore through all the beginner grind spots. Some recommended grind spots in Calpheon can either be Catfish, Mansha Forest, Saunils and Hexe Sanctuary.

Between 150 to 200 AP 

After the 150 AP breakpoint you should move to the grind spots in Mediah, some initial areas you might be interested in grinding at include Rouges, Manes or Abandoned Iron Mines. These spots will be able to consistently net you anywhere between 20 – 40 mill an hour. 

You may also choose to grind spots like Sausans or Pirates, however these spots do require a decent amount of maids, inventory space and weight limit on your character. Pirates also requires a decent amount of setup time and travel time, as you can see below it is relatively far from the mainland. 

More towards the 200 AP area, between 180 to 200 AP, you can look at starting to grind several of the Valencia grind spots such as Fogans and Nagas, the advantages of these grind spots are that you will have access to Marni Stones which are essentially bonus experience and help you reach level 61 to 62 faster.  

Between 200 to 245 AP

After the 200 AP mark if you are after grind spots which provide you with competitive silver per hour, then you should look at grinding Gahaz, Cadrys in Valencia and Polly forest in Kamasylvia. These grind spots can net you anywhere between 30 – 50 million an hour without loot scroll.

Pollys recently got buffed and will provide you with a decent amount of character level experience and skill experience.

Between 245 to 261 AP 

After you achieved past 245 AP with a TET Kutum you can start looking at grinding the end game grind spots such as Manshaums Forest and Aakman Temple! Congratulations!

While Manshaums may not hurt that much, you will need to be very careful in Aakman especially around softcap DP which is around 300 DP.

Between 261 to 269 AP 

Hystria Ruins and Stars End would be the next step up from Aakman Temple and Manshaums Forest. I don’t have much knowledge in the Stars End grind spot, so I will add additional details at a later date or create a video.

Recommended DP to comfortably grind Hystria would be over 309 DP.

Greater than 269 AP

At the extreme levels of gear 269+ Kutum and 340-350 + DP you can look at grinding Sycaria Ruins Lower Zone.

Aakman or Hystria?

Often times, the question is asked if a player should grind Aakman or Hystria, below I have listed some reasoning and advice in regards to each of the grind spots.

Higher trash loot silver (My example with loot scroll 8000 trash/hr x 7.5k per trash = 60 Mill/hr)Lower trash loot silver (My example 3500 trash/hr x 15k per trash = 52.5 Mill/hr)
Will obtain slightly more scrollsLess scrolls
Less BMCs (Black Magic Crystals)More BMCs
More red shardsMore black shards
Worse with loot scrollBetter with loot scroll due to black shards
Recommended AP 240+ KutumRecommended AP 261+ Kutum awakened and unawakened
Less Contested More Contested

Crystals & Add-ons


For crystals, there are realistically two main crystal setups in PvP/PvE, the first setup involves the DR build with Nouver which we will go through now. Feel free to click on the underlined text for further information on the specific crystal! 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 77

Helmet – 2x HAN Hooms

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 77

Shoes – 2x HAN Hooms

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 79

Body – 2x Special Attack Evasions

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 80

Gloves – 2x Jin Vipers

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 81

Mainhand – 2x Precisions

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 82
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 83

Offhand – 2x Awakened Spirits or 2x Red Spirit or 2x Corrupted Magic Crystals

Even without the Garmoths, the 20% special attack evasion is still incredibly strong as it gives you the ability to evade special attack modifiers such as Crit, Down Attack, Air Attack etc.

There are various options for the offhand crystals, choosing between Awakened spirit crystals and red spirit crystals is deciding if you prefer the additional 100 HP or the +6 Human damage. Going for the Corrupted Magic Crystals is essentially more of a glass cannon build, where you will be trading a significant amount of survivability for some extra damage. Personally I run 2x Awakened Spirit Crystals in my Nouver for PvP and 2x Corrupted Magic Crystals in my Kutum for grinding.

The second crystal setup build is only for the evasion setup with a Kutum, you will be sacrificing your offensive crystals in the offhand, however become significantly tankier as a result.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 84

Helmet – 2x Jin Harphias  

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 77

Shoes – 2x HAN Hooms

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 79

Body – 2x Special Attack Evasions

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 80

Gloves – 2x Jin Vipers

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 81

Mainhand – 2x Precisions

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 77

Offhand – 2x HAN Hooms


BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 90

Fireball – Has some very decent addons for this skill, think of fireball as a pre buff skill, especially in PvP. The skill alone doesn’t really do any damage even at absolute rank, however it does have some of the largest add-on modifiers for cast speed, PvP attack, monster dmg and bonus % accuracy.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 91

Earthquake – Earthquake is a decent skill to use while grinding in a spot like Hystria Ruins, it can be used to quickly aggro the mobs and has a very nice accuracy modifier as well as a 20% bonus crit modifier. You can quickly cancel out of this animation by using an earth’s response and it can also be a decent skill to use in PvP.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 92

MMA – I use MMA mainly during my 1v1 combos in PvP and my DPS combo in Hystria/Aakman, having the PvE / PvP add-ons running during your combos is important to maximising your DPS.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 93

Hellfire – The skill itself is unprotected, so I mainly only use this skill in PvE and in 1v1s after I land a KD. This skill can also be used to prebuff yourself in large scale PvP.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 24

Aqua Jail – Aqua Jail for myself is mainly used to debuff mobs in PvE and provide myself with bonus monster AP before I start doing my DPS combo.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 95

Cataclysm – This skill is part of your main engagement skill in PvP, it will often times be the first skill you use after teleport, therefore getting defensive bonuses on this skill is ideal, since you will be able to survive for a longer duration and be able to dish out more damage! This is also the only add-on which give you the option of choosing a percentage bonus evasion buff.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 96

Wizard Mechanics


For many people, Wizard may seem like a simple class without much complexity to it, this is true if your aim is to solely spam awakened SA skills in RBF. In truth, Wizard has a lot of in depth mechanics which the majority of the BDO player base are not familiar with or do not understand. These mechanics and in depth knowledge of the class are what separates the average to good Wizards.

In the following section, we will go through all the Wizard mechanics, covering the majority of important topics such as animation cancels, pet stiffens and mouse movements.


Teleport is the bread and butter skill in the Wizard/Witch skill kit, it is your only source of protected movement and iframe. It is important to know when to use your teleport and when not to, as blowing this skill early will leave you with no safe mobility, open to being grabbed and easily picked off.

It is also important to know the range of your teleports, especially in an 1v1 matchup, please be aware that teleporting in your unawakened stance will result in a shorter range in your teleport, but also slightly faster animation times. The opposite is true when you are teleporting in awakened stance, as you will have a slightly longer range in your teleport and slower animation times in your teleport.

You can either choose to activate teleport via three methods, the first method is to use the S+C teleport, this will teleport you while swapping stances eg. If you are in unawakened stance, you will come out of your teleport in awakened stance and vicar versa. This is useful in a situation when you are rotating unawakened SA skills and need to teleport out into awakened form either to block or cast additional awakened skills.

The second method to activate teleport is to use the SHIFT + SPACE teleport, this teleport will not change your stances unlike the S+C teleport and keep you in the same stance. You will need to be careful to not press SPACE before you press SHIFT, as if you do this it will result in your character jumping instead of teleporting!

Both the S+C and SHIFT+SPACE teleports allow you to animation cancel certain skills, this will be covered at a later stage. However, the third option is to hotbar the teleport skill and use it that way. If you use the teleport skill via this method you will not be able to animation cancel out of certain skills, however this method is relatively less stress on your fingers, especially if you are grinding and have access to side mouse buttons. 

Super Armours – SAs

There are two forms of SAs in this game which are very important to PvP.

  • Greater SA – Around 40% damage reduction Skills ( Bollide of Destruction, Aqua Jail, Cataclysm and E buff)
  • Lesser SA – No damage reduction but has more CC effects : Frigid Fog, Earthquake, Trembling Thunder.

Transitioning between awakened and unawakened stances.

The importance of learning how to properly transition between awakened and unawakened stances is one of the most important mechanics for properly understanding Wizard gameplay. This is especially important in 1v1s but also vital for large scale gameplay as it allows you to minimise the time spent transitioning between awakened and unawakened skills.

There are two C swaps between unawakened to awakened every Wizard should familiarise himself with, these are the W+C swap which is the FG (frontal guard) swap and the A+C or D+C swap which is known as the quick swap. Both of these C swaps have FG protection, however you can choose to linger the W+C swap, however you cannot linger the A+C swap.

Additionally, majority of the unawakened skills can be automatically cast from awakened stance if you have the skill on a hotbar. This saves time as it does not require you to initially C swap then use the key combination to use the unawakened skill. Learning this mechanic is especially important for 1v1s as it allows you catch opponents, expand your combo potential, provide quick access to additional super armours with ccs and be able to quick cast buffs/heals.

The skills with exception to this rule are protected area, which can only be cast via key combination and therefore requires a C swap before the skill can be cast and healing aura does not switch you from awakened to unawakened stance once cast, unlike the other skills. 

Mouse Movements

Mouse movements are one of the more advanced mechanics with Wizard, getting familiar with using mouse movements for your skills is vital for certain 1v1 matchups. While mouse movements is less important for large scale PvP, it is something you should be using to minimise the amount of back attack damage you receive.

To activate mouse movements, you will firstly need to go to your settings and then activate mouse to move, once you have done that you will then need to press the CTRL key every time you choose to activate mouse movements.

The advantages of mouse movements extend outside of utilising it on your teleport, however this is one of its core advantages. Activating your mouse movement during your teleport animation will allow you to teleport in a directional path which is not a straight path, utilising mouse movement teleports will allow you will be able to teleport back to place without utilising your ultimate teleport, do measured teleports to remain unpredictable and juke your opponents resulting in an outplay.

A good way to familiarise yourself with mouse movement teleports is to practice using it when you are grinding, or go to battle arena when you are overweight and practice mouse movements on the training dummies. It can take some time to get used to the mouse movement teleports, so don’t get frustrated if it isn’t working as expected initially but the key point is spend time practicing and practicing correctly.

In addition to using mouse movements for teleport, you can also utilise mouse movements for a lot of your SA skills. For skills such as BoD, you are able to move the main skill towards your target/s either to your side or behind you, for a skill like Aqua Jail you are able to move the flow of the skill in similar directions.

Apart from these uses, while you are in SA/FG form it is important to use mouse movements to redirect your character to ensure you are facing your opponent/s so that you do not receive additional back attack damage. This is especially important when fighting against classes such as Sorc or Maewha/Musa. 

Lingering FG/ SA

Learning how to linger your FG W+C swap and SA skills such as BoD and Cataclysm is important against certain matchups and large scale PvP. Lingering your FG/SA skills will provide you with additional time to plan your next move and allow your other skills to come off CD.

Additionally, understanding this mechanic will allow you to outplay opponents who are unfamiliar with your class and might blow important skills believing you are in unprotected form while you are actually in protection. You are also able to animation cancel out of these protected animations which we will go through in more detail in the next topic.

Animation Cancels

Animation cancels are important to learn and understand as they provide you with the ability to do maximum dps against tankier opponents, cancel out of unawakened SA/FG abilities for potential catches and reposition or cast another skill.   

Earths response, Shift +X (Rabam Fireball/Sage Rage), S+C teleport, Shift + Space teleport all provide you with the ability to cancel out of abilities such as Earthquake, Frigid Fog, Meteor, Blizzard, W+C FG linger animation, BoD, SA linger animation, Cataclysm SA linger animation.

Utilising the key combination teleports will also allow you to immediately iframe after casting a ranged CC such as Aqua Sphere, Freeze, Rabam Fireball etc, this is especially important when trading ranged cc with another class, since the majority of your ranged CC is unprotected. In mirror matchups such as Wizard vs Wizard this mechanic can save you a lot of time from being CCed while in turn CCing your opponent.

Additionally, you are able to cancel out of almost any unawakened skill animation and teleport in for a sneaky earths response or grab against your opponent before they can react. 

Pet Stiffens

Pet stiffens are a mechanic Wizard/Witch has in their toolkit which allows then to activate a special attack to launch a ranged projectile which stiffens the target selected.

To activate the pet stiffen, make sure your pet is summoned on a hotbar and right click your opponent to activate the animation for the ranged projectile. 

It is mainly a 1v1 mechanic and less useful in large scale PvP, however casters who are able to understand how to position their pet between themselves and their opponent in an 1v1 matchup can catch a lot of opponents in their FG abilities. You are also able to catch people often times when you are CCed and stiffen them in their unprotected dps combo.

The difference between the flame pet (Marg) and the water pet (Arne) are quickly summarised in the table below.

Has a shorter aggro and deaggro range Arne.Has a longer aggro and deaggro range than Marg.
Has a shorter pet special wind up timeHas a longer pet special wind up time
Faster melee auto attacksSlower ranged auto attacks
Fire petWater pet
Easier to block ranged projectiles with since larger hit box.Stationary until you Reposition too far away
It’s a male

FG bug (Ogmurr)

What it does? 

When using the fg bug you can choose to do 2 different things, you can either move forward with a walking FG, or you can cast unprotected skills and receive a frontal SA effect on them.   

How to do it?  

Start in Staff, then sideways cswap, and press W, to get the frontal SA simply cast an unprotected skill.  Keep in mind, casting and protected skill SA,FG or TP will cancel out the bug, as well as moving after casting. 

Would you recommend new players do it? 

No, mages starting on the class should first have a good general understanding of wizard.  Such as – matchup knowledge, using the correct SA rotations, Proper teleports, and Combos.  

How to play around it?

As a wizard, then in general for other classes. Playing around the bug involves getting behind the caster.  While we may seem unstoppable while using the bug keep in mind when we are casting our skills with the bug we cannot move.   So with that in mind classes with sufficient mobility should be able to get a cc from behind if the wizard is not careful. 

However, as a wizard fighting another wizard using the bug I would first recommend to use it against them as well, but if you choose not too, tips for the matchup are going to be. 

  1. Try to abuse your pet cc as much as possible
  2. Try to gain tp advantage in you duel+ MAKE sure you are emphasizing on your aggressive tp’s this will be your most powerful weapon.

Philosophy on the FG bug

I know there is a lot of controversy behind this subject especially in recent times, but I like to try to compare wizard to the other classes when used at its full potential.  While I do think the bug is incredibly strong if used correctly it still doesn’t make wizard OP by any means when compared to say ninja, lahn, kuno, ranger, warrior, zerk and arguably sorc.  Those classes when used to their fullest I feel are more oppressive than a wizard using the fg bug in a 1v1 matchup.  

Wizard Combos

Large Scale

Engaging on PA with PA / Prioritising CCs

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 97
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 98
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 99
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 100

Cataclysm -> Earthquake -> Trembling Thunder -> Frigid Fog

Awakening DPS SA Rotation

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 97
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 102
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 103
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 97
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 102

Cataclysm -> Aquajail -> Bollide ->Cataclysm->Aquajail 

Pushing inside a base or castle

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 106
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 97
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 102
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 103
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 110
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 97
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 112
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 113
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 102
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 97

Double Teleport -> Cataclysm -> Aquajail -> Bollide -> Teleport -> Cataclysm -> Meteor/Chilling Wave -> Aqua Jail -> Cataclysm

Ranged Combo

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 116
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 117
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 118
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 119
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 17
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 121
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 122

Meteor -> Fireball -> Fireball Explosion -> MMA -> Rabam Fireball – > Water Sphere -> Flow

1v1 Combos 

  • Water Sphere -> Lava Field -> Fireball -> MMA -> Rabam Cancel -> Cataclysm -> Chilling Wave
  • Grab -> MMA -> Dagger Stab -> Rabam Cancel -> Hellfire -> Cataclysm

If you cannot kill your target in one combo

  • Grab -> MMA -> Dagger Stab -> Rabam Cancel -> Ritardano -> Red Orb -> Lava Field
  • Meteor -> Teleport (if required) -> Lava Field -> MMA -> Rabam Cancel -> Hellfire -> Cataclysm

Against high evasion targets

  • Speed Spell Activated ->  Water Sphere -> Lava Field -> Aqua Jail -> Rabam Cancel -> Cataclysm -> Chilling Wave
  • Water Sphere -> Lava Field -> Hellfire -> Rabam Cancel -> Cataclysm -> Chilling Wave

Against high KD resistance targets

  • Water Sphere -> Lava Field -> MMA -> Rabam Cancel -> Fireball Explosion -> Water Sphere -> Flow

Ranged Combo

  • Pet Stiff -> Water Sphere -> MMA -> Fireball -> Rabam Cancel -> Fireball explosion -> MMA -> Absolute Freeze -> Water Sphere -> Flow

Slow Stacking

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 123
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 124
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 125
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 126

Ritardano -> Mana Drain -> Earths Response Cancel -> Lightning Chain

1v1 Matchups


BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 110
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 100
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 98
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 97

Fighting against a skilled Ninja is a very difficult matchup however not impossible to win. In this matchup it is important to keep your distance (Teleport Distance) against a Ninjas at all times since that is their kill range and use SA CC skills while they are within their kill range such as Frigid Fog, Earthquake and Cataclysm.

Ranged CC and catching Ninjas out of your SA CC skills is your primary win condition in this matchup. It is however very important to time your ranged cc though as there’s a certain movement cycle Ninjas will often use and will generally use more unsafe movement father away from you. When they are within your kill range, they will use their protected movement chain.

There is usually high variation in Ninja combos, some include SA skills and usually iframes. Therefore you cannot rely on your pet CC to save you mid combo, additionally high AP Ninjas will just 1-2 shot you.

Try to minimise mouse to move teleports against skilled Ninjas, always try to gain maximum distance with your teleports because they have very fast gap closing skills. After teleporting you should also aim to do Hellfire into WW dash or do back dashes to create additional distance. Trying to be too fancy with a Ninja will often times get you killed.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 131

The infamous skill Blockjump or Logjump is something you should get familiar fighting against on Ninja, it is easy to get out of Blockjumps range. Essentially, when you see the Ninja turn into a log you should aim to move out of their range really fast. An example of this is a back dash into a frigid fog.

Another thing to watch out for is if a Ninja is block cycling a lot, as if they are doing this, you have a good chance to CC them out of this with a pet stiffen from behind.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 132
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 133

Movement skills to watch out for, which are unprotected include skills like dash slash and their pre-awakened movement like ghost greeting and shadow slash. You have the highest chance to catch Ninjas out of these three movement skills.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 134
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 135
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 136
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 137
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 138

You also have a good chance of ccing a ninja in close range since Ninjas main engage skills include Murderous Intent, Shadow Stomp, Beheading and Smokescreen. Majority of these skills are unprotected apart from Smokescreen, however every single one of these skills has a very short window to punish and has a very fast CC. Therefore using skills like frigid fog and earthquake will often catch a Ninja during their movement around you.


Valkyrie isn’t a particularly difficult matchup for wizard, however in this matchup it is important to understand their protected movement abilities, how their Q block works and that majority of their highest dps combos are unprotected, therefore a pet stiffen can often save ure life after being grabbed by a Valk !

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 139

Q block is a very strong block while the Valk is stationary, it is a SA/FG block meaning that you will be unable to debuff them with Ritardano or CC them from behind. Additionally this block provides then with +20 DP for 10s. 

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 140
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 103
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 142

Wave of light, which is Valks ranged AOE succ ability which has a FG during cast animation and bound at the end of the animation can often catch less experienced Wizards. It is not recommended that you use S block while inside this animation, instead cast a SA skill like Bollide of Destruction or Frigid Fog.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 143
BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 144

Additionally, Valk has two relatively fast ranged CCs which are called Celestial Spear (7s CD) and Celestial Smite (Rabam 15s CD) both of these skills are bound on impact and have relatively fast cast times which can catch you out of your unprotected unawakened skills.

Last tips of advice would be to always try to keep teleport distance between yourself and the Valk and try to bait out their protected movement. While they are coming towards you try to cast as many ranged CCs as possible and slow them with the bubble when you see them using a SA skill without FG! It is also important to keep the Valk between yourself and your pet as this allows you to play more aggressively and catch the Valk out of FG.

Below I have outlined some of Valks protected movement abilities

FG movement 

Most of Valks protected FG movement is in unawakened form, they do not have any SA movement abilities in unawakened form.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 145

3 Charges of Shield Chase I, II and III. Each charge has individual cooldowns (Rank I – 3s, Rank II – 10s, Rank III – 17s).

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 146

Shining Dash, which has a charge up animation, FG at the start of the skill, KD on good hits.

SA movement  

Valks have 2 protected SA dashes and one protected SA teleport.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 147

Sanctitus De Enslar – This is also Valks notorious 100% ultimate, the non 100% version has a relatively short cast animation which is SA, then an iframe teleport to the target location (you). The teleport does not follow iframes, therefore if you teleport the Valk will not drop at your location. This skill provides the Valk with +20 Melee AP.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 148

Death Line Chase – This is a FG/SA skill apparently, similar to Valks Q block. This skill is on a 3 second CD which a forward dash and a back dash they can do afterwards which will transition them to unawakened form.

BDO Wizard Guide - Fly You Fools! 149

Hastiludium – SA dash on 7 second CD. Provides a -30% KD resistance on good hits. Valks can also cancel out of Hastiludium relatively fast into a grab.


Against Maehwa, Cataclysm and BoD are good skills to use as you can guarantee hits. These skills have long range and long SA linger animations. Usually, when a Maewha is dashing towards you, you can use Bolide as they come in and hit them before they Redmoon with a Cataclysm.

Your Cataclysm will blow up their frontal guard since Maewhas don’t have particularly strong FGs. It’s mainly a DPs race, the Maewha should be going super ham and attempting to kill you in SA. If you’re in a weird spot where you’re against a wall, Chilling wave is a decent skill to use as they have no counter play to that, but if you are using Chilling wave at all, a half decent Maewha will instantly stiff or stun you as they can use snow -> stiff hit -> iframe -> stun hit to go around FGs. Skilled Maewhas can also consistently mouse turn Dragon Bite.

When throwing unprotected ranged CC at a Maewha, please be aware that they can cancel the arrow into a dash instantly. But if you are confident in your FG swap timing, plus if you fire first and they do the bow you will end up CCing them and ranged combo them as their bow shot is actually pretty slow.

You can also pet stiff as they come in, it depends a lot on the Maewha, some are wannabe rangers just bow you 24/7 can’t really pet stiff vs them. Their entire combo aside the charge is unprotected and their catches are unprotected the problem is with pet i’ve found is that their catches are stuns so you stiff and you’re still stunned and don’t they’ll just trade into you with it like decent Sorcs.

Sticky Snowflake is a really strong skill in Maewhas toolkit. This skill will which just insta kill you as it has insane base damage and a flow with 100% accuracy. The BSR version adds 3 hits on a 5 hit skill and also doubles its attack range, which means that they can hit you with this outside Cataclysm range.


You always want to keep waterball distance away from Tamer. At max waterball distance, this forces them to take time to gap close safely which you can react with slows, running away to maintain distance, or spamming ranged.  After catching a Tamer you should be aware of her pet dog, usually after you CC the Tamer, Heilang will come dashing towards you instantly. If you were to do a ranged combo you will most likely get CCed by the pet resulting in your death. Tamers will always win the SA trade against a Wizard at around equal gear. 

It is important to position the Tamer between yourself and your pet and use the pet stiff because at some point the Tamer has to use a frontal guard. It is also important to notice that I use bolide instead of walking up and doing MMA as its much safer to use SA skills to combo Tamers due to the fact that at any moment Heilang could walk up and cc you so you should only use an unsafe skill at the end to finish off a Tamer.

Heilang randomly cc’s whenever it wants much higher chance to cc if the tamer is kd’d so if you catch a tamer which is hard on its own you also have to do a lower damage combo in order to not get cc’d. You can do a combo like like bolide -> cata -> aqua jail keep in mind even if you do everything you can, against a good Tamer, they will always have the upper hand because they can cancel almost every animation they have and if they know how to play against a wizard you have no chance.

Tamers have extremely good stamina management so you can’t force them out of iframe. ll you can do to fight a Tamer is bait them spam pet stiffs off cd, throw as many slows as you can, throw ranged cc whenever its safe and if you ever see them pole vaulting towards you, you can grab them out of landing. I suggest practicing that, a lot of Tamers get impatient if you maintain distance and will do their big jump but they are animation locked for at least the length of our grab when they land, therefore practice grabbing as they’re coming down and be aware that they can control WHERE they land.


Fighting against other Wizards has multiple mechanics to the matchup, initially both Wizards will be aiming to poke at each other with ranged CC and repositioning themselves and the pet to get the catch first. In this matchup, as well as any 1v1 you should aim to use your teleport either to secure a kill or escape imminent death. Knowing how to properly utilise S+C and SHIFT+SPACE teleports is important to this matchup as it allows you to iframe ranged CC and quickly teleport out of skills being tp grabbed or floated by Earth’s response. Additionally, proper use of W+C FG swap, and lingering the FG is important in this matchup to being able to quickly react by blocking your opponents CC and throwing out your own ranged CC. Some examples of this can be seen below.

It is also important in this matchup, as well as the Witch matchup to pay attention not only of your opponent, but the positioning of their pet, your pet and your positioning. This is because if you are fighting against an opponent who knows how to effectively utilise their pet stiffen, they will often times try to position yourself between them and their pet. This will result in you being forced to either blow your teleport, use your SAs skills, resulting in you being slowed or getting CCed in FG or unprotected stance.

If your opponent is playing more defensively, he will generally wait for you to teleport first before he teleports and block majority of your ranged CC and try to hit you with a pet stiffen. On the other hand, if your opponent has a more aggressive playstyle he will often try to close the distance on you either by walking up and S blocking, teleporting or using movement abilities such as hellfire and forward dash, additionally he will try to apply a lot of ranged pressure on you with unprotected ranged CC and switching between W+C FG swap.

Understanding the playstyle of your opponent is important to winning this matchup, as every wizard has a distinctly different playstyle.


The matchup between Witch is to essentially understand that at even gear levels they will out trade you close up, however the opposite is true at range. This is mainly because of the abilities Voltaic and Gorr Roll, both of these abilities were previously relatively strong however after Voltaic received a cast speed buff/ evasion debuff (provide attached image of ability) and Gorr Roll received bonus damage in PvE/PvP they make it almost impossible for you to trade SA/FG abilities with a witch and come out on top.

Witches will also inherently have incredibly high resistances, especially when they have mana shield and the Q buff block activated. Therefore relying on grabs and knockdowns to consistently land is going to end up placing you in a relatively unfavourable position. An example of this is when you teleport grab a Witch, often times if the grab fails you will either end up being Voltaiced or Gorr Rolled, this will often times result in your death. It is always advisable to save your teleport after a failed grab or when you cannot safely dash out of a Gorr Roll.

In terms of trading ranged CC, the main CC you need to watch for is Detonative Flow cast from the witch, this skill is an instant cast, lock on skill which is a float. If you cast Water Sphere at the same time as the Witch casts Detonative Flow, it will result in you being CCed first, this is because you are trading a projectile with a lock on skill. However, the key thing to remember is that Water Sphere does have a relatively longer range than its counterpart. If the Witch has access to Rabam Lightning, then you would need to watch for this skill too as it is the equivalent of your Rabam Fireball, the skill has a stun which is a longer duration than a float or stiffen and has a CC counter of 1.

Main counters against Witch is to either attempt to position your pet to hit them behind their FG with a stiffen or attempt to grab them out of their SA skills. When attempting to grab a Witch out of protected skills, you should always watch out for Voltaic and attempt to block that skill before going for the grab. If they proceed to Gorr Roll you will most likely be forced to expand your teleport if you are not in grab range. Some examples of what you can do against Witch in the 1v1 matchup can be seen below.


Against Zerker, here are some of the things you can do!

1.  Use pet stiff and play around the pet, not the other way around where you make the pet play around you. Water pet takes forever so it’s really easy to position yourself rather than move the pet

2.  I non-combat run away from lava piercer to dodge the potential grab doing these two things forces him to use his last protected movement that actually has any use which is the rocket jump

3.  Before he grabs me I use pet stiff because I burned teleport already so pet will save me mid combo so he can’t finish combo

This makes him unable to engage me and stay back forces him to stay back, this is where I start throwing all the ranged pressure which gets me the CC.

The reason you don’t want to ranged pressure when they’re not slowed or don’t have CDs to refresh is because they can just S block then gap close instantly and you’ll have nothing, take note that a Zerker cannot combo you without having his full speed. 

Zerkers need to constantly keep up their attack speed buff which can only be done by using an unprotected buff. This is usually 2 normal attacks in awakening so if you spam ranged at them while they’re far away and have no gap close they’ll most likely start self-buffing and that’s when you can catch them.

Final thoughts on this BDO Wizard guide

Hopefully this BDO Wizard guide was useful to at least someone, even if its a massive wall of text. Wizard is a fantastic class to play, especially if you’re interested in 1v1 PvP. If you have any recommendations to add to this guide, please leave a comment below.

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