Welcome to our BDO Valkyrie guide! The Valkyrie has changed quite a bit over the past few months, but fear not, it’s still in a pretty good state and definitely worth playing!

High Damage OutputMovement is unprotected or Frontal Guard only: high chance of getting CC’d.
Versatile: can perform well in any type of PvP, from duels to small scale to large scaleSuper Armor has gaps at the beginning of the animations
Among the top late-game grindersLittle forgiveness: if you make a mistake, overextend, can’t manage stamina, you will end up dead
Very strong supportive AbilitiesEarly to mid-game grinding is mediocre at best
Not extremely skill-point heavy compared to other classes. Lots of skills are just “nice-to-have” or for advanced gameplayThe class in general scales better as you put more time into it, unlike some other classes, Valkyrie is not a “good-from-the-get-go” class
Still has a bit of room for gear variation while remaining usefulFrontline engaging and disengaging has become harder, but not impossible

In a nutshell though, Valkyrie is still one of the top classes in the game. You won’t be playing in god mode, but you won’t be a damsel in distress either. One could argue that we’re pretty close to the sweet spot and the changes that are welcomed would be quality of life fixes.

As a final note, keep in mind that the Valkyrie is a class that will take time and effort and therefore, you most likely won’t get the most out of it if you don’t choose it as your main character. If you do decide to stick by it, you’ll be having the time of your life playing this class!



Valkyrie has a pretty straight forward choice of skills, but nevertheless we’ll provide you with some skill builds. Just know that in general, you will want to prioritize putting skill points in your awakened skills while trying to keep your movement, buff/debuff and supportive skills from your pre-awakened skills.


  • Pre-awakening PvE (493): http://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/77756
    All the skills you need to get to 56.
  • Pre-Awakening bare basics (443): http://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/77537
    This is basically the model of your future skill builds. These are the skills you pretty much should have. Unskilling SoJ is fine at 56.
  • Awakening bare basics (639): http://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/77542
    This build indicates what was said before, take every awakening skill you got and feel free to add “Absolute: Breath of Elion”, “Absolute: Punishment” and “Skilled Hunter” in the pre-awakening tree.
    You can choose whichever Rabam skill you wish, both are good.
    If you rushed through the content, you will most likely find yourself short of skill points. If this is the case, you can use your free skill-reset from the awakening quest and go for this instead(482): http://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/77539
    Keep in mind that this will limit your PvP abilities for the time being and you will have to make up for those skill points at some point in time.
  • Awakening lvl 57 (695): http://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/77541
    Follow-up build with the addition of absolute skills and the 57 unlockables. Second rabam choice is left out deliberately because it’s skillpoint heavy and not really worth the cost.
  • Awakening lvl 58 (950): http://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/77549
    Follow-up build with the standard 58 unlockables and some absolute skills.
  • Awakening lvl 59 (1110): http://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/77550
    Fleshing out the awakening build a bit more, if necessary you can leave out certain absolute skills until you have enough skill points for them.
  • Awakening lvl 60 minimum (1452): http://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/77569
    With this build, you’ll be set for a while, there are definitely more skills for you to get to optimize your damage, CC-chain or overall utility, but at this point you should be able to figure out which ones.


Sometimes it’s useful to lock certain skills, because the key combination might be clunky or you trigger a skill you absolutely didn’t want to use. This is all up to personal preference and is by no means necessary.


  • Evasion (PvE roll, useful at world bosses)
  • Divine Power (can be triggered unintentionally and puts you in pre-awakening)
  • Noble Spirit (Sometimes people don’t want to duel with E-buffs)
  • Charging Slash (might interrupt your running if you click by accident)
  • Flurry of Kicks (A skill that won’t be missed, but could cause annoyance)
  • Flying kick (A skill that won’t be missed, but could cause annoyance)


  • Elion’s Blessing (quickslot only skill)
  • Punishment (to be able to grab from awakening)
  • Heaven’s Echo (If you use BloodPaw’s “Echo-Walk”)
  • Wave of Light (To prevent accidental usage)
  • Terra Sancta (Sometimes glitches and uses Sacrum Ferit instead [possibly fixed])
  • Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae (Sometimes glitches and uses Sacrum Ferit instead[possibly fixed])
  • Celestial Smite: preference, clunky key combination
  • Celestial Cry: preference, clunky key combination
  • Divine Slam: preference, clunky key combination
  • Divine Descent: preference, clunky key combination


Skill add-ons are a useful way to buff yourself up just that tiny bit more. It’s good for optimizing your damage output and there’s really no reason not to have them. There are a few must have add-ons as well as others that are just personal choice.

Note: Skill add-ons do not work on flows of skills.


There are a few types of add-ons you can get, below there’s a little explanation about each type and a little explanation as to why you should or shouldn’t take it.

  • Monster Attack Increase: only good for PVE.
  • Critical Hit Rate Increase: good for PVE and PVP, but generally all you need is the Celestial Spear add-on, due to the low CD on this skill and its natural +80% crit increase.
  • PVP Attack Increase: self-explanatory, only useful for PVP.
  • HP recovery per hit: good for PVE, on skills with lots of hits. Generally not so good for PVP.
  • SP recovery per hit: not really good, valkyrie has enough tools to constantly keep SP up.
  • Down Smash Chance Increase: while down smash is actually really good and a CC type that surpasses the rule of 3 CC-chaining, it is super unreliable to pull it off. If you want to try it out, feel free but you may not like the result.
  • Accuracy Increase: self-explanatory, always welcome.
  • Evasion Increase: valkyrie doesn’t scale well with evasion and evasion is kind of a meme at the moment so it’s just not worth it.
  • Movement Speed Increase: it can be useful, but it’s more of a last resort thing.
  • Defense Increase: not a bad option if you want to be a bit tankier, but overall not really suitable for every PvP type or current meta.
  • Air Smash Chance: not even worth considering, the chance is too low, there’s better way to get damage in.
  • Bleeding/Pain/Poison: classic DOTs, good for PVP.
  • Target Movement Speed/Casting Speed/SP/Attack Speed Decrease: you can take these if you want, but they’ll mostly just annoy your opponent if they land.

Another thing to know about skill-addons, is the way they stack. The general rule for this, is that same type add-ons do not stack. Instead, they either get ignored or overwritten depending on the condition.

For example:

  • If you use Sharp Light with +25 Monster Damage and use Shield throw with +20 Monster Damage right after, you will keep Sharp Light’s add-on for its entire duration. ⇒ No stacking or overwriting.
  • If you use Shield throw with +20 Monster Damage and use Sharp Light with +25 Monster Damage right after, Sharp Light’s add-on will overwrite Shield Throw’s add-on and the duration will be set to Sharp Light’s timer. ⇒ No stacking, but overwriting

Add-ons with the same effect, but different description, do stack. E.g. if you have the DOT build, Poison Damage, Pain and Bleeding will all stack with each other, but 3x bleeding will not.

Do not confuse the DOT effects from skills with the DOT effects from add-ons. For example, bleeding can be applied twice on your target. Once from a skill and once from an add-on, in this case they do stack.


The pre-awakening doesn’t change much in the late game. There is one mandatory skill add-on so you always have 100% crit, everything else is completely up to you:

  • Celestial Spear (MUST HAVE):
    • PVX: All Critical Hit Rate +20% for 9s. For self
    • PVE: Attack against Monsters +20 for 8s. For self
    • PVP: Instantly Recover 30 HP per hit
  • Shield Throw (Preference):
    • PVP: PVP Attack +5 for 5s. For self
    • PVP: Inflicts 50 bleeding Damage per 3s. For 15s.
    • PVE: Attack against monsters +20 for 8s. For self
    • PVX: All movement speed +10% for 10s. For self
  • Sharp Light (Preference):
    • PVP: PVP Attack +10 for 5s. For self
    • PVP: Inflicts 42 bleeding Damage every 3s For 15s
    • PVE: Attack Against Monsters +25 for 8s. For self
    • PVE: Instantly Recover 30 HP per hit
  • Righteous Charge (Preference):
    • PVP: All casting speed +10% for 5s. For self
    • PVP: PVP Attack +10 for 5s. For self.


The DOT build is a build which people tend to choose when they just start PVP’ing due to lack of experience in which buffs are important. It’s somewhat useful as an addition when you don’t care that much yet, but in the long run, you will want to move on from this:

  • Blitz Stab:
    • PVP Attack +10 for 5s. For self
    • Inflicts 63 pain damage per 3s. For 12s.
  • Purificatione:
    • All Casting Speed +4%. For 5s. For self
    • Inflicts 40 poison damage per 3s. For 18s.
  • Terra Sancta:
    • All Casting Speed +10%. For 5s. For self
    • Inflicts 59 Bleeding Damage per 3s. For 15s.
  • Sanctitas de Enslar:
    • All Movement Speed -10% for 7s.
    • Inflicts 59 Bleeding Damage per 3s. For 15s.


Self-buffing is what you want to do once you reach end game. It’s up to you which buffs you want, there’s several combinations of good ones and it may take some time and experimenting before you find the ones you absolutely love. Below are just a few popular suggestions:

  • Promptness (to some people MUST have):
    • All casting speed +4% for 5s. For self
    • PVP Attack +5 for 5s. For self
  • Hastiludium:
    • PVP Attack +10 for 5s. For self
    • All accuracy +3% for 12s. For self
  • Terra Sancta:
    • All Casting Speed +10% for 5s. For self
    • Inflicts 59 Bleeding Damage per 3s. For 15s.


Rabam skills are two sets of skills that you unlock at levels 56 and 57 respectively. The basic idea behind it, is that you combine 2 pre-awakening skills into a single, powerful skill.

Acquiring Rabam skills does not require additional skill points, but you must have the maximum base skill already if you want to use them.

Combing the 2 skills will also not take away the ability to use the skills separately. The rabam skills are available as an addition to the existing skills and can be used from either Quick Slots or the SHIFT+X/SHIFT+Z key combination.

Level 56 Rabam Choices

Both options at 56 are appealing and useful. It is up to personal preference which one you want to take. Generally people will recommend you take Celestial Cry if you are a newer player and try out Celestial Smite at a later stage of the game.

  • Celestial Cry: also known as the Rabam heal. It will allow you to heal yourself and your allies in PVP events and can be used as a source of healing or SP recovery during grinding sessions. Use it with caution, because it does not have protection. Pick this skill if you are a support-minded player.
  • Celestial Smite: This is basically the same skill as the ordinary Celestial Spear, it will allow you to extend your damage combos in both PVP as well as PVE. Pick this skill if you are a damage-focused player. Ultimate Celestial Spear also procs when using this (off-CD), giving this Rabam a decent boost.

Level 57 Rabam Choices

Both of these options are actually very disappointing and it’s honestly okay if you don’t use them at all, especially if you already have issues with skill points.

  • Divine Slam: basically the more useful of the two, it has a frontal guard and a down smash. The damage is decent, but not overwhelming. Most people who can afford the skill points for this Rabam skill, will be running around with Divine Slam. It allows for some neat filler tricks in PVP, or is a way to let stamina recover while grinding and still doing some damage.
  • Divine Descent: a buff and debuff skill with an extremely high cool down for the little bonus it actually gives. The Super Armor on the skill is also very short and not really worth considering for SA chaining. Feel free to try it out, but prepare to be disappointed.


The introduction of absolute skills, was another attempt of Pearl Abyss to try to get people to make more use of their Pre-Awakening kit and it a quite successful attempt! Valkyrie has quite a few absolute skills that are useful in both the utility department, as the damage department. If you’ve gone through the skill builds, you probably saw the high-priority ones already, but here’s an overview anyway:

  • Heaven’s Echo: increases DP by 25 and accuracy by 15%.
  • Breath of Elion: decreases the cool down of your heal and increases the heal percentages.
  • Celestial Spear: nice damage increase.
  • Shield Throw: absolutely awesome for late game grinding.
  • Punishment: Slight damage increase and a +10 DP bonus.

There’s also a few situational ones, depending on your playstyle/skill build:

  • Righteous Charge: situational PVP skill for those comfortable with the pre-awakening kit and cancels.
  • Sword of Judgement: solid replacement for Castigatio, mostly for those comfortable with the pre-awakening kit and cancels.
  • Divine Power: good for PVE, but expensive in SP.
  • Sharp Light: good filler damage if you actually use this skill.
  • Just Counter: extension of Sharp Light.
  • Judgement of Light: good for PVE, but skill point-heavy.
  • Shining Dash: frontal guard skill, decent damage, some people play around with it.
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 1



Buffing up for PVE varies from which location you will be grinding at, as well as what your goal of the grinding by itself is. Some people are focused on maximizing their income, some only care for leveling faster and others are in dire need of those sweet skill points. Below is an overview of common setups for each goal.


  • Beast’s Draught, Verdure Draught and Giant’s Draught do not stack with any elixirs.
  • Simple Cron Meal, Exquisite Cron Meal, Seafood Cron Meal and Energizing Cron Meal do not stack with any other food. Any of these 4 cron meals will overwrite each other’s buffs and will also overwrite any normal food buff. Cron Meals cannot be overwritten by normal food buffs.
  • Book of Combat and Extra Combat Exp Scrolls do not stack.
Focus on EXP
Simple Cron MealBeast’s DraughtSplendid EXP ElixirBook of CombatExtra Combat Exp ScrollValue Pack[Event] Cold Dark BeerGolden Bell8-Piece OutfitDaily 100-200% buff
Fame buffs for lower levels


If you don’t care that much about getting a maximum amount of EXP, you might actually be better off running a more damage focused buff rotation. This can come in handy when trying to defend your spot as well.

All purpose
Exquisite Cron MealBeast’s DraughtGiant’s DraughtLazy buff or proper rotation, good for spots like:CentaursBasilisksPila KuManshaums Rations or Serendia is a matter of preference, the AP does not stack.
Valencia Meal + Kamasylvia Meal + Knight Combat Rations orSerendia MealBeast’s DraughtGiant’s Draught
Special Valencia Meal +Special Kamasylvia Meal +Jumbo Lion Burger +
Knight Combat Rations orSpecial Serendia Meal
Beast’s DraughtGiant’s DraughtBasically a PVP buff rotation combined with draughts or elixirs, good for spots like:AakmanHystriaGyfin (solo)
Body Enhancement Villa recommended.
Elixir of Strong DrainingElixir of Endless FuryElixir of Lethal Assassin
Elixir of Endless FuryElixir of Remarkable WillElixir of Steel DefenseElixir of Strong ShockElixir of Splendid EXPElixir of Strong DrainingGrim Soul Reaper’s ElixirElixir of Lethal AssassinStrong Griffon’s ElixirElixir of Brutal DeathElixir of Brutal PerforationBasically a PVP buff rotation, combined with elixirs specific for Gyfin group grinding. Divide these in a group of 5, preferably the expensive elixirs go to the damage dealers, the cheap ones to pullers.


For PVP most people will buff up to maximize their damage, although it is also possible to buff up for that little bit of extra tankiness. The latter is not a popular choice.

Focus on Damage
Special Valencia Meal +Special Kamasylvia Meal +Jumbo Lion Burger +
Knight Combat Rations orSpecial Serendia Meal

Lazy option:
Exquisite Cron Meal
Giant’s Draught
Elixir of Lethal AssassinElixir of Brutal Perforation
Grim Soul Reaper’s ElixirElixir of Brutal CarnageElixir of Brutal DeathElixir of Advanced ConcentrationElixir of Perfect Human HuntElixir of Strong ShockElixir of Endless FuryElixir of Intrepid SwiftnessElixir of Strong DrainingElixir of Sharp Detection

Elixir of Steel DefenseElixir of Strong ResurrectionElixir of Strong Life

Functional:Elixir of Overwhelming EnduranceElixir of Soaring Wings
Elixir of Deep SeaPerfume of CourageMelee AP EnhancerBody Enhancement VillaKamel Furniture Buff10% Crit BuffWhale Tendon ElixirWhale Tendon Potion
Focus on Tankiness
Special Valencia Meal +Special Kamasylvia Meal +
Knight Combat Rations orSpecial Serendia Meal
Giant’s Draught
Elixir of Lethal AssassinElixir of Brutal Perforation
Grim Soul Reaper’s ElixirElixir of Brutal CarnageElixir of Brutal DeathElixir of Advanced ConcentrationElixir of Perfect Human HuntElixir of Strong ShockElixir of Endless FuryElixir of Intrepid SwiftnessElixir of Strong DrainingElixir of Sharp Detection

Elixir of Steel DefenseElixir of Strong ResurrectionElixir of Strong Life

Functional:Elixir of Overwhelming EnduranceElixir of Soaring Wings
Spirit Perfume ElixirKhalk’s ElixirMelee AP EnhancerBody Enhancement VillaPot Furniture Buff100 HP BuffWhale Tendon ElixirWhale Tendon Potion



Before jumping into the actual combos and how to play the Valkyrie, let’s go over some commonly asked questions and try to answer them:

  • Is Valkyrie a good class for 1v1?
    Yes, the Valkyrie is a good class for 1v1, it has difficulties against certain classes and it’s not the top dog in the current meta, but with the right amount of practice and increase in skill, you will be able to fight the majority of people.
  • Is Valkyrie a good class for small-to-medium-scale fights?
    Yes, the Valkyrie is a good class for these kind of fights. It is probably the type of fight where she shines the most, given the right amount of practice and understanding of all concepts of the class.
  • Is Valkyrie a good class for large-scale fights?
    Yes, the Valkyrie is a good class for large scale, e.g. sieges. Be aware that she won’t have as much freedom as small-to-medium-scale fights, so while she can still shine in large scale, it will be difficult.
  • What is Valkyrie’s role in Nodewars and Sieges?
    The Valkyrie has a versatile play style and can be used in several scenarios, therefore its role is not limited to just one thing. Some possibilities are:
    • Semi-Front-Line CC BOT: due to lack of Super Armor and protected movement in our kit, true front-lining has become increasingly difficult for the Valkyrie. Being the first one to jump into a fight is generally not a good idea anymore. However, dropping the initial CC’s and following up other people’s attacks is still a viable gameplay. Make sure to either fall back a little bit or let others engage before you do, unless you feel comfortable using your 100% ultimate skill.
    • Second-Line Damage Dealer: instead of dropping your CC’s first, you’ll wait a bit and drop the follow-up CC’s and try to put in as much damage as you possibly can.
    • Blob-scout: you keep an eye on what’s going on around your own blob. You tell your shot caller where the enemy is coming from and when the good times and locations to engage or disengage are.
    • Protector: you have an eagle’s eye on top of a 6th sense for when your allies are in trouble, or about to be in trouble. You have excellent timing on when to use your PA and have no issues getting the most out of your healings. You might not get a lot of kills with this playstyle, but you keep your blob alive. Usually, you’ll hang around in the backline and jump in at the right moment.
    • Flanker: this one is hard to pull of these days because of our limited movement. But flanking around the blob, attacking and CC’ing from different angles is still possible and can often be the game-changing factor during a fight.

Ideally, you get a hang of all these playstyles and they can all be combined throughout a nodewar. Try to coordinate with other Valkyries (or classes with similar roles), who takes which tasks and get some synergy going!

  • Why is Valkyrie called the “wheelchair” class?
    Valkyrie used to be one of the most mobile classes in the game, they were so fast, they could beat Maehwas in a race. After the big rebalance, the Valkyrie got limited in its movement quite a lot, either by increased stamina consumption, or lack of protection.
    Many of the old Valkyries didn’t like this change and still have issues adapting to the new way Valkyrie has to be played. A meme goes around that Valkyrie is only good for blocking and dying, but it’s just a meme.
    While the movement changes had a big impact on the playstyle, it was also a necessary change, so in the end, it’s best to just get over it and if you can’t, perhaps a Maehwa or Musa fits your needs.
  • Is Valkyrie better than Warrior?
    Valkyrie and Warrior are two completely different classes despite both having a shield. They’re simply incomparable.
  • Can you explain how Purificatione works?
    Purificatione is basically our lowest cool down allied healing and a very good skill, but the skill description is pretty confusing. Basically it works like this:
    • Purificatione on friend ⇒ friend recovers 10%-20% of his health back (actual value depends on the skill level).
    • Purificatione on friend and on enemy simultaneously ⇒ friend recovers 20%-40% of his health back (actual value depends on the skill level).

The skill can heal many targets at once and only requires to hit 1 enemy to get the full healing.

  • Do we have any movement cancels?
    Yes, we have movement cancels, but be aware that these are extremely resource-heavy and should only be used situationally. They are also mostly unprotected.
    • SHIFT + W > LMB > Space ( each component separately, do not hold on to any keys).
    • SHIFT + W > Space (easier variation)
    • LMB + A/D > Q (sideways movement cancel, also used to dodge grabs from some classes).
  • What is this Echo Walk, or Bloodpaw Dash I keep hearing about?
    This, is actually another movement cancel, discovered by sister Bloodpaw. To perform this cancel, do the following:
    • Put Heaven’s Echo on a quick slot
    • Hold Space + Q
    • Tap the quick slot quickly

This movement cancel is pretty viable for short distances, safer movement, grab engages and for going down hill. It is also easier to use if your E-buff is active.  All credits for this go to Bloodpaw: https://www.twitch.tv/bloodpawbdo.
Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLJpLyodfFI

  • What are Special Attacks?
    Special attacks are basically damage multipliers, that increase your damage when a certain condition is met, a brief overview:
    • Air Attack (damage * 2): your opponent needs to be in an airborne state for this bonus multiplier to apply.
    • Counter Attack (PVE) (damage * 2): if you can land a skill, while your opponent is still casting a skill, the counter attack multiplier will be applied.
    • Down Attack (damage * 1.5): the multiplier applies when your opponent is in a downed state.
    • Speed Attack (PVE) (damage * 1.5): if you attack your opponent as he/she is running at you, this multiplier will apply.
    • Back Attack (damage * 1.5): the multiplier applies when your opponent’s flank or backside is exposed to you.

Back attacks are not skill-specific, so basically every skill can be a back attack. In the scenario where you apply a back attack combined with any of the other Special Attacks, only the one with the highest damage modifier will be applied.
Note that the multipliers for PVP are reduced by 30%.

  • Can you explain how CC’s work?
    The current CC system that is in place, consists of a few core CC types, which each have a value assigned to them:
    • Stiffness: 0.7
    • Stun/Knockdown/Bound/Knockback/Floating/Grapple/Freezing: 1
    • Down Smash/Air Smash: 0

The way it works, is that if the total count of the skills you casted, has a CC value that exceeds 2.7, your target will have a 5 second immunity to any CC, except for Down Smashes and Air Smashes. “Standing CCs” i.e: stiffness, stun and knockback, will not apply their CC or be counted towards your CC limit if you use a skill with these attributes whilst your opponent is still CC-ed on the ground.

For example:

Stiff → Stiff → Stun ⇒ 0.7 + 0.7 + 1 = 2.4 ⇒ 5 second immunity
Stun → Grapple ⇒ 1 + 1 = 2 ⇒ 5 second immunity
Stun → Knockdown → Down Smash → Down Smash ⇒ 1 + 1 + 0 + 0 ⇒ can be applied continuously.

Note: the 5 second immunity applies as soon as the effect hits you. For example, cast Punishment into Sharp Light, the 5 second immunity will apply as soon as the Sharp Light hits.

After the hit however, your target will still be CC’d for a while, meaning his 5 second immunity is running out while he is still laying on the ground. If you can also add in a lucky Down Smash, you can completely bypass the 5 second immunity, with the right timing.

  • What are Block cancels?
    A block cancel is basically canceling a certain skill by pressing Q (block). This can come in handy from time to time especially in awakening, as it allows for certain actions to go or flow faster, or put you back to safety faster. Some example skills:
    • Punishment (from quickslot): using Punishment from quickslot can only be done with the regular skill, not its ultimate form, therefore it cannot be used as quickly as using it from pre-awakening E. Pressing Q before trying to grab, allows you to grab faster.
    • Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae and Terra Sancta: pressing block before casting either skill, allows you to cast the skills somewhat faster.
    • Wave of Light: pressing Q upon casting Wave of Light, puts you right back into block, which is the safest way of casting WoL. Be aware that you cannot charge the skill for the 2nd vacuum if you cancel it with Q.

It should be noted that there is still a small “risk” associated with Q cancelling (or when attempting to precisely time to block skills), as there is a roughly 0.5 second delay between pressing Q and completing the blocking animation, and the super armor status taking effect. If you play with high ping, you can anticipate this delay to be slightly longer. The activation of the super armor status coincides with the appearance of the DP buff countdown timer.


For the pre-awakening we will only discuss the PvE aspect to get you going. Unless a new server launches, everyone should have the awakening available in their region. If you do insist on heavily studying the pre-awakening and need a guide for it, take a look at the following guide (note that some parts may be outdated): http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/58303-01282017-update-the-ultimate-valkyrie-gearskillcombo-guide/

For the pre-awakening PvE, you should understand the following concepts:

  • Celestial Spear usage: use this skill wisely and often, to maximize your damage. Not using this skill will slow you down as your attacks will not have 80% (+20%) critical hit on it.
  • Shield Throw Cancels: Shield Throw is a skill that can be canceled into, which causes it to be a lot faster. The Key Combination for this is:
    • S+LMB > S + Q

Using this combination will enforce a forehand throw instead of a backhand throw of your shield, meaning a successful execution of the cancel.

Learning the cancel will allow you to perform a fast stun in PVP (use with caution, it is unprotected!), but is also extremely important for early and late game PVE.

The best way to practice this cancel, is by applying it in your early game PVE, by using the following combination, this introduces every way of the cancel.:

  • S + LMB > S + Q > S + E > S + Q > A/D + RMB > S + LMB > S + Q > SHIFT + A/D > S + LMB > S + Q
  • Sword of Judgement Cancels: Sword of Judgement is another skill that can be canceled and used for early PVE. Later in the game, this skill becomes more and more forgotten, although it does have some benefits for both PVE and PVP. Whether or not you want to use or learn these cancels, is up to you. The following skills have the ability to cancel into Sword of Judgement and can be changed as you wish:
    • Celestial Spear > Sword of Judgement
    • Shield Chase > Shield Push > Sword of Judgement
    • Sharp Light > Sword of Judgement
    • Righteous Charge (needs to hit) > Sword of Judgement
    • Glaring Slash  (2nd or 3rd hit) > Sword of Judgement

So, that’s pretty much it for the pre-awakening, practice at least the first two things and you’ll be good to go in the future!


Alright, so once you hit the awakening, a whole new and exciting chapter starts for you when it comes to grinding! At the start of getting your awakening, it will feel pretty clunky and chaining into combos might be weird for you. Truth be told though, the valkyrie has a very simple procedure of chaining combos at the start, which is basically the ability to use promptness (space) after almost every skill.

The “sad” part however, is that spamming this will consume your resources extremely fast, which indirectly means that your movement will be affected! As you get better and better at the game, you’ll start getting a feel of when to use it.

So, what is the awakened PVE like? Basically, it’s all about finding proper rotations, pulling/lining-up mobs correctly, resource management and getting the most out of your damage skills.

The following pattern should be applied as you go grind:

  • Find a spot/rotation with a nice density or fast-aggro mobs
  • Aggro the first pack and move to the second one in the rotation
  • Kill the first pack of mobs and as they die, the second pack will start focusing you
  • Make sure you don’t spread the mobs out, because the valkyrie does not have many AOEs
  • Apply debuffs and exploit damage multipliers
  • Burst your mobs at the start of your skill rotation, but ensure your stamina/SP is (almost) fully recovered as you get closer to killing the mobs.

As far as combos go, we actually have many skills that can be used in any way you wish. The basic idea behind grinding with the Valkyrie is that you have a few types of skills:

  • Debuff/buff/recovery skills:
    • Purificatione: -10 Melee DP on target, Heals, Stuns mobs, Spins mobs around for back attacks
    • Sacrum Ferit: -9% Evasion on target, SP recovery, Crit rate +20%, several CC effects. The flow () also recovers SP and applies -9% evasion
    • Celestial Spear: -30% Movement Speed, 80% (+20% add-on) crit rat
    • Sanctitas de Enslar (non-rage version): the 100% crit rate only applies when using the skill in its non-100% rage version, when you want to use the ultimate, you must have 100% crit up! Increases your own Melee AP by 20 for 10 seconds!
  • 100% Crit damage skills
    • Verdict Lancia Iustitiae (only on pull-up): it’s okay to use this one with the flow without the crit buff from Celestial Spear up.
    • Flow Revelation Sanctus: the flow by itself has a natural 100% critical.
    • Blitz Stab: even though this skill has 100% crit rate, it flows so easily with Hastiludium that you’ll use it together with the spear buff anyway.
    • Ultimate Blitz Stab: flow of the skill above, same principle.
  • Non-100% crit damage skills:
    • Castigatio: decent skill, decent damage, especially when you just get awakened.
    • Hastiludium: powerhouse skill, big damage
    • Sacrum Ferit: debuff and filler skill, okay damage
    • Promptness: switching skill, but with high damage if off CD.
    • Terra Sancta: super high damage burst skill, should use this as often as you can.

The first thing you want to do is apply debuffs whenever possible, mostly with the Purificatione and Sacrum Ferit skills.

Once the debuffs are applied, you start dealing damage with the skills that require the 100% crit buff from Celestial Spear. After the 100% crit buff from Celestial Spear runs out, you try to finish up the remaining mobs by rotating your natural 100% crit skills.

If the mobs still aren’t dead after all that, you start the whole thing over until they are. Some example combos:

  • SHIFT + LMB > RMB (x3) > RMB > F > S + E > Space >
    S+LMB  (2 clicks) > W + F > W + RMB >
    SHIFT + RMB (hold)
  • SHIFT + LMB > RMB (x3) > RMB > F > S + E > Space >
    S+RMB > W + F > W + RMB > SHIFT + RMB (hold)

That’s pretty much it as far as purely awakened PVE goes. As you progress and get a hang of it, you should come up with your own combos and flows and throw in some more pre-awakened stuff as you see fit!



Valkyrie has historically been a strong contender in the 1v1 category, despite being underestimated for a very long time. While many people have the ability to get into Valkyrie and play her well to a certain extent, the skill ceiling can be quite high. Therefore the difference in skill is quite noticeable between an average Valkyrie and a “pro” Valkyrie.

Currently Valkyries still offer a lot of potential in duels, but it requires a reasonable amount of knowledge of all BDO classes to perform at the top tier of the game. To start things of let’s go over a short pros vs cons list:

High burstFrustrating to learn
Strong blockA lot of unprotected skills
Reasonable sustainIssues covering distances (stamina)
One-shot ultimateRequires higher gear/level before seeing results than other classes

So, now that we got the introduction out of the way, let’s dig into the core concepts and skills and combos:

  • Protection and movement: recent changes to CC and Super Armor, have changed the way Valkyrie used to play in 1v1. In the past, we were pretty much un-CC-able gods, faster than the wind due to having lingering Super Armor on our block and a superior dash-cancel. Now that this is all gone and we’re left with only a few SA skills, we need to adjust our movement as it is mostly unprotected.

    You might ask yourself “why does this matter?”, well basically, Valkyrie is a melee class. This means you need to be close to your enemy and burst it down by capitalizing on successful CC’s.

    Our high-damage skills also have a reasonably long cool down, so it’s important not to blow them unnecessarily. Timing is key and fast reaction is required.

    We also have next to no iframes, our SA skills are fairly static as is our block, thus making us an easy target for some classes.
  • Basic primary engages:
    The following skills are pretty good for starting of a combo or simply just baiting out the initial CC:
    • Punishment
    • Celestial Spear
    • Celestial Smite
    • Just Counter
    • Sharp Light
    • Blitz Stab

Using Wave of Light is also beneficial, if not for the initial CC, then at least for zoning your enemy and trying to lock him into a certain area of the map (taking away his/her liberty to move around or escape). Allowing you to grab engage more easily.

  • Grab engage combo(s):
    Grab engages are pretty common and powerful. You should definitely learn at least some of them. As your AP increases, your combos will most likely become shorter as you simply need less skills to kill people.

BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 2
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 3
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 4
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 5
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 6
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 7
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 8
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 9
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 10

E (or quickslot) > SHIFT + LMB > S + E or SHIFT+X (or quickslot) > Space > S + LMB (2 clicks) > S + RMB > W + F > W + RMB

Explanation: because of the 2 CC system, you need to be picky about which CC you apply on your target. Punishment is the first whole point of CC, sharp light is used right after it for it’s knockdown CC effect. This lasts 4 seconds, so you have enough time to do the combo up until Hastiludium and this skill has a 30% chance of extending your CC-chain with a down smash, which should be enough for a kill. Celestia Smite may be prefered over Celestial Spear, because it’s natural damage is higher, yet Ultimate Celestial Spear also procs (when off-CD) when Celestial Smite is used, giving it a sweet damage boost.

Punishment, Sharp Light and Celestial Spear/Smite are the setups for this engage. Grabbing for the initial CC, Sharp Light for the longest possible CC extension and Celestial Spear/Smite for the 100% crit buff.

It is possible to land air attacks on both Sharp Light and Promptness, if you cancel sharp light into Celestial Spear/Smite correctly. When you use Smite instead of Spear, you’ll also get some additional damage.

Castigatio, Terra Sancta, Hastiludium and Blitz stab take care of the burst damage in this combo and is subject to change, you could leave out the castigatio for example.

See it in action 343 Evasion DP vs 244 AP: https://streamable.com/s2g1f

Variations: it should be noted that not every fight is the same. Throughout the course of a fight, conditions can change, leading to situations where trying to land a full combo isn’t in your favor. E.g. your high damage skills could be on cool down due to trying to escape with Hastiludium or trying pulling of a quick CC with Blitz Stab.

In a nutshell, pay attention to your cool down timers, become one with them and start feeling the combos. Certain skills like Promptness and Sharp Light should be used with caution, because if you use them while they are on cool down, they will use their high damage output or CC effect.

Promptness in particular is used often to swap back into the awakening stance, so before you engage into a combo, pay attention that this skill is off cool down.

Skill add-ons will also greatly affect this combo. Add-ons used in the clip:

  • Sharp Light: +10 PVP Attack, 42 bleeding for 15 sec
  • Terra Sancta: 20% Down Smash, +10% Casting Speed
  • Blitz Stab: 62 Pain for 12 seconds, 3% accuracy
  • Celestial Spear follow-up combo:
    If you happened to have landed a Celestial Spear and put your enemy in the bound state, there’s some combos you can do to fill the gaps and dish out some damage. But be aware that you have already blown your first CC, so going into the regular grab engage after this, will not have the same effect as the grab-first engage which is mentioned above.

    Regardless, here are some short burst combos you can perform on your enemy:

    S + E > W + F > E (or quickslot) > SHIFT + LMB >
    Space > S + RMB

    Keep in mind that the combo above does not apply Sharp Light’s 4 second knock down effect anymore. Righteous Charge is used as a gap filler and with the right add-ons e.g. casting speed +10% and target attack speed -10%, you give yourself a lot of time to deal some damage.

Other short burst combos are:

  • S + E > W + F > E (or quickslot) > Space >
    SHIFT + LMB > W + F > W + R
  • S + E > W + F > E (or quickslot) > Space >
    S + LMB (2 clicks) > W + F > W + R
  • S + E > W + F > E (or quickslot) > Space >
    S + LMB (2 clicks) > S + RMB

Keep in mind that you need to have your Celestial Spear’s buff up if you want to actually deal a lot of damage (can be bypassed by having 5 Critical in your Ability Stats). All these combos are interchangeable and can be applied depending on situation. Use them as a learning spot and find out what works best for you.

Be careful when you use righteous charge. It may apply an unwanted CC, if you don’t cancel into Punishment fast enough. Canceling Righteous Charge can be done if you have the Ultimate version of Punishment.

  • What about all the other skills though?
    Well, the other skills aren’t necessarily bad or anything, they just don’t really fit in the whole picture of the 1v1 combos. To give you an overview though, we’ll list every remaining skill you might think of using and give some explanation to it:
    • Sanctitas de Enslar: this is a unique ability that can be used in a variety of ways and scenarios, both offensive and defensive. The melee bonus is substantial and using it pre-combo offers a nice amount of extra damage. Enslar is also useful as a closing ability post combo, offering a reasonable small AOE damage while minimizing the opponent’s ability to instantly counter you as soon as they recover.
      It is not uncommon to land a killing blow with Enslar. The 100% rage version, can turn a fight around when dealing with an overzealous opponent due to its stun and massive damage. Overall the 100% rage on Enslar is not often used for duels.
    • Divine Slam: our second Rabam skill with a frontal guard, small healing and a down smash. It wasn’t mentioned in any of the previous combos, but it can come in handy in certain situations, for example countering damage or CC with the frontal guard. Due to the relatively low damage and longer casting animation, it is not advised to use this skill over the other skills in the combos, unless it’s necessary.
    • Flow: Lucem Fluxum: not many people are a fan of this ability, due to its unprotected nature and often being casted unintentionally. Some valks even lock it entirely for PVP. Its usage is limited.
    • Shining Dash: a skill many people wonder about because it has a frontal guard. Its actual usage in duels is rather limited due to the long animation and cast time.
    • Sword of Judgement: while not a bad skill perse, it simply gets out-damaged by pretty much any other of your high damage skills. It might come in handy from time to time if you have the skill maxed out until its absolute form.
    • Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae: just like Sanctitas de Enslar, this skill has both offensive and defensive functionality. In general you should be cautious about using this skill against grab classes, because it makes you an easy target due to the static and moderately long animation.
      The skill can be used as a finisher, for damage trading through SA, or countering sudden CC. It is typically not used excessively in 1v1 combos anymore.
    • Elion’s Blessing: it’s our version of Protective Area, it allows you to turn a fight around when you’re in a nasty situation, or to somewhat brainlessly try to throw damage. If you do want to use it wisely, you can cast it to give yourself time to heal up under pressure. Generally speaking however, this skill is not often used in duels. Be aware that desync may affect the effect of this skill and that you can cancel it with promptness before the effect is even applied.
  • Shield throw engages:
    So, finally all the hard work training your Shield Throw cancels is going to pay of. Shield Throw is a neat skill that has allows you to perform a CC on your target and catch him or her by surprise. Due to the skill’s unprotected nature, it is advised to use it with caution. The cancel itself goes like this for PVP:

    SHIFT + A/D > S + LMB > S + Q

    A variety of combos can actually be used to follow up on this quick CC. an example is:

    RMB (2 clicks) > SHIFT + LMB

    Shield throw can also be used as a disengage tool, by e.g. just casting it from a relatively safe distant as your enemy is knocked down, just for the damage.
  • Terra Sancta Ending/Disengaging
    Terra Sancta in itself is better used in your combo, due to its insane amount of damage dealt. It is however completely viable to use it as a finishing skill, by e.g. trying to get behind your enemy and casting it from a distance, to safely disengage afterwards. Whether this is something you want to do or not, is up to you.
  • How can I play defensively?
    Sometimes you just have to play defensively, you are a blocking class without iframes and safe movement after all. Valkyrie relies heavily on its block, which negates damage at the cost of her shield becoming weaker as more damage is soaked.If you let an enemy freely attack you as you are standing in the guard position, it is only a matter of time before your shield breaks and leaves you stunned. The more DP (Damage Reduction specifically) you have, the longer your shield will last.

    In order to regain some of your shield’s health, you can apply the side stap. It’s basically a semi-protected way of covering small bits of shield HP back, simply by doing this:
    • A/D + LMB/RMB > Q

We are calling it a semi-protected skill, because this side step casts very fast, there is a small iframe in between (which is amazing for dodging grabs of certain classes as well) and you go in to block really fast. Nevertheless, you can still be CC’d while performing this. You can also use this little track to get closer or behind your enemies and thus becoming more of a threat or avoiding damage and CC’s.

Some other defensive skills are:

  • Shield Chase: another skill we can use defensively. It’s pretty much a dodge with a frontal guard, so it’s pretty decent for maneuvering around the battlefield and to pull off that sweet shield throw engage. This skill isn’t an iframe and we get screwed over pretty fast by it due to desync.
  • Hastiludium: Super Armor and a pretty long dash, sounds pretty good right? While this skill primarily servers as a damage dealing skill, it can actually be used to escape an unfavorable situation. Given it’s somewhat short cool down, it’s acceptable to use it as a movement skill from time to time.
  • Sanctitas de Enslar: as mentioned before, it can be used defensively as we are untargetable while in the air. However, using this skill should be done with a lot of attention to the situation, as we can be grabbed out of the skill as soon as we become targetable again.
  • How does gear affect our combos?
    The better your gear is, the shorter your combos will be. BDO is basically at the point where having an AP is extremely superior to anything else. DP builds have the tendency of losing all of its killing-potential, so you should avoid it for duels.
  • Do we still have lingering Super Armor?
    Yes, we do still have linger super armor, but it’s not the same as before the CC-changes. We no longer have linger SA on our block, instead we have a form of lingering super armor on these skills:
    • Hastiludium: has super armor while you’re moving, but there’s a tiny gap at the start of the animation, so it is still possible to get CC’d at the beginning of the casting. Another thing to note about this skill is, that it takes character collision into account, so you might get “stuck” in people.
    • Sanctitas de enslar: same issue as hastiludium, at the start there is a tiny gap before the SA kicks end. After you land however, the entire animation is lingering, as long as you don’t do anything else. This makes it our longest lingering SA at the moment.
  • Anything else?
    Valkyries need to adapt to each opponent a lot as some classes allow you to turtle, whereas other keep forcing you to move.
    The method by which you approach a fight, can mean a win or loss for you, so make the right estimations!


If you’ve read through the guide, you should have found the possible roles of the Valkyrie in the PREFACE section, if you haven’t, go have a look, as for the group fights we will build further on the concepts explained there. As mentioned in that section, a good Valkyrie should be a master of all those categories, even if it can get away with being only good at a few of those.

In the ideal scenario, you learn to combine all these playstyles and adapt to the needs of the situation at hand. Therefore, you won’t find any specific combos for group fights here, just basic concepts and explanations, because Valkyrie is simply more complex than some people make it out to be.

  • Semi-Front-Line CC BOT: you need to drop your initial CC’s and set up the kills for the frontline damage dealers. In order to do this, you need to find perfect timing and need to be able to estimate risk versus reward, not only for yourself but the whole raid.

    How to drop initial CC?
    • Wave of Light (Q-canceled): when the engage has to be fast (e.g. surprise attacks), you’ll probably want to cancel your vacuum to reduce the risk of getting CC’d. Canceling it, will cause it to only vacuum once, which might be enough! This is a low risk skill.
    • Wave of Light (Charged): when you are the master of a choke point or other area with natural borders (e.g. your backside is covered), this skill is definitely worth using. When you charge your vacuum, it will suck your enemies in twice, which will almost inevitably CC them no matter what. This is a high risk skill and should be used with caution!
    • Terra Sancta: Even though the range has been exchanged for damage, it’s still a really good skill for a short-medium ranged poke to catch people off-guard. Use it with caution!

Laying the down the initial CC can be done in combination with the flanker role, as many people nowadays don’t have a lot of Super Armor, it is “easier” to CC them from their back sides. This means that if you engage from a different angle as the rest of your main blob, you have the ability to be more efficient and successful in this role. Do keep in mind that this isn’t as easy as it sounds and comes at a high risk!

After you have dropped the initial CC, you let your damage dealers take over the lead and either jump into the second-line Damage Dealer or Protector role, depending on how you see fit.

  • Second-Line Damage Dealer: after an engage has already happened, it’s time for you to deal damage. Ideally, you try to chain the few Super Armor skills you have and dish out as much damage as you can. If you are confident enough in your abilities, you can try to chain some unprotected skills as well depending on the situation.

    How to chain SA?
    • Sanctitas de Enslar: generally speaking, you’ll try to use this skill either to deal huge damage when you have 100% Black Spirit Rage, or in case you don’t have the rage, you use it to get closer to enemies and start your Super Armor chain.
    • Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae: Often used after Sanctitas de Enslar, to extend your damage combo and avoid being CC’d.
    • Hastiludium: this one can either be used as an engage tool to get closer to your enemies, while also putting damage on them, or as a disengage tool, to try and “charge” through your enemies as you kill them and move to a slightly safer location.

Warning: all our Super Armor skills have a tiny gap at the beginning of the animation, so it is possible you get CC’d from time to time.

As a damage dealing Valkyrie, you should know that everything is about burst with us. We aren’t as tanky as we want to be, so in order to be successful in damage dealing, you’re going to need to find a “push-and-pull” system.

This means, pushing in → burst damage → pull out → repeat. Stay in one spot for too long is almost a guaranteed death.

BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 11
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 12
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 13
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 14
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 15
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 16
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 17
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 18
BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 19

Example of a “push-pull” system:
F > SHIFT + RMB (hold) > W + F (to left or right) > W + RMB > turn camera > SHIFT + S (up to 4x if necessary) > S + E (catch off-guard chasers) > S + RMB (kill off-guard chasers) > move back to allies and repeat.

  • Blob-Scout: this is actually an easy one, you are the person that keeps an eye on what’s ahead of your own blob and feeds information to your shot caller.

    To perform well doing this, you basically need to train your resource management and use some skills that will slow down a group of enemies charing at you (see the protector role). Sometimes a little 1v1 skill might be required, mostly in situations where there’s no other way out. You can refer to the 1v1 section for this.
  • Protector: as a protector, you make sure that your allies make it out alive. Since respawn timers increase as a NW progresses and med-kits are disabled, surviving has become an important part of nodewars.

    As a protector, you not only make sure your allies’ HP is topped off constantly, but you also cast emergency PA’s, slow down your enemies and alert everyone about surprise attacks.

    Skills you should be using to perform this role:
    • Purificatione: (spam this whenever it’s off CD, try to hit your allies as well as at least 1 enemy with it.
    • Breath of Elion: use this one in dire situations, because it has super armor and we don’t have many skills to spare like that
    • Celestial Cry: Rabam skill that simulates Breath of Elion, but is unprotected. Use this skill with caution, or to group up a bunch of people while everyone is safe.
    • Elion’s Blessing: Valkyrie’s version of Protected Area. It has Super Armor and casts really fast, it’s a good skill to use in emergency situations.
    • Wave of Light: our beloved vacuum can slow down enemies by quite a bit and ruin their whole engage. When your own raid tries to fall back, help them doing so by making great use of our vacuum.
    • Sanctitas de Enslar (100%): Occasionally you will be able to use this skill in emergency situations and scare your enemy shitless, either by killing them all or reducing their HP by so much, your own raid can counter attack.

The protector role is considered to be the most boring one by numerous Valkyries, but it’s actually almost vital in today’s NW’s and can be very satisfying.

  • Flanker: this role has become increasingly difficult because of our lack of protected movement (or fast movement in general). It is however still possible to perform flanking tasks up until a certain extent. But it isn’t much different from the Second-Line Damage Dealer anymore, except that you attack from another angle with possibly a smaller squad.

    When you are however in a smaller flanking squad, chances are high you’ll naturally flow into the protector role due to your lack of movement and this squad needing some sort of sustain.



Gearing is actually pretty straightforward in the realms of BDO. While there is quite a bit of gear available on the market, there are not a lot of viable choices for you to make. Before we jump into making builds, there are a few concepts to familiarize yourself with, so you know in which ways you can upgrade your gear.


Ability levels are a way to boost your Valkyrie’s gameplay in terms of speed, movement and damage. The higher you get the level, the better basically. But since maxing out all of them is either expensive, only possible through consumables or even unnecessary, the important thing to know is the following:

  • Attack Speed: unnecessary, Valkyrie is a Casting Speed based class
  • Casting Speed: absolute must have, get this to 5 ASAP.
  • Movement Speed: nice to have, but can play perfectly without it
  • Critical Hit: considered unnecessary because we get 100% damage from Celestial Spear (80%) + the add-on (20%), which is spammable every 7 seconds. However, if you wish to slot into this, it is perfectly fine!

Overstacking on any of these, has no effect.


Resistances are another mechanic introduced to the game, to allow you to – as the name indicates – resist getting CC’d from skills. Basically, you have the ability to invest into the follow resistance types:

  • Stun/Stiffness/Freezing
  • Knockdown/Bound
  • Grapple
  • Knockback/Floating

When you invest in resistances, you’re basically putting faith in the hands of RNG, by increasing your odds of not getting CC’d. This all sounds nice, but there’s a few things you should know however:

  • Resistances are capped at a difference of 60%. Meaning, a 60% chance to resist a CC type, is the maximum chance you can get.
  • Your opponents have the ability to invest in “Ignore Resistance”, which means that getting 60% of each resistance, is simply not enough to ensure the maximum chance to resist CC’s as the difference between your resistance and your opponent’s Ignore Resistance is calculated.
  • For the most part, CC’s are applied, based on a first-hit system. If a skill has 7 hits, only the first 1 will try to apply a CC. There are some notable exceptions, however (for e.g, Maehwa’s Red Moon).
  • CC’s are limited to a total of 2.7 and once the limit is reached, your opponent will have a 5 second immunity from any CC type, except Down Smashes and Air Smashes.
    • Stiffness: 0.7
    • Knockdown/Bound/Freezing/Stun/Grapple/Knockback/Floating: 1
    • Air Smash/Down Smash: 0

In a nutshell, if the sum of any of these values is higher than or equal to 2.7, the 5 second CC immunity will be applied to your target. Down Smashes and Air Smashes can be applied continuously.

So, is it actually worth investing into resistances? Opinions differ, but they’re actually a viable option, because generally speaking, resistance crystals are relatively cheap while still providing a decent buff to your build. Try it out yourself if you wish to and decide if it’s worth it or not!


Crystals are an in-game item that provide important buffs to your gear, which allows you to min-max your stats. The amount of crystals you can use, is determined by the amount of crystal slots the gear you are using has.

Crystals are usually bound to a specific armor or weapon piece, so when min-maxing make sure that the crystals you want can actually be slotted into the armor or weapon you want it to be in.

Another thing to keep in mind is that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good and cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad when it comes to crystals. There’s quite a few very solid choices to make.


When you have acquired a piece of gear, you have the ability to upgrade it to a higher level, how enhancing actually works, what the chances are and all that jazz, is out of the scope of this guide. In a nutshell you should know the following:

  • Upgrading weapons:
    • Requires Black Stone (Weapon) from +0 to +15
    • Requires Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) from +15 to PEN
    • Upgrading from +0 to + 7 has a 100% success rate
  • Upgrading armor:
    • Requires Black Stone (Armor) from +0 to +15
    • Requires Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) from +15 to V
    • Upgrading from +0 to +5 has a 100% success rate
  • Upgrading accessories:
    • Requires a +0 accessory and a +0 to TET accessory

Side effects of enhancing failures are:

  • Weapons and Armor will lose durability from every enhancement failure from +7 to PRI
  • Weapons and Armor will downgrade 1 grade from every enhancement failure from DUO to PEN
  • Accessories will be permanently destroyed upon enhancement failure
  • Cron stones will prevent DUO to TET Armor and Weapon from downgrading
  • Cron stones will prevent accessories from being destroyed, but there is a chance it downgrades. The base item used for enhancing, will be consumed regardless of cron stones.


Off-hands are a point of great discussion and are one of the items that allow you to play around with builds a lot. Generally speaking there are a few off-hands to consider and they’re usually classified to a single purpose. The actual viable off-hands for Valkyrie are:

  • Axion Shield: ever since the rebalance of shields, this one has actually become fairly decent due the lower gap in damage rolls. Axion shield is a very viable option if you’re a beginning player that only cares about PVE, it is an AP focused shield.
  • Vangertz Shield: in the past, this one was every Valkyrie’s first love… and for many valkyries it still is. Vangertz is a well balanced shield with a focus on accuracy. In the earlier stages of the game, having more accuracy allows you to grind in areas that are a bit above your level.

    The shield is also still pretty much perfect for every beginning player that wants to get into PVP as soon as possible. Turning your Vangertz shield into an ultimate one, gives you a bonus stat of +1 special attack damage. This increases the damage you do on down, back and air attacks. Some also claim it increases damage on critical attacks, but no accurate tests have backed this theory.
  • Kutum Shield: mid to late game PVE shield (and super-super late game PVP shield). The Kutum shield has tons of hidden monster damage, which basically makes it a better shield for grinding up until you reach the higher points of AP. With this shield, you’ll be able to grind places until you’ve hit 262 AP with the Nouver shield.
  • Nouver Shield: pretty much mandatory to have one of these. It is the late-game PVP shield. Keep in mind that this shield lacks in accuracy, therefore it is not recommended to use until you’ve hit at least 300 sheet accuracy.
  • Kite Shield: viable shield for DP builds. Don’t be misguided however, using this shield has its benefits towards survivability, but it won’t give you god-mode either. Using a kite shield will also be a big decrease of your offensive abilities.
  • Rosar/Krea: Irrelevant off-hands, not really worth investing in.


If you are new to the game (or a returning player) you may have heard the terms “Renown Score” and “AP-Scaling” (and maybe “DR-Scaling” although most people neglect this one),  but don’t really know what they are. Well, all three of these are basically a “bonus”-system Pearl Abyss has implemented, to reward people for getting more geared.

All of these systems have caused a lot of uproar and unhappy people, but nevertheless we are stuck with them. The specific bonuses can be found all around the BDO community discords and patch notes, so here here’s just a brief explanation of how it works:

  • Renown Score: Basically PA is calculating a number, based on the following formula: [(AP + Awakening AP) / 2] + DP + Fame. The higher this total number becomes, the bigger your bonus stats will be.

    This means that every single piece of gear is very important and you should think carefully about rouletting all of your gear, because it has a huge outcome!

    The bonus consist of a maximum of 20 AP and 165 DP. The AP bonus is awarded up until 470 Renown Score, the DP bonus keeps scaling up until 647 Renown Score.

    You can boost your Fame level up to 5 by getting enough amity with NPCs in a specific region. The easiest/cheapest NPC, is Igor Bartali in Velia, which will give you +5 Fame at around 17,000 amity.
  • AP-Scaling: It is a similar system that awards you with up to 200 hidden bonus AP, as your actual sheet AP grows. Simply put, the higher your sheet AP, the higher your hidden bonus AP. The only thing to know about this, is that it comes in steps.
  • DP-Scaling: The exact same way AP-Scaling works, but for DP instead of AP. You can receive up to 20% more tankiness by acquiring more DP. This system also comes with thresholds.

So what does all this mean? It pretty much means that build-variety got more or less screwed over and everyone and their mothers started to only get AP builds. Which makes absolute sense, because going full AP gives you even more bonus AP, as well as extra tankiness.


Alchemy stones are a rechargeable item that give nice buffs. Alchemy stones come in many grades, but there are basically 2 types for PVP:

  • Alchemy Stone of Destruction: this is an offense-focused alchemy stone that gives bonuses towards AP, Accuracy, Ignore Resistance, Attack Speed and Casting Speed. This one is also useful for PvE.
  • Alchemy Stone of Protection: this a defense-focused alchemy stone that gives bonuses towards Damage Reduction, Evasion, HP and resistances.

How big the buffs are depends on the grade and color of your alchemy stone, but this is beyond the scope of this guide. Most people will aim for the following Alchemy Stones:

Getting these alchemy stones is basically a money sink, so a lot of people settle for the alternative Destruction Spirit Stone, which cannot be recharged, but is a lot cheaper. Guardian Spirit Stone is not really worth using, but some may do so.



As a new player, it can be difficult to figure out what gear you should get, in which order you should upgrade it and what the most efficient way of getting it is. Just for you guys, we’ll be adding this section, to give you a basic idea of getting gear that isn’t a waste of money. Keep in mind that these are merely suggestions to get you up and running as fast as possible. If you feel like doing something completely different, go for it!

Early Game

Armor choices (enhance to +5, but not further):Grunil: gives you an AP and small HP set bonus. Heve: gives you an HP set bonus
Main-hand choices (enhance to +7, but not further):Rosar: highest AP and 2 crystal slotsElsh: high accuracy and damage against all speciesKrea: high AP and 2 crystal slotsYuria: decent AP and damage against humans
Off-hand choices (enhance to +7, but not further):Vangertz: PVX shieldAxion: PVE only shield
Accessories:Literally anything you drop from grinding. Don’t bother spending money on them.
Crystals:Only care about getting 5 Casting Speed, the rest doesn’t matter much yet.
Don’t spend too much time thinking about which armor or main-hand to get, all of them are good enough. Pick based on availability or price.

As you are getting more and more silver and gaining levels, it’s time to upgrade your gear just a little bit.
A few patches ago, Pearl Abyss introduced a system where armor, weapons and accessories would drop in an already enhanced form.
This means that a higher amount of already enhanced pieces can be found in either the regular marketplace or in the specials deals section.
The safest way to get a gear upgrade, is simply by checking the market once in a while and spend a little money on buying a +15 item.
Again, which item you get does not matter much, so the choices remain the same as in the previous step.
If you can easily get these pieces and have some money to spare, feel free to invest in some Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stones and Grade 3 Armor Reform Stones for an additional bonus on the gear you just got.
Do not spend any money on improving a Chest Armor piece however.

If you keep following the quest line, you will end up in Mediah at some point and you’ll have the ability to unlock the “Roaring Magical Armor” piece. This item is basically a free DUO armor piece and saves you quite a bit of money for the time being.
Once you start grinding in Mediah, you should try to get the Asula Accessory set as soon as possible. It gives a nice boost to your stats and has a nice set combo. You can grind the following pieces at these places:
Ring: HelmsEarring: HelmsNecklace: Abandoned Iron MineBelt: Elrics Shrine
As for the remainder of your gear, it’s time to get into the PRI-DUO enhancements.  
Weapons: your off-hand should go to DUO without any exception. For your main-hand, you have the choice of either upgrading it to DUO as well, or completing a quest line that will give you a Black Abyssal Longsword. This is the equivalent of a DUO weapon, but has less accuracy, so it isn’t viable for PVP.

Armor: try to get your armor to PRI, but don’t overstack. Save your highest failstacks for when you hit level 56.

Just like the Black Abyssal Longswords, there are some armor pieces that you can obtain through questing. Whether you want to do this is up to you. These items compare to PRI of any other armor:Mediah Merchant’s Union HelmetBeia’s Black Magic GlovesDerek’s Light Leather Shoes
Once you hit level 56, treat yourself to a DUO or TRI (Ultimate) Schzeriel Lancia. If you can’t afford, use the free +10 one.
Mediah/early Valencia

Once you are about to leave Mediah, or perhaps dipped your toes in a place like the Bashim Base, it’s time to get your gear up a tiny bit more.
Armor:Get all your pieces to TRI, you will need it!
Weapons:Get your off-hand and awakening to TRI if they aren’t already.

Leave your main-hand untouched, because you’ll be switching to boss gear soon.
Accessories:The Asula accessories are still decent enough for you to use, but if you are able to snipe some cheap “real” accessories, don’t refrain from doing so. Enhancing is also an option, if you insist. The following are pretty nice to get:

TRI Belt of Shultz the GladiatorTRI Necklace of Shultz the GladiatorDUO Serap’s NecklaceDUO/TRI Blue Coral EarringDUO Witch’s Earring
From this point on, it’s also interesting to get a Kzarka Longsword, Dandelion Lancia and Bheg Gloves.

If you regularly attend world and field bosses, you may have already dropped some pieces. If you haven’t, make sure to set some money aside to buy them.

The first boss pieces you should try to get are the following:Kzarka LongswordBheg GlovesDandelion Lancia
The Dandelion Lancia might be a difficult one to obtain. If you find yourself struggling to get it, it’s okay to settle for an Ultimate Piece of Purification Lancia.
If you have the money, it might also be a good idea to start looking into enhancing a pair of DUO Rings of Crescent Guardian, or alternatively snipe a pair of TRI Mark of Shadow RIngs.
Please note that getting boss gear can be quite a hard task and upgrading will most definitely be difficult, pricey and time consuming.
Next Steps

By now you should have gotten a hang of how things go in this game. The next steps are basically completing your boss gear set and upgrading to better accessories.
As a general rule, this is the sequence:
Full TRI boss gearFull DUO yellow accessories (or TRI blue, if cheap)TET boss weaponsTET boss armor (If you get a lot of 50+ stacks, keep some, do not waste them on getting your TRI boss gear back)TRI yellow accessories

Kutum or Nouver is discussed in the off-hands section. Long story short, you should probably invest in getting both if you want to have the most efficient grind possible until you can actually reach the same amount of efficiency with a Nouver shield.
Once your boss gear set is complete, you can also start looking into getting good and viable crystals. The best options will be discussed in the end-game builds in the next section.


At end game you should pretty much know what you want, so not much will be discussed here. Nevertheless, below you can find some soft-cap and beyond soft-cap builds worth going for. Crystals are sometimes build specific, but oftentimes they’re just all about personal preference, so before jumping into the builds, have a look at all viable crystals:

  • Helmet
    • JIN Magical Crystal Harphia (regular build/DP build)
    • BON Magical Crystal Harphia (regular build/HP build)
    • Black Magic Crystal Intimidation (resistance build)
    • Ancient Magic Crystal of Enchantment – Agility (cheap, old school)
  • Chest
    • JIN Magic Crystal – Cobelinus (regular build/DP build)
    • BON Magic Crystal – Cobelinus (regular build/HP build)
    • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Evasion (regular build/cheap)
    • Black Magic Crystal – Armor (resistance build/cheap DP build)
    • Black Magic Crystal – Vigor (resistance build/cheap HP build)
  • Gloves
    • JIN Magic Crystal – Viper (must-have really, can use BON/WON as placeholders)
  • Boots
    • JIN Magic Crystal – Hystria (regular build for stamina)
    • WON Magic Crystal – Hystria (regular build for movement speed and stamina)
    • Black Magic Crystal – Adamantine (resistance build)
    • Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine (resistance build)
  • Main-Hand
    • Black Magic Crystal – Precision (regular build, boosts grab chance for 1v1)
    • Red Battlefield Crystal – Power (regular build/PVE)
    • BON Magic Crystal – Addis (regular build/non-1v1)
  • Off-Hand
    • Awakened Spirit’s Crystal (regular build)
    • Valtarra Spirit’s Crystal (regular build)
    • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Critical (regular build)

With the release of Drieghan, a few new crystals were introduced which are also viable for several purposes, both PvE and PvP. They are a cheaper alternative to the JIN/BON/WON crystals mentioned above and are quite good. Whether they are better than previous crystals is still to be determined, so if you have feedback on it after using these crystals, drop a line in the #feedback channel on the Valkyrie discord. We will only discuss the HAN versions, as these contain actual stats, the cheaper non-HAN versions only profit from a 2x or 4x set bonus.

The Hoom crystals are by far the most interesting ones, Macalod and Gervish are also viable for certain PvE scenarios, so we won’t be discussing them.

All Drieghan crystals can be placed in any slot, but keep in mind that some of the “classic” crystals are superior. Which means that if you really want the 4 piece set effect, you’ll have to make some sacrifices.

  • Helmet (overall stats gain is higher than other equivalents, under the assumption Valkyrie doesn’t benefit from evasion, this might change in the near future.):
    • 2x HAN Magic Crystal Hoom
    • 2x HAN Magic Crystal Macalod (alternative if you want more stamina)
  • Boots (You will sacrifice stamina for an HP/DR/Evasion/accuracy/resistance boost, I wouldn’t put more than one in this slot):
    • 1x HAN Magic Crystal Hoom
  • Chest (If you already have JIN/BON Cobelinus, or really want JIN/BON Cobelinus, I wouldn’t consider these slots. If you don’t, this is a viable slot.)
    • 2x HAN Magic Crystal Hoom
  • Main Hand (You’ll sacrifice AP or Ignore res/accuracy, which isn’t really recommended if you’re below softcap and even above softcap. Yet it is viable if you really want the 4x bonus)
    • 1x HAN Magic Crystal Hoom
  • Off Hand (Your damage will be lower if you’re currently running CRIT crystals, if you’re running awakened crystals, the difference in stats is minimal)
    • 2x HAN Magic Crystal Hoom
  • Gloves
    • Don’t even think about it, JIN Vipers are a must.

As you can see in the list above, there’s more than 4 spots to put the crystals, so take a look and try to make up your mind if and/or where you want to use them. You don’t necessarily need 4 crystals, you can also settle for the 2 slot bonus, the helmet is the best spot for this.

Soft-cap AP build

This is probably the build you should aim for as you are progressing, because it puts you in the highest possible AP-scaling bracket, before going past soft-cap.
The accessories used are full Tungrad, because they’re technically best in slot. Some alternative items are:
TET Witch earringsTET Narc earringsTRI Basilisk’s BeltTRI Valtarra Eclipsed BeltTRI Ogre RingTRI Laytenn’s Power Stone
When you level up beyond 60, you also get Capotia accessories, which are equivalent to the TRI accessories you see here. This reward is on a 1-time per family basis.
61: Capotia Ring62: Capotia Earring63: Capotia Belt64 Capotia Necklace (not on EU/NA currently)
Soft-cap medium DR build

This is an easy-transition DP build. If you’re curious about seeing how well DP works, just get the standard AP build as mentioned above and at the following items:
TRI Cadry Ring x2TET Kite ShieldAlchemy Stone of Protection
The increase in DP seems significant, but keep in mind that you won’t be running around in god mode. If you fight people who are above softcap, you might still find yourself getting killed much faster than you’d like.
Due to the switch from AP to DP focus, your killing-potential drops a lot.
This build is viable however, when you enjoy playing a supportive role in small to medium scale nodewars.
Shot caller’s DP build

If shotcalling is your thing, you probably wouldn’t mind getting all the DP you can possible get.
Valkyrie is actually a good class for shotcalling because:You have a block, which allows you to look around freely while standing stillYou have burst mobility, which allows you to do quick engagesYou have a really good supporting kit, so even if you deal no damage, you’re still useful
Ideally though, you would try to get your Cadry Rings, Bensho Necklace and Rhutum Belt to TET, so you can enjoy the higher renown bonuses.
Either way, as the title of this build indicates, it’s only really viable for shotcalling as it completely eliminates your killing potential.



BDO Valkyrie Guide - Everything You Need To Know 20

In case you have the issue to do your awakening quest, because you lack knowledge to talk to an NPC, you can go and talk to “<Valkyrie Instructor> Seekhunt Volaire” in the Valkyrie College, in the city of Calpheon.

Final thoughts on our BDO Valkyrie guide

Hopefully this BDO Valkyrie guide was useful, even if its a massive wall of text. Valkyrie is a very enjoyable class to play once you get passed the large beginning ‘hurdle’. If you have any recommendations to add to this guide, please leave a comment below.

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