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Tamer has many different cancels – however a rather big amount of those cancels are done by using the same mechanics all the time

Our main ways to cancel skills are:
1. LBP (Legendary Beast Power)

2. BJ (Bolt Jolt)
3. Awakening Block (Q in awakening)

4. Leaves Dropping/Flow: Gust

Instead of including a gif of every single of these cancels i decided to only give one example each on how the mechanics work – LBP for example allows you to cancel pretty much ANY skill tamer has with just a few exceptions

Same goes for awakening block which allows you to cancel any awakening skill with just a few exceptions

The way to cancel is the same for every skills – so once you understood how to use those skills you should also immediately understand how to cancel all of your skills using them

If there are specific harder cancels including those skills you will find a gif and a description how to use the cancel in the skill section of that particular skill in this guide (for example evasive attack)

Please note that skills you will or should never use will not be included (such as “Heilang: lightning of Earth”)

If you want to use them go ahead but I would not recommend doing so.

3.1 LBP


Shift + Space

3.2 BJ (Bolt Jolt)


Q → Shift + LMB and Q → Shift + LMB → Shift + Space

3.3 Awakening block


Q in awakening

3.4 Leaves Dropping/Flow: Gust


Shift + a/d/s

4.Ways in/out of awakening

4.1 Ways into awakening

Allround Spinner


Any Quickslot o/

→ you can cancel the swap(making it faster) using Shift + a/d/s or Q or Shift + Space


Shift + LMB → Shift + RMB

→ you can cancel the swap(making it faster) using Shift + a/d/s or Q or Shift + Space

Echo Pierce


Any Quickslot o/

→ you can cancel the swap(making it faster) using Shift + a/d/s or Q or Shift + Space

c + Walking (block)


C + W/A/S/D provides you with a short(~1sec) frontal guard

Q →  C (block)

Q →  C provides you with frontal guard during weapon swap

4.2 Ways out of awakening

Cloud stomping into non awk.


S + F → shift + a/d → space → shift + space

Flow: cloud ride + LBP

Pressing space while traveling and shift once you land switches you to non-awk and uses LBP

S + F → RMB → Space while traveling → shift when landing


There are multiple ways to swap from awk→ non-awk using BJ – here are the 2 most common examples:

Shift + LMB → Shift + Space

Press shift keep it pressed then press LMB + a/d at the same time

Shift + LMB + A/D

LBP + C smooth


Timing C right after shift + space correctly will result in a smooth weapon change

You need to keep W pressed the entire time else you will draw your awakening weapon again (test it – it looks kinda cool :D)

If you use C to fast you will do a forward slash instead

W + Shift + Space → C + WW

Leaves dropping/flow: gust + trample


Shift + a/d → space + shift + space

Make sure to use shift + space fast enough to cancel the entire trample animation and have no/almost no gap between your iframe and SA

Shift + a/d → space + shift + space



Most basic swap – part of most combos

Just press E


5.1 Introduction

This section will focus on all the non awakening skills – first on regular skills then on flows.

So if you see a cancel or trick you know exists is not included straight away please also check the flows (scratch for example).

Every skill that has a cancel or trick will have a small description and examples on how to use it properly – as said before do not strictly focus on what is written here. Take the cancels and find your own way to use them !

5.2 Skills

Leaf Slash



By holding L during WW you can cancel WW to make it shorter and use less stamina

This only provides iframe for the start animation not the slash itself.

Also – it is slower than regular WW

Possible uses  

Use this cancel to quickly swap directions and chain it into LBP – may also be used to bait your enemy 🙂

Soaring Kick

Grab cancel

E → Shift + Space

Using shift + space during grab animation cancels grab

Possible uses

This can be used if you see your grab missing/desync to safe yourself

Tree Climb

~2.5 sec iframe


W + F

Using tree climb and NOT hitting anything provides you with an iframe for the entire animation till the small movement with our short sword at the end finished. (note: in the clip I am walking right after landing – that stops the iframe.)

Possible uses

You can bait entire ultis using this skill – you can use it in case you need some time to recover HP or just to confuse your enemy.
In my opinion tree climb is heavily underrated and should be used way more than it is by the majority right now.

Tree climb + Scratch


W + F → A/D + RMB or W + RMB

Using a/d + RMB or W + RMB during tree climb cancels tree climb into spray scratch – this can be done at any point of tree climbs animation.

This requires flow:hidden claw to work.

Possible uses

Great to extend non awk. SA/iframe chain. You can become CC immune for quite some time in non awakening if you chain the right skills for example: LBP → tree climb → scratch right before landing → LBP
This allows you to gain some time and make sure other skills are rdy again.

Evasive Attack

Evasive attack locked


Locking Evasive Attack allows us to cancel side evasion using BJ

Press everything at once and keep it pressed

Possible uses

It does not provide iframe. So do not use it to evade stuff

It, however, causes a lot of desyncs – so you can feel like a musa/maehwa for once.

Shift + A/D + LMB

Stretch Kick

Stretch kick → jolt


S + F → Shift + LMB results in skipping Bolt and only using Jolt

Possible uses

Useful if you need to save some stamina
Can also provide some CC however it is kinda unreliable and misses a lot.


Flash end animation cancel


Using “Heilang: Fearful Trembling” (shift + Q) via quickslot allows you to shorten the end animation of flash while being protected

Possible uses

This can be chained using scratch to extend CC combos:
RMB + a/d → S+ LMB → fearful via quickslot

Void Lightning

Mouse Movement

You can turn void lightning around using Mouse Movement (activate in settings →  game) allowing you to move the block to other directions

Possible uses

Can be used if your enemy is trying to get behind you.

Void shift + Q cancel

Using shift + q while void lightning is not on cooldown cancels void lightning

Possible uses

Can be used to catch ppl with shift Q stun or extend protection after Q

Heilang: Surging Tide

Mouse Movement


Using mouse movement (activate in settings →  game) allows you to turn surging tide during its animation – this will also turn both the block and CC to your new direction.

Possible uses

Can be useful to change direction of the block to avoid getting CCd from the back

WW cancel


Shift + F → WW

Using WW during Surging Tide cancels the skill

This can be done at any point and will still trigger the pet combo.

Possible uses

Can be used to quickly activate the pet combo. May also be used in case you see your enemy going behind you to avoid the frontal guard

Heilang: Upward Claw

100% SA


This is more a hidden thing than a cancel or trick – the skill actually provides SA if used with 100% black spirit rage – allowing you to dodge CCs

Heilang: Scratch

Scratch → flash


a/d + RMB→ s + LMB

Allows you to cancel scratch into flash

Possible uses

Can be chained with other skills for extended CC combos

Heilang: Roaring

Roaring “cancel”

Pressing S cancels roaring a bit faster – not a real cancel but a neat small thing to keep in mind 🙂

Roaring range aoe stagger


Using roaring causes your Heilang to use an aoe stagger at its current position

So basically send your pet far away – use roaring – pet will use its aoe far away instead of porting to you like with other skills.

Possible uses

There are many possible ways to make use of this – send your pet inside of a group of enemies inside of their base in a nodewar/siege for example
Or while preparing for an enemy inc place your pet in important choke points and try to CC some of them while engaging.

Basically anything you can think of – just keep in mind roaring itself does not provide any protection.

5.3 Flows

Flow: Leap

Jump + Leap + Spray Scratch


Space → Space + a/d → RMB

This combo allows you to cover rather big distances.

This also scales with jump height allowing you to cover even bigger distances.

Possible uses

Can be used to reach areas you cannot reach with regular jump

Only really useful if your pole jump is on CD

Flow: Spray Scratch

Space + spray scratch

Pressing W + space → RMB allows you to use spray scratch without consuming stamina.

Possible uses

Using this method is slower than WW + RMB – however let’s say you are almost out of stamina and you need to chain multiple skills with SA/block then this is a great alternative to WW + RMB.


6.1 Introduction

This section will focus on all the awakening skills – first on regular skills then on flows.

So if you see a cancel or trick you know exists is not included straight away please also check the flows.

Every skill that has a cancel or trick will have a small description and examples on how to use it properly – as said before do not strictly focus on what is written here. Take the cancels and find your own way to use them !

6.2 Skills

Cloud Stomping

Cloud Stomping + intimidation

S + F → shift + a/d → S + LMB → shift + space

Canceling Cloud Stomping into Intimidation → LBP to cover distance in case Cloud Ride is on CD

Possible uses

Allowing you to get some distance and a chance to CC targets close to you while being protected. (intimidation does not provide any protection – however canceling it fast enough keeps on providing you with SA from cloud stomp/LBP while also making use of intimidations float.)

Cloud Stomping → Air Grab


S + F → Shift + a/d → Space → E  and shift + space just in case your grab misses

Possible uses

Use this if you see an opportunity to grab your enemy – make sure to also use shift + space right after E to get away in case your grab misses.


Garuda FG moving

F → turn camera

Turning your camera while using garuda also turns the frontal guard.

Possible uses

Super useful to protect yourself against ppl trying to get behind you.

Legendary Beast Dance

LBD turtle FG


S + RMB → S

Walking backwards after Turtle Attack provides you with ~1sec frontal guard

Possible uses

Could be used if everything else is on CD and you need that extra bit of protection – since you chain SA –>FG it might prove more useful than using Q straight away

Allround Spinner

Frontal Guard Move


Shift + RMB → turn camera

Moving your camera while using the skill also moves the frontal guard

Possible uses

I find myself using this one quite a lot actually – most ppl nowadays will try to get behind you and if you react quick enough you can stop them from CCing you.

Also since you are actually moving a bit while turning there is a small chance to hit your enemy behind his block aswell.

Not using 100%


Using allround spinner through quick slots allows you to avoid using your ultimate.

Possible uses

This can save your live !

It happens way too often that we use our ulti by accident – and usually that is our death sentence since the ult cannot be canceled – is super long and only provides SA.

Oh and not to mention the CC of our ult is actually shorter than its duration unless you use atk speed buffs like Absorb to get both CCs 😡

Echo Pierce

Mouse Movement


Using Mouse Movement(activate in settings →  game) allows you to change the direction in which your dmg is applied.

Possible uses

This can prove useful in case your enemy desyncs so you still apply some damage.

6.3 Flows

Leaves Dropping + Flow: Gust

Block after leaves Dropping

Shift + S → S

After using Leaves Dropping backwards (shift + s) you get block for ~1 second.

Possible uses

The use of this is pretty limited – i would say the only situation in which this might prove useful might be if you are in a situation in which normal block would not work (cause you might be hit from the back) so you gain a bit of distance this way and an additional block.

Flow: Intimidation


Shift + a/d → S + LMB

Just a small thing that some ppl might not know – intimidation is actually a CC and can be chained after a few different skills
The skill sadly is very unreliable so not really recommended to use.

Flow: Cloud Ride

Mouse Movement


Using Mouse Movement(activate in settings →  game) while in the air allows you to change direction – this can be done quicker and better than turning your camera if you get used to using mouse movement cancels/tricks.

Possible uses

Can be used to still hit enemies that moved to the side if you cancel cloud ride with LMB afterwards.

Cloud ride → non awk → Q cancel


S + F → RMB → keep space pressed while moving → shift when you land → Q → shift + LMB

This is more of a combo than a cancel – it however involves multiple cancels .

Note: you are supposed to do it quicker than in the clip – clip made slower on purpose to show you pressed keys properly

Your goal is to practice it enough to execute it fast enough to barely move after landing.

Possible uses

This is great if you are chased. It allows you to drop VL aoe behind you while getting some distance – giving you a chance to CC your enemy.