During February of 2019, Pearl Abyss released the Bartali Adventure Log quests for Black Desert Online.  These are enabled via chapters you receive by talking to the Black Spirit and accepting the Bartali Adventure quests.  Completing the Calpheon main quest line is a requirement. You receive each chapter one at a time. To receive each chapter, starting with the second book you need to complete the tasks from the previous chapter.  After completing each task you need to press the reward button in each chapter on the right page for each corresponding task. The task completion conditions are family wide, so you can complete any of them on any of your characters.

The rewards are family wide attribute increases (including AP and weight) and an Advice of Valks +100.  The tasks are quite varied and require you to know (or learn) many aspects of the game.

Chapter 1

Prerequisites: A fishing rod

  1. Catch a Grunt from fishing (a gold quality fish caught on a boat North of Velia between Mariveno and Araki Island)
    1. This is most easily accomplished by fishing hotspots (where there are seagulls) in the area.  Grunt is pretty much the only gold quality fish you get from this area.
    2. If you do not find a hotspot you can just fish normally in this area or on Kanvera Island and you should eventually get one.
  2. Kill Cyclops in Cyclops Area
  3. Get knowledge on Nymph in a cave at the southern end of the lake at Crioville

Note: As you are sailing out of Velia, you might see the floating training dummies.  This will be important for chapter 8.

Chapter 2

Prerequisites: Butcher Knife, a matchlock (suitable for your level); you can quest for one.

  1. Gather deer meat from an Elk between Behr and Hexe Sanctuary.
  2. Buy white grade Old Tanning Knife from a material vendor and give it to Likke Behr.
  3. Buy the first trade item from the Trent trade manager and RMB click it from your inventory to gain its knowledge.
    1. You cannot do this with a tagged character.
  4. Kill 20 Treant Forest mobs
  5. Interact with a Stump in Treant Forest, behind a dilapidated cabin
  6. Hunt alligator from lake Kaia with a matchlock.  
    1. The quest alligator does not count.  
    2. You can find alligators at either lake.
    3. You need to gather its meat to get credit.
    4. If you find none, you should swap channels.
  7. Hunt a bear.  There is a huntable (<Wild>) brown bear in the Western Valtarra mountains
    If this Bear is not up, there are other Huntable bears, including in the Balenos mountains.

Chapter 3

Prerequisites: a matchlock (suitable for your level)

  1. Kill 20 Hexe Sanctuary skeletons
  2. Destroy 20+ Witch Towers (“Look for the villagers who remember the incident”)
  3. Hunt 10 crow/raven in Hexe Sanctuary
  4. Defeat summoned Hexe Marie (standard Black Spirit or Loyalty scroll)
  5. Investigate building cursed by the witch (near Witch’s Chapel node manager)
  6. Equip a base witch earring (purchase at market or grind Hexe Sanctuary)

Chapter 4

Prerequisites: A fluid collector (a hoe is recommended though not essential)

  1. Gather 5 Silver Azalea (the hills south of Hexe have some Silver Azalea crop)
  2. Collect river water in 2-5 empty bottles then heat them to create 5 distilled water
  3. Kill an ogre and gather ogre blood (Ogres spawn exclusively in Mansha Forest)
  4. Use fluid collector to gather animal blood until you get crystalized blood

Chapter 5

Prerequisites: Knight Combat Rations (a hoe is recommended though not essential)

  1. Create 5 highly concentrated herbal juice:
    1. Gather, or obtain from node: 15 Sunrise Herb.  
    2. Purchase 15 Mineral Water from a cooking vendor
    3. Simple alchemy Sunrise Herb + Mineral Water → Concentrated Herbal Juice
    4. Simple alchemy 3 x Concentrated Herbal Juice → Highly Concentrated Herbal Juice
  2. Eat 1 Knight Combat Rations
  3. Kill 30 Rhutum Fighters
  4. Gather 10 cabbages (Gabino Farm, southwest of Calpheon is good for this)

Chapter 6

Prerequisites: A female horse with a Breed count greater than 0.

  1. Either create or join guild.  (automatically satisfied if you are already in a guild)
  2. “Kill” the world boss Quint (in the Troll area)
    1. As of this writing, Quint spawns twice a week, on Wednesdays & Saturdays
    2. It is only required that you are on the loot table, even if Quint despawns
    3. There is no penalty for dying to Quint.  If he kills you and you respawn at the closest Safe Zone, you will not lose EXP or Crystals.
  3. Have knowledge on all the city merchants in Calpheon
  4. Type “12” in general chat (solves a number puzzle)
  5. Give Valks a PRI Kalis necklace
    1. Purchase the random necklaces item from a repair vendor.
  6. Breed a horse and get the foal in order to complete
    1. You need a female horse with a Breedable count of 1.  Recover this horse, remove all her gear, and check her into a stable with at least two slots free.
    2. You can register a male with a Breedable count of 1 or 2 at a stable with no gear then select [Register at Breeding Market] while selecting [o] show only me.
    3. Select your female horse and register for breeding.  Select a male horse (either your own, or one from the market) to breed with.

While you are waiting for Quint to spawn, you can prepare for some parts of the subsequent chapters:

  1. Fight Kutum and Nouver World Bosses twice and 3 times respectively. (Ch 12 #4, Ch 14 #4)
  2. Do the Lost Lamb quest from Lynch ranch. (Ch 7 #3)
  3. Make or obtain a Manos Ruby Necklace (Ch 7 #4)
  4. Collect materials for making Grunil Armor (Ch 9 #1)
  5. Win knowledge challenge against Haley (Ch 9 #1)
  6. Get knowledge ecology on all the Creatures of Mediah category. (Ch 10 #2)
  7. Obtain 50 Forbidden books (Ch 10 #4)
  8. Grind in Valencia or Fadus, and Abandoned Iron Mines in Mediah to get Asula Necklaces and weakened Asula pieces. (Ch 10 #5)
  9. Obtain Special Valencia Meal. (Ch 11 #4)
  10. Obtain a Camel. (Ch 12 #2)
  11. Get 3 Ancient Explorer Compass parts. (Ch 12 #3)
  12. Complete the Bashim’s Answer questline. (Ch 13 #1)
  13. Obtain a Baby Elephant. (Ch 13 #5)
  14. Talk to all the Merchants in Valencia city. (Ch 14 #1)
  15. Obtain full Valencia Topography knowledge. (Ch 14 #2)
  16. Complete the Palm Forest Boy quest line in Arehaza. (Ch 15 #2)

Chapter 7

Prerequisites: A Manos Ruby Necklace, or 15 million, 1 worker in Altinova and about 11 CP that you can reassign plus a lot of ruby, silver, mythril, and metal solvent.  So you may need a pick axe.

  1. Hop on the herb jumping machines in Florin, and make one work.
  2. Gather Everlasting Herb
    1. There is a location south east of Florin where this Herb spawns:

      Credit: /u/pojzon
    2. However, this herb is contentious, so you might want to check other locations.  The somethinglovely site lists this under Show Gathering Locations →  Rare Plants.
    3. If you have a character with Artisan level gathering, you can simply use a hoe to gather Wild Herb (just south of Behr), which will yield the herb at a reasonable rate.
  3. Do the Lost Lamb quest from Lynch ranch.  
    1. You need 10 Amity with Murana Lynch to be able to do this daily quest.
      1. You can just wave at at him (F5) about 4 times.
  4. Give a Manos Ruby Necklace to Islin Bartali in Velia.  A Manos Ruby Necklace can be crafted at the Manos Jewelry shop at Altinova 5-8 with the following:
    1. Craft a Corrupt Ruby Necklace
      1. Invest your CP into the Jewelry shop at Altinova 4-5
      2. Start by crafting a Ruby Necklace 
      3. Use the Ruby Necklace to make a Resplendent Ruby Necklace, then a Blood Ruby Necklace, then a Dark Blood Ruby Necklace, then finally the Corrupt Ruby Necklace
    2. Craft the Manos Ruby Necklace
      1. Invest your CP into the Manos Jeweler house at Altinova 5-8
      2. Buy 3 Manos from a Jeweler, such as Belgar
      3. Use the Corrupt Ruby Necklace to make the Manos Ruby Necklace
    3. You can make it from scratch with the following resources: 
      1. 5 Rough Ruby
      2. 5 Silver Ore (one the products gathered at Pilgrim’s Haven)
      3. 2 Melted Silver Shard (heat Silver Ore in units of 5)
      4. 3 Ruby (grind Rough Ruby in units of 5)
      5. 2 Silver Ingot (heat Melted Silver Shards in units of 10)
      6. 1 Resplendent Ruby (grind Ruby in units of 5)
      7. 2 Pure Silver Crystal (3 or 6 Silver Ingots + 2 or 4 Metal Solvent)
      8. 2 Blood Ruby (shaking: 3 or 6 Gem Polisher + 7 or 14 Resplendent Ruby)
      9. 3 Manos (15 million silver total at any Jewelry Vendor)
      10. 2 Pure Mythril Crystal (3 or 6 Mythril Ingots + 2 or 4 Metal Solvent)

        You can gather Mythril from these seven nodes in the early desert area.  I swapped between servers until I got about 100 ore, which I melted into Ingots and got lucky on the Pure Mythril Crystal creation.

        The actual Mythril gathering nodules can be a little tricky to find, since they are intentionally hidden.  If autopathing does not get you there, you typically want to find the highest point nearby then aim towards the location and drop down onto it from above.

Chapter 8

Prerequisites: An Alchemy Utensil, A Cooking Utensil, a fluid collector, a 4-wheeled wagon.

  1. Mount a 4 wheeled wagon (such as a farm wagon)
  2. Gather weasel blood
  3. Make Wise Man’s Blood from Alchemy
    1. 1 Clear liquid reagent, 2 Weasel Blood, 1 Trace of Ascension, 1 Monk’s Branch
  4. Make 5 Cold Draft beer
    1. Make beer until you proc 5 Cold Draft Beer.  You need Skilled 1 cooking
    2. 5 Grain (wheat/barley/potato/corn), 6 Mineral Water, 2 Leavening Agent, 1 Sugar
  5. Go to Tranan Underfoe, the blacksmith in Velia, and spend 2 x 10 Energy to get a Practice Cannon and 10 Practice Cannonballs.  Then head to Cron’s Castle.
    1. When you right click on the canon it will target a location on a ledge in Cron’s Castle.  
      1. You need to climb some steps then shimmy across a lip to the target location
      2. Before you place the canon, remember the target dummies mentioned in chapter 1?  Open your map [M] and place a target ([Alt] + LMB) on them:
        There is a time limit (a few minutes) on the cannon once you place it.
      3. Move the cannon southward until you get a clear shot at your target as shown in the diagram.  At the block shown is a good position for this.
    2. Aim the cannon to the right so that it is pointing west at your target.
    3. You cannot be in a party or platoon to get credit for this task.
    4. Although distance is hard to gage, I angled the canon on the highest possible arc and shot it with the maximum power, and that seemed to work.  Other players near the dummies can watch to see how accurate your shot is:
  6. Talk to the black spirit when you are done.

Rewards (Ch 1 to Ch 8)

Inventory Slots+2

Chapter 9

Prerequisites: Brass Ingots, Fine Tough Hides, Black Crystals, finish the Mediah Black Spirit main questline.

  1. Need to make Grunil Armor.  
    1. Get a level 5 Armor Workshop such as Altinova 5-8 or Calpheon Noble Quarter 1-4, 2F and a worker.  You will need:
      1. 7 Brass Ingot (Copper + Zinc)
      2. 3 Fine Tough Hides (twice processed Ox or Pig hide works)
      3. 10 Black Stone powder (grind the cheapest Magic Crystals you can acquire)
      4. 3 Black crystal (typically plentiful on the market)
  2. Win knowledge challenge against Haley (next to the storage manager in Altinova):
    1. Accept the Knowledge Battle with Haley, then talk to Belgar, then read Belgar’s Parchment, then answer Haley:
    2. Answers from str1ker88 on the BDO Codex Forums:
1Captain of Moguly Pirates8Khuruto15Alustin
21019Comitia of Tantinis16Sezec Hunters
3Lord Accusation10The Mausoleum17Cron Castle
4Harassed daughter11Kamasilve18Nantusa letusa
5Remains of Ancient Giant12Neruda Shen19Helm
6Allan Serbin13Adam Berney20Wandering Rogues
7Dark Red Crystal14Mediah Shore21Bareeds III

If you run out of energy, you can switch to alternate characters.

  1. Kill Moghulis from the Moghulis Summon Scroll.
    1. If the black spirit does not offer you the summoning scroll directly (because you do not yet have knowledge on this boss), it should offer the “[Special 1] Secret Cultist Research (1/D)” recurring quest which requires that you kill 50 Elric Shrine cultists first.  This will reward you with the scroll.
  2. Activate location dialogues at 3 hidden cave locations:
    1. In the Elrics lower outside area there is a cave where the Lahn gets awakened:

      The entrance of the cave is 2150 meters from Altinova.  There is a spot on the ground in the cave that you need to interact with.

      The target spot is 2220 meters from Altinova.
    2. At Stonebeak Shore, south of the Mediah Castle, there is a cave entrance 940 meters from Altinova.

      You need to crouch [Q] in non-combat stance in this cave as you take two rightward tunnels.  Find the table.
    3. The third cave is East of Glish near the Mudster Field boss spawn area:

      The entrance is 630 meters from Heidel.  Inside the cave itself is the spot near some oak barrels 610 meters from Heidel.
    4. You will be given 3 Colored-gem Studded Ornaments as rewards.  Click the auto-arrange checkbox off in your inventory and put them in the order: Red, Yellow, Blue then click them into the Opulent Pendant (which appears to have no purpose).

Chapter 10

Prerequisites: TRI: Asula Necklace or many Asula’s Weakened pieces.

  1. Collect a Broken Golem’s Core, from Golems at Helms.  Then sell it at a trade manager.
    1. You cannot do this with a tagged character.
  2. Get knowledge ecology on all the Creatures of Mediah category.
    1. [H] → Ecology  → Ecology of Mediah →  Creatures of Mediah   then compare it with https://bdocodex.com/us/knowledge/  (using a phone or multi-monitor helps)
    2. A lot of this knowledge comes from the Mediah Northern Highlands (north of Helms), northern shore of Sausans, Kusha, Mediah Shore areas where you can target multiple monster types at once.
    3. You can also get ecology knowledge from gathering off the dead carcasses of many of these monsters.  So use tanning knives/pickaxes to speed up this process.
    4. Some creatures, like the Stoneback crabs, may not aggro until you hit them.
  3. Defeat 20 Hasrah at Hasrah Cliff north east of the node manager.
  4. Get 50 Forbidden books to make 10 Cartian boss summon scrolls.  Trigger and finish them.
    1. You can do this in a party to leverage off of other people’s scrolls.
    2. The elites in Mediah drop the books at the maximum rate.  Since you need the Asula Necklaces for the next part, this easiest way is to just grind the Supervisors in Abandoned Iron mines and swap servers until you get all the books.
  5. Make a TRI: Asula Necklace then show it to Ekta in Tarif.
    1. You need the weakened pieces to do this.  Desert Nagas, Desert Fogans, or Fadus are good places to grind for these pieces.  It is better to get the base Necklaces at Abandoned Iron Mine, but this is optional if you have enough weakened pieces.
    2. Yisar Pjetyo, the Rhutum Alchemist in Tarif, will exchange any Asula’s Weakened piece for a weakened necklace piece, then three for a base necklace.
    3. If you have an excess of weakened pieces, you can use 2 or 3 ALT toons with 0 failstacks on them to do this:
      1. If you have 0 failstacks, attempt to get a PRI: Asula Necklace
      2. If you have 1 failstack and a PRI necklace, attempt the DUO Asula Necklace.  Otherwise, pick the ALT with the lowest failstack to attempt the DUO.
      3. Once you get 2 failstacks or more, preserve that character for the TRI attempt.  Basically, any DUO Asula that is made should be passed to this character (with a single Weakened Asula piece) to attempt TRI.  Each failure will grow this fail stack which will improve the chances of later success.
      4. Rotate between these toons until you get the TRI Asula piece, then show it to Ekta, the picture of the lady in Tarif.

This method costs 0 silver, and 0 black stones.  As a rough estimate, on average, you need about 128 base weakened pieces or 26 base necklaces plus 50 weakened pieces using this method.  If, instead, you value the pieces according to their silver turn in value, I recommend the following fail stacking:

Asula enhancement
EnhanceStackStarting chance
Base → PRI70.00%
PRI → DUO542.86%
DUO → TRI2141.33%

Once you finish Chapter 10, you need to talk to the Black Spirit and take “Secret Hidden Between the Pages” from the [Main] quests.  This will give you the Enchanted Scroll reward. The scroll gives you instructions for converting it to an Advice of Valks +100 fail stack.  You will need 100 black stone armor and 100 black stone weapon.

Rewards (Ch 9 and Ch 10)

Inventory Slots+1
Advice of Valks1 x +100

Chapter 11

Prerequisites: ~12 (re)assignable CP unless you already have Velia and Sand Grain connected

  1. Create a Potato Crate
    1. If you do not already have one, zoom into a city and purchase a Crop Factory.
      1. You can find these by clicking on a town in the Map [M] screen and scrolling down the second drop down menu at the top right marked “ All ”.  Scroll to search for  Crop Factory .
      2. In Heidel these are located at 3-3, 4-2(2F), 4-1(2F), and 9-1(2F)
    2. You will need to obtain 10 potatoes and 1 black stone powder
    3. You will need a fed worker connected to that city who can then craft the Potato Crate.  That worker’s home town is where the potatoes and black stone powder need to be.
  2. Connect Velia with Sand Grain Bazaar via nodes
    1. Connect Sand Grain Bazaar to Altinova directly via Veteran’s Canyon, then connect to Asula Highland
      1. From Velia directly, go via Cron castle, Sausans, then Omar Lava Cave
      2. If you have Velia connected to Heidel, you can connect to Heidel via Ahto Farm to Stonetail Horse Ranch
  3. Obtain a bag of muddy water then consume it
    1. You can dig this up in the desert using shabby shovels available from a material vendor in Valencia.
    2. You can also buy bags of muddy water from the Marketplace.
  4. Eat a Special Valencia Meal
    1. Tanzine in Valencia has a quest that yields a Special Valencia Meal as a reward.
    2. Inaha in Ancado harbor has a quest in Sulphur mines that yields a Special Valencia Meal as a reward.
    3. There is a quest line starting with Aalan in Valencia that eventually leads to a Special Valencia Meal reward.
    4. If you cannot trigger these and cannot get one from the market or a quest, you need to cook one
      1. The recipe for the Valencia Meal is complicated, and you need to make many of them until you proc the special version.  See Appendix
  5. Use a training dummy
    1. Talk to Jamey Drucker in any major city, if you have never done these before
    2. You will need a book of training in your inventory; trigger it, then press ‘R’ on an unoccupied training dummy near Jamey Drucker.

Chapter 12

Prerequisites: A camel

  1. Purchase a Desert Tent (available from most Valencia region stable keepers) then set it up
  2. Mount a camel
    1. You will get a Light Brown Camel for completing the quest Your Best Friend in the Desert which follows a side quest in the Rock Post / Taphir Plain quest line.
  3. Create an Ancient Explorer’s Compass from the three Parts for Explorer Compass
    1. One option is to grind for the compass pieces at Fogans, Pila Ku jail, or Sulphur Mines.
    2. There are a few quest lines (Suspicious Aakman, Dawn in the New World, The Unusual Scar) that yield these parts.
    3. While you have the compass try to access every node in the desert, if you still need to do this to complete the Topography → Valencia knowledge entries.
  4. Get 2 special drops (2x Ancient Creature’s Fragment) from defeating the Kutum World Boss, then hand them into Desalam.  (This gives AP +1)

While you are waiting for Kutum to spawn, you can prepare for parts of the subsequent chapters:

  1. Fight Nouver World Boss 3 times. (Ch 14 #4)
  2. Complete the Bashim’s Answer questline. (Ch 13 #1)
  3. Obtain a Baby Elephant. (Ch 13 #5)
  4. Talk to all the Merchants in Valencia city. (Ch 14 #1)
  5. Obtain full Valencia Topography knowledge. (Ch 14 #2)
  6. Complete the Palm Forest Boy quest line in Arehaza. (Ch 15 #2)

Chapter 13

Prerequisites: 10 million silver & a miniature elephant, or about 40 million silver and 20 bottles.

  1. Kill Agrakhan from a Black Spirit Daily summon scroll.
    1. You need to have completed the Bashim’s quest line including Bashim’s Answer.
    2. Under the black spirit → Quest → Recurring, you should scroll to see one of:
      1. [Special I] Confronting Agrakhan (1/D)
      2. [Special I] Wicked Atmosphere of the Ruins (1/D)
    3. If, for some reason, you do not have either of those quests, you have two options:
      1. Get this scroll in the Loyalties section of the Pearl Shop.
      2. Join a party with the leader being someone with this scroll.
  2. Kill a Cadry Commander
    1. His strongest attack is a kind of bullet move that covers significant distance.  So it is best to stay close to him, and attack him from behind.
    2. If you have difficulty, you can do it in a party or platoon with stronger players.
  3. Kill Shadow of Gahaz
    1. Try to time your dodge to when she does each of her teleporting attacks.  As with the Cadry Commander (or any strong mob in the game) try to attack behind her.
    2. If you have difficulty, you can do it in a party or platoon with stronger players.
  4. Purchase a Shakatu Villa Invitation, then speak to the butler inside
    1. The villa is located west of Shakatu.  Don’t go to Alsabi’s Villa; that’s the wrong one.
    2. You can select the Villa menu and pay Dumaham 10 million for the Shakatu Villa invitation (other Villa invitations will not work).  The invitation is valid for 7 days.
    3. Serazad is inside the villa.  She can give you a quest to get the miniature Elephant, if you do not have one (you will need it to complete this chapter).
  5. Mount a Miniature Elephant
    1. If you do not have a Miniature Elephant, there is a quest line starting with Serazad inside of Shakatu’s Villa.
    2. You will need a number of 10G and 100G gold bars to complete this quest.  You can obtain these bars from Altinue in Shakatu city which is nearby.
    3. There is a material vendor in Shakatu who sells empty bottles.
  6. Go to ruined docks (north of Basilisks) and meet the Wharf Manager Torio there (not Shakatu Abandoned Pier)

Chapter 14

  1. Get 3 special drops (3x Desert Tyrant’s Mane) from defeating the Nouver World Boss.  (This gives AP +2)  Turn these three drops in to Atui Balacs in Sandgrain Bazaar.
  2. Talk to all the Merchants in Valencia city to finish the [H] → Character → People of Valencia → Valencia Capital Merchant knowledge category.
    1. The Old Moon manager is Sahin who is north of the Palace in Valencia
  3. Obtain full Valencia Topography knowledge ([H] → Topography → Valencia).
  4. Enter a desert portal and go to Aakman then talk to Lonely Palieva
    1. There is an equal chance to end up in either Aakman or Hystria.  You may need to try multiple different portals before you get Aakman.  There is no need to fight the mobs: you usually spawn near a dialogue point where you can exit to Illebab Oasis, otherwise [Esc] → Escape will return you to the desert.
    2. Lonely Palieva is a goblin lying front down, half-way up/down the central stairway.

While you are waiting for Nouver to spawn, you can prepare for part of the last chapter by completing the Palm Forest Boy quest line in Arehaza.

Chapter 15

Prerequisites: Butchering knife

  1. Kill lions and butcher their remains to obtain 10 lion meat
    1. Lions appear on the path between Ancado Harbor and Valencia city.
    2. Regular non-<Wild>, non-huntable lions are sufficient to complete this quest.
  2. Complete the Palm Forest Boy quest line in Arehaza starting from Yasum
    1. This is mostly just bouncing around NPCs in Arehaza
    2. You should save up your energy to win the Amity game with Dudora Doriven
      1. You should do this by playing the Amity game with her, not just waving.
      2. Mostly use the sequence: Graule, Buta, Ami, Buroma, Yasum, Sankamu
    3. You need Palm timber, but this is easy to gather with an axe in this area
    4. When you meet Rohu, you will need to look for books in his domicile
      1. There is a book case you need to read from.
  3. Go to the cave system under the Valencia Castle and talk to a relic there
    1. In the room with spheres in the ground move southeast until you reach the room with pyramids in the ground
    2. In the room with pyramids in the ground move south then the passage to the east
    3. In the room with donuts in the ground move north then the passage to the east
  4. Go to the top of the tower in the south east corner of Valencia Castle and find traces Igor Bartali left there
    1. If the Valencia Castle gate is closed, swap to a different channel

Rewards (Ch 11 to Ch 15)

Inventory Slots+1

1 Book of Training – Combat (1D), 1 Book of Training – Skill (1D), 1x 100 failstack.

Igor Bartali also had a surprise waiting for me at the end.  Spoiler: If you like enhancing indoors, you might not like this surprise.

Rulupee’s Travel Log

The quests continue with Rulupee’s Adventure Log (released on Feb 27, 2019).  This is a single chapter of tasks that requires you perform increasing quantities of non-repeatable game quests.

Adjustment (cumulative) / Reward
Inventory Slots

Fail stack floor

Advice of Valks


Once you finish each threshold of quests past 601, you need to talk to the Black Spirit and take the reward quests from the [Main] quests.  This will give you Enchanted Scroll rewards. The scrolls gives you instructions for converting them to Advice of Valks fail stacks. You will need a lot of black stone armor and black stone weapon.

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