This Anivia guide will go over how to play her effectively, as well as what build to pursue when started out.

Anivia is a low mobility control mage with good late game scaling but her strongest point in snowballing mid-game objective control by forcing the enemy team off the objective or into sub-optimal choke points.

In general, she wants to fight on her terms by forcing the enemy to engage and fight in poor position or to concede their positioning. Early game she does not win most matchups because of her mana dependency but can go even if played defensively.

Her first real power spike is when she has 2 – 3 items with Rod of Ages fully stacked. Though before this point she still has great value, just not in terms of damage output. From that point on she continues to get much stronger.

Base stats


Movement speed: 325

LevelHealthHealth RegenManaMana RegenAttack DamageAttack SpeedArmorMagic Resist




Upon taking fatal damage, Anivia transforms into an egg dispelling all debuffs with 100% of her maximum health for 6 seconds, during this time she cannot act. While in egg form, she gains  -40/-25/-10/5/20 (based on level) bonus armor and magic resistance. If the egg survives, she is reborn with her current health.

Cooldown240 seconds
Duration6 seconds
Champion Level1581215
Bonus resistances-40-25-10520


Flash Frost

Initial cast, Anivia launches a ball of ice in the target direction dealing magic damage and slowing all enemies it passes through by 20% – 40% (based of Glacial Storm’s Rank) for 3 seconds.

Second cast: Anivia Shatters the ice, dealing the same amount of magic damage to enemies with in the detonation and stunning them. At max range it detonated automatically.

Collision Radius125
Effect Radius225
Skill Points12345
Base damage*6085110135160
Stun duration1.
Mana cost8090100110120

*This ability has a 45% ap ratio.



Anivia summons a wall of ice at the target location perpendicular to the direction she is facing knocking enemies inside of it away. It lasts 5 seconds.

Mana cost70
Cooldown17 seconds
Duration5 seconds
Skill points12345
Wall length400500600700800



Anivia blasts the target with freezing wind, dealing magic damage that is doubled against targets stunned by her Q within the last 3 seconds or damaged by a fully formed R within the last 2 seconds.

Cooldown4 seconds
Skill points12345
Base damage*5075100125150
Mana cost5060708090

*This ability has a 50% ap ratio.


Glacial Storm

Anivia calls forth a blizzard at the target location dealing magic damage each second to enemies within and slowing them for 1 second.

The blizzard increases in size over 1.5 seconds. At maximum size, the enemies within the area take 200% bonus damage and a 50% increased slow which lasts 1.5 seconds.

After Glacial Storm has been active for at least 1 second, Anivia can recast the ability to deactivate it, dealing one last tick of damage. The ability will deactivate automatically if she gets too far away or runs out of mana. Also, interrupting crowd control will deactivate it (excluding your own Crystallize ability. Also, a blast cone will deactivate it.)

Effect radius200/400
Tether radius1000
Damage rate*1 tick of damage per second
Growth rate1.5 seconds
Skill points123
Base damage**406080
Base damage at max radius***120180240
Percent slow203040
Percent slow at max radius304560

*Deals 1/2 damage ticks per .5 seconds at radius’ 200, 267, and 333 before reaching its maximum radius.

** This ability also has a 12.5% ap ratio.

*** This ability has a 37.5% ap ratio.

Anivia Guide - League Of Legends 1


Primary path: Sorcery

Keystone: Arcane Comet

Slot 1: Nullifying Orb – Take into heavy ap teams or ap laners.

         Manaflow Band – Take if the above criteria is not met.

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Slot 2:  Transcendence

Slot 3:  Gathering Storm

Secondary path – Option one, health and durability:: Resolve

Slot 1:  Bone Plating

Slot 2:  Overgrowth

Secondary path – Option two, diving comps and early game survivability: Inspiration

Slot 1:  Perfect Timing

Slot 2:  Biscuit Delivery – Take if against an aggressive lanner for a safer laning phase.

Cosmic Insight – Take if the above criteria is not met.

Summoner Spells

Always take Flash and Teleport, you can take Cleanse instead of Teleport into comps with lots of hard cc but with good positioning and zhonyas you should be fine without taking it.

Skill Order

Anivia Guide - League Of Legends 2

*At any point post level 4 you can take one extra skill point into Anivia’s W before finishing maxing E and Q. Alivia’s W at rank 2 is long enough to extend across most jungle paths and situationally if could lead to a kill, force Summoner spell cooldowns, or save yourself or a teammate from dying.


Start items: Sapphire Crystal and 3 pots (greedy) or Dorans Ring and 2 pots (safe)

First back:    Tear of the Goddes and based on available funds tier one boots, components for rod of ages, or control ward

Core items:  Road of Ages, tier two boots, Archangel’s Staff, Zhonya’s Hourglass

Situational:  Liandry’s Torment, Morellonomicon, Frozenheart, Void Staff,  Banshee’s Veil, Rabadon’s Deathcap

Footwear:    Sorcerer’s Shoes, Ninja Tabi, Mercury’s Treads


Laning you use her Q’s passthrough and activation damage to keep yourself from being pushed in too quickly and to last hit groups of minions. Ideally you can activate Q as it passes over your opponent for the stun and follow up with your empowered E for a free trade without missing CS. However, your Q is quite predictable and can be difficult to land. Because of Anivia’s lack of mobility, you should avoid positioning far up in lane. Post level 6 laning becomes easier because you can clear entire waves quickly with your R and with much more safety.  Warding is important to ward to keep yourself safe. Some often overlooked places to ward are your red buff jungle entrance or just past the middle of the lane. Warding up in the lane will help see what direction your opponent is roaming and can help you keep your side lanes safe. Warding your red buff jungle entrance can help you protect your jungle if you do not have lane priority and also spot potential dives before they occur.

Mid game

This is portion of the game is Anivia’s bread and butter. Her ability to control and dictate team fights and skirmishes around the jungle and objectives is difficult to beat. Her R can cover the large gap between lane towers and the jungle wall, most jungle paths, and more than half of the width of the river. In addition to this a well-placed W can effectively turn a 5 vs 5 team fight into a numbers advantage for your team or can secure objectives by completely blocking enemy paths. Because of this Anivia’s strongest point is mid game, although she is a strong late game scaling champion.

Late game

Most situations that lead to late game are when you and your team fall behind early game and you are forced to stall for an opportunity to negate their lead. Thanks to Anivia’s late game scaling and high wave clear, she is excellent at countering sieges and protecting towers thus stalling and nullifying some of their lead. Her R can easily cover the width of your base entrances and even clear baron empowered minions effectively. Keeping these towers up is crucial because fighting inside of your base Anivia’s R is more easily navigated around by the enemy team.

Tips and Tricks

1:  Positioning inside of your R when being dove or engaged on can be the most effective way to protect yourself because if forces your opponent to fight in it while taking damage and being slowed. This makes it easier to land your Q and an empowered E. Likewise you can use your W to separate your opponent and yourself on separate sides of your R. This forces them to disengage or use a mobility spell or Flash to engage you again on the other side.

2:  Anivia’s Q is slow and can be easily dodged. However, you can use your W to force your opponent, if they are not paying close attention, to auto path around your wall making it easier to land your Q.

3:  With proper timing, Anivia can interrupt channeled abilities and dashes with her W.

4:  A rank 1 W is wide enough to cover the entrance to the river near the blast cone and can help secure dragon if you are on blue side by keeping the enemy inside their own jungle. A rank 2 W is about wide enough to block off the baron and dragon pits.

5:  Don’t be afraid to reactivate your R to cancel it. Waiting out the cooldown to reposition it is better than hoping someone has the balls to go through it. This is especially so in areas where the enemy can navigate around it like in your base.

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